11 Unique 40th Birthday Party Ideas for Women of 2022

Awesome 40th Birthday Party Ideas for Women: Do you know someone who flips the big 40? You may have many party plans ahead of you. From choosing a theme for your 40th birthday party for women or choosing games for the parties and choosing the dishes to go on the menu, your hands will be busy.

11 Best 40th Birthday Ideas for Women & Themes

When planning your birthday party for women initially, be sure to consider how the guest of honor feels about this important milestone.

11 Unique 40th Birthday Party Ideas for Women of 2022

Many are looking forward to this birthday. Others are less aroused. Plan your event appropriately for a birthday party that stays true to the guest of honour. All 40th birthday ideas for women should embrace age and celebrate the 40th birthday ideas for her that another year older is another year better.

Bring this idea to life with these 40th birthday party planning tips and tricks to help you have an outstanding celebration. No matter who you are planning, these 40th birthday party ideas for men or 40th birthday for women will help you throw the right celebration.

How to Choose the Format of the  40th Birthday Party for Women

Pause and focus on how you feel about their upcoming 40th birthday for her. If this figure evokes sadness and fear of the future, then the last thing you need is to throw a huge surprise party with two hundred relatives and friends.

Perhaps you would prefer to gather in a narrow circle of 5-10 friends. Not necessarily for dinner, there are many exciting activities around – hiking, bowling, extreme adventures. If you feel like the party is too commonplace, don’t be afraid to go on an adventure.

My approach to buying a birthday gift for 40 years is to always choose something that the birthday person would hesitate to buy themselves a bit of luxury and pleasure.

I recommend sticking to the same principle when choosing entertainment for 40 years. Organize what you really like, what you rarely allow yourself. A unique experience – a recipe for 100% success!

Best 40th Birthday Ideas for Women

If she is turning 40, then you know it is time to celebrate this event. Perhaps you just don’t know how to celebrate the 40th birthday for her. These beautiful 40th birthday ideas for women were made with your wishes in mind.

Raise your party atmosphere to a level of sophisticated fun that just can’t be copied. This 40th birthday celebration will be dedicated to making every detail of the party to your taste.

If you’re in charge of planning a celebration for a friend who doesn’t really like the unforgettable 40th birthday ideas of ​​a big party, consider planning a group celebration with all of your 40-year-old friends. Thus, no one feels put in place. If the party is for one person,

1. Comedy Evening

Everyone loves to have a good laugh, so how could you go wrong planning a comedy night’s birthday celebration?

comedy night's birthday celebration

Also, if she likes jokes or memes, then this is just her part. Announce your big day and inform your friends and family with the help of clever invitations to a party on the 40th birthday occasion.

2. Birthday to the food lover

Celebrate the foodie in your life with nothing more than a themed birthday party. Book a table at local cooking and food – make your own home for the perfect evening. Complete with chef hats and personalized aprons, it’s Bash’s 40th birthday that everyone wants a bite to eat. 

Birthday to the food lover

Pick a specific type of food and use that dish as party inspiration. For example, if the birthday girl is very fond of sushi, you can use vibrant greens and salmon hues to plan your party. Just get creative and have fun. And don’t forget to grab your appetite with you.

3. Participant in Wine and Grape Tasting Stomp

Rent a party bus because it’s time to take the girls to the vineyards for wine tasting and grape stomping on the 40th. It will surely be a blast. Liven up a casual wine tasting tour with a hands-on harvesting experience. 

Participant in Wine and Grape Tasting Stomp

  • Why not celebrate 40 years by making wine the old-fashioned way, especially if the birthday girl is a wine lover. Though this party idea is all about wine, be sure to serve some snacks.
  • Consider providing cheese and crackers before or after tasting and stomping. This fun activity will only add a festive mood to a big day.
  • Custom engraved glass of wine, the perfect complement to this theme party. You can create these cute personalized glasses with the mood “Happy Birthday ” and force guests to use them throughout the day. 
  • Plus, once the day is over, you can send them home along with your guests as perfect party favours. As this will be your 40th birthday destination, focus your full attention on decorating the holiday bus.
  • Bring balloons and streamers, and create your own playlist, including all of the honoured guest’s favourite tunes. Check out these unique 40th birthday ideas of tasting wines for additional inspiration and planning tips.

4. Organize a dessert table

If the guest of honour is more discreet when it comes to her 40th birthday celebration, then an intimate dessert buffet with family members and a few close friends might be the right option. 

dessert table

Set up a long buffet table that matches the colour scheme. 

  • Use the birthday girl’s favourite colours, or go for more natural colors like sandy tan and shades of brown that are perfect and go with just about anything.
  • Use these colours to help you choose dessert table essentials like cake holders and matching plates. 
  • Hang the ‘Happy 40th banner over the goodie table to really set the tone. 
  • Cakes are plentiful on stands of different sizes, and in the middle, one of them says: ” Happy 40th”. 
  • Will demand all the attention at the dessert table. The only thing better than cakes is more, and cupcakes are adorable and add variety to the table scene. 
  • Stick some stylish cupcake toppers and Viola in them! Remember to include the winner’s favourite guilty treat at the dessert table. 
  • Get creative with 40th birthday party ideas for women, such as a floating ice cream station with a variety of flavours and carbonated offerings. 

dessert table

When the party is over, do not forget to send your guests home with a box for removal, filled with goodies and sealed personalized stickers on their 40th birthday.  

5. Backyard BBQ

Get ready to rock the storm with these matching 40th birthday party ideas for women in your life. One backyard barbecue is a laid-back celebration that will keep all guests ready to grill and chill. 

Backyard BBQ

  • Set up tables in your backyard and cover them with red and white tartan.
  •  Add table numbers to each table for a more ordered feel. Make planning easier for yourself and serve buffet-style meals. 
  • Mirror the tablecloths and use the same design on your buffet table. 
  • Pack a punch with your upholstery and opt instead to use colourful grocery baskets that fit perfectly with the theme.

BBQ food

  • This awesome 40th birthday idea focuses on food, and barbecues usually include four different food groups: appetizers, grilled food, side dishes, and dessert.
  • It’s all about ranch sauce and chips, burgers, hot dogs, vegetable kebabs, baked beans, corn on the cob, potato salad, watermelon, cake, and barbecue essentials. 
  • Since the outdoor area already provides a great atmosphere, there is no need to go overboard with the party decor. 
  • Decorate the party venue with simple items that will enhance the celebration, such as pendant lights and a large display menu. 

BBQ invitation

This 40th birthday party idea for her is all about great food and great company. And be sure to send BBQ invitations in advance so that friends and family had plenty of time to plan.

6. Fascinating birthday tours

Tours are a great way to entertain a group. As you move from stop to stop, those present are constantly stimulated by new experiences. They see they eat, and they learn.

birthday tours

An unusual picnic or tour can be found in your hometown, but you are not aware of them. This is an activity that locals never try, so a birthday is a great occasion.

To have fun celebrating 40 years, we suggest trying:

  • Helicopter ride over the capital
  • Tours with wine, chocolate, and desserts
  • Chilling Zombie Tour
  • Walking in caves
  • Architectural tour
  • Jeep tour
  • Segway tour

7. Surprise Party Ideas for Her

Shhhh. A surprise party is only good if people keep a secret. This job requires a dastardly party planner. If you are looking for some great 40th birthday surprise ideas for women, you are in the right place.

Surprise Party Ideas for Her

  • This birthday secret will greatly depend on your surprise birthday party invitations. Make sure you are as straightforward as possible with your party’s details and that the invitation explicitly states that the party is a surprise. 
  • Since the guest of honour will be overwhelmed when he or she walks in, it is very important to have a ton of overkill.
  • Throwing confetti, giant balloons, and personalized banners, I guess. You will need to somehow thank your guests for keeping the holiday a secret for so long. What’s better than doing it with some cute 40th birthday party?
  • Pack some personalized sugar cookies with the laureate’s face as a favour that everyone at the party will enjoy.

8. 40th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

A birthday celebration for her would not be complete without some great 40th birthday party decorating ideas. Include traditional holiday decors like birthday banners, confetti, streamers, balloons, and some custom items. Then decorate the wall of the establishment with forty reasons why you all love the guest of honour. 

40th Birthday Party Decoration

This is an easy way to make the birthday boy or girl feel really special, which is how it should be on their birthday.

  • After a big day, create your own photo book with all the favourite communication moments between guests and the guest of honour. 
  • This souvenir creates a wonderful way for the guest of honour to look back on this special occasion and remember all the people who made this day special.
  • If you need a little more inspiration before you go, remember that you can never go wrong by staging a cocktail party in honour of your 40th birthday. 

With this 40th birthday Creative Party Planning Guide, you’re going to feel like nothing less than a master of party planning.

9. 40th Birthday Party gift Ideas

Party gifts are an important part of organizing the perfect party. After all, this is what your guests should remember at large events. Inspiration for favours should come from the theme of the party or the guest of honour.

What’s a good present for a 40th?

If you haven’t picked the perfect gift yet, here are a few ideas that we love.

40th Birthday Party gift Ideas

  1. Jewellery.
  2. Goods for home and comfort.
  3. Perfume.
  4. Decorative cosmetics and care products.
  5. Stylish accessories – leather belt or gloves, hat, scarf, stole, etc.
  6. A pretty home fountain.
  7. A digital camera.
  8. A romantic candlelight dinner.
  9. Household appliances – coffee grinder, coffee machine, blender, microwave oven, robot vacuum cleaner, multifunctional steamer, etc.
  10. Flower vases or outdoor flower pots – for the lover of flowers and gardening.
  11. Home textiles are a necessary thing in every home.
  12. Individual stone jars.
  13. Happy 40th cookie.
  14. Party Name T-Shirts.
  15. Small succulents in pots.
  16. Candy or sweet treat filled with takeaway boxes.

10. Games and Entertainment for the 40th birthday

The choice of a theme party for 40 years for women is completely free. The main thing is a unique and enjoyable experience that you will not allow yourself in normal times. Celebration venues, decorations, catering, music, and entertainment – feel complete freedom on this day.

Games for 40th birthday

For cheerful big children, you can think of a sea of ​​theatrical or sports games for their 40th birthday, entertainment, and shows that will make their birthday memorable. Instead of just standing with glasses or tamping another serving of Olivier, do a new, unexpected, crazy, and interesting thing!

We suggest trying quests for adults (crime scene, jailbreak, treasure hunt). You can book escape rooms for a great pastime in the capital’s entertainment centres at both 18 and 40. Finally, go to paintball.

The only major problem is that not every city offers this.

11. How to Celebrate 40 Years With Physical activities

Physical activity in the air and adrenaline is a great alternative to a plate of Olivier and boring table contests. Here are some entertainments for the birthday girl and her guests:

  • Wildlife Survival
  • Riding lessons and horseback riding
  • Skydiving or hang gliding
  • Hiking with trained dogs
  • Rafting on boats (rafting)
  • Rock climbing
  • Diving


If you are interested in ideas on how to celebrate 40 years of a woman, Just remember, no matter what you do to celebrate the big 4-O, make sure the guest of honour feels the love of his friends and family. As long as they feel checked out, you’ve planned the perfect party.