26 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old of 2022

Are you looking for the Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old, for Christmas or their second birthday? Here you will find the best. Not only will children have a great time with this selection of toys, but these objects will also accompany them in their growth. Didactic games with which they will learn and with which we guarantee you sure success.

The 26 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old

We have all heard about “the terrible 2.” The child is at a stage where whims, tantrums, frustration, and lack of patience can lead parents along the path of bitterness.

During this stage, children are discovering their autonomy from mom and dad. They want to do everything for themselves, even what they can’t do. And when they fail or don’t get what they want, we have a tantrum assured. The good news is that, just because the child is at this stage, it is much easier to make a Birthday Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Oldt. So enjoy the “terrible 2” because to find a gift, all are advantages!

How to Find the Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Olds

After 2 years, children no longer only show interest in other children, but also begin to interact with them. Suddenly they are more social, more participatory with the activities that others organize. They no longer want to play with mom or dad!

According to pediatricians, for the little ones, basic parameters can be established on the most appropriate type of toy according to the child’s age. Between 2 and 5 years, toys that stimulate imagination, memory, and manual skills are recommended.

In general, at the school stage, games that require rules and other players are very appropriate to developmental reasoning. We must always try to stimulate reading at all ages, and about electronic toys, you should know what they provide skills that will be very useful in the future, but you must limit the time spent on your enjoyment.

26 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old of 2022

The real key to the gifts is to help the child decide on something concrete that makes him very excited and encourage it. Instead of breaking our heads in search of the ideal 2nd Birthday Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old because it is more or less practical or more or less educational. It is necessary to turn Christmas into a magical moment that children look forward to, knowing how to encourage enthusiasm, not only during December but for the rest of the year.

To enjoy these dates, it is not necessary to adjust to a specific guide of how and how much should be given to children, since there will always be formulas that adapt to our circumstances or manage to justify our actions. “That it is a lot or a little; it will always be relative, what must prevail is the sense.”

This new way of entertaining means that at this age they don’t need too much to have a good time, but some are necessary. Aim!

Even if you think otherwise, it is not difficult to find the original best Birthday Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old. There are many options if we consider the number of things that can already be done at this stage. The child’s abilities to choose the right gift or game for their age must be evaluated, as explained in our article on educational games for 2-years.

Most 2-year-olds already know how to walk, so they love to move things and push them. They have also learned to speak and are experiencing how to interact with others. It is at this stage when they begin to observe the world of adults.

For them, the environment becomes an immense field of evidence that they face “interpreting.” There is nothing better for a child of this age than imitating the elderly. To do this, you need trucks, cranes, buses, toy teapots, pots.

But these Birthday Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old are just a little brushstroke. Next, you will find what to give to a 2-year-old boy on his birthday thanks to this great selection. These suggestions can be transferred to other special occasions such as Santa Claus, or any celebration in which you want to give detail to children of this age.

Take note of these educational toys for children 2- years. We hope you like them!

1. Cleaning Kit Toy

Let’s not get confused. The cleaning kit can be given to children equally. It will make them the same illusion.

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A broom, dustpan, and mop will allow them to imitate mom or dad in the daily tasks of the house. Beyond the imitation of adults, this toy helps them develop motor coordination and social interaction. On the other hand, autonomy and achievement of goals, through tasks achieved, must be worked on children since they are young.

2. Colored Finger Crayon

These colored waxes are ideal when you still don’t know how to pick up pens or pens. They are inserted into their little fingers and allow them to draw without getting frustrated. Best Birthday Gifts for 2-Year-Old

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They can be stacked inside each other, tower-shaped, so they take up very little space. The best thing is that they are not toxic and are washable.

3. Balancing Path

Bilibo is the “open game” toy par excellence. It allows a lot of possibilities because this Birthday gift for 2-year-olds is multipurpose. What to do? 90% is decided by the child and 10% by the toy.

Best Birthday Gifts for 2-Year-Old

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We talked in detail about this invention in our article about original Birthday gifts for children at Christmas.

4. Wooden Maracas

Musical instruments are among the Birthday gifts for cheap 2-year-old children par excellence. It is the case of these wooden maracas.

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They allow free play, as we have explained above. The maracas are perfect to be at home and improvise concerts with siblings, act in front of dad and mom or liven up family celebrations. Children will learn to collaborate, share, and control their impulses.

5. Wooden Puzzle

This is an affordable and easy-to-find educational Birthday gift for children. Few toys are more stimulating than a wooden problem for a child of this age.

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The puzzles encourage the development of motor and cognitive skills. While trying to do so, with his small pieces of wood, the child is learning to distinguish and associate shapes, develop memory, and excellent motor skills. Just turn and place the pieces in the right place. Amazing, right?

6. Carpets for Coloring With Water Markers

Do you want children to stay with their mouths open? This toy is among our favorite best Birthday Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old children.

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Why? Coloring a carpet with water markers may sound crazy, but it is real and possible. Special markers don’t mess but color so that parents will love this toy too. After a while, the drawing disappears and starts again. You can find it on Amazon. It’s called Doodle magic carpet.

7. Buses Toy

Why does this simple toy like 2-year-olds so much? For all the reasons we said at the beginning. The children push it, drag it, make the dolls go up and down. They can become the driver, a passenger.

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8. Magnetic Board

Even if they don’t know how to write yet, a magnetic board is an excellent Birthday gift idea for a 2-year-old. The little one will learn how to place the wrist and hand, a technique that he will then use at school to write. On the other hand, since it is magnetic, it allows children to make countless drawings without staining.

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9. Totoro Sleeping Bag

It is a classic Birthday gift for 2-year-olds. To reassure, comfort, warm the hearts of children who may pass from the crib to the bed. It is ideal for children who have to learn to sleep alone or who need help to overcome the fear of darkness.

Best Birthday Gifts for 2-Year-Old

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10. Musical Carpet

We finish with a lot of rhythms. What do you think of a musical instrument to play with the whole body? It is a perfect Birthday gift to share with siblings. Are you looking for ideas to play at home with your children? The musical carpet is one of the best proposals.

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If your child comes as a guest to a children’s birthday party at a friend’s house, this Birthday gift will be the star of the event. When the birthday boy opens the package, all attendees can enjoy the music in turns.

11. Supermarket Play Set

Now that the 90th anniversary of the Disney icon has been completed. The company has launched this supermarket game set for Mickey and his friends. Let the little ones have fun changing roles with this game that fosters their imagination.

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12. Kids Small House

A PJ Mask playset that includes casement windows and letterboxes. Imagine the fantastic adventures that children can live inside. High strength plastic house, suitable for indoor and outdoor, and effortless assembly. Recommended age: over 2 years.

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13. Logic Games

A  challenge:  fit the pieces in the three sticks to build what the image proposes. In the beginning, we will play during the day, with pictures and colors. They will be easier to identify. Shortly when night comes, we will only see silhouettes, and the challenge will be more complicated. With ten pieces of wood, we can reproduce 48 challenges.

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14. Interactive Robot Expresses Emotions

Can a musical robot help children to know feelings and emotions? This one, its little headlights up and has 41 melodies that can sound faster or slower, it also has a night mode with nannies and night light, and an emotion mode, where pressing the different faces reproduces the sound of the expression they show. He is a robot with a heart! Sounds and music help the child recognize different moods and share them.

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15. Shapes classifier

The classifier of shapes and colors with daisy silhouette, contains seven holes of different sizes and colors, each corresponding to one of the blocks that the baby’s little hands will manipulate.

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It is ideal for promoting the recognition of shapes and colors, eye-manual coordination, and the early development of motor skills and ability. Will they be able to fit each figure in their respective silhouettes?

16. Wooden Pull along toy

Wooden bunny with wheels, ideal to be dragged and strolled by the smallest of Mumucho. It includes fun details in the form of springs for the head and hands that move when pulled and make the sheet drum sound.

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17. The Train of Numbers

Get on board the Train of Numbers, in which learning to count was never so much fun! LEGO DUPLO numbered bricks, and three wagons allow younger builders to learn math while creating and building their baby train! Turn the model into a tunnel, a building, a doghouse, and many other things. Includes LEGO DUPLO figures of a child and a dog.

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18. A Tricycle

A tricycle is great for fostering your child’s sense of independence. He’ll have fun buzzing in it, especially when he realizes he can control the speed depending on how fast he pedals or pushes.

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Choose a model with a wide base for added stability. Some tricycles have adjustable seats or other practical features, such as a place to store things under the seat.

You may want to choose a tricycle with a handle to push it that can be removed. This gives you the option of pushing your baby when he was tired of pedaling.

19. Materials for Manual Works

Young children’s drawings may look like scribbles now. But with the right materials. Your child could become the next Picasso! So stock up on thick markers and crayons, water and paper paints, and let it experiment.

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At this age, children like to use different rollers, brushes, and sponges (and body parts!) To create different effects with the paint. But make sure you read the labels of all the materials before your baby uses them to make sure everything is washable and non-toxic.

20. A Toy Kitchenette

Bring out the inner chef of your baby with a toy kitchenette. Young children will play happily for hours with a basket full of plastic groceries or lots of pots, pans, and spoons.

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Food-related toys allow you to imitate what adults do in the kitchen, and they will keep your interest for a couple of years, even as your game becomes more sophisticated.

21. Toys to Enjoy Outdoors

A sandpit would be fun for your 2-year-old son, especially if you buy him a bucket and a shovel to build castles or make cupcakes.

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Another thing that kids of this age love are playing with a plastic dump truck. Your child will have fun loading it with sand and then dumping the load.

Many 2-year-old children are obsessed with balls and will enjoy kicking a sponge ball to put it in a net. For now, your little one likely fails to get the ball into the net. But this will change as his coordination improves.

22. Books

By the time he is 2 years old, your baby can enjoy books with more than just a few words on each page.

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You will delight in simple stories, lullabies, and repetitive poems with illustrations full of color that you can point to with your finger.

Your little one will especially like interactive books, in which he can join the action or make sounds. Find some of the favorites, such as “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle or “Let’s Hunt a Bear” by Michael Rosen.

23. Bath Toys

Bath time for 2-year-olds is not so much a relaxing and soothing ritual, but an opportunity to splash water and have fun. Your baby will love colored objects that make bath time more fun.

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You will love rope boats, bubble machines, and water spray toys. You will also be fascinated by special children’s soaps or bath gloves in the form of little animals. Maybe I even let you use them to wash your body!

24. Building Blocks

The blocks are perfect for developing in your little one the ability to grab, stack, and sort.

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Make sure that the pieces you choose are large enough so that your child cannot put them in his mouth, with the risk of suffocation. You can experiment with how many blocks you can stack before your tower collapses, or enjoy sorting them by colors or shapes.

25. Pulling Toys

The toys pull delighted children for generations, and its design has not changed much over the years.

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Most come in the form of trains, trucks, or animals with ears, tails, or legs that move. It is almost sure that if you see one that you like, your child will love it too.

26. Puzzle

Your little one will be fascinated by the intellectual challenge of the puzzles, and by solving them, he will learn the shapes and colors.

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Choose a beautiful wooden animal puzzle or one of the alphabets to give you an advantage with the first steps to learn to read.

Your 2-year-old has vast amounts of energy and curiosity, so it is good to find activities that attract attention. At this age, he is still attracted to brightly colored objects that emit exciting sounds.

By becoming increasingly mobile, you will be interested in toys that you can push, pull, and drag. You will also be fascinated by puzzles and other gadgets that stimulate your mind.


Did you find the best Birthday Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old suitable for you? If you need more proposals, maybe for brothers and sisters of different ages, you can check our articles on: