5 Creative Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake Ideas of 2022

Creative Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake Ideas: The princes of the house love Dragon Ball Z, and you probably want to surprise them with a magnificent cake of their favorite characters, right? Check out these 5 creative Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake Ideas that we bring today for you.

5 Creative Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake Ideas

Dragon Ball Z was released in 1989, but it has become a classic among the little ones and the not-so-small ones.

5 Creative Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake Ideas of 2022

Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Krillin, does that sound familiar? These are just some of the most popular characters in the famous series. So we decided to show you 5 Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake ideal for children’s birthdays. Or make a special gift to that eternal fan.

1. Goku Cake With Rice Paper – Dragon Ball Z Cake Decorations

Goku is simply one of the favorite characters among Dragon Ball Z lovers. In this particular case, you can make use of rice paper to complete your cake decoration. The rice paper is an edible paper widely used in baking and cooking. It has no taste or color and is gluten-free.

Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake

You can get it in stores specialized in confectionery, similarly, look for a supplier that is responsible for making the custom print on the paper you will use in your cake. Remember that you cannot print at home, as it must be written with edible vegetable inks.

The paper can not be placed directly on the glaze or meringue because if it gets very wet, it will end up wrinkled.

Therefore we recommend applying on fondant and not on glazes, whipped cream, or other types of mixtures for more humid decorations. You can decorate your cake with fondant using tones that contrast with those of the character, to design very creative dragon ball z cake decorations.

2. Dragon Ball Z Cakes with Figures – Dragon Ball Z Cake Designs

If you are not yet an expert in pastry, or you do not have time to decorate the cake with dedication, a good option is to use action figures. It is a fantastic idea because that way you can recreate scenes of the series, without much complication, fast and obtaining very original design.

Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake

What do you need? First, the figures of the characters you want to use in the cake, so you will have to visit toy stores or buy them online. In this particular design, two characters were used on green-colored meringue that resembles grass.

This effect is simple to achieve. You will only need a pastry bag, nozzles, and the cream or meringue of your choice dyed with vegetable dyes.

You can use buttercream or buttercream. It is easy to prepare, take note of what you need.

  • ½ cup or 2-sticks of butter
  • ½ cup hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • 4 cups powdered sugar
  • 2-tablespoons liquid milk
  • Essence to taste, preferably colorless


  1. Proceed to sift the sugar, and once done, incorporate the butter, milk, and nature in the bowl or bowl of your electric mixer.
  2. If you plan to use your electric mixer, use the rod-shaped rods and not the balloon ones.
  3. Start mixing at minimum speed so that the sugar does not spread. This for a minute. After this time, increase at medium-high speed and proceed to beat the mixture for five more minutes.
  4. The result will be a very creamy whitish cream, you can reserve it in the refrigerator, but you will have to beat it a few minutes before using it in the decoration.

It is ready to use!

Remember that if you want to color the mixture, you can use vegetable or powdered vegetable dyes before adding it to the pastry bag.

Don’t you have a pastry bag at home? In our previous post, you can learn how to make a homemade pastry bag and how to use the nozzles properly and thus decorate Dragon Ball Z cakes yourself.

Remember that the practice makes the teacher, the secret of the pastry bag is the practice if you are not yet very expert using it we recommend you practice the pulse a bit before decorating your cake.

3. Dragon Ball Z Cakes Decorated With Edible Dough

This option, despite being more laborious, will undoubtedly surprise your guests or that person you have decided to make such a beautiful gift.

You with your own hands, you can mold the characters of the series to decorate cakes of Dragon Ball Z, read on!

Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake

Many types of edible doughs will allow you to mold the characters of Dragon Ball Z, for example, marzipan, fondant, gum paste, and pastillage.

Each mass has specific characteristics, as well as the pros and cons that you should consider when modeling and choosing the complexity of the piece you want to make.

The marzipan is a mass-based on almonds or almond flour, egg white, and sugar. It is soft and comfortable to handle, but it can become very oily if it is dealt with too much.

The fondant, widely used to model cake decorations, is soft and manageable like plasticine. In some countries, you can buy ready-made marketed by various brands.

Generally, a mixture of fondant and CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose) or a mixture of 50% fondant and 50% gum paste is used for modeling.

The pastillage, very popular years ago, dries quickly, and its consistency can become hard as a stone.

It is generally used to model plane or straight figures. Among the benefits, we can mention stands out its resistance to moisture compared to the other masses.

4. Dragon Ball Spherical Cake

This fun cake has a ball-like spherical part, and although it seems complicated to make, it is simple. Don’t you know how to prepare a round cake? Do not worry, you need two spherical molds, of those that look like a bowl, you must bake two biscuits simultaneously.

Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake

For this type of 3D decorations, a firm consistency cake is preferable. In the same way, you can fill it, and thus add more flavor

Empty your cake mixture to almost 1 centimeter below the edge of the mold. Once the biscuits are baked, use a sawing knife to cut the cake surpluses from the mold. Let your biscuits cool, resting the flat part on a surface, that is, with the curved part of the mold up.

When they are completely cold, unmold and cover the curved part of the cake with film, leaving only the flat part uncovered, then return them to the mold. Prepare your buttercream mixture to fill the cake, with the help of a spatula, spread the mixture evenly on the flat side of both biscuits.

If you don’t like buttercream very much, we invite you to read our article, where we share some delicious recipes for cake fillings. Take them to the fridge or refrigerator for 5 minutes to harden the filling a little.

Remove and cover the flat part of the cake with the film, take it back to the refrigerator for an hour, the idea is not that it freezes, but it does achieve a very firm consistency.

After this time, remove one of the biscuits from the mold with the help of film and place it on a cake base previously covered with film. With a spatula, spread more buttercream throughout the cake, with a piece of acetate, smooth the mixture well to get a perfect finish.

Repeat the process with the other cake. When you have smoothed the surface of both, it is time to assemble them because of the cold of the cake. The mixture will be hard to the touch, if not, take it to the fridge again.

Enter one of the halves in a bowl or the same mold, and spread more smooth buttercream, place the other cake on top and clean the excess cream with the acetate.

You already have your sphere!

Expect the cream to be dehydrated to finish the decoration with the fondant. We are sure that your Dragon Ball Z Cake Designs will leave your guests speechless.

5.Sculpted Cake

They are also known as carved cakes, or 3D cakes are currently widely used, their finish is impressive, and they are designed to be the center of attention at any birthday party.

They are more laborious, without a doubt, but the result is worth every minute spent.

When sculpting your cake, or to sculpt the design you have in mind, you probably need more than one cake, choose the flavor of your choice.

Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake

To make the carving or sculpting, it will be enough with a serrated knife like the one you use to cut bread, little by little you are cutting and assembling the pieces by placing buttercream or another filling.

When making the necessary decorations, you can use frosting or glaze, it all depends on the final finish you want to achieve.

Generally, buttercream and fondant are used to decorate and better shape the piece you want to carve.

Keep in mind that you will need a wooden or MDF base where you will fix your cake, depending on the design you want to sculpt, you need to adjust the cake to the base.

You can open some small holes at the base and use wooden sticks like those used for skewers. You can use some glue to fix the wooden sticks to the bottom of the cake.

Find the design you want to sculpt, print it because it will serve as a reference when carving and determine how much cake you need.

The buttercream is essential for joining pieces and finished to remember a bit of lean acetate to smooth the mixture.

You can model the characters using the mass of your choice, and thus combine several techniques to get a spectacular job.

We hope that these 5-beautiful cakes have taken out your Dragon Ball fan! applying several techniques you can also make magnificent dragon ball z birthday cakes that will surprise your guests or guests.

Which of these designs did you like the most? Leave us your comments.