40 Best Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend in 2022

40 Best Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend: If you have already tried all the ideas you could think of to entertain him on his birthdays, such as theme parties and gifts, you have no choice but to resort to new ways to get him excited.

40 Best Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend

Do you want your day to be memorable? Here we bring you 40 super original surprises, so you know how to surprise your boyfriend or husband with these Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend in his onomastic.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend
Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend

1. Love Notes Surprises

Do you intend to change your usual birthday routine? Then, write love notes. Spread them on your bed, use self-adhesive sheets and paste them in the mirror of your room or the front glass of your car.

In them, you will tell him how much it means to you and how wonderful it is to have his presence in your life.

You can also write about the moments they have shared so far, and in this way, you will get them to remember each anecdote by your side.

Now, let’s make this surprise much more interesting! If you write the notes, it’s a simple Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend because you’re in love with him. But it would be even better if you start collecting them among your friends and family. That’s where the fun lies!

He needs to know that it is valuable for everyone, and with this gift, he could even shed tears of emotion.

2. Become Naughty

Every man wants his girl to get dehydrated from time to time. Try giving her something different on her birthday, becoming a bad girl for one night. With this, you will give a touch of extra romance to your relationship, and it will be a gift that you will not forget.

Women tend to blush with ease at the somewhat different sexual proposals of our partners. But, for one night, instead of saying, “No! How do you think of it?” Turn your attitude around and better become complacent.

It will help you get into your role wearing a themed and very sexy outfit. After all, it is his birthday, and he deserves to enjoy your company.

3. Observe a Good Massage

If you definitely indulge his whims or desires in the bedroom, you find it inappropriate. You can also please him through a nice erotic birthday wishes message.

You will never have this surprise! To do this buy aromatic oils or make them yourself, decorate the room with flowers and candles to create a romantic atmosphere for him. Get ready to make him forget all the daily stress.

4. Appear at Your Door

If you usually visit him in the afternoon or are in a specific place when leaving work, you will not imagine that on the morning of his birthday it is you who is waiting for him right at the door of his house.

Of course, you should arrive with breakfast, some gifts and all your love. You will be happy to see your girlfriend before anyone else!

5. Hot Card

Suppose you bought an exceptional, practical, and quite desired gift from you. You will be fascinated to receive it!

But, in addition, it includes a card in which you have written some personal note with hot hints.

With this, you will make it blush, and it is most likely that you take the phone to see you immediately so you can redeem your gift.

6. Plan a Surprise Party

This is a fairly conventional idea, but with it, you can gather your loved ones in one place and get them to have a different day in the company of people who appreciate it and from whom you will receive authentic birthday congratulations.

7. Hide Clues

If he is the type of man who likes to investigate before acting, he will enjoy investigating – using clues that you leave in strategic places – the exact location where his birthday gift is hidden.

Not only is it a very original way to send your gift, but you must chain the tracks very well one after the other to get your reward.

Just don’t make the task so easy! Hide you present very well. You can even involve your best friends to make track collection more interesting.

The gift must be equivalent to the effort invested in finding it. No boxes of chocolates, you better give him a real surprise that excites him!

8. A Really Special Detail

All people yearn for some material good that for some reason we like too much, but every time we want to acquire it happens some unforeseen event that makes us postpone your purchase.

Recently my sister-in-law gave my brother a collectible toy crane that he always wanted as a child and that my parents couldn’t give him because he had been discontinued.

It was easy for her to discover that he wanted it with all her strength because she had our help to let her know exactly what the special gift my brother wanted. In your case, you can investigate it many months before his birthday to avoid suspicion.

For example, start a conversation about those things that you liked in college or as a child and that you never got (material things, of course), and he will do the same by telling you what things he could not acquire or do.

Then you will have to organize your time and money to get what he wanted. The result will be worth the effort!

9. Be Disenchanted!

For this birthday gift, you will have to get your mood from heaven to Earth in a matter of hours.

Call him and tell him to suspend any activity he has scheduled for his birthday because you have a super party organized in your home and you will pick him up at a certain time.

But, on his birthday, he returns to call him apologizing and telling him that everything was complicated, that you have a thousand commitments, your plans fell apart and you will not be able to be with him, which you will then make up for.

For the rest of the day ignore it completely, think that you are insensitive. A couple of hours before the party you never really suspended, go get him and tell him that everything had been a joke.

In principle, you will notice your discomfort, but then you will enjoy what you had prepared.

A friend was traveling on her boyfriend’s birthday week and called to promise she would get a flight before her special day (she actually arrived in the city two days before, but he didn’t know it), the day of her birthday waited for her at the airport, but she never arrived.

Instead, he called to tell him he should take another couple of days to fulfill his obligations. However, half an hour later, surprise! She was at home waiting for him with a serenade with mariachis, cake, and gifts.

10. The Love Album

Get a flashy notebook and some allusive birthday tags. That is, hearts, arrows, cakes, and other figures that you can use. Then download the images you have of both to your computer and print the ones you like best.

Cut them out and create an album with special messages and stories to remember in the future

Write to him what you feel when you are by his side and what are your wishes for this new year of his life.

It will be a unique and special detail for your boyfriend!

11. The Surprise Thread

This gift merits time and a lot of stealth on your part, so you don’t wake it up while you organize everything or when you put the thread.

It is a detail that works if they live together. Get a skein of wool of beautiful color, then decorate a part of your house with gifts, photographs, and balloons (this should be done at night when he is asleep).

Tie one end of the wool at the door of the room where you organized your surprise and take the rest of the thread to your bedroom.

And here is where you have two alternatives: the first is to tie the end in the handle of your room so that when he gets up, he follows the thread. The other is that if your boyfriend is a heavy sleeper, tie it directly on his wrist.

When he gets up from sleep, he won’t be able to believe what you did for him.

12. Cook it

It is perhaps one of the birthday gifts most appreciated by a man. Dare to cook some of his favorite dishes!

I still don’t know a boy who dislikes eating, and on the web, you will find hundreds of very simple and delicious recipes to cook with few ingredients, and in the shortest possible time.

13. Party Set With Your Favorite Movie

Are you a fan of a saga of movies or video games? Do not miss the opportunity to set your party using scenes or elements that recreate your favorite movie.

Ask the guests to the celebration to dress up as the main characters. He will die of laughter when he sees them all embodying their favorite actors!

14. Get Rid of What He Hates About You

As much as they are in love, there will always be things that you can’t stand with your partners, such as their disorder or the way they forget dates that are special to you.

In the same way, he will have indicated to you on some occasions that he does not like that you are so extreme about the order or that you cook with too many dressings.

You leave the tank of the car without gasoline or perhaps what he hates most about you is that you collect small porcelain figurines with which he has stumbled on some occasions.

On his birthday, turn your attitude around or get rid of what he doesn’t want to see in you.

At the very least, keep the change throughout the week of your birthday.

15. Serenade at Dinner

If you do not know how to sing and do not want to feel like you are ridiculous in a restaurant, prepare dinner and choose a selection of songs that you like, so they listen to them while they eat.

You can also try singing some stanzas of your favorite song when they are alone. It will help you to rely on a karaoke track, so you don’t forget the lyrics of the song. He will appreciate your effort!

16. Wear the Shirt of Your Favorite Team

Not all girls share the passion of their lovers for sports.

Instead of giving him one more shirt or some other accessory of his team, he agrees to share his enthusiasm at least during his birthday. How to do it? Wearing a shirt in support of his favorite team.

17. Escape With Him

Test your ability to sneak in the middle of the night from your parents’ house. Sneak away, get straight home, and get under your sheets.

Or tell him you’ll look for him to go to a special place when everyone sleeps. You will be surprised at the fact that you have the courage to do something that can cause you trouble just to see it.

18. Uncensored Photographs

Do not be confused: we do not suggest you take some selfies in unseemly positions or anything like that.

He compiles with his family the funniest images of him since he was a child, those that nobody would show him! Print them out and organize them in a very special collage that he can observe whenever he wants, to remember funny moments of his life.

19. List the Reasons Why You Wish Him a Happy Birthday

Write a reason for each year you meet; that is, if he is celebrating his twentieth birthday, then write twenty beautiful wishes for him.

It would even be exciting that you compose a speech with these special reasons and announce them in front of the people who accompany them in their entertainment.

20. Declare Your Feelings

Who was declared to whom when they started dating? Surely it was him. But this time give the relationship a twist since the birthday boy is him!

Get on your knees and declare all your feelings. Not only is it too unusual, but very romantic.

21. Birthday Poster

This is a detail you can never forget in your life! Place in public places – for which you know that for your boyfriend must move to get to work – several posters are alluding to his birthday.

At first, he will believe that it is a coincidence, but at the end of the day, he will understand that it is part of your gift for him.

How do you get this? Wait for it with the last sign at the end of your work or home.

If you want to invest some more money, you can rent a public banner for a week; it really is one of the most impressive birthday gifts you will receive in your life.

Just make sure the message is not too personal, remember that many more people will read it and the idea is not that he is ashamed.

22. Make a Surprise Video

This is really extraordinary! It is a simple and really good alternative as a surprise.

What you should do is call all your boyfriend’s friends, as well as his family, relatives and all the people he socializes daily.

  • You have to ask everyone to create a very short video with their birthday wishes.
  • The purpose of this is to try to accumulate the most messages.
  • Then, bring them all together in the same movie, taking care of the editing details.
  • There are many easy-to-use video editing software that will allow you to do the job properly without requiring another person to be hired.

Once you’re done, it’s when the real fun begins, because you must have a screen where you will project the video in the middle of its celebration, or you can also make this gift a little more intimate by sending it directly to the email.

23. Love Letter

The missives are a classic and will always make you look good. But to make your content interesting and move it, don’t write it at the last minute!

Go to a quiet place, and let your emotions flow, read it several times until you feel it contains everything you want to say.

You can also use the computer for it, so it will be easy for you to correct grammar mistakes and you will only print the draft that you liked the most.

14. Carving on a Tree Trunk

It is a very romantic gesture, and they can go to the park where the tree on which you carved their name is found whenever they want.

I have heard from couples who return long afterward to see if their tree is still standing and if the bark on which the message was written (initials of their names or date on which they began to leave) is still visible.

25. Custom Pillow

The pillows are never enough and, if you buy a small one with a cover printed with photographs or funny messages, you will sleep more at ease.

If this is small (cushion type), it will be very useful when you travel, so it will always take you with him to bed!

26. Write a Poem

The poems are comparable to love letters, with the difference that they have rhyme between each of their verses.

They are not easy to elaborate, maybe you should turn to some literature teacher to finish polishing your birthday ideas, but your boyfriend will understand that your love is different and that you intended to give him a memorable birthday gift.

27. Take it to a Spa

Women love to be spoiled, and in a spa, we receive that extra attention we deserve.

Take it to a spa day where you can choose a complete massage package, face mask, and sauna. It will be light as a feather!

28. Custom Mug

Your coffee will be much more delicious if you customize your cup. There are those in the market that have mandalas with which you can entertain yourself by drawing on it, then wash it and be able to repaint on its surface.

You can also ask to have a photograph of both printed or buy them of those that change colors with the heat or cold of the drink that you put inside.

When you deliver it, get a flashy box or wrapping paper and include some chocolate chocolates, small tea bags, or a mixture of instant coffee so you can release it as soon as you open it.

29. Gift Bouquet

This can be categorized as a mixed gift since you will be worth buying various small details and putting them together in a colorful arrangement.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend

30. World Beer Collection

Totally new and not as expensive as many might believe. You will not have to wind your brain inquiring about beer brands, because in the still life closest to your home you can ask for advice on the countries of origin and most popular flavors.

Or simply let yourself be carried away by your instinct and curiously buy some packaged beers, you will love to taste something different!

31. Shaving Kit

Never neglect your personal appearance! Traveler shaving kits turn out to be very practical.

These consist of a shaver, brush, mirror, and foam. Include an aftershave lotion right there and take care of being the one to help you release this set; that is, shave it yourself and give it a facial massage.

32. Foot Massage

Men do not have time to take care of the appearance of their feet, just and trim their nails.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend

It would be great to consent to his birthday with a pedicure and end with a massage on the soles of his feet. This is something he will never dare to ask you, but he will always want you to do for him.

33. Computer Accessories

Is it technological? Better not give more turns and your present is made up of programs and articles for the computer.

It includes a new ergonomic mouse pad, a keyboard with lights, a wireless mouse, a digitizer tablet, or any other accessory that allows you to work comfortably when you are in front of your computer.

34. Perfumes

With this gift, you will have many options in the market for you to choose the aroma that really suits your personality.

Perhaps the main detail to take into account is that some people in sweating cause the lotions and perfumes that are applied to change their original aroma.

If your boyfriend has this peculiarity, do not risk giving him any perfume, no matter how delicious the fragrance of smell is. It is preferable to be guided by the brand you already use and buy a new replacement bottle of your favorite perfume.

Or you can also buy, instead of perfume, gel, and bath salts to make your daily cleaning experience more enjoyable.

35. Twins

Are you an elegant guy? Do you attend parties or meetings frequently? A pair of twins that give life to the cuffs of their shirts are not over.

You will get them in bright and matte tones, inlaid with semi-precious stones such as onyx, which give a touch of presence to this accessory for men.

36. Portable Cell Phone Charger

Since they invented this device, there are no excuses to run out of battery until you reach a place where you get an outlet, because portable chargers store hours of energy to give life to cell phones and other electronic devices such as computers, video games, tablets and more.

He will thank you every time he has to travel and does not get an electrical connection with which he can recharge his digital devices.

37. Clock

Avoid being late for your commitments and on this birthday watch the clock; These are elegant, flashy and very useful accessories.

A watch does not go out of style, and you will see them with a plastic, woven, metallic, or leather pulse, so you will know exactly which one fits the personality of your man.

If you want to give it a very special touch, send a small inscription on the back of the watch. You will like this gift!

38. Bouquet of Balloons

The balloons are special. They can be easily hidden behind a door and, although it may not seem like it, they also support enough weight to tie them a gift and make it float to your boyfriend.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend

You can also spread them with small love notes inside your room or make a bouquet with giant metallic balloons with motifs. They are beautiful and impressive!

39. Amazing Gift

This present is not available to many women, because enough money is required to execute. We all want something almost unattainable or dreamlike that we only dream about because it is totally inaccessible to us.

In the case of women, it is usually to marry a millionaire or meet a famous actor for whom he sighs. But with boys, it is usually about material things, for example, driving a race car.

Find out what that dream is that makes you sigh, and if, for example, it is expensive vehicles or technology, it will help you take it to an exhibition of the latest model cars. There it is allowed to take photographs and even get on any of these vehicles.

While it is true that he will not be able to drive them, at least he will satisfy his curiosity and will be pleased to fulfill part of his dream. A friend fervently wished to be an astronomer, but his occupations did not allow him to study this profession. For his birthday, his girlfriend prepared a lightning trip to another city, which excited him a lot because he thought the trip itself was his gift.

But no! It turns out that in that city she had coordinated a visit to the planetarium and her love had access to observe the cosmos with a professional telescope, in the company of people knowledgeable about the subject, who gave her a master class and answered the questions he had.

I can assure you that your boy will be so happy after this type of gift that any other present he receives will be overshadowed.

40. The Place Where They Met

It is very romantic to remember together where they met, much more if they have been dating for a long time. Then, they will have an accumulation of beautiful memories about walks, friends, and diverse situations.

But your heartthrob still perpetuates in his mind the exact place where his relationship with you began? Surely yes, because you mean a lot in your life.

Therefore, for this gift, you can blindfold him and take him right to the place where they were presented or where they first met.

Once you remove the bandage, you will love watching the panorama and reconnecting with your memories.

Other Curiosities

The intention is what counts. If they really love each other, he will value whatever you have prepared for that day.

Prepare his birthday cake, bring breakfast to bed, give him a bottle of wine to toast for his onomastic, prepare a small piñata to enjoy as if he were a small child are enough.

Giving her a lesson in dance, singing, acting, or any other hobby that is special to her are simple details that are worth a lot on a personal and emotional level. Even being the first to congratulate him or sing his birthday will be a clear indication that you are present in his life and you care that he is happy.

So do not despair by investing all your capital in a gift, because most of the time, the boys are simpler than you think. We are pleased to help you with these amazing Birthday Surprise Ideas for Boyfriend. With a little creativity, surely you will find more impressive options to make this day unforgettable.

We hope you enjoyed reading, learning, and applying the one you liked best. We count on you to inform us in the comments section about your experiences and approaches for our next deliveries.

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