40 Best Birthday Gift for 18-Year-Old Son in 2022

Best Birthday gift for 18-year-old son:  when children turn 18, we have to put up with the fact that they are adults. We understand that this growth is still very far, but our offspring do not think so. Especially the guys.

What Should I Get My 18-year-old Son for His Birthday?

And, perhaps, it would be most reasonable to agree with your son and start the dialogue on an equal footing, if you have not yet switched to this type of interaction. Well, okay, we do not have a psychology blog; we just choose What is the best gift for 18th birthday. The Best Birthday Gift for 18-Year-Old Son.

40 Best Birthday Gift for 18-Year-Old Son in 2022

What is the Best Birthday Gift for 18-year-old Son?

As a rule, at the age of 18, a person undergoes training at a higher or secondary special educational institution (or is called up for military service). All doors are open before him. He eagerly draws knowledge, acquires useful skills, makes many new acquaintances, and at the same time, manages to have some fun.

What Do 18-Year-Olds Want for Their Birthday?

Someone else lives with their parents, someone in a hostel, and someone in a rented apartment. Each has his own hobbies, hobbies, habits, and preferences. And all this we will consider when choosing the best birthday gift for 18-year-old son.

Parental Gifts on the 18th Birthday of the Son

An ideal parental birthday gift for 18-year-old son would be a large amount of money in the form of a bank account in the name of a young man or a deposit until adulthood if it were taken care of at the birth of the baby.

The son will enjoy a separate apartment or private car, but not always parents can afford such a gorgeous birthday gift for an 18-year-old son. Do not despair; the list of less expensive options is also large.

Top Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Son Turning 18

If you did not pick up an 18th birthday gift ideas for son according to the parameters proposed in the previous section, we suggest that you consider 40 specific options.

1. Move to Your Own Apartment

The ideal option is to give your son a living space. But the apartment can also be rented by paying several months in advance. Moving away from ancestors is the dream of any adult teenager.

2. Bike

What did we dream about in our 18 years? Of course, about your bike?. Since then, values ​​have changed little, and today’s young people dream all about the same.

3. Electric Bike

The romance of the road has long been spinning your son’s head? Maybe he wants to join the ranks of the biker community? If the budget allows, then you can give a big bicycle. But a small moped is also a very worthy birthday gift for 18-year-old son.

4. The Laptop

Before you purchase it, be sure to consult with professionals and decide what laptop is useful for your son? For games, work, study, travel, or any other purpose.

5. Game Console

Even adult men love to get their hands on the console, and for an 18-year-old guy, this will definitely be a great birthday gift for 18-year-old son. You can also give a new game, replenish the balance on the son’s game account or buy him new virtual equipment.

6. SLR Camera

Today, each of us is a photographer, but very few are outstanding. Perhaps your son will become exactly that person who will open new horizons in the art of photography.

7. Tablet

A mobile device designed to perform a huge number of tasks. A very useful and practical birthday gift for 18-year-old son that will appeal to anyone who is friends with mobile devices.

8. Smartphone

Undoubtedly, your son already has an excellent mobile phone. Today everyone has smartphones. However, technologies are developing at lightning speed, and new models are released almost every day. Something new will please the guy.

9. Travel Kits

There is some kind of couch potatoes that you can’t pull out of the house by force, but many people like to discover new countries. If your son belongs to the second category, travel kits will be his best birthday gift for 18-year-old son.

10. Quadcopter

It is not necessary to have wings to fly. You can look at the earth from a bird’s eye view without rising into the air. For this, drones with video cameras were invented.

11. Large Computer Monitor

Such a gift will please not only a gamer but also an ordinary PC user or a lover of TV shows. A TV or widescreen monitor is a great gift.

12. Action Camera

Action Camera

You can use your camcorder to hang out with friends, camping, travel, or everyday life. Video blogging is very common today. Sometimes you just want to remember beautiful moments.

13.  Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality Glasses

Joystick, steering wheel, virtual reality glasses, or other accessories for video games will suit inexperienced gamers. If a guy likes to spend time playing a game on a console or PC, pumping his technical equipment will never be in vain.

14. Smartwatch or Fitness Bracelet

Gadgets have become an integral part of our lives. A fitness bracelet is suitable for those who monitor their health, and smartwatches will be a welcome gift idea for 18-Year-Old son for any smartphone owner.

15. Hoverboard or Monowheel

An unusual vehicle that is not intended for long trips, but is perfect for walking in the park. Already out of fashion, so have time to buy.

16. Fashionable Sneakers

You do not need to be an athlete to wear beautiful, practical clothes. Enrich your son’s collection of stylish sneakers.

17. Roller Skates

An environmentally friendly vehicle that enhances health. Remember the days when the boys drove bicycles. This was spectacular.

18. Paintball or Laser tag

Active games with friends: paintball or laser tag. There is also a huge variety of quests that can give unforgettable emotions.

19. Elite Perfumes

Allows your son to stand out from the gray mass. Those who use good perfumes, as a rule, are in demand among the fair sex.

20. Radio-Controlled Toy or Insectoid Robot

At the age of 18, a man enters adulthood, but we know that men in the soul always remain children. And the best gift for children is a toy.

21. Computer Gaming Chair

Make work on the computer more comfortable for your son. Parents always take care of the child’s posture, and a comfortable chair will help you with this.

22. Sports Simulator

exercise bike

A treadmill, exercise bike, or ellipse helps you keep fit and deliver a lot of fun. A more budget option is a folding horizontal bar.

23. Portable Speaker

Portable device for playing your favorite music. Devices with access to the Internet also allow you to do search queries.

24. Headphones

There are headphones without wires, as well as professional ear loudspeakers. The assortment is huge, and the price range is very wide, you are sure to find something suitable.

25. Wristwatches

Order an engraving to make this gift even more valuable. A watch is a solid, status accessory that will be useful to any man. And at age 18, the guy just becomes a man. It is believed that you can’t give a watch – you need to buy it yourself. Well, coming of age lifts this ban.

In the USA, it is considered a tradition to give hours to adulthood. Previously, there were Commander, East, or General, and now fashionable electronic Cassio or high-quality Swiss various brands – they largely characterize the taste and character of the owner, as they are a very noticeable accessory.

The issue of choosing a watch as a gift must be approached very categorically since it is not just a luxury item or accessory – it is also functionality, quality, and reliability.

26. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Household appliances that automate human life will be a very useful gift for a guy leading a lonely lifestyle.

27. Peripherals for the Computer

A stylish keyboard, mouse, semi-professional microphone, computer speakers, or other external devices for the PC.

28. An Expensive Bracelet, Ring, or Chain

Men also wear jewelry. Such accessories add some zest to their image and make them more attractive to girls.

29. Ball, Boxing Gloves, Jump Rope

Ball, boxing gloves, jump rope, or other sports equipment. A perfect gift for an athlete. Even those who do not play sports professionally are not averse sometimes to kick the ball with friends.

30. E-book

Not everyone loves outdoor activities. Some people prefer to spend time reading. An ordinary paper book will also be a good gift, but such books are gradually becoming a thing of the past.

By the way, today, several services provide access to the library of audiobooks. Book lovers who value their time, you can give a subscription to one of them.

31. Telescope

For centuries, man has been reaching for the stars. Space is striking in its mystery and suspense. And many are interested in astrophysics. The young astronomer will be very pleased with the telescope presented as a gift.

32. Scratch Posters

 An interactive world map or a motivating to-do list. In online stores, you will find many options for such interesting posters. They are very inexpensive and will be a good addition to the main present.

33. Family Dinner at the Restaurant

Organize a rich celebration, order a huge cake, invite friends and relatives. Show your son that everyone appreciates him very much that his birthday is also an important family holiday. With this option, the number of gifts will increase significantly, because everyone will bring something.

34. Tablet

An obvious, but no less pleasant gift. Moreover, new tablet models do not appear by the day, but by the hour, and manufacturers are trying to make them even more functional.

35. Digital Watch

In memory of an important date, choose a traditional present – a watch of a youth brand model. They should be of Swiss quality, consistent with the character and taste of the young man because this is a noticeable accessory that allows you to judge the status of the owner.

36. Virtual Keyboard

a stylish new keyboard with an original mouse, complementing the gift with a rug with a message or a virtual keyboard; any computer programmer will be pleased with an external hard drive of maximum capacity or a multifunction device (fax, scanner, printer);

37. iPhone With a Speaker

The latest model of an iPhone with a speaker and a wireless device.

38. Planetarium Light

  • Night Light Projector for Kids,
  • OwnZone Ocean Wave Projector
  • Star Galaxy Light Projector
  • Bluetooth Speaker Music Rhythm
  • Rotating LED Nebula Lights for Bedroom, Home Theatre,
  • Party, Wedding & Birthday

A personal lamp-planetarium, which will create the illusion of a starry sky right in the room, will be enveloped in the magic of space with quiet music.

39. Clothes

Update your son’s wardrobe by purchasing a couple of expensive, branded items. It is essential to know his tastes well so as not to miss and choose something really suitable. Otherwise, your thing risks falling into the closet.

40. Leather Bag

For a guy dreaming of a successful career or his own business, choose a symbolic symbol – a gilded pen in a case manufactured by a well-known company, for example, Parker. A real leather briefcase, an invariable attribute of a confident office worker, will also please him.

How to Choose Birthday Gift for 18-year-old Son?

Very simple! Focusing on his lifestyle, character, habits, and preferences.


As we know, learning at this age is the most important thing. Therefore, something related to the profile subject is sure to work. But it is not necessary to build on the faculty at which your son is studying. Maybe he wanted to learn something else, such as playing a musical instrument. Or sign up for some language courses, or take driving lessons.

Hobbies Related Gift

How does your son use his free time? Does the sports section? Does he like to read books? Maybe something collects? Does he like music? What TV shows are you watching? Knowing a person’s interests opens up an unlimited range of gifts. And you probably know a lot about the hobbies of your son.

Image and style

Most likely, you know the size of your son’s clothes, as well as the accessories that he wears. Does he like to wear various bracelets and chains, watches, probably you also know this?

Just don’t give clothes and accessories if you know that there is a gap between your views on the style and you won’t be able to guess exactly what he will like. You don’t want the thing that you donated to you to never get out of the closet.

To Relax

If the birthday boy loves to relax with friends, you can safely give him accessories such as a tent, a folding table with chairs, a cooler bag, or a barbecue set.

If he prefers outdoor activities, then new skis, a snowboard, a soccer ball, or other sports equipment, depending on his hobbies. And someone just, for example, goes to the cinema. By the way, about this in the next paragraph.

What You Should Not Give to 18 years old son?

Parents do not always understand what their child really needs. Especially an adult. Here are some examples of not-so-good gifts.

  • Gift vouchers: Not everyone likes to use gift certificates. The certificate may expire, the store may not be in demand by your child, and not everyone is psychologically comfortable paying a gift certificate. Better give money, it will be a more flexible option, besides not tied to a particular store.
  • Underwear and personal care products: Maybe this is a suitable gift for holidays such as Defender of the Fatherland Day or New Year’s, but not for a birthday, especially when your son turns 18. A logical question arises: do you even love your son? Believe me, with such a gift, he will also have this question. Of course, if he hates good gifts, then another thing.
  • Video greetings, photo albums, etc: Getting a similar gift from friends will be exciting, fun, relaxed. From parents – boring. Well, how can you surprise him in video greetings? Parting words? Wishes of good and happiness? A song performed by all relatives? Perhaps this is the last thing a teenager needs at age 18 although the song can be funny.
  • Photo mugs, T-shirts with photos, etc: To give his son such a frivolous gift for adulthood is a very bad idea. We are sure that he expects something more expensive and solid from you. If you want a gift to be personalized, if there are a lot of more successful options: lamps, bathrobes, power banks, etc. These things have at least some more or less practical severe function.
  • Parachute jump: Imagine that your child is not yet ready for such an extreme. But the father, who served in the Airborne Forces, insists that the boy became a man, we must jump. Parents gave a certificate for the jump, but the son did not use it. And now he will have a feeling that he did not live up to the expectations of his parents. Although the fact that he did not dare to use the gift does not mean anything.

And if you know your son like the back of your hand, make friends, communicate like real best friends, well, we envy you and wish that your relationship would be preserved throughout your life.


However, you turned to this article, which means that the problem of choosing the best gift did arise. In this case, we really hope that we helped you solve it. Loving, caring and responsible parents can always guess with a gift for adulthood for their son, because who, like them, knows the birthday man better than anyone else.