7 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for New Friend

Fun Birthday Gift Ideas for New Friend can always put you in a good mood; you and your best friend know something. For years you have been treating yourself to the most humorous things to laugh at, so don’t change course.

Top Birthday Gift Ideas for New Friend

Give him the basket for the bathroom, so when he’s on the toilet, he knows what to do. Or you can get him the post-its in the shape of salami or the toilet paper sheets printed!

7 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for New Friend

If he shares a room with a brother who snores, then you should grab him a stick with a boxing glove so as to let the other know when it’s time to be quiet!

You have been friends for many years, but he seems unable to put on more than 3 beard hairs? Get him a hat with a built-in wool beard. An object that has depopulated on the web and that will make it fascinating and self-ironic.

Or go for the classic and have two themed t-shirts printed (for example, dumb friends for life) to wear on bad times.

What Gifts Are Acceptable Among Newly Made Friends?

Here are the gift ideas you can do with your own hands:

The gifts to give to your best friend do it yourself are a nice surprise to tell her that you love her: we take into consideration the easy and particular ideas, to be made based on her passion and the creative technique that you like best.

1) The personalized notebook

Take a very simple notebook or notebook and decorate the cover, for example, with the decoupage ideas you find on amazon. You can write when you met her, why you love her, and paste a photo of yourself on the inside pages.

2) The alternating jewels

Another gift idea is to make two pairs of earrings of the same type, but different: each can wear a pair or each earring of each pair. Click here to see how to make crepe rubber jewelry. Read here to see the soutache technique.

3) The box of memories

Decorate a shoebox with the decoupage, buttons, or other ideas you find on amazon. Inside, insert photos and memories that bind you.

4) The DIY photo collage

Speaking of memories, compose a photo collage, but according to particular shapes. For ideas.

5) The positive jar

Among the gifts to give to your DIY best friend, consider the positive jar, a simply decorated jar that can contain notes on which you will have written positive thoughts, encouraging messages, or reasons why you are friends.

6) The Cake in a jar

The jar can also be transformed into a delicious dessert. For greedy ideas, read here.

7) The Bouquet of lollipops

Another greedy idea is to compose a bunch of lollipops: click here to see how to do it.