Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter of 2022

What to give your daughter as her birthday gift: Give something best birthday gift for a daughter to the little ones in the house, and sometimes they are usually complicated because there are many items on the market, sometimes they want something unique and special. That is why we give you the best birthday gift for your daughter’s birthday. That will facilitate the choice according to their personality and according to their age. You will find something you will love!  

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter of 2022

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What to Give a Daughter for a Birthday?

Every mother wants only the best birthday gift for a daughter. This is especially true for birthday gifts because you want to present not only a pleasure but also a useful thing. How to combine these two characteristics and choose the right gift for your daughter? In our article, you will find tips on choosing gifts for a little girl and an adult girl, as well as learn how to make a presentation in an original way.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter

Any little girl on her birthday expects a special surprise from her mother. In order for the selected best birthday gift for a daughter to meet the expectations of the daughter, you will have to make a small amount of imagination and effort. And our rating will help you.


It’s no secret that all young children love toys. Traditionally, dolls are girls’ favorite toys. If your baby is crazy about Barbie dolls, loves to change clothes and comb them, then your choice is obvious. In addition, today, on the market, there is a huge variety of other, more modern, and popular dolls – for example, the LOL doll.

By presenting such a present on your child’s birthday, you will make a huge impression on her and will delight insanely. Another option is an interactive doll in the form of a baby. Usually, such babies can cry, talk, and ask for food. In addition to any of the dolls, you can buy a stroller or a set of clothes. Believe me, and Your child will not part with such a toy for a long time.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter

However, as they say, not single dolls, all people are different, and especially all children are different. Therefore, not all girls love dolls. So, some of them prefer more neutral toys, for example, teddy bears, while others spend all their time playing with cars or trains.


A pink princess dress or a perky cowboy costume is a great birthday present. Together with the subject of the wardrobe, you can create a colorful fairy tale story by inviting animators.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter

If you decide to buy casual clothes (a sweater, jacket, or jeans), then give preference to interesting and unusual models with the image of your daughter’s favorite fairy-tale or cartoon characters.

Baby Cosmetics

Surely every adult woman who has already become a mother remembers those distant and carefree times when she dressed in her mother’s outfits, slipped on shoes that weren’t the size of her, and painted with her mother’s makeup. This is a favorite pastime for many little girls.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter

You can buy both individual items and entire sets. There are also gift sets, which usually include nail polishes, perfumes, and lip glosses.

Best Birthday Gift for a DaughterWe assure you that any little princess will be extremely pleased with such a present, and will brag to her girlfriends for a long time to come.

Creator’s Kit

If your baby has a tendency to creativity and creativity since childhood, then you should not limit her to such impulses. On the contrary, cheer should be encouraged. For example, if your daughter loves to draw, then present her a set with paints, pencils, and felt-tip pens, as well as an album for drawing. For younger children, coloring can be an alternative.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter

If your daughter attends a dance club, then buy her new pointe shoes or a leotard for dancing, and if she likes to sing, give her a personal microphone decorated with rhinestones and sparkles. Thus, your child will understand that She is loved and supported, and therefore will not be afraid of new beginnings.

Mobile Phone

In the event that your daughter has already reached school age, then a mobile phone will be an excellent gift for her. In addition, such a device will be useful for you, because now you can always keep in touch with the child. This is especially true if you are a working mom.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter

However, when buying a smartphone, give preference to simpler models and do not buy expensive phones that meet all the latest trends. The phone will likely be lost or broken. And also, with age, your daughter will want to have a more popular and new model.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter Who is Adult

Even if your daughter has already crossed the threshold of childhood and entered into independent adult life, you will continue to consider her a child for a long time. However, birthday presents must change.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter

Therefore, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our selection of exciting and useful gifts that can be presented on the birthday of an adult daughter.


Cooking is an integral part of any woman’s life. In this regard, a huge number of girls spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter

So, a food processor, a new oven or a mixer can become an original option. Such items will become real helpers for your daughter and save her a lot of time, which she can now devote to rest, her hobby, or socializing with loved ones.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter


A book is a present that is always appropriate. But let the book you select correspond to your daughter’s hobbies. Another option is a selection of works by a beloved author.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter

If you have a larger budget, then an e-book present is a great idea. Thus, your daughter will be able to download any works of interest to her independently. In addition, an e-book is an opportunity to save nature without using a large amount of paper.

For Home

If your daughter has already acquired her own family and lives separately, then it is worth considering a gift that will help create coziness and comfort in her new home.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter

It should be noted that this category of gifts is quite wide: it can include both cute figurines and souvenirs, as well as home textiles (for example, a plaid). One way or another, when choosing, start from the individual preferences of your child.

For Beauty

Cosmetic and hygiene kits for beauty are what every woman will be glad of, regardless of age. Lipsticks, mascaras, eye shadow, and eyeliner are great birthday presentations.

Birthday Gift for a Daughter

If your child does not use a large number of decorative cosmetics, then give preference to care products: creams, masks, oils.


This group of products belongs to more expensive gifts. However, remember that your beloved daughter does not have to give diamond necklaces or gold rings. If you want to present jewelry, however, do not have a large budget, you can choose a small silver ring or pendant.

Birthday Gift for a Daughter

Depending on the nature and personal tastes of your child, you can choose a feminine decoration in the form of a flower, butterfly, or heart. On the other hand, it is allowed to give preference to neutral oval, round, or rectangular shapes.

Birthday Gift for a Daughter

Another great option is a pendant made in the form of the first letter of the daughter’s name. And if a girl is fond of astrology, then you can choose the symbol of her zodiac sign.

Original DIY Birthday Gift for a Daughter

As you know, the most valuable, pleasant, and dear to the heart gifts are not those items that were bought in the store, but those things that were made by one’s own hands. That is why you should think about a gift that you can make yourself (especially if you have creative abilities).

Birthday Gift for a Daughter

So, if you can sew or knit, you can make your daughter a present in the form of a wardrobe item. Moreover, this thing does not have to be voluminous and solemn. Even socks or a scarf tied with your hands will do. The main thing about such a best birthday gift for a daughter is the love that you have invested in it. Your daughter will be sincerely grateful to such a present, because She will warm her not only physically, but also sincerely, even during the coldest winter cold.

How to Issue?

For her, you will need a new clean photo album as a basis, as well as photos of your daughter. Arrange the photographs in chronological order, let the captured frames reflect the most important stories in her life: the first step, going to first grade, graduation, etc.

Birthday Gift for a Daughter

Also, under each photograph, you can write a story or quote a quote that matches the meaning. If desired, such an album can be decorated with various decorative elements: ribbons, bows, beads. You can also use scrapbooking techniques.

Best Birthday Gift for a Daughter By Age

Choosing the best birthday gift for a daughter for 2-3 years or 4-5 years, many parents are confident that they clearly know the needs of their child and are not lost in the choice, because they spend with the baby all the time and are aware of her preferences.

However, it may turn out that the girl did not have this or that toy before, and she simply could not express interest in this subject.

What to Give a Daughter for 3, 4, 5, 6 Years

At this age, the girl begins to know the world meaningfully. She already knows what she likes and can tell about her preferences.

Girls 3-6 years old are better at giving gifts for games, creativity, as well as developing toys or practical things.

  • A developing rug with hanging toys (it is better if they are bright and make any sounds – rattling, ringing, rustling, etc.);
  • Large soft cubes;
  • Finger paint;
  • Kinetic sand;
  • Musical nightlight projector of the starry sky;
  • Bathing toys in the form of ducks, starfish, fish, fur seals, etc .;
  • Rubber jumper in the form of a donkey, deer, horses, etc .;
  • Run bike (bicycle or car, respectively, which are set in motion when the child is pushed off the ground with his legs);
  • Development center;
  • Children’s musical instrument;
  • Gold earrings or a pendant in memory of parents for life.

Teddy Bear 3d: Modern and Perfect for the Dark

Sometimes girls fear the dark. This is a great alternative to relax with a fun 3D Teddy Bear in 7 colors. It may be red, pink, blue, green, yellow, white, violet, or cyan. It can be placed on a bedside table connected via USB cable or double AA batteries.

Birthday Gift for a Daughter

They should not touch the acrylic panel, and this could affect the effect of 3D as a whole. It can be taken anywhere since it weighs little more, which has a remote control for its use. The 3D bear is the 10 product of best-selling lamps and lights on Amazon.

Mermaid Tail: a Blanket With a Unique Design

If the girl you are going to give her something loves the Little Mermaid movie and the aquatic world, this is the gift that will leave her speechless and that she will not stop using. It is a blanket in the form of a mermaid’s tail, and there are different colors, so it is undoubtedly your daughter’s favorite color.

Birthday Gift for a Daughter

The material with which it is made is elastic, so it adapts very well, regardless of the complexion and no matter what the weather is because it will be fresh or very cozy. It has satisfaction stars. 

Birthday Girl Set: Delicious Smell of Birthday Cake

The birthday girl loves sweet aromas, and this beauty set includes a shower gel, which also serves as a shampoo and for a bubble bath and lip gloss, all with a delicious vanilla smell.

Birthday Gift for a Daughter

The products are made carefully, without chemical attachments, perfect for girls’ skin. Customers who bought it have given it five stars, although it can be a bit expensive.

Magic Case: Just Touching It Will Change Color

One of the most popular pillows of social networks, because it has reversible sequins, and just touching any part will become another color. They can even draw a picture or make any scribble. There are 26 colors, so it will be difficult to choose the perfect one.

Birthday Gift for a Daughter

Remember that it is only the case, so you must buy the filling in a store or store, in addition, be careful with the closure since it is usually very delicate. Its price is quite accessible.

Water Bottles: Imagine, Create and Design

To avoid the use of plastic bottles and take care of the environment, giving away a BPA- free aluminum bottle is certainly a lovely option. The package includes special markers of different colors and stickers to adapt them to the design that your little one has created.

The bottle can be a capacity for 16.9 ounces and is only suitable for handwashing. And the product for toys and games, and best-selling craft products on Amazon.

HD Camera: high-resolution video memories

The party loves to record and remember the best moments with her friends, vacations, or even make a mini-movie, you must give away an HD camera. Take pictures and videos in 1080p with a capacity of 32gb, it has a screen to see what they have recorded and it is best to immerse it in the water.

Memory is not included, but there are already large capacity economic versions. And they must let the camera fully charged before being used for the first time. The Drogace HD Camera is one of the best-selling cameras for your daughter on Amazon.

Art kit: the best tools to unleash your creativity

A case with 69 materials to draw and create beautiful drawings or paintings is can the best birthday gift for a daughter. Having long-lasting markers, 12 colored pencils, 16 oil pastels, 24 watercolor paints, 2 pencils, a pencil sharpener, and a brush. All in a practical pink metal case, which will be used to store accessories, toys, or clothes.

It is the best birthday gift for a daughter over 5-years-old for the small pieces it contains. The price is quite accessible to the number of products you have.

Bluetooth Headphones: in the Form of Cat Ears With a Very Flirty Touch

Hearing aids are almost a necessary accessory. The Bluetooth headsets are trending because it forgets the wires and can take them anywhere, no matter run, hop or play.

Although it does not have a case, it comes with a box to store them when they are not used, and it is best that they can be folded. If they already have a cell phone, it will serve as hands-free. It has an average of good ratings, a good rating for Bluetooth headphones.

Pink Microphone: Ready for Fun Karaoke Nights

Are you going to organize a sleepover to celebrate your birthday? A karaoke microphone is a fun gift for a night full of good times. It is a wireless microphone, which lasts 4 to 5 hours of battery, and you can contact YouTube or Spotify for the Bluetooth connection you have, so it will be easier to sing any song.  

It has buttons to control the volume, echo, and sound reverberations. The microphone is the best selling toy for karaoke machines on Amazon.

Bag With Makeup: Because Makeup is Also a Girl Thing

Does the birthday girl take your mom’s makeup or is very anxious about putting on makeup? The makeup bag offers shadows, lipsticks, blushes, enamels, and compact false mirrors. Although it has color, these do not provide a real color like the makeup of the stores, so play with this makeup will be ideal for your age.

The bag with the makeup is only an experience for girls who feel what it is to put on makeup even if it is not real. It may be a little cost to be fake makeup, but 88% of shoppers are happy.

Jewelry Kit: to Make Lovely Designs

It is a huge kit because it has pieces to make necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. The charm of this kit is that it has charms, donuts, candies, ice cream, and more. The best thing is that the little girl will be able to draw all the charms, the color she likes best.

It has all the accessories to be able to do the accessories well, even a cake-shaped base to place your creations. A gift to spend hours of fun that you will never get tired of. It has more than satisfied buyers.

Chalk Dye: Change Color Without Damaging Hair

Because girls love beauty issues, this chalk dye is an excellent alternative for having fun experiencing new looks. They are very easy to use. You only need to brush your hair well, take a lock, apply the color chalk, dry with the dryer, and, that’s it!

This case has different colors, which can even be applied to the face, easily removed with water, and last some applications. Its price is very accessible and is the product of hair chalks at Amazon.

Gloves of Lights: Mysterious and Fascinating

Does the party like to ride a bicycle, or do you like to protect your hands from the cold? These gloves will enchant you. They are gloves of lights with colors and many, modes. The fingers are the only ones that will change color. With a button, you can control whether you want them on or off.

The gloves are made of cotton and include additional batteries. The size is one size, so that it will adapt very well to the hand of the child. Light gloves are the best selling on Amazon. 

Shining Star: Soft, Delicate and Shines in the Dark

A bright star of very soft plush so that a girl can sleep in it every night. Use double-A batteries, which are not included. It has an on and off button. After 30 minutes, the star will turn off so as not to drain the battery.

There are different colors to choose from and change the batteries carefully so that you do not have problems turning them on again. The product is on best-selling plush pillows on Amazon.

Beauty Tent: Tender and Feminine to Get Ready

This beauty tent is a space for you to dress and comb. It has a mirror, very tender curtains, and a door to give more space to your space. It can be easily stored and carried. You just have to turn, fold, and go. You can put it in the closet or under the bed.

It is recommended for girls under 7 years by the measures of the beauty tent because it is 36 x 36 x 40 inches. It has more than 900 sales, and most of the buyers gave it five stars.

Game House for the Girl

Game house – a tent that can be installed at home or in the fresh air. An ideal gift for a girl who knows how to crawl or walks confidently – such a house will appeal to both kids and preschool children.

You can choose folding or inflatable options, as well as homes with a slide or tunnel for climbing. When choosing the best birthday gift for a daughter, focus on the size of the item – the older the child, the more spacious the room should be.

Educational computer or tablet

With such a best birthday gift for a daughter, you can not only have a great time but also acquire a lot of new knowledge.

Educational computers and tablets for children are equipped with various functions with which you can study letters and words, numbers, and figures in a playful way, as well as listen to tunes and play the piano. An inquisitive girl will definitely like such a gift – it will help to prepare for school or simply expand the horizons of the baby.

Bath Set for a Good Mood

Does your girl just love to take a bath or shower? For a birthday, a daughter from 3 to 6 years old can be presented with a beautiful bath set.

With a soft bathrobe with a hood and terry slippers, any water treatment will become even more comfortable. You can also pick up a soft towel for such a gift, and on the bathrobe itself, you can embroider the original picture or put the name of the daughter on it.

What Can I Give My Daughter a Birthday for 7, 8, 9 Years

Girls 7-9 years old already go to elementary school, dolls and toys are gradually fading into the background; new hobbies appear. A gift should correspond to these hobbies, as well as arouse interest in exploring the surrounding world.

When deciding what to give to a daughter for her birthday, if her age is from about 6 to 10 years, it should be remembered that we are talking about a completely socialized person. During this period, the child already attends kindergarten or even primary school, so his tastes and opinion largely depend on fashion and environment.

  • Children’s developmental computer or tablet;
  • A doll complete with various accessories to it in the form of a house, a vehicle, an outfit, and other things;
  • Mini-machine for making cotton candy or popcorn;
  • Tablet for drawing with water or sand;
  • A small dressing table with children’s cosmetics;
  • A set for weaving bracelets from elastic bands, beads or beads;
  • Rollers or skates;
  • Bike;
  • T-shirt with an interesting print, for example, with the inscription “This is how the best daughter in the world looks like!”;
  • Ant farm or aquafarm;
  • Wigwam;
  • Dance mat;
  • Tube for skiing with slides or snowball.

Stylish Kids Watches

Do you want your girl to keep up with the times and always know what time it is? Give her a children’s watch.

You can choose an option with beautiful flowers, hearts, favorite cartoon characters, or other bright drawings, or you can buy solid models or make a personal engraving – it all depends on your imagination. Other ideas for giving your daughter a birthday for 7-9 years: a wall clock, a cartoon alarm clock, or a beautiful LED night light.

Engraved Original Backpack

A backpack for school or walks is a beautiful best birthday gift for a daughter. It can be diversified with a beautiful inscribed engraving or drawing.

You can also fill the gift with stationery – a diary on a lock, multi-colored markers, a set of helium pens with sparkles, or paints. If your daughter already has a backpack, you can give a children’s suitcase with travel wheels, a small bag, or a spacious bag for things.

Fashionable Rollers, Bike or Scooter

You can instill in your daughter a love of sport and an active lifestyle with the help of rollers, a bicycle or a scooter.

Having received such a gift, the girl will spend less time on gadgets, and any walk will turn into a real adventure, especially if you ride with your parents or friends.

You can choose a thing of your daughter’s favorite color – shops offer a wide range of rollers, bicycles, or scooters of any color and size.

In addition, watch the video with gifts for the girl:

What is Better to Give a Daughter for 10 Years

At this age, girls try to combine study with sections, circles, and various hobbies. Girls begin to search for themselves. They are interested not only in games but also in sports, creativity, and everything that happens around.

A book is the best gift. You can give books for your daughter’s 10th birthday, which for a long time remains the most favorite children’s works – we read them, our children and grandchildren will read them. Gift Ideas:

Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, and Wendy, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and many other books. 

Reading develops attention and imagination. With such a best birthday gift for a daughter, the child will plunge into a beautiful fairy-tale world and will definitely not be bored.


Did your daughter want to have a little pet for a long time? It’s time to fulfill this dream. The little animal will teach the girl to take care of others and develop a sense of responsibility in her that needs to be trained from an early age. You can buy a kitten or puppy, and if there is definitely not enough time to look after these animals, hamsters, guinea pigs, canaries, or even aquarium fish will come to the rescue.

Mat for incendiary dances

Many active girls love dancing. Spending time with benefit and fun, getting a physical load instead of the same type of sitting at a computer will help a children’s mat for dancing.

It can be connected to a TV or laptop, and in the kit, it is often accompanied by a special disk, on which there are many different songs and tunes. The best birthday gift for a daughter is useful at children’s parties, gatherings with friends, and just as a daily workout.

Unique Gifts for 11, 12, 13, 14 Years Old Daughter

A girl of 11-14 years old is no longer a child but not yet an adult girl. At this age, girls begin to become interested in cosmetics, the dream of modern smartphones, computers, and tablets and also communicate a lot with friends.

Modern Gadget

Children quickly grow up, and gadgets appear in almost all children and adolescents. You can give such a “toy” to a daughter aged 11-14 years. A modern mobile phone is not only a means of communication. It can come in handy at school. You can download various applications for training foreign languages, creativity, and training to your smartphone. If desired, you can use the parental control function to filter content that is posted on the Internet.

Gift for Beauty: Children’s Cosmetics

At the age of 11, 12, 13, and 14 years, girls learn to care for themselves. Please your daughter by giving her a set of decorative cosmetics made from natural ingredients that are safe for the skin of a child — a palette of shadows in a beautiful box on a lock or in a chest with a mirror.

A set of crayons for hair or sparkling sparkles – choose what you and your daughter will like. Alternatively, you can buy other beauty products – a hair straightener, a small hairdryer, or a set for a manicure.

Boardgame for Fun Companies

Useful qualities that will be useful in life, such as attentiveness, quick wit, and imaginative thinking, develop during games in the “tables.”

You can present games such as Imaginarium, Elias, Ekivoki, Tick Tak Boom, Danetka, and many other educational, intellectual games or games for fun companies. Another gift idea: you can buy a large picture of puzzles and assemble it with your daughter.

Good Gift Ideas for 14-17 Years Old Girl

For girls from 14 to 17 years old, it is remarkable how they look, what impression they make on others. Entering adolescence, girls devote more time to themselves, prepare for adulthood, and try to find their place in society.

Gold or Silver Jewelry

You can give a teenage daughter a beautiful piece of jewelry – gold or silver (depending on the girl’s preferences) earrings, a stylish ring, a pendant with a pendant or a bracelet. In this case, the daughter will appreciate your attention.

If a girl does not like jewelry, you can pay attention to jewelry and choose stylish youth bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Tickets for the Concert of Your Favorite Band

Many teenage girls have favorite bands or performers, often they dream of getting to their concert. Surprise your daughter by giving her such an opportunity. It’s best to give two tickets so that the girl can take her friend with her. If you don’t know which concert your daughter wants to go to most or her favorite musical band has not yet announced a performance, you can give a certificate that she can spend at any time. Such services are provided, for example.

Fragrant Perfume

Many teenage girls show an increased interest in perfumes. They begin to understand the aromas, discussing new products with friends. Please, your daughter with new perfumes from a good perfume store.

Going for a gift, take a young fashionista with you – it will be a shame if you do not guess with the scent.

Best Birthday Gifts for Teenage Daughters

Alternatively, you can give your daughter for 14-17 years a certificate of her favorite perfume boutique. Then she will pick up perfumes on her own.

Modern Smartphones and Accessories for It

Any girl over 10-years-old will be happy with a cool phone because, for the younger generation, this is an indispensable attribute of a successful person and the opportunity to join any company.

At the same time, it is not at all necessary to buy an expensive model, because a gift is intended for a child – just find a device equipped with a camera with decent characteristics and having Internet access. If the birthday girl already has such a gadget, you should pay attention to the accessories for it – luminous headphones, a case with a photo of the hero of the occasion, a wireless keyboard, etc .;

Sneakers With a Luminous Sole

The presented wardrobe item itself has gained immense popularity lately, and models with a luminous sole have become real favorites among young people.

The glow effect is created using the built-in LED strip on the sides of the sole, and a special button allows you to change the color and flashing frequency of the backlight;


What to give a daughter on her birthday for 11, 12, 13, or 14 years? Teenagers love everything modern and high-tech.

One of these devices is the so-called smartwatch, which allows you to track incoming calls, SMS messages, and (in the case of some models) even answer them, control physical activity, have access to GPS navigation, listen to music, and much more. Now you can not worry that the daughter will not answer your call due to the fact that she will forget or not hear the phone somewhere – the bracelet on her hand will not let her miss the call;

Electronic Piggy Bank

When deciding what to give their daughter the best birthday gift for a daughter on a birthday as a teenager. Many parents opt for an envelope with money. Believing that their child is already old enough to dispose of it on their own.

Often, birthday girls prefer not to spend the entire amount immediately after the holiday, but they save for a long time to buy something expensive. Naturally, the piggy bank is the best place to store money, but for modern children, even a piggy bank should be unusual. Today you can find many options for electronic piggy banks in the form of ATMs, cash registers, soccer balls, etc., independently counting the withdrawn and deposited funds. Such a device will not only stimulate the birthday girl to further savings but also accustom the child to financial literacy;

Gifts for Young Researchers Daughter

Microscope, telescope, set for conducting scientific experiments, home planetarium, etc. It is possible to instill in a girl interest in understanding the world not only in boring lessons at school but also with the help of such fascinating activities. During them, the child will be able to learn a lot of new things and, at the same time, have fun, thanks to which such a pastime will never be bored and will become a favorite for the hero of the occasion for many years;

3D Pen

The device allows you to draw directly in the air and create three-dimensional images. Now your daughter will be able to express her imagination not only through drawings on paper.

But also through voluminous figures that can take the place of honor of your favorite souvenirs on the shelves of your house.

Gift Impression

A trip to an amusement park with friends, a photo session with a professional photographer, tickets for a concert of your favorite band or artist, etc. The opportunity to have fun is an ideal present for a teenager, so that it will be appreciated. These emotions will remain in your memory for a lifetime, and after many years your daughter will remember them, not material gifts, no matter how expensive they may be.

What to Give an Adult Daughter a Birthday

Even if your daughter has already grown up, she is older than 15, 16, 17 years old, she graduated from high school, studies at a university. And maybe she has managed to get married and live separately. She will remain for you that little girl who awaits with awe birthday presents from mom and dad. Your task is to show the girl your love and care. Therefore, successful decisions will be:

A Post With a Photo Collage of Your Collaborative Photos

This incredibly cute present for 19-25 years will surely find its place on the wall or shelf of the birthday girl’s home and will remind her of her family every day;

Runaway or Flying Away Alarm Clock

If a girl has difficulty with morning rises, help her cope with drowsiness in such an original way.

The fact is that to turn off the sound signal on the alarm clock, you must first catch it while it will leave or fly away from its owner. Such an awakening will give the birthday girl a charge of vivacity for the whole day and will definitely not allow you to oversleep for work or study.

The Original Flash Drive

For example, in the form of a nesting doll, lipstick, ice cream, a cartoon character, etc.

This important accessory is sure to come in handy while studying at a university or at work, so you don’t even have to argue about its necessity, and its original appearance will not let it get lost;

Lunch Box With Food Heating Function

An adult daughter who follows a figure and prefers healthy homemade food, such a present, will definitely be to her taste.

And in conditions of employment at work or school, it is not always possible to warm up food, while lunch box can easily solve this problem;

Certificate for a Beauty Salon or Massage

Puzzling over what to give your daughter for her birthday, choose a win-win option – the opportunity to relax and pamper your body.

Such procedures will cheer up the hero of the occasion and have a positive effect on her appearance and health;

A Visit to a Master Class Related to a Girl’s Hobby

The subjects of the lesson can be very diverse dancing, pottery, cooking, photography, etc. For any hobby, there is a master’s class.

How to Choose What to Give Your Daughter for Her Birthday

You can buy a suitable present for your daughter, which will meet her expectations and cause genuine delight, by following our recommendations:

  • If the answer to the question “what can I give my daughter for her birthday?” Flatly refuses to come to mind, ask the future birthday girl directly about her wishes;
  • If you still want to surprise your daughter, try to find out her preferences in other ways. For example, you can unobtrusively ask a girl about her dreams or watch her reaction to certain things in stores, on the TV screen. In addition, you can turn to her best friends for help, who, due to their age, are “on the same wavelength” with your daughter and will be able to suggest a good idea;
  • Do not be afraid to give money, especially when it comes to a teenage girl or an adult girl the hero of the occasion is unlikely to be upset.
  • On the contrary, she will quickly find where to spend it. If the money present still seems doubtful to you, buy a certificate of purchase in a store that, in your opinion, will be to the taste of the birthday girl;
  • When choosing a gift for a teenager, forget about your own preferences. It’s far from the fact that your tastes coincide with the wishes of your daughter, given that, firstly, you are from different generations, and secondly, the opinion of teenagers rarely meets generally accepted standards;
  • No matter how old the girl turns, add your gift with flowers – this gesture will be pleasant for a birthday girl of any age.

What is Better Not to Give Your Daughter a Birthday

Avoiding disappointment in the eyes of your own daughter on her birthday will help rejection of the following categories of gifts:

  • Things that are needed, but not wanted (for example, a high-quality winter jacket is a thing that is undoubtedly necessary and expensive, but it won’t create a holiday feeling for a child, because you would buy it anyway, regardless of your birthday);
  • A pet, if it comes to a little girl (the baby simply will not understand all the responsibilities and will forget about his responsibilities for caring for the pet, which will put all the chores on the shoulders of the parents);
  • Heavily outdated gadgets (it is better to opt for another gift, since children, as a rule, understand the technique no worse than us and immediately notice a catch);
  • Items of poor quality or unsafe for the child (with sharp or excessively small details, leaving traces of paint on their hands, exuding a strong chemical odor or simply intended for use by older children);
  • Things for growth (small birthday people are able to appreciate only what can be used here and now, otherwise they lose interest in the gift).


In the troubles associated with the present for your beloved daughter, do not forget that Birthday is, first of all, another reason to spend time with your child and show her your love and care. It is much more important how you will behave that day, whether you can create a holiday atmosphere around the birthday girl and what parting words you will give her next year, and the gift will be a pleasant culmination of this important day.