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40 Best Birthday Gift for 18 Year Old Son in 2021

Best Birthday gift for 18-year-old son:  when children turn 18, we have to put up with the fact that they are adults. We understand that this growth is still very far, but our offspring do not think so. Especially the guys.

What should I get my 18 year old son for his birthday?

And, perhaps, it would be most reasonable to agree with your son and start the dialogue on an equal footing, if you have not yet switched to this type of interaction. Well, okay, we do not have a psychology blog; we just choose a gift. The Best Birthday Gift for 18-Year-Old Son.

What is the Best Birthday Gift for 18-year-old Son?

As a rule, at the age of 18, a person undergoes training at a higher or secondary special educational institution (or is called up for military service). All doors are open before him. He eagerly draws the knowledge, acquires useful skills, makes many new acquaintances, and at the same time, manages to have some fun.

Someone else lives with their parents, someone in a hostel, and someone in a rented apartment. Each has his own hobbies, hobbies, habits, and preferences. And all this we will consider when choosing the best birthday gift for 18-year-old son.

Parental Gifts on the 18th Birthday of the Son

An ideal parental birthday gift for 18-year-old son would be a large amount of money in the form of a bank account in the name of a young man or a deposit until adulthood if it were taken care of at the birth of the baby.

The son will enjoy a separate apartment or private car, but not always parents can afford such a gorgeous birthday gift for an 18-year-old son. Do not despair; the list of less expensive options is also large.

Top Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Son Turning 18

If you did not pick up an 18th birthday gift ideas for son according to the parameters proposed in the previous section, we suggest that you consider 40 specific options.

1. Move to Your Own Apartment

The ideal option is to give your son a living space. But the apartment can also be rented by paying several months in advance. Moving away from ancestors is the dream of any adult teenager.

2. Bike

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What did we dream about in our 18 years? Of course, about your bike?. Since then, values ​​have changed little, and today’s young people dream all about the same.

3. Electric Bike

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The romance of the road has long been spinning your son’s head? Maybe he wants to join the ranks of the biker community? If the budget allows, then you can give a big bicycle. But a small moped is also a very worthy birthday gift for 18-year-old son.

4. The Laptop

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Before you purchase it, be sure to consult with professionals and decide what a laptop is useful for your son? For games, work, study, travel, or any other purpose.

5. Game Console

Even adult men love to get their hands on the console, and for an 18-year-old guy, this will definitely be a great birthday gift for 18-year-old son. You can also give a new game, replenish the balance on the son’s game account or buy him new virtual equipment.

6. SLR Camera

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Today, each of us is a photographer, but very few are outstanding. Perhaps your son will become exactly that person who will open new horizons in the art of photography.

7. Tablet

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A mobile device designed to perform a huge number of tasks. A very useful and practical birthday gift for 18-year-old son that will appeal to anyone who is friends with mobile devices.

8. Smartphone

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Undoubtedly, your son already has an excellent mobile phone. Today everyone has smartphones. However, technologies are developing at lightning speed, and new models are released almost every day. Something new will please the guy.

9. Travel Kits

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There is some kind of couch potatoes that you can’t pull out of the house by force, but many people like to discover new countries. If your son belongs to the second category, travel kits will be his best birthday gift for 18-year-old son.

10. Quadcopter


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It is not necessary to have wings to fly. You can look at the earth from a bird’s eye view without rising into the air. For this, drones with video cameras were invented.

11. Large Computer Monitor

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Such a gift will please not only a gamer but also an ordinary PC user or a lover of TV shows. A TV or widescreen monitor is a great gift.

12. Action Camera

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You can use your camcorder to hang out with friends, camping, travel, or everyday life. Video blogging is very common today. Sometimes you just want to remember beautiful moments.

13.  Virtual Reality Glasses

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Joystick, steering wheel, virtual reality glasses, or other accessories for video games will suit inexperienced gamers. If a guy likes to spend time playing a game on a console or PC, pumping his technical equipment will never be in vain.

14. Smartwatch or Fitness Bracelet