6 Surprise Birthday Party Ideas at School of 2022

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas at School: With the school calendar in hand, you will surely have control over which day the children’s birthday falls in the next school year. Whether it is on the weekend or (and above all) Surprise Birthday Party Ideas at School, chances are they want to celebrate it with their ‘cole’ friends.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas at School

Depending on the age of the children, and the rules of the school, we can celebrate the children’s birthday in the classroom in different ways. For example, it never hurts to ask in a meeting with the teachers if they have any type of regulation regarding birthdays.

6 Surprise Birthday Party Ideas at School of 2022

Depending on these factors, we can find that in the ‘cole’ (or in the kindergarten, or nursery school, where ‘birthday’ is usually given much more important than the older children), they celebrate all the birthdays of, for example, the month of October, the last Friday of the month.

Or that, on the contrary, they are held weekly. In other cases, the birthday can be celebrated the same day as the ‘birthday’ of the child. Collective birthdays are a frequent tradition precisely because not all children turn years during the school year: some do it at Christmas, Easter, or summer, in addition to weekends. If this is your case and the ‘school’ does not have a defined protocol in terms of birthdays.

You can try to bring this matter to the attention of the teachers, to perhaps propose a joint quarterly celebration that allows all the children in the class to celebrate your day with your friends.

Similarly, many times the school already has these celebrations designed so that they are uniform and some children do not feel less than others.

It is normal for the school itself to make the ‘little ones’ feel special in their day, for example, with a birthday crown, leaving them to sit in the front row, or organizing common activities where the rest of the classmates do something.

For the birthday boy or girl in question (a story, a book, a song). These kinds of regulations are also usually strict when it comes to food, and some schools are strictly prohibited from bringing a birthday cake or treats to class.

The reasons: on the one hand, to prevent children from eating an excess of foods high in fat and sugar, which are precisely what we usually associate with children’s ‘birthdays,’ such as baubles, chips or biscuits.

On the other, food allergies and intolerances, which can be many and very varied in a class with many children, and which can range from lactose intolerance to celiac disease (gluten intolerance), allergy to eggs or nuts.

All of the ingredients that usually appear in many cakes and birthday cakes. Although the ‘teachers’ are aware of these allergies, it is always important to ensure that children who suffer from them do not feel excluded from activities with their peers, and hence the importance of knowing what our children’s classmates can eat.

If the ‘school’ allows it, here are some Surprise Birthday Party Ideas at School:

1. Think Allergies First

The vast majority of children at an early age celebrate birthdays in class at lunchtime, replacing the one they usually bring from home with the one prepared or purchased by the birthday boy’s parents.

When there are food allergies in a class, the most common thing is that all parents know about them from the first moment, to avoid sending a ‘dangerous’ snack in your children’s backpack.

In some cases, the reactions can be very strong and occur only by inhalation or contact, without the child having to eat anything, being able to expose themselves to cross-contamination, or simply to touch toys or other children. It may also be the case that children pass food without the teacher noticing.

Remember that it is more important that no child feels excluded when peers celebrate a birthday without him, and this applies especially to birthdays, which are special days for all children.

2. Remind the teachers

Remind the teachers what day you plan to bring food to school so that the rest of the parents are informed and decide what snack to include in the ‘little ones‘ backpack.

If, for example, you are going to send juices (better a homemade lemonade than industrial juices) and a sponge cake, some parents may want to indulge their children’s lunch with a piece of fruit or dairy.

3. Lunches

Lunches should always be as healthy as possible, for example, with a homemade sponge cake rather than an industrial one (the sponge cake can be kept at room temperature. Hence its popularity), unless the indication of the school is the opposite, precisely because of the allergy issue.

Industrial pastries are not the healthiest, but in the case of gluten intolerance, for example, they usually carry precise labelling of all the ingredients for the cake.

4. Sweets

The ‘sweets’ it is better to avoid them, especially if the children’s birthdays are not celebrated all in one go (once a month, or once a quarter), to avoid that every week there are ‘little ones’ bringing goodies to school.

Baubles are empty calories that do not provide nutrients, only sugars that are later metabolized into fats, and also attack children’s teeth, especially if they do not take the toothbrush to class. Some Surprise Birthday Party Ideas at School to reduce sugar consumption without giving up sweets: replace the individual bags with a pinata.

With a much smaller number of candies per child or with small bags, they should be closed so that the children do not open them in class, but rather the parents decide how to administer them. You can also substitute ‘sweets’ for other, much healthier, color alternatives, such as sachets of cherries, fruit jelly, popcorn, or small ham and cheese sandwiches.

5. What if Instead of ‘Sweets’ and Biscuits

What if instead of ‘sweets’ and biscuits, we bring the children things that are not to eat? For example, bubbles to make soap bubbles in the ‘cole’ patio, coloured balloons, or a pinata with small toys or temporary tattoos and stickers instead of candy.

6. Candles

Don’t forget to bring birthday candles and matches if you want the ‘little one’ to blow out the candles in class! Even if they are stuck on a simple cupcake or a sandwich.

Advantages of Celebrating Birthday With Your Classmates

Is your child’s birthday approaching, and you don’t know what to do? Quietly we tell you all the advantages of celebrating your child’s birthday with the rest of the class, read carefully.

Celebrating our children’s birthday is something that we prepare for and by them. It is about organizing a moment in which our children feel special, a moment for them, in which they feel loved and important.

1. You Can Invite All the Children in the Class

Excluding a school-age child is very hard on both the child and the parents. This type of birthday is designed so that each and every child who goes to the same class can attend the birthday party.

Also, at these early ages, your child’s friend can stop being a friend in a couple of days, and vice versa, so it is best to be cordial to all parents and children, and invite everyone without exception.

2. All Children Are Integrated Into the Same Group

School celebrations foster children’s social relationships in a different environment from school. It is also an excellent way to integrate newly arrived children to school, and those who have sociability problems in class so that everyone feels that they are part of the same group.

Our society is heterogeneous, and we must instill in children essential values ​​such as respect, solidarity, and equality for them. And this is the perfect time not to exclude anyone.

3. The Gift is Moderate and Not an Exaggeration

The mothers of the class agree on a maximum price of the gift in advance, since the gift itself is not the objective but the celebration. Each family buys their child a small gift that is given on the day of the celebration by all the little friends.

In addition to the guaranteed success because each mother and father know their child. The child learns the value of the gift delivered, and thus the celebration does not become something like the Kings.

This type of celebration allows the child to feel important, and also loved, providing a healthy dose of self-esteem. But not something exaggerated since the other children who celebrate the birthday are also protagonists and receive their corresponding gifts.

4. Birthday is Not an Excessive Expense for Parents

Another important issue is the total price of the birthday. If it is held individually, the price can be totally exorbitant, on the other hand, if it is done jointly with more colleagues, the cost is shared, and it can even be cheap in terms of quality and price.

5. Birthdays Can Be Thematic

This type of birthday, which is usually held in rooms intended for them, has a great team of monitors who set and decorate the place, in addition to dressing up both themselves and the children who are there.

Thus, if all the children who are going to celebrate the birthday agree, there may be a common theme and that the birthday revolves around that theme, such as pirates, cowboys, animals.

6. The Birthday Boy’s House Does Not Suffer

It is simply a matter of logistics, and it would be totally impossible to invite more than twenty children to play at home and snack. Where would you put them? There is not enough space in a common home, and even if you got the challenge, can you imagine how the house would be the next day?

7. Children Have a Quiet Snack and Their Parents Too

Normally, the monitors who work there are in charge of serving the snack to all the children and ensuring that everyone takes it.

In advance, the mothers of the birthday boys have decided on the menu to choose between three or four options, which is not usually very balanced, but well one day is one day.

Also, parents can have a snack, and socialize with more parents in a relaxed time, with the assurance that their children are well cared for by the monitors.

8. It is a Relief for the Birthday Boy’s Mother

The mothers of the birthday boys would go through a lot of stress if they had to organize snacks, gifts, costumes, decorations they would have to start months in advance.

Instead, here they already take care of all that logistics and infrastructure. So that they only enjoy the experience with their children, which, after all, is their day.


So if it is your child’s birthday. Congratulations! And do not hesitate to talk to the other moms, to make a joint birthday with your peers.