27 Unique Birthday Gifts for 1-Year-Old Boy of 2022

The Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy: So the long-awaited day has come – the first birthday of the baby. This is an important event for the child and his parents. The birthday boy is looking forward to surprises, and parents and guests think what gift a one-year-old boy will bring the most pleasure.

27 Unique Birthday Gifts for 1-Year-Old Boy of 2022

So, how to create a festive atmosphere for a child and not disappoint on his first birthday?

How to Choose a Birthday Gift for a 1-year-old boy

Remember that a 1-year-old boy understands a lot, so the crumbs should remember his first birthday for something unusual gift for a 1-year-old boy!

At such a young age, the baby shows interest in everything, learns the world, so the bright design of his room is already a wonderful birthday gift for 1-year-old boy.

The boy will surely be very pleased to play with helium balloons, to study colorful posters with images of fairy-tale characters who came to congratulate the birthday boy, to find out their parents, grandparents in the photographs. It does not matter where the celebration takes place; the atmosphere that the kid will remember as something unusual and fabulous is important.

List of The Unique Birthday Gifts for 1-Year-Old Boy

Undoubtedly, the best birthday gift for the 1-year-old boy must be chosen carefully. For the surprise to really turn out to be pleasant and long-awaited, it is better to consult with parents – what toys are not in the collection of the child yet, learn about the birthday boy’s hobbies.

1. Tent House

Today you can find such houses of completely different designs, and various colors. If balls are included with the tent, you will get a wonderful dry pool.

Additional tunnels, and ball baskets contribute to the development of spatial orientation and physical development in the child. Indeed, in such a house it’s never boring – you can live here, come up with various mysterious stories, and have fun playing with friends.

2. Pool

A great gift if the baby has a birthday in summer and the family plans to relax in the country. Fun, cool, and interesting.

3. Rocking toys

In this category of a birthday gift for a 1-year-old boy, such a variety of models is presented that it is very difficult to choose one.

Rocking chairs inflatable, plastic, wooden, plush, with musical accompaniment, making the sounds of animals – such a gift will appeal to the child.

5. Hanging or Floor Swing

This is a great gift for a boy for 1 year! Many swing models are designed for long service life, so the baby will be happy to ride them for more than one year.

6. A Variety of Models of Cars

Well, this option will please the boy at any age. At 1-year-old, the baby takes its first steps. In this case, leaning on the back of the toy, the child will feel more confident. As a consequence, you can learn and drive, if you use the gift as a toolkit, that is, push your feet off the floor.

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In an electric car, you can safely ride on the street to the envy of all your friends. Many models of such machines are supplemented by remote control, so parents, driving vehicles, will always be calm for the safety of the child.

7. Sports Facilities, Large Rubber Balls With Horns

A particularly active boy will like these sports gifts for 1-year-old boy options. The child will have where to realize his activity, and develop physical strength. However, such a gift is best agreed with the parents.

8. Children’s Tricycle

A special pen is designed for parental control over the fidget. Over time, the handle can be removed, and the baby will be happy to master the transport on his own.

9. Sled

If the 1-year-old boy’s birthday is in the winter month, you can give him a sled. In snowy weather, such a surprise will be appreciated by both the birthday man and mom.

Unique Birthday Gifts for a 1-year-old boy

10. Musical Instruments

Parents probably know how kids love to knock on each other with objects and listen to new sounds. Various musical instruments will help develop the baby’s ear for music: piano, drum, xylophone.

11. Paints

The Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy that will bring true pleasure to the whole family, With a set of finger paints that are completely safe for the child, you are sure to depict artistic masterpieces.

Sensible Birthday Gift Ideas for 1-year-old Boy

12. Any Toys Resembling Household Items – a Children’s Computer, Telephone, Remote Control

Such a sensible Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy will help the baby quickly get used to the new environment and find out the purpose of these items.

13. Fun Educational Shoes

Soft to the touch and very useful shoes with a lot of Velcro, pockets, and fasteners. A great birthday gift for a 1-year-old boy idea for the development of fine motor skills. Also, in such cozy boots, you can walk at home.

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14. Developing Mat

Today in children’s stores you can find rugs with animals, fish, cars, letters and numbers, and musical instruments. What to give a boy for a year – decide and choose for yourself.

15. Pyramids and Cubes

The kid will be happy to disassemble, assemble the pyramid, study colors, build towers from cubes, and study geometric shapes.

16. Books

A Boy aged 1-year old should give a book that can speak. Unusual, colorful, and useful.

17. Matryoshka

The birthday boy will be pleased to examine and study the doll in which the same dolls live.

18. Puzzles

When buying such Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy, it is important to consider that the size of the components of the game is large enough.

Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy With the Benefit

Parents will appreciate the so-called practical birthday gift for 1-year-old boy to a greater extent. However, the birthday person will also be happy to see and touch the new thing.

19. Bedding – Blankets, Pillows, Blankets, Bed Sets

Despite the fact that the gift is quite prosaic, in everyday life, it will turn out to be necessary and relevant, especially if there will be an embroidered inscription on the pillowcase or towel, the initials of the birthday person.

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20. Clothes and Shoes

It is at 1-year old that children actively begin to move and grow no less actively. Many parents know how fast they have to buy larger clothes and shoes. The main thing is not to give your child a summer thing that will fit him in the winter. It is better to check the required size with your parents.

21. Accessories for Brushing Your Teeth

From the age of one, dentists advise children to be taught to brush their teeth. However, this procedure should look like a game: bright toothbrushes, pasta with different tastes, and funny stories of mom and dad about healthy teeth.

22. Height Meter

Of course, at first, the procedure for measuring growth will be interesting only to parents, but over time, the child will take an active part in it. What could be better for loving parents than watching their son grow.

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Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy for a Long Memory

23. Silver Spoon With Engraving

Such a gift can not only become a real heirloom but also help parents teach their fidgets to eat independently.

24. Photo Album Decorated Using a Special Scrapbooking Technique

It is not difficult to order an album, because on the Internet there are easily announcements about the production of exclusive, memorable souvenirs. Believe that the unusual album will make a lasting impression on the baby, his parents, and all guests.

25. If the Holiday Takes Place in the Country, a Child Can Give a Tree

Plant a seedling, which is also 1-year old, and for many years to watch how it grows stronger and develops with the boy.

26. Photoshoot for the Baby

A birthday gift for a 1-year-old boy that parents will delight welcome and the baby will be able to feel like a star for the first time.

27. Set for Casts

How can I keep a tiny pen or leg of a baby for a long memory? It is enough to present such a set, and parents will be able to make prints of the birthday person.

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Best Gifts to Give Up

  • Souvenirs made from non-environmentally friendly components.
  • Souvenirs that do not correspond to the age of the baby. If the gift is less than one year old, the birthday person will not be interested in such a thing. With a gift designed for an age of three years, the baby may simply not cope.
  • Stuffed Toys. On the one hand, soft toys are a source of dust, and on the other, a child is not able to perform various actions with them.
  • Souvenirs with lots of small details. The child can easily swallow them.


Remember that the baby in the first years of his life learns the world through the objects around him and mainly through toys. Choose unique birthday gifts for 1 year old boy with soul, love, and benefit for the birthday person. And then your little fidget will surely enjoy your surprise.