100+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes & Greetings

Best Happy Birthday Wishes – worth knowing and interesting Birthday wishes or greetings, as well as birthday sayings, are part of every Birthday, like cakes and candles. They are elemental and are as different as the birthday children to whom the author has addressed them.

There are serious, funny, modern, classic, encouraging, and admonishing sayings and wishes for the birthday party. Of course, it always depends on the one who has a birthday and the frame. An 18th birthday requires the author to congratulate another saying than a 60th birthday. Of course, both of them can be written funnily and, for example, tell greetings from the youth, but of course, a 60th birthday offers many more starting points.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Precisely for such moments, you will find here a rich repertoire of sayings, quotes, poems, and suggestions for your very personal birthday wishes. Just pick a quote from our extensive collection that suits the anniversary and what you wish him for. Now you need a card, a letter, a text message, or a mail with which you would like to convey your congratulations.

Types of Happy Birthday Wishes

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Happy Birthday Wishes By Their Age

Happy Birthday Wishes For a Person

Friends | Sister | Brother | Husband | Wife | Daughter | Son | Mom | Dad | Auntie | Uncle | Boss | Coworker |

Of course, other things are suitable as a greeting card, for example, a cake, a picture, a great wine bottle or something tinkered by the children or grandchildren. You can send your congratulations with a personal greeting or a few words. So you get your wholly good and individual birthday wishes, matching the compliments. The joy is guaranteed!

  • The world has become a better place for me, just because of your presence in my life. Thank you very much. Happy Birthday.
  • A birthday cake is always good, but for me, a friend like you is undoubtedly the best. Happy Birthday.
  • Thanks for all the memories we have together. Without you, the world would have been colourless to me.
  • Friend, you have brought good luck into my life. Have a special celebration on your special day.
  • It’s so great to have you as my best friend. I would like to share every single moment with you. Happy Birthday!!
  • I want to wish the smartest friend in the world a happy birthday.
  • We shared many good times and did so many things. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday.
  • I could never find a better friend than you in this whole world. I wish you a happy birthday.
  • Friends always have a special connection and nobody can break them. I wish you a happy birthday.
  • You’re the only one who helped me a lot, guided me, and never gave up when I was not confident. Thanks for the whole way with me. Happy Birthday.
  • Your birthday is something special for me because through this day I found the most valuable friend of my whole life. Happy Birthday.
  • I wish my best friend a great birthday. This special day is just for you.
  • You’re special and that’s why you have to live on your face now with a smile. Happy Birthday.
  • Soon you will start a new year in your life and I hope that this coming year will bring the success you deserve. Happy Birthday.
  • I hope your birthday will be great. Enjoy your day and always be happy. Happy Birthday.
  • Thank you, my dear friend, that you are the perfect partner of my simple life. Happy Birthday.
  • Although we argue about many things and irritate each other. But I love you and always consider you my best friend. Happy Birthday
  • I wish a happy birthday to my charming and extremely talented friend.
  • Friend, although the list of our fights is long, I wish you a wonderful birthday anyway.

happy birthday wishes

The tradition of Best birthday greetings and wishes on a birthday card is almost as old as the birthday party itself. In ancient Rome or Greece, the birthday party was celebrated to invoke guard spirits who were supposed to protect the birthday child from anything wrong. Some gifts were intended as offerings to the guardian spirits.

Even then there were happy birthday greetings, birthday sayings or poems. The feast day was not a family event but was celebrated by a group of people who had birthdays on the same day. And that was not even in the year, but monthly.

But there were also birthday parties of rulers who were celebrated, such as the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. That would be comparable to the celebration of the Queen today in the Commonwealth.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Mom

Although the special day was very different from today, the custom has existed for a long time and has evolved. The idea behind it may have changed, but the presents, birthday greetings, and birthday sayings have remained. You want to tell a loved one that you value him, that you care about him, and how happy you are to have him. For a birthday celebration may also be the right occasion with a beautiful birthday card. It is a summary of the person last year, where everyone gathers and celebrates the beginning of a new one. This applies to the family as well as to friends.

Birthday Present Ideas for Mom

  • Mom, you are my angel. My best wishes to you on this special day. Happy Birthday.
    My heartfelt wishes for the most wonderful mother for her special day. Best wishes for your birthday.
  • Mom, there is no other person who can take the place of you in my heart. I am so happy that I have found the best mother in this world. Happy Birthday.
  • Mom, you are my strength, which helps me, again and again, to fight against the adversities of my life. I love you and happy birthday.
  • Mom, take my heartfelt gratitude on your special day. I love you. Happy Birthday.
    Every morning when I wake up, I thank you. You are the one who loves me unconditionally. You are always my best mom and I wish you a happy birthday.
  • Mom, you are the only person in the world who can turn my tears into a big smile.
  • All I want to say is – I love you. I wish a happy birthday.
  • I wish my dear mom a very happy birthday. I would like to thank you for being my best friend.
  • Mom, I want to be like you. I wish you a happy birthday and it is your credit that I became the person I am now.
  • There is no one better than you. Happy Birthday for my biggest mom.
  • Mom, during your life, your valuable advice has surely led me. Your words are my guide and your love is for me the most valuable. Happy Birthday.
  • Thank you for always being a perfect companion on my journey. Without you, I would have been completely lost I wish you a happy birthday, Mom.
  • Every mom is special, but trust me, there is no other mom that you can compare to your qualities. On this special day, I would like to thank you and wish you a happy birthday.
  • The guidance I have received over the years has been wonderful. I am very grateful to you, Mom. Wish you a happy birthday.
  • Mom, I’d like to thank you for believing in my abilities. When everyone else had given up, you were the only person who guided me all the way. Have a wonderful day.

21st Birthday, 30th Birthday or 50th Birthday

There are special anniversaries to which we attach more weight than others — the 18th Birthday, 21st Birthday, 30th Birthday, or 50th Birthday, for example. On the 18th Birthday, you become an adult; you switch from adolescence to adulthood. This involves first duties but also great opportunities. You are allowed to drive, drink, and vote. At age 21, you reach the age of majority in other countries, and you are no longer a teenager. All rounds are classically celebrated big. Of course, great happy birthday wishes should not be missed!

Teenage Birthday Wishes

Not all countries celebrate the same. Not the same birthdays. In Latin America, for example, the girls’ 15th Birthday is marked with a festive party. In smaller villages or communities, everyone is invited and eating, drinking, and party together. It is often spent an annual salary or more for the celebration.

The dresses of the girls are particularly proud and conspicuous and are only worn on this one day. In Asia, on the other hand, the special day is often celebrated together with many others in the New Year.

The tradition of celebrating its actual birthday date has not been there for a long time. Many Arab countries do not know the culture of the inexpensive birthday party. In some states, not even the exact birth date is known. The details in the card are then maximum estimates.

Happy Birthday Greetings or Birthday Sayings

But no matter what Birthday, congratulations, birthday greetings, or birthday sayings the author needs every year again.

It does not always have to be incredibly creative or funny and original. The main thing is that the birthday greetings or birthday sayings fit the birthday party and come from the heart. Here also gestures or gifts can express with these happy birthday wishes.

As you know, flowers say more than a thousand words, but even a home-baked cake with slate glaze and dripping candles testifies to affection. And that’s what it’s about. As long as the jubilarian likes it, everything is allowed that gives pleasure.

Happy Birthday Sayings

To personalize birthday greetings or birthday sayings, think twice about what makes up the person, what he has for character traits, and what the milestones in his life or last year were. So you can relate to achievements, such as climbing a mountain, or to essential events, such as the wedding or birth of the child.

Likewise, fancy journeys or memorable moments are a great way to reflect on the congratulations on the birthday card. So you quickly notice features that you especially like about the one or the other and would like to emphasize in a birthday wish.

  • Happy Birthday! Bright positive mood, high achievements, spiritual harmony, prosperity, good health, success in everything! I wish you never stop there. Good luck in learning new best birthday ideas, self-development, and striving only for the best!
  • Happy Birthday! May life be a continuous stream of happy days and wonderful moments. I wish you to look back only with good memories, look ahead with confidence in your own strengths and good hope, and in the present always remain a wonderful person with a loving heart and an open soul.
  • I wish you the most important thing in life – health. Let the family love and value you, may there be demand and full self-realization in the work, may happiness and joy live in the heart. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations on this wonderful holiday – happy birthday! I wish every day to smile, wake up in a good mood, enjoy life, and with full self-confidence, run towards cherished dreams.
  • Happy Birthday! We wish you health, good luck, love, luck, peace, kindness, smiles, prosperity. May all dreams come true. Let life be long and smooth, full of bright and memorable events!
  • Happy Birthday! Let happiness accompany you at every step, protect your health under any circumstances, luck and luck will become your reliable life companions. I wish you inspiration in everything, a positive mood, and the fulfillment of all plans.
  • I congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you not to be sick, not to be sad, to smile a lot, to shine with happiness, over the years only to look good, to believe in the best and in a dream that will undoubtedly come true. Let luck be your guide before you open the golden mountains of well-being and sweet dreams. Magic moments let your light illuminate, love will always be there and gives you only pleasure.
  • Happy Birthday! I wish your life was bright and delightful, your loved ones gave attention, joy, warmth, and affection, your friends surrounded you with sincere understanding and support, your colleagues respected and treasured. Let everything that seemed unrealizable come true, and let the most desirable happen!
  • Happy Birthday! Good luck in all your endeavors, the fulfillment of desires, always bright and good mood, faith in yourself and progress towards your goals. And also good health more smiles on holidays and on weekdays, and let every day be filled with happiness and warmth.
  • Bring back, my beloved. Daily result
    Love spell. Lapel. The return of the husband, wife. Rupture of love triangles. Relationship Protection!

Happy Birthday Wishes Text

A gift by the writer usually accompanies the Happy birthday wishes or greetings on the birthday card. This can be something material, or a coupon, or a charity of money. Especially the big birthdays provide an occasion for unusual gifts. It does not depend on perfection but funny or lovely packaging.

So you can make gifts of money a highlight by individually packaging them. That can be coined in an ice block, behind glass, or in a piñata, anything that pleases. Of course, the gifts can sometimes be something completely different, by lots are distributed or sold with friendly services.

Thus, the recipient of each receives an immaterial award, such as an invitation to eat or a lawnmower coupon, which can be distributed over a more extended period. This is particularly suitable for birthday children who have almost everything.

  • If a man like you becomes one year older and looks like a gnu, the friendship does not get any colder.
  • You are a good man whom you can not honor enough. I wish for your Birthday – stay just as you are.
  • Again, a year has passed, So I have to tell you: A man does not need a mirror to know how timeless he looks.
  • For you a gift for the day of honor, I hope that you like it.
  • Old enough to know better… young enough to do it anyway.
  • It’s your Birthday, so I’m wondering if we’re going to empty the bottles today to honor you and your age. We, your buddies, are your guests, congratulations!
  • Congratulations old house, every year you look older. You do not do it a long time anyway, so make your will fast.
  • You know how many people on your Birthday say, “My God, you never seem to get older.” Well, I’m not one of them, so it’s nice to party you old sack!

Happy Birthday Wishes SMS

A great and funny way to congratulate someone on their Birthday, and to wrap their congratulations is a speech or a poem. This is best kept in front of the other guests and should be as happy as possible and designed with humor. Here you can tell something from the past, the first encounter about, or say something about the preferences and traits of the birthday boy.

But you should always do it in such a way that you do not feel attacked, but prefer to portray something humorous. A speech does not have to rhyme, but if you find some funny rhymes, so much the better. But you can also rewrite existing poems, so they fit the anniversary or the anniversary.

Who does not dare to recite the poem or the speech, or can not be present at a birthday? He can write the address on a beautiful sheet or card and send it. So you can give away something very personal.

  • You little man, you are a serious reminder to us because you are the symbol of life. That is why I wish you for your life: Let God give you purpose and direction.
  • Well, that would have laughed, we thought of you too. We congratulate you with birthday wishes, health happiness, and sunshine – may be your constant companions!
  • I wish your happiness to be renewed every day, that a good deed would delight you every hour!
  • With this day, a happy and happy year for you to the wreath of the early years, I wish, as much as I can!
  • I wish you with hand and mouth and from the most profound heart reason: Be happy forever in the new year of life!
  • Finally, he is there, the most beautiful day of the year! I am happy with you and wish you a great birthday
  • I am not sure if you will become President or Vet, but I already know that you can achieve everything in life. I wish you a great birthday!
  • We wish you a colorful Birthday party and press on your Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to you! I wish you many hugs and kisses for your Birthday.
  • Thousands of colorful butterflies only wish you good things. Today is a special day to give you only good things.
  • I wish you a lot of great, great gifts and a lot of fun with your friends on your Birthday!
  • The ladybirds crawl to your house today and shake their lucky spots with you. So that your Birthday is fun and funny, and only good things happen today. If you like, let the beetles in, so we can all be happy.

What is missing on any birthday is a melody. A birthday song is the set version of the birthday wishes. Especially when singing applies: Not the quality counts, but the love with which is sung. It may be crooked and crooked, as long as the Besungene knows that it comes from the heart.

This can be classics, such as “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Birthday,” but also funny children’s birthday songs, which are learned in kindergarten, are a great idea. And especially older ones are happy about a nursery rhyme because on his birthday everyone is a birthday child.

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes

For more massive celebrations, there is also the tradition of birthday songs. Then a well-known song is re-composed so that it becomes a funny anecdote from the life of the birthday boy. For that, you need a bit of creativity and instinct. But even if it does not work out that way or it will become a shout: It is always a great gift.

  • The years we shared are like treasures to me. I can remember every moment of laughter. Happy Birthday my friend.
  • Today is your birthday. Now you are a bit adult. You get better every year.
  • I wish you good luck on your special day. I hope this wonderful day will fill your heart with joy. Have a fantastic birthday, celebrate happiness every day of your life. Happy Birthday!
  • Your birthday wishes should come true. I wish you a cloudless sky, the scent of the most beautiful flowers, a song, a laugh, a wish that comes true – just everything that gives you joy and
    makes you completely happy.
  • Another birthday, so you are getting older. But I find no change in you. You look so perfect from before. Happy Birthday.
  • I want your birthday to be celebrated as a national holiday because then I get a day off. Happy Birthday.
  • I always wanted to be as good as a friend like you. But there is no way to be a better friend than you in the world. Happy Birthday.
  • Thank you for being the perfect companion on FRIENDSHIP rides. I always felt this world when we were together. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday. May the best things in the world happen in your life, because you are definitely one of the best people, too.

Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes to All

Birthday wishes can, therefore, take on almost any form. It does not matter if they come as a card, as a letter, as a self-picked bouquet with cards, sung, or as a sugar note on a cake: birthday wishes are just the right Birthday!

Ultimately, we would like to say that we value those who are happy to have him or her and perhaps even thank us for the years we have spent together. That can also mean a “happy birthday,” but often we need or want to say more, and unfortunately we are missing the right words.

No more boring 0815 congratulations! Here you will find the most beautiful birthday wishes for a creative, funny, and authentic compliment. It does not matter if it’s a little birthday, an 18th, or a 50th birthday. Celebrating with family, friends, and loved ones. Choose the right category and find a birthday wish for your birthday child within seconds!

Simple Happy Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

The birthdays in the family and friends circle are on. It has become a beautiful custom to send congratulations to the birthday boy and to honor him extra. Whether oral or written – worn-out phrases should be taboo.

Written birthday greetings are read several times attentively and leave a lasting impression. If the wishes come from the heart, they, of course, flow into the selected greeting text.

  • Much Love and Best Wishes for Your Birthday!
  • I wish you good luck, courage, contentment, and that the sun always laughs for you.
  • Happy Birthday dear birthday girl! Now you’re one year older, so I wish you stay healthy and happy.
  • I wish you all the best for your Birthday and always remember: The beautiful things in life are free – hugs, smiles, family, friends and of course love.
  • Sincerest wishes and blessings for your Birthday!
  • Today is your day! Celebrate nice and let it crack properly. With heartfelt birthday wishes.
  • Happy Birthday! For you today I have three balloons. The 1st for your wishes that should come true. The 2nd for your worries, which should dissolve in the air. The 3rd for the luck that I wish you. Te old house. Make yourself productive and have a beautiful day.
  • Everything imaginable love and happy birthday!
  • For my Birthday, I wish you as much excitement as you can stand, as much success as you want, as much luck as you can get, and as much health as possible!
  • We sincerely congratulate you on your Birthday! Our wish for the new year: May your most beautiful dreams come true!
  • I wish you luck and blessings as well as success for the new year!
  • Remember to wish you something when blowing out the candles! May this wish come true!
  • On your Birthday, I congratulate you warmly and wish you all the best for the new year, success at work, and happiness in private!
  • May the new year bring happiness, health, and many beautiful moments!
  • For your Birthday, I send you good wishes for the new year: happiness and success should accompany you in the future, may you stay healthy and keep your cheerfulness.
  • I want to congratulate you on your day of honor! I wish you the courage to tackle new things, luck, and good luck with all your projects.
  • We wish you all the best for your birthday party!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Women

As children and adolescents, you are usually looking forward to your Birthday all year round: inviting friends, having a precious gift, and having a lot of fun – this is the order of the day.

But when you get older, you gradually lose your desire for your next Birthday. ” At least after the 30th Birthday, most do not want to get older anymore. Therefore, celebrate the birthdays in your youth extensively and let it bang properly!

  • It’s your Birthday, so do not be sad, do not think bad and do not look so scary. At your age, life begins but only then, as a woman, do you get going.
  • I wish you a happy, happy, and confident birthday, every day your favorite dish, now and then a nice bath, and someone who likes you very much. Oh, that’s me!
  • A big smack, a big hug, and best wishes for your Birthday
  • You have reached the age when all compliments end with the words: “For your age.”
  • You know that you grow old if you only wish for a birthday, that nobody reminds you of it.
  • Today is your Birthday. Another year that has gone, the sands of time, he is trickling away. The important thing is that you do not forget one thing that I am grateful for your friendship every day.
  • Everything will be perfect today on your Birthday. You get the most significant cake. The best gifts & your most secret wishes will come true. That’s the way it has to be. Happy Birthday!
  • This is for you. A loud cheering, wild barking, and roaring autumn wind. A sound of man and nature to celebrate you. Everyone sends congratulations and congratulations on your Birthday.
  • Dear birthday child, today you are the star. Whether relaxing, drinking, or celebrating, this day is yours alone, that’s clear!
  • The secrets of eternal youth are always, to be honest, to eat slowly, and to lie about his actual age.
  • For my Birthday, I wish you a great cake with candles, lots of love, strength, and sunshine, and always reason to be happy.
  • On your Birthday, remember, you should lay down the work, today ‘the household belongs to your husband’s job is done by the colleagues! Enjoy today, my one and all.
  • I wish you dreams, farther than heaven, happiness, brighter than the sun, and love, more profound than the sea.
  • A birthday is the start of another 365-day journey around the sun. Sit back and let the adventure come to you.
  • I wish you a warm and happy birthday. But how could it be, with so many candles on your cake?
  • If a woman’s Birthday, then you can experience something and can raise a strong on the birthday child.
  • Every year that comes and goes merges without interruption, with every Birthday, every year, we celebrate you, that’s clear.
  • Welcome, every fold Welcome. Welcome every gray hair. Being a model is not difficult, but you are the artist of life and year after year.
  • Time is sometimes a sound healer, but a terrible make-up artist.
  • It’s a magical birthday when women walk on it because you’ll see them younger on every Birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Men

Every year… we are embarrassed and sit in front of a blank birthday card. The search for a failed congratulatory letter is a headache. The matching card motif or present can serve as a thematic hanger. Beyond the traditional “Happy Birthday” Spanish “Feliz cumpleaños” or French “Joyeux Anniversaire” bring linguistic change. To combine general birthday wishes with the basic building blocks of happiness, success, health.

  • You do not stop laughing because you are getting old. You get old because you stop laughing. So keep your laugh for many more years!
  • Thousand balloons and a Ferrari at the door. I wish you this and much more. But my biggest wish: stay as you are. Everyone should know what a great person you are
  • You’re not getting older, and you’re just getting better. In this sense, all the best and sweet celebration.
  • What a presence! What incredible intelligence! What charm and what beautiful eyes! But enough talked about me. Happy Birthday!
  • For today’s Birthday make it like a good captain: Stay always on the right track and steer so with a lot of tailwinds and full power ahead successfully into the new year.
  • Menage like wine, women like cheese.
  • The good guys are said to die young. That makes you probably an old ass!
  • This is a funny birthday wish for a man who appreciates a good beer: A long time ago, an old man said: “Do not count your years, make your years count.” Or did he say “Beers”? Anyway, both are good advice! Enjoy your day.
  • It’s great to be young, healthy, and full of energy! Do you still remember?
  • On your day of honor, I want to tell you: What I like about you is that we have you.
  • Enjoy your special day. May all your wishes come true. And your wife will not find out!
  • A man gets old when his debts get older, and his girlfriends get younger and younger.
  • I hope you celebrate your Birthday the way you were born. Naked and screaming. Happy Birthday.
  • Today is your day of honor, you have invited us all. The reason why I like you, you know to celebrate your Birthday extensively.
  • Congratulations on the day of honor! The good thing is how old you become Men’s friendship does not age.
  • A man like you, you can not look at the age. Drink another beer, then you will understand me.
  • Fortunately, men are not getting older, just wiser, and I’m just wondering why it’s different with you.
  • Your Birthday is worthy of being honored today, and we want to say aloud, we are glad we have you.
  • Another year had passed when we sang many songs, emptied more bottles, and honored your old age.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Children

When writing congratulations creativity is required. Whether it’s a little song, a short poem, a funny rhyme, smart wisdom, or an accurate quote – it’s allowed to do what sounds right and sounds appropriate. There are several ways to send the message: by mail, e-mail or SMS, video or telephone.

Those who research suggestions, cleverly incorporate personal modifications. Depending on the character of the jubilee, the words may be peppered with humor and a wink.

  • A long life blossom towards you, laughing happiness comes to you. Joy be with you on all roads, bright spring, and sunshine
  • Today is your big day that every kid likes so much. We wish you the very best of luck and carefree laughter. You should always enjoy the new year. Happy Birthday to You!
  • Your Birthday, it should be great fun and full of sunshine! Gifts are also Allerlei, and we wish you much fun! Happy Birthday!
  • Well, that would have laughed, we thought of you too. We congratulate you with birthday wishes, health happiness, and sunshine – may be your constant companions!
  • Hurray, it’s birthday time, congratulations come from near and far. There are gifts, flowers and cake and sweets of some delicious variety. Have fun, a lot of fun, and a lot of excitement, we congratulate with great rejoicing!
  • Bold life with joy and energy. When a dark cloud comes, remember, the sun never fades. All the best!
  • You are … years old, time passed in no time! Grow up, keep growing, stay happy, and cheerful. Happy Birthday!
  • You whirlwind, you little cute mouse, there, for you, a colorful bouquet. You are hugged, pressed kissed, there you have to go through, the way it is. This day will be glorious today, for our cute little mouse, the sunshine.
  • I wish you all the presents you wanted and celebrate the best birthday party ever!
  • Brilliant with a lot of sunshine, so should be your Birthday. With a lot of friends, fun, and games and presents very, very much. Candles, cake and cake, a lot of visitors and beautiful words. I wish you a birthday girl and congratulate you very quickly.
  • Always be what you are, a happy child, the happiest ever the happiest.
  • Colorful balloons and garlands adorn the whole house for our little birthday mouse.
  • Rejoice in the beautiful, learn to love it. Seek the good, learn to practice it. Make sure that the truth always lives in you, as your most glorious crown. Because in the jewelry of these eternal stars, God and the people like you.
  • Never forget to laugh as you laugh now, happy and free; for a life without laughter is spring without May.
  • The year passed so fast, already that is — Light on the train. We congratulate and wish you good luck and eat a piece of cake with you.
  • We are so glad that you are there and love you very much so celebrate your Birthday today and invite a lot of people!
  • You are now… years old, today there is a lot to do: Unpack the gifts, quickly, because you are the birthday child! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Facebook or WhatsApp

And because you have today’s Birthday – the beginning is made, but how to write individually and imaginatively? Is the recipient male or female, a child, adolescent, or adult? Is the birthday girl a close family member, best friend, neighbor, or work colleague? These questions lead to relevant search terms and text modules for auspicious birthday wishes. Embellish meaningful birthdays such as round days of honor, age, or retirement.

  • Happy Birthday! This message should bring you the whole of next year’s good luck and success!
  • I sincerely wish you the very best for your honor-giving festival today.
  • Today I want to sweeten your jubilee with cell phone greetings. Celebration of fun and with joy still in circles dear people! Congratulations!
  • I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity and that all wishes come true
  • I hope your health, happiness, and success and that all dreams come true
  • Hello, magic fruits! Now you have reached an age where you are finally crisp, sugar-sweet & really to eat! Enjoy this time!
  • Your presence makes the world a better place. I wish you a happy birthday.
  • And another year closer to the pension! Happy Birthday!
  • And the ass also wrinkles, we are still the old! Best regards for your Birthday!
  • Celebrate your Birthday today, but celebrate being happy every day.
  • If you think this lousy WhatsApp message is the only thing you get from me for a birthday, you’re not as stupid as you look. Congratulations!
  • Time is faster than me. A call, a visit is quickly forgotten. But not today! I think of you!
  • Statistics say that people who have many birthdays live longer!
  • The birds are chirping. The sun is laughing, the world is singing, happy Birthday.
  • A special day, a special person, and a special celebration. May all your dreams and wishes come true in this coming year. Happy Birthday.
  • Have a wonderful birthday. I wish you every day with much love, laughter, happiness, and the warmth of the sunshine.
  • Friend, we shared so many laughs and thoughts and strengthened each other when we were down. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Let your dreams flare up and light your birthday candles with it. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • I am so happy that I have such a beautiful and precious relationship with my loving and wonderful friend. Happy Birthday.
  • We are a great couple because we always look beautiful in our photos! Happy Birthday.
  • You are a person who always deserves the best and obviously nothing less. I wish your birthday party will be as fantastic as it is. Happy Birthday.
  • If I have the opportunity to choose my best friend, I will always choose you as my best friend because I need you more than anyone. Happy Birthday.
  • May this birthday be filled with many happy hours and also your life with many happy birthdays that are yet to come. Happy Birthday.

Subsequent Happy Birthday Wishes

Saying with words: To consider loving people with a birthday greeting means honoring them and contributing to one of their most beautiful days of the year.

Striking phrases take into account the personal relationship with the “birthday child.” Depending on the current life situation, encouraging words in crises or career success wishes to accompany the start of a successful new year of life. Zodiac signs and up-to-date horoscopes provide starting points for congratulations.

  • My dog ​​has eaten your greeting card, so my birthday wishes are a little later.
  • You live your life in the fast lane, but I move a bit slower. That’s why I’m celebrating your Birthday a little later — belated all the best.
  • I’m sure you did not expect me to have your birthday greetings on time and you know how I hate to disappoint you.
  • I’m sorry, I’m a bit late with my birthday wishes, but the cat was in the toilet.
  • I would like to have congratulated you on time. But then suddenly everything went haywire. I wish you all the best today!
  • Forgetting a birthday does not mean ignoring the person. I want to congratulate you on my Birthday.

What Is the Best Message for a Birthday?

  • Even if these greetings come a little late, the warm wishes are useful every day.
  • Even if these birthday wishes come a little late, warm wishes are useful every day.
  • Did you know that belated birthday wishes bring twice the luck? From now on, you will succeed in everything.
  • Double kisses and triple hugs are still available today to make up for the fact that I congratulate you too late for your Birthday!
  • I’m sure you did not expect me to have your birthday greetings on time and you know how I hate to disappoint you.
  • Because life is right for you, not only will you receive news for your Birthday, but also afterward.
  • Better late than never, right? Hope you had a great birthday.
  • Because life is good with you, you not only receive mail for your Birthday but also afterward.
  • No, I did not forget your Birthday, I just wrote my wishes a little late as a message. I hope you had a great birthday and I wish you a fantastic coming year.
  • How should I remember your Birthday, if you never look older? If my birthday greeting is the last, it means that he is also the youngest. Happy Birthday!
  • The hustle and bustle of the time, but now get ready, the greetings to the Birthday, they come late from me. I hope they go to your heart.

How to Make Your Original Birthday Wishes on Paper

Today, birthday wishes are still the most popular way to congratulate a loved one but also a valued person. Often it is not so easy to find suitable lines.

  • Also, it is much more personal if you write your congratulations. So knows the birthday child, you have thought about him as a person and the written wishes come from the heart.
  • The best way to write your first birthday wish is to indulge in the necessary rest and time.
  • In any case, you should consider what constitutes the person and what you associate or identify with. But pay attention to which person you judge your self-written wishes.
  • If these are intended for the colleague or even the boss, you should choose the formal spelling and not write too sloppy.
  • You can think about whether you want to embed your birthday wishes in a poem.

So it is possible to wrap your verses in rhymes. If you are at loggerhead rhyming, then this is not a problem.

How Do You Write a Birthday Blessing?

You can also write a general birthday blessing. So you can incorporate both funny and a little irony. As you can see from the possibilities above, it is often not easy to find the right words. But with a bit of patience, you too can put shared experiences and memories into words to honor the birthday girl with your original happy birthday wishes.

How Do You Wish Happy Birthday in Unique Style?

A birthday is coming up, and you have already thought of everything. The present is worried and the card with the original birthday wishes is written out. But how do you congratulate the birthday child, right?

You will certainly be in your life more than once be in a position to say birthday to your congratulations. In this case, what you have learned earlier, you do not forget, and above all, you can use it again and again.

The path to the right congratulations is spiked with some basic rules. One of the most important rules is to congratulate the birthday child personally. After all, you are the bearer of a message. Besides, the personal aspect shows in which interpersonal relationships you stand for the anniversary.

The most important message you convey when congratulating is that you thought of the birthday child. It is entirely sufficient if you want short and sweet “all the best.”

So you can face both your colleague and your boss. It is best to give congratulations to the congratulations while congratulating him on your hand and affirming your wishes with a specific handshake. So you give your words a particular emphasis. Be careful not to over-tighten. This can otherwise lead to irritation.

To leave a pleasant impression with your handshake, you should z. For example, note that your hands are not sweaty. This quickly leads to an unpleasant feeling on both sides. The body language says a lot about a person here.


If you keep too much distance, it can quickly lead to you becoming a scared person. Mostly a hug is considered too intimate compared to a handshake, which you should use with your colleague or boss. Often it is not so challenging to congratulate your counterpart correctly, as long as you always remain authentic.