Creative Small 21st Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

Best Small 21st Birthday Party Ideas: Turning 21st years is always a celebration, no matter how many ages we like to meet more than others. Have you ever considered how to celebrate your 21st birthday with small 21st birthday party ideas and make it unforgettable for everyone?

Creative Small 21st Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

Small 21st Birthday Party

Are you tired of making the typical dinner-meeting to celebrate it? Well, get ready, because today we bring you a post, specially designed for young adults, with small 21st birthday party ideas to celebrate your 21st birthday differently.

There are a thousand and one ways to celebrate the 21st birthday. So this time, we have gathered the ones we believe may be better. There are for all kinds of budgets and tastes.

Small 21st Birthday Party Ideas

Ah! And for those who are not yet years old, it can also serve as ideas to spend time differently with friends.


Go to karaoke and sing until you run out of voice WILL NEVER be a bad option. And more if it is to celebrate the small 21st birthday party that you celebrate another year next to the best company.


If you and your friends love solving puzzles and working in groups, going to a rooms cape can be an exciting way to spend 21st birthday. There are hundreds of them, with very different themes, so look for what’s near your city and enjoy it! They usually are places to which you have to book so if you plan to spend your 21st birthday in one, do it in advance.

Pajamas Night

One way that will never go out of style is to celebrate your birthday by meeting up with your friends in a sleepover. If you have somewhere to do it, there is no better plan than to spend a night surrounded by yours in the most intimate way possible.


An original way to hang out with friends on your 21st birthday is to go to a Paintball to shoot colored balls.

Laser tag

And for those who are adventurous but do not want to get dirty or get hit or move outside the city, going to a laser tag is a great option.

Painless and with which you will discharge a lot of adrenaline, you can feel like Barney Stinson in How I met your Mother.

Thematic Party

Not to be repetitive, we link you to the post we wrote a few months ago in which we give you ideas and tell you all the types of thematic parties that you can do.

Spend a Night Out

Whether with friends or with your partner, making a mini-getaway one night (or more) somewhere is always a good way to celebrate a birthday.

Costume Party

For those who always use the slightest excuse to dress up, this can be a great option to celebrate their 21st birthday. Because you don’t have to disguise yourself exclusively in the carnival!

Day Trip

Can you imagine waking up at home, spending the day in a city in another country, and going back to sleep at home? There is a company that sells day trips! It’s called Now I’m Back Mom, and from what we’ve seen, you already have many satisfied customers.

Another option would be to search for flights through Skyscanner and hope to be lucky to find them on the same day at a reasonable price.


A plan that, although not yet very original, had to be on this list. Because he is a great dinner companion and, although perhaps not everyone likes to party, going for drinks with friends can also be a good way to turn years.

Local with Friends

Replacing the dinner and party plan, there is the 2×1 option: rent a place for your friends and you or whoever you want. A place to gather the people you love most without having the pressure of being in a restaurant sitting without being able to talk to the person at the other end of the table. You can make a photocall and add this free downloadable to make it even more fun!


And if it turns out that on your 21st birthday it is good weather, you can have a barbecue with friends! There are authorized places where it can be done or even done on someone’s terrace or garden.

It is a different way to meet with you on a special day.


Following the small 21st birthday party ideas of ​​eating out, you can have a picnic! Go to a park or place where it is allowed, spread some tablecloths on the floor and eat!

Go camping

If you are adventurous, you can celebrate your camping birthday somewhere. And if you don’t have a tent, you can also sleep outdoors on a terrace or garden inside a sleeping bag.


Sometimes we forget such simple and small 21st birthday party ideas as meeting your friends to celebrate your 21st birthday in the bowling alley. Simple but fun.

Adult Leisure Park

Something that not many people know is that there are recreational parks for adults like we used to go when we were little. There are also dinners and event organizations there, so look to see if you are lucky and have a park with an adult ball pool near the house where you can celebrate your birthday!

Pool Party

A pool party, especially now that summer arrives, it is a great way to celebrate your birthday. So if you have the opportunity to do so, it will become an unforgettable celebration.

Do not forget the floats! And if you do not have a pool, you can also do a mini-party (or rather a meeting) in the pool of your city or town, although there you can not be alone.

Theater play

Another option would be to buy tickets for a play, whatever the style, to see on your birthday.

Concert and festivals

Especially now that summer is coming, there are many more concerts and festivals to go to and perhaps you are lucky that one of them coincides with or near your 21st birthday, so it can be a great way to celebrate it.


Instead of dinner, you can brunch with your friends to celebrate your 21st birthday in the most original way.

 Cooking workshop

And if, in addition to being food lovers, you are foodies, why not celebrate your 21st birthday by signing up for a cooking course?

Whether low, intermediate, or advanced, you will surely find one for yourself. And if you want to do it with your friends, even better!

Tourist Route Through Your City

For those who are full of curiosity, you can organize a tourist day with your friends to discover the museums of your city or visit a historical place where you have not gone, together.

The best way to live the culture that surrounds us is with a good company!

Dinner on the Beach

For those who are lucky enough to have the beach nearby, having dinner with friends on the beach can be a great plan. Don’t forget your towels in case a night bath falls later!

And so far our small 21st birthday party ideas for celebrations! What do you think? Did you find the post useful? Would you add any more? Leave us in the comments! In the end, the most important thing is not what; it is with whom.

So you only need to choose the people with whom you want to share your birthday, and you will see how it is unrepeatable.