Best 5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl in 2022

Best 5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl: 5 years is the first small anniversary of a child. By this age, the baby is already well aware that this is his holiday, is looking forward to a solemn day, is carefully preparing for it. At the age of 5, children are distinguished by their curiosity and restlessness, and they are also well aware of their gender.

Best 5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl

5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl
5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl

Boys already know that they will grow up as real men. And girls feel like little princesses Like to play with dolls. I am preparing sometime in the distant future to become mistresses and mothers.

At the age of 5, boys and girls have different interests. Therefore the organization of the holiday is unusual for them. Let us consider in more detail how to celebrate the birthday of a child 5- years old girl, the first anniversary of a little lady.

Who to Invite on the 5th Birthday Party?

A 5 girl has already formed a circle of contacts, she has friends in the yard. She communicates with peers in a kindergarten, which means that she will want to see them at her event. Therefore, the guest list must be compiled with the participation of the future birthday girl; otherwise, resentment and spoiled mood cannot be avoided.

If you plan to invite adult guests – grandparents, aunts, and uncles, distinguish them in time with young guests. If you can’t ask them at different times, then at least provide the children with a separate room. This way, they will not be embarrassed and will be able to have plenty of fun. And adult guests will chat in a relaxed atmosphere without restless and noisy children.

Where to Celebrate the 5th Birthday Party?

There are several options. The choice depends on the number of invited and on the financial capabilities of the parents. If you plan to invite three or 5 kids, then it is quite possible to organize and celebrate the fifth anniversary of your beloved girl at home.

And the guests and the birthday girl will be comfortable at home. Also, they will be supervised and on a smaller area easier to control than, for example, in the entertainment center, where they can scatter somewhere in no time.


Having settled on the home version of the holiday, carefully think over its program, come up with several contests. Girls are less noisy and active than boys. They can be interested in some creative activity. Based on this and plan for entertainment.

And do not forget to hide everything that is beating and valuable before the arrival of young guests. After all, these are still children, and it is impossible to control them all, especially if you are also busy with the festive table.

5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl


Another option for the venue is a children’s cafe. In this case, part of the duties will be removed from your shoulders – the cooks will prepare the treat, and the fun element can be assigned to clowns and animators. 5 years is an age when you can already invite them on holiday. At this age, children are no longer afraid of disguised uncles and aunts and are very actively interacting with them in various competitions and games.

Entertainment Center

You can spend your daughter’s birthday in the entertainment center. But in this case, make sure that somewhere nearby there was a cafe in which children could have a bite to eat or take a treat with them. And remember: the rides are not always safe, and the 5-year plans are active and interested. So enlist the support of several mothers and dads so that they help you control the small guests who walk around.


If your daughter was born in the warm season, consider spending a birthday outdoors. 5-year-old girls will be interested in having a picnic in the park or the country. This is better than sitting in a stuffy apartment, especially if the weather is hot on this day. But make sure that children stay away from ponds, do not touch cats and dogs, and it is better not to make a fire. Celebrating in the open-air expands the possibilities for holding various games and competitions. Because there is more free space in nature than in a cafe or entertainment center. So that you can organize more mobile and dance competitions.

The downside of holding a birthday in nature is that all the treats, decor, and attributes for the contests will have to be delivered somehow, and then picked up, and this is additional trouble. Also, the weather can go wrong. Therefore, just in case, consider an alternative option, so that at the last moment you do not spoil your daughter’s holiday.

5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl
5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl

5th Birthday Party Decoration Ideas for the Room

If you intend to celebrate your birthday at home, decorate the room where the celebration will take place to create a festive mood for the birthday girl and guests. If the little hero of the occasion wants to decorate the room herself, let her do it, because this is her holiday.

Your task is only to help her hang the scenery. Invite her to make a poster from her photos for the last year. Let the guests see how the birthday girl has grown up during this period. What she learned to do, what she is fond of, how she spends her time.

Have you decided to have a party in any particular style? Then choose the appropriate decor. The little birthday girl probably already has her favorite films and cartoons, in the form of which you can spend her holiday.

If the princess is hard to determine her preferences, you can make a holiday in any color, such as pink or orange. Then balls, garlands, and posters should be made in specific colors.

How to Dress a 5 Year Old Princess?

Of course, in a festive dress! But in what? It is better not to wear too magnificent, as the child will be uncomfortable in it, especially if the birthday girl wants to participate in competitions.

If you still want the baby to show off in front of the guests, let her stay in the princess attire during the meeting of the guests and the festive photo shoot, then dress her up in something more comfortable. And do not forget to take another set of clothes in case your daughter sweats or smears food.

How to Treat a 5-year-old Girls?

Each child has his favorite dishes, but you will not please everyone. Therefore, cook something universal. It can be potatoes, chops, several options for salads. 5-year-old children eat almost like adults, there are no particular restrictions, but still, it is better to have less fatty, fried foods on the table.

Children love fruits and sweets, so stock up on several types of fruits, preferably seasonal. You can make a fruit salad. And for dessert, offer baby cupcakes, jelly, curd desserts. And don’t forget about drinking. Children drink a lot, especially not on holidays. Sweet mineral water is not the best option. Prepare stewed fruit, several types of juices, soda without additives, ordinary clean water.

Girls love everything beautiful, so pay special attention to table setting – beautiful napkins, dishes. If you plan to make a holiday thematic, place a table in the corresponding theme. It can be toppers, juice stickers, boxes for sweets, made in a particular style.

7 Entertainment Ideas for 5th Birthday Party

Games and contests for girls are different from boys. If boys always need movement, then girls can be offered more relaxed activities. Here are some examples of games and contests for the birthday of a 5-year-old girl:

1. Puppet Show

Little princesses like to play with dolls at the age of 5, so you can offer them to arrange a small impromptu theatrical production, having built-in advance the scenery and a curtain of two chairs and a sheet.

2. Little Painters

Girls in 5 years already draw well, and they like this task. Organize a contest for the best drawing. Let the little guests bring a single plot or still life. Winners choose by voting. Other participants in the competition also give small gifts so as not to offend anyone. After all, these are girls, and they know how to take offense even at such a young age)

3. Collective Congratulations

Prepare a large sheet of cardboard or Whatman paper and let the guests decorate it with their drawings. If someone already knows how to write, then you can write some kind words for the birthday girl. This will be a pleasant gift, which can be examined and remembered through a happy fifth anniversary over time.

And to entertain younger guests with more active activities, invite them to dance. To do this, prepare some children’s songs.

Here are some more options for outdoor activities for 5-year-olds:

4. Balloon Salute

Give each child a balloon. At the command “salute,” everyone throws the balls into the air and together shout, “Happy Birthday.” Such entertainment continues until the children get bored. As a rule, it is enough several times, but this is a great option to warm up after sitting at the table.

5. Full Pouch

Small toys or sweets are scattered on the floor, and each participant is given a bag. The task is to collect candy while the music is playing. Whoever receives more, he won. And the prize in the competition can be the bags themselves with the collected candies.

6. The Most Accurate

Boxes or a bucket are placed on two chairs. The participants have divided into two teams and a couple of meters away from the chairs. The participants’ task is to throw as many small balls or toys into a box or bucket as possible.

5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl
5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl

7. Dress the Doll

For the competition, you will need two dolls of approximately the same size and in the same outfits. Pre-undress the dolls and offer the girls to dress them for speed. While the girls are dressing the dolls, turn on a fun children’s song.

What Prizes to Prepare for Competitions?

Little 5-year-old princesses are very moody, so get a lot of small gifts to reward not only the winners of the games but also all the participants. Gift options for girls:

  • small chocolate bars;
  • tiny baby dolls;
  • hair ornaments;
  • little books;
  • children’s cosmetics;
  • children’s rings and bracelets.



At the age of 5, girls are very fond of playing homemakers, so it will be interesting for them to tinker in the kitchen. Give them a small pizza baking workshop. Children at this age can be trusted to knead the dough.

The main thing – do not forget to stock up on aprons so that guests do not stain clothes. The easiest option is to buy pizza blanks so that the girls can only lay out the filling on the pizza and sprinkle it with cheese. Cutting the mixture and chopping the cheese is better for them not to entrust for safety reasons.

Don’t want to bake pizza? Invite small hostesses to make sandwiches with their own hands. Organizing such a master class is very simple: you buy a sliced ​​loaf of bread, prepare several options for the toppings. For the filling, you can use a variety of pastes, traditional cheese, and sausage, chopped olives, cucumbers, and tomatoes. And do not forget about jewelry, because girls like everything beautiful so much – prepare several types of fresh herbs. Or invite the hostesses to cut a heart out of a piece of ham using a baking dish.

Young Fashion Designer

Another option for the master class is making a paper doll. For him, you will need to stock up with ready-made patterns of dolls and clothes. Give the participants templates and glue stick, let them figure out how to dress up the doll and fix the clothes with glue. Each of the participants can take such a homemade doll to her home as a keepsake of the holiday.

5th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl

The Highlight of the Holiday is the Cake

Beautiful, decorated in the style of the whole holiday, and the birthday girl with the guests is waiting for him. Therefore, to bring it into the room will be too commonplace. Invite the little ladies to solve the riddle:

  • For a holiday treat
  • yummy – first grade
  • looking forward to it
  • Of course, it is a TORT!

And while making the main holiday treat, we sing the traditional song “Happy Birthday to you.”

And do not forget that the cake is brought in already with candles, so for more magnificent entertainment, we turn off the light in the room.


The 5th birthday girl is already old enough to blow out her 5 candles on her own. Parents can only capture this moment on time with a camera so that after years, they will remember this cheerful holiday of the fifth anniversary of their little daughter!