27+ Best Birthday Gift for 20-Year-Old Son

The Best Birthday Gift for 20-Year-Old Son: It’s not easy to choose the Birthday Gift for a 20-Year-Old Son. Radio-controlled cars, railways, and transformers are a thing of the past. Now, this is a young man whose presence should speak about your respect and recognition of the right to an independent life.

The Birthday Gift for 20-Year-Old Son

27+ Best Birthday Gift for 20-Year-Old Son

Gifts relevant to education, vivid impressions, The image of a business person is relevant.

1. Skydiving

This is an opportunity to test yourself and get impressions of life. Experienced parachutists conduct the training, so don’t worry about safety. The price includes hourly training on earth. Then the son will have to take a decisive step out of the plane and enjoy the new sensations.

2. Diving Lesson

In order to study the water depths, you do not need to go to the resort. You can learn the basics of scuba diving in the city, in the spacious pool. The instructor will tell you how to handle the equipment, blow out your ears, what gestures are used underwater. Then practice will follow – immersion. If the son decides to go diving, he will be able to take an advanced course and get a certificate that will give him the right to dive into other countries.

3. Laser Tag

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Every man is a warrior in his heart, so his son will appreciate the best birthday gift for a 20-year-old son and have fun in the company of friends. The laser tag simulates military operations using laser beams. You can play in a special maze or in an open area. The task is to hit as many opponents as possible.

4. Fashionable Frame

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Extra points do not happen! Your son will be able to pick up a fashionable frame as the Best Birthday Gift for 20-Year-Old Son, automobile or computer glasses, contact lenses. If a young man has good eyesight, he will opt for high-quality and stylish sunglasses.

5. Photoshoot

Young 20-Year-Old Son is infrequent guests of photo studios. Still, there are many situations where professional photos can come in handy: writing a resume for employers, publishing in reports, on websites, magazines, and just for posting on social networks to collect friends’ likes. You can choose a business photoshoot in a business interior, portrait shooting, or military-style shooting, where the emphasis will be on weapons and military clothing.

6. Watch

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If you do not have a goal to buy a watch that will become a family heirloom and will be inherited, choose quartz models. They are considered more accurate and withstand heavy loads.

A massive man with thin hands will not fit a massive watch (and vice versa). Most males like light metal models with a dark strap. They are a more versatile Birthday Gift for 20-Year-Old Son. But if you know your son’s tastes well, you can experiment with color and form. To make the gift truly memorable, make an engraving.

7. Suitcase or Travel Bag

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If a young man likes to travel, this will be a great gift. A stylish cover with an interesting print protects the suitcase from scratches, dust, and opening. For convenience, there are holes for the side handles. Thanks to him, you can easily identify your luggage. It is quickly erased and keeps a look for a long time.

8. Electronics Gadget

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Our equipment becomes obsolete as soon as we take it out of the store, so the young man will definitely figure out which new product to buy. Smartphone, tablet, camera, or printer? The choice is your son!

9. Club Card in a Fitness Club

Every young man wants to have a pumped-up body, but not everyone has the financial ability to go to the gym. If the budget allows, you can choose a club with a pool and a sauna. This will be the best Birthday Gift for a 20-Year-Old Son from parents who choose a healthy lifestyle for their family.

10. Smart Bracelet

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This accessory counts the number of steps taken, distance, calories burned, and presents data in the form of graphs convenient for analysis. Advanced models monitor the heart rate, sleep mode, and diet, have the function of a “personal trainer” – the gadget reminds you when it is time to practice. Using the bracelet is convenient to set goals and track their achievement. An exciting opportunity to compete in success with friends and colleagues who have similar devices.

11. Gaming Chair

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For a 20-year-old person who writes term papers for a long time, watches films on a computer, or spends time on social networks, a comfortable chair will be a useful gift. Pay attention to models with a special roller (it will not let your back get tired during a long sitting) and head restraint (it will allow you to rest the cervical spine).

12. Brand Headphones

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My son probably has an inexpensive model for listening to music on the run. For the 20th anniversary, full-size monitor headphones are the best choice. They tightly wrap around the ear, and extraneous noise does not interfere with the person. The main advantage of such headphones is high-quality sound. The son will be able to watch movies, listen to music, or play on the computer in conditions of complete immersion, while not interfering with other family members.

13. Sports Store

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This is a pretty versatile gift. In these stores, there are not only tracksuits but also casual and outerwear, goods for tourism and recreation, compact home fitness equipment, accessories for summer and winter sports.

14. Gaming Consoles

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 A smart electronic device will delight any guy. Even at the age of 20, a young man rejoices like a child when he sees a high-tech toy or a useful electronic item. Game consoles and modern tablet models – all this is a meaningful, stylish birthday gift for 20-year-old Son. 

15. Perfume

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Properly selected eau de toilette is what complements and completes any look: from everyday to evening. Hence, a modern young man needs to have several flavors suitable for different occasions in life. You probably know the basic taste preferences of your child, so there should not be any special difficulties with the choice. Also, you can always take the help of the consultants of specialized stores and ask which particular aromas are of most interest to modern guys.

16. Men’s Jewelry

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The latter in themed stores and salons are presented in a large assortment for any occasion and occasion. You can choose an elegant bracelet or a massive signet ring, etc. Jewelry can be either gold or silver; it all depends on your initial budget and the preferences of the birthday.

17. Elegant Belt With an Original Buckle

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Of course, it is better to give preference to high-quality leather models.

18. Stylish Sunglasses

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This accessory is intended not only to protect the eyes from the blinding sunlight but also to give any look a special charm and mystery.

19. Purse, Wallet, or Business Card Holder

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Convenient purse, wallet, or business card holder – each accessory is necessary for any modern man.

20. Leather Gloves

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If your traitor’s birthday is in the cold winter season, then leather gloves will be a useful and very stylish gift. So your son will look not only fashionable but also always be warm, even in the most severe frosts.

21. Cufflinks for an Evening Suit

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To make the present as individualized as possible, cufflinks can represent something meaningful for your son, some kind of symbol, or, for example, his initials.

22. Car Accessories

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Often young guys become real car enthusiasts, so all the accessories that help make the trip even more comfortable and enjoyable are automatically credited to the list of best gifts for a 20-year-old guy. For example, a USB adapter for charging devices, a DVR, a massage chair cover, and hundreds of other options.

23. A Set of Professional Cosmetics

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For example, shaving is a useful but inexpensive gift for a son’s birthday. What is always needed and relevant.

24. Diary

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Given that the hero of the occasion is most likely studying or working, you can give your son original stationery: a stylish diary for recording important information, a presentable pen in a presentable case with a personalized engraving, a modern organizer, etc.

25. Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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 A great thing to keep the vehicle clean and tidy. Like a person who spends all his free time near the car, polishing it to a shine. You can give a guy such a device for 20 years without hesitation!

26. DVR

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Modern models have excellent characteristics. The son will use the gift for a long time. The thing is not cheap, suitable as a presentation to a young man who has not yet earned it on his own.

27. Gift Toy

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No one has canceled traditional gifts for entertainment this New Year. Your son will certainly be happy if you give him the long-awaited robot, dinosaur, or plane. In any case, children are children, and they like to not only sit on social networks but also play with friends or parents.

Other Best Birthday Gift for 20-Year-Old Son

An excellent gift for a 20-year-old boy is a watch. When choosing chronometers, one should also consider his lifestyle. So, an active young man is better suited for quartz watches. They are characterized by accuracy, have great capabilities, have many functions.

For a calm, reasonable guy, choose the mechanical option. Remember that a watch for a man is an indicator of success; you can not save on them.

If you need to present something original for your 20th anniversary, take a look at trendy smartwatches. This “smart” model can replace both a smartphone and a small PC. A novelty in the field of high technology and watchmaking, the birthday boy, will be delighted!

Besides, you can always use the list of universal gifts for young people. Among them:

As an option, give your son who returned from army service. Give a trip to the resort to the warm sea or the mountains. Most men love extreme sports – if the son belongs to this category, choose a parachute jump or a diving tour as a presentation.

What to Present to a Friend or Brother for 20 Years?

Friends are better off picking a first birthday present for a friend.

It’s better to fold and get one expensive gift than everyone will give a small present

These gifts include:

  • portrait from photo;
  • car mug with registered engraving;
  • men’s accessories of famous brands;
  • pedometer bracelet;
  • men’s jewelry;
  • barbecue set;
  • home brewery.
  • As gifts, you can choose inexpensive things:
  • inscribed glasses;
  • flash drives of the original design;
  • key finders;
  • T-shirts with the inscription.

Organize a jubilee happy birthday celebration. In this case, consult with the guy’s parents. Perhaps they organize a celebration, then it will be difficult for the birthday man to make a choice because you need to coordinate the time and date to avoid conflict situations.

You can arrange a sortie to nature by a male company with fishing and barbecue, or go all together to a sports bar, to a race, visit a sauna, remember your childhood and go to a water park.

You can give your brother for 20 years from your sister something related to comfort. An excellent choice would be:

  • warm bathrobe;
  • blanket with sleeves;
  • bath towel.
  • To a guy living separately, get:
  • slow cooker;
  • fireplace;
  • desk lamp;
  • linens.

If you need to choose a cheaper gift, give preference to decorative souvenirs.

What to Give Son’s Birthday for 20 Years From a Girl?

You should give a 20-year-old guy from a girl, something that will tell him about her feelings. If the couple is close, the gift can be intimate, but at the same time funny. Present menswear with cool inscriptions or cozy pajamas. This is an original idea – to give your beloved man such a special present for 20 years – you can laugh and have fun together.

If you have just started dating, select something from the universal list. A perfect gift will be a purse or purse, a diary. If a guy is collecting something, choose a gift to complement his collection.

You can make a birthday present for a young man with your own hands :

An unusual gift will be a “men’s bouquet” consisting of sausages, pickles, and other hearty foods. 

The components should be packaged in the floral paper in the form of a bouquet and handed to a young man.

Traditional socks can also be beautifully presented, and the guy will appreciate the girl’s sense of humor.

Hand your beloved jar with notes, which indicate the reasons for love for him. Make a lot of them so that the jar is full. Attach a beautiful bow and present it to the hero of the day. Let him read at his leisure. This gift is suitable for romantic nature.

Men, despite their solidity, are gentle creatures who are afraid to catch a cold. Tie him a scarf or warm socks. The guy will be proud of his beloved skill.

Make a notepad with vouchers for the girl’s services and present it to your beloved man in a gift box. As an inscription, there can be such: “head massage,” “back massage,” “kiss,” “declaration of love,” more courageous options can be offered. Such a gift will appeal to any manAnd if in front of him there is still a romantic dinner with belly dance – the guy will be delighted!


A gift made with all my heart will show the birthday man that he is dear to relatives and friends, which can always count on their support. And such confidence is more expensive than any presents!