5 Best Birthday Puzzles for Adults of 2022

Best Birthday puzzles for adults: Congratulations on a different occasion: with a birthday puzzle for adults, you make the birthday child an extraordinary and personal gift.

Not only children but adults also puzzle and happy birthday make you like something trouble for the loved ones. Some organize a scavenger hunt for adults, a surprise party, or write their birthday quiz.

Birthday Puzzles for Adults

Another great way to spice up a birthday present is a birthday puzzle for adults. Only when the birthday child has solved this, she or he gets the real gift. Or the solution word or solution set indicates what an envelope with money should be used for. Or the solution of the riddle points to a charity that just does not fit on a standard gift table, for example, an event.

5 Best Ideas for Birthday Puzzles for Adults

The critical points in inventing a very personal gift puzzle are:

  • The riddle
  • should fit the birthday boy,
  • should fit the gift,
  • and must not be too heavy
  • but not too easy.

The penultimate point is important because you usually present a gift in the context of a birthday party and then do not want to stress the birthday child beyond measure. Finally, there are other guests.

On the other hand, a puzzle is only fun. If the solution is not visible, otherwise you could save yourself the same. So you can design the puzzle as a general program at the birthday party, where the guests are allowed to help.

And if the birthday child is a true puzzle pro, then, of course, other standards apply anyway.

Here are 5-ideas on what a birthday puzzle for adults might look like.

Puzzle Question or Poem

The simplest kind of birthday puzzle for adults is simply a puzzle to think about the gift. If you believe it, you can write it in rhymes right away.

Example: The anniversary woman is known for Japan and also enjoys cooking. That’s why you’re giving her a sushi class. The puzzle could be as follows:

  • Well rolled is half won,
  • in art from afar.
  • Cut neatly, but stay calm,
  • Being an apprentice is no shame!

Crossword Puzzle

Another possibility is to do a crossword puzzle yourself. This is easier than it sounds because you do not need to make it unnecessarily complicated. You best go as follows:

birthday puzzles for adults

Determine solution word (the gift, e.g., cinema visit, riding course, camping, tasting)

For each letter of the solution word, you are now looking for a term that has something to do with the birthday child or present, and that contains that letter somewhere.

You paint the whole as a scheme on a piece of paper so that the letters of the words are on top of each other, which results from without down the solution word. From this, you can then develop an empty puzzle with boxes.

Now all you have to do is consider a question for each solution word.

Granted, that’s a bit of a hassle, but the enthusiasm of the recipient is undoubtedly worth it! The topics of the questions can be about personal experiences or even insiders or have to do with the interests of the birthday child.

Search in the Letter Field

Alternatively, you can create a letterbox by hiding the words in a sentence that leads to the solution. The words can be read vertically, horizontally or diagonally and forward or backward.

To make it a bit easier for the birthday boy, you can do that so that the letter of each successive word is always somewhere near the last letter of the previous word. Then the first letter can be marked by highlighting.

Personal Calculation Puzzle

The birthday girl has it more with numbers than with letters? Then create a little puzzle. The result can be a date, e.g. if you give a fixed event like a concert. Or you combine the puzzle with a text. The word of a text is the solution.

As building blocks for the bill one takes the best personal numbers: how old the birthday child is, his birth year, day or month of the birthday, many children, house number, the license plate of the car, etc.

  • Example: Janina turns 33 on July 4, and you want to give her a concert on September 12.
  • Your calculation riddle could be:
  • Day x Age – Month + Day = Date of your gift
  • So the solution is:
  • 4 x 33 – 7 + 4 = 129

The result can be interpreted as a date only as 12.9. What awaits the birthday child on this day, you can now announce or ask another birthday puzzle for adults.

Message in Cipher

Secret codes are not only good riddles but often have an aesthetic appeal. A message in secret gives your gift something mysterious and magical.

birthday puzzles for adults

You can find ciphers on the Internet, or you can invent one yourself: think one symbol for each letter. But how does the birthday child come up with the solution?

Proposition 1: Each letter is replaced by a small image whose meaning begins with that letter, that is, an anchor for A, a flower for B, a clown face for C, and so on.

Suggestion 2: If you have time to enter and prepare a room. The symbols of your secret alphabet are distributed throughout the room on objects that begin with this letter. You can even include other people: e.g., Anna wears the symbol for A on her clothes, etc.

Your creativity knows no limits!

And now have fun creating your birthday puzzles for adults!