13 Best 18th Birthday Party Games Ideas of 2022

Best 18th Birthday Party Games Ideas: Finally of age – and even before the law: Hardly a birthday we see so much here, like the 18th Birthday. Finally, you can make your own decisions, drive a car, and go out as long as you want. Once we have reached the age of 18, this must be celebrated with due care – with a huge birthday party, of course. Of course, there are also some cool party games, because after all our guests should feel well entertained. That’s why we’re presenting the best game ideas for the 18th birthday party!

18th Birthday Party Games Ideas

Best 18th Birthday Party Games can be more revealing than on a 70th birthday. Since this is a growing party community, there is a selection of games that you probably have not seen.

18th Birthday Party Games
18th Birthday Party Games Ideas

We’re at the forefront of Sketch .de when it comes to selecting the games. Just have a look around. Guaranteed is also for you the perfect game for the 18th Birthday with it.

Finally eighteen! Coming of Age! Is there a big family party with relatives and friends now or a big party where everything older than 25 years has to stay outside? Maybe both? Anyway, because a game that is fun for everyone, there is for any celebration.

How to Celebrate, So Played: 18th Birthday Party Games

What kind of game is ultimately played depends on the external circumstances? How many people are invited? Is it ten or almost 100 guests? Where is the party, in the cellar, in the garden or even in a club?

What is Being Played on the 18th Birthday?

The top games for the party to the age of majority:

  • Relationship Games
  • Drinking games
  • Action Games
  • Computer Games
  • Mind Games

Something Jumps Out of It

Packed as a game, the presents tumble down. Just unpacking was yesterday. Today, there is a fun and exciting search for the gift. Very modern with the help of coordinates, the present with the Navi is located. Or small gifts are, according to old scavenger hunt tradition, gradually discovered in fulfillment of various tasks.

The Guests Are Presented

A raffle never goes out of fashion. There are several ways to make such a raffle on an 18th birthday too. There is a need for imagination. Lots are offered as potential winnings for various skill games. And who says that Julkklub or Wichtels only has to take place at Christmas?

Creative Guests on Their 18th Birthday

Very popular are 18th Birthday Party Games where guests can live out their creativity. Even a big screen on which all guests can let off steam in between will always provide entertainment.

From the kiss to the body print, from the dashing slogan to the bizarre caricature – everything will find its place on this canvas. Besides, the birthday child has a lasting memory of this celebration.

More Birthday Games: Can It Be a Little Sport?

Half a football team is among the guests? Almost all are enthusiastic bikers or meet regularly in the gym? Well, then the games may also require a little physical skill and endurance.

These can be dance games, small table tennis tournaments, arm wrestling, sack jumping, or three-legged running. When the festival takes place outdoors, there is no limit to the guests’ urge to move.

1. Build Marshmallow Castle

Guests are split into 2 or 3 teams. Each team receives 15 mini marshmallows and 15 toothpicks. Now it is time to build a high tower of marshmallows using the toothpick.

Marshmallow Castle
Marshmallow Castle

The team was able to create the tallest tower in the end wins!

2. Play Sardine

An absolute classic on adult birthday parties: A player gets 5 minutes to find a right hiding place. After the time has elapsed, the remaining players begin to search for it. Learn on wiki how, how to pay it.

18th Birthday Games Ideas

Who sees the person, hides together with the wanted. The game is over, even if the last seeker could discover the hiding place.

3. ABC Game

18th Birthday Games Ideas

All players sit in a circle and select together a particular category, such as “food,” “animals,” or “occupations.” A teammate then calls a specific term that fits in the group and at the same time begins with the letter A (occupations = lawyer). The next person then gives a name with (occupations = baker), then the letter C is on the line and so on. If someone does not succeed in finding time for the required letter within 10 seconds, he will be eliminated.

4. Guess Animals

On crepe, tapes are written as many different animals as people participate in the game. Each player gets now a tape with an animal name glued on the forehead, without which he/she can read the term in advance.

Now all the players walk around and ask each other questions to find out which animal they embody (such as “Do I have long ears?” Or “Do I have four legs?”). The questions must be asked in such a way that they can only be answered with “yes” or “no.”

5. Gift Hunting

A package is wrapped with several layers of wrapping paper. In the background is music – for all audible.

All players are now sitting in a circle and handing the gift around until the music stops. Who holds the gift in his hands at this moment, unwinds a layer of wrapping paper. The whole thing is repeated until finally, someone has completely unpacked the package – the lucky one may keep the content.

6. Find the Mistake!

All the guests sat around a table, on which are some small items. The first player closes his eyes while someone else removes any item from the table.

Now you have to guess which object is missing. But the player has a total of 3 attempts.

7. Detective Game

A person leaves the room. All other players occasionally vote in the place, which particular trait they all have in common – for example, all pretend to be afraid of heights, to be characters in a TV show, etc.

When the detective comes back into the room, he has to guess which property connects all others. The questions must always be answered with yes or no. During the Raterunde it is permitted to give the detective hints (e.g., “I do not like ladders”).

8. Which Kitty is Miaut There?

A teammate gets blindfolded and sits down on the floor. All other players form a circle around him. Now the player blindfolded points to a specific person in the circle. The one who makes a choice now meows like a cat.

Now the rater has to find out who has been minute. The round is repeated until the rater manages to find out who has meant. If he succeeds, it is the cat’s turn and blindfolded.

9. Do Not Laugh!

The players are split into pairs. Each couple alternately tries to make the other participants laugh with the words, “Ha ha ha!”

Do Not Laugh

In an outrageously wrong-ridiculous voice. The couples move back and forth until another couple laughs.

10. Fruit Salad

In this game, chairs are exchanged in a larger group. All players sit on an inward chair. One person – the game master – now takes her chair away and places herself in the middle of the circle of players.

The audience tells the audience loudly: “Move to another chair, if you like spinach if you ride a motorcycle if you own a horse, etc.” As soon as an individual statement applies to a teammate, he must look for a new chair; He must not choose precisely the seat next to him. Who does not find a chair, joins in the middle of the circle to the game leader. If the game leader calls “FRUIT SALAD,” everyone has to search for a new seat. The game ends when all players are in the middle.

11. Wallet

In advance, a list is written containing ten random items that can be found in a purse. The players from teams on any number of persons.

Now, the game master will name a specific object, which can be found on the list. The first team to bring the requested item to the game master wins one point.

12. Celebrities Advise

The birthday child or the organizer writes in advance the names of stars on small cards. Each guest gets one of the cards with the name of the celebrity stuck to his forehead.

In turn, questions may be asked to the other players to find out which stars are each embodied. The items must always be answered with no or yes. If the answer is yes, another problem may be asked. If “no” it is the next player’s turn. The first player who can guess his person is the winner.

13 Egg, Egg, Egg.

The guests are divided into groups of four. Each team receives the following items:

  • A Roll of Newspaper
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Five Straws
  • String
  • An Egg
  • Plastic Bag
  • Five Wooden Sticks (Similar to an Ice Stick)
  • Two Balloons

The teams are told that they must try to build a construction out of the objects that allow the ice to drop from a great height without breaking.

After 15 minutes, the egg constructions are dropped from the last step of a stepladder. Which egg survived?


Thanks to the many best game ideas on the 18th Birthday is guaranteed not dull. Whether an exciting head-to-head duel, an entertaining team game or a funny one-on-one – surely every guest will feel well entertained!