13 Best 50th Birthday Celebration Ideas of 2022

Best 50th birthday celebration ideas: If someone very close to you, a relative or an exceptional friend. Is about to turn no less than 50 years old. Surely you will love to organize an extraordinary 50th Birthday Celebration party.

50th Birthday Celebration Ideas

They say that the 50th is the new 30 since you have more excellent stability in every way to enjoy the fruits that life has given, as well as energy to celebrate in style. Here you will find a great 50th Birthday to enjoy a different and original birthday.

Turning five decades of life is an event, and so we have to take it. They may seem like many years, but the truth is that 50-year-olds are in the prime of life. At this age, you usually have more stability and a lot of things to discover yet.

Today we want to help you, and that is why we are going to offer you some fantastic suggestions that I love. And that can turn a birthday party into a truly unforgettable event. Take note!

1. 50th Birthday Celebration Invitation

Saying age represents pride in what has been lived and what remains to be lived. What better way to make an invitation that shouts everywhere for 50 years?

50th Birthday Celebration Invitation

On the Internet, you can find invitation templates to download and print the color you have chosen for the 50th birthday party.

50th Birthday Invitation

They can be with the number 50 in front and a photograph of the party when I was a baby. Do not forget to write the place, time, and day.

50th Birthday Invitation

2. Fun Themes to Celebrate the 50th Birthday

To be able to choose the decoration of your party, you need to keep in mind the idea. The important thing is to remember the great moments lived and continue celebrating for those who will come.

3. Hollywood Style

For a Hollywood-style party, look for items that remind of the most celebrated celebrities of yesteryear movies like  Charles Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, and many more.

Print black and white photographs of them and hang them in strategic locations. You can also ask that your guests be dressed up, or have items that help distinguish a character, such as glasses, hats, mustaches, and canes.

Big Hollywood parties can inspire the decor. From the cake, look to make it spectacular with golden wafers and a fifty-year-old sign. The centerpieces can be floral on a golden base and with a cardboard sign with the number 50.

Look for pennants with fun movie legends or gold and silver colors. Balloons on all birthdays are indispensable.  You will find latex or foil balloons in shades of gold and the form of stars or with the number 50.

4. Black and White Theme

It is fashionable to choose a range of colors, and the most quoted is black and white. Ideal for both women and men, you can convey elegance and sophistication.

Seeks to incorporate these colors in all the elements, from the tablecloths, covers chairs, plates, glasses, and cutlery. The latter may be disposable. On the Internet, you will find many options at affordable prices.

Look for giant latex or foil balloons, combine whites with blacks and place them at the entrance to the party, at the candy bar, and even at the centerpieces.

The centerpieces can be in cardboard boxes with black and white stripes, with white flowers and green foliage. Decorate it with signs that say: Happy 50! or fifty! Creativity has no limits.

5. 50th Birthday Surprise Party

Sometimes we want to thank that loved one for all his support and love. What better occasion to celebrate its five decades of life than with a surprise party.

The main thing is to organize it away from home so that the celebrated one doesn’t notice anything. Choose a party room or terrace where you can hold everything.

Remember to let the guests know by inviting the party to be a surprise with a: Shhhh! It’s a surprise!!!

Choose the colors that the party likes the most and decorate based on them. For example, if she is a woman who loves pink, you can put tablecloths, plates, glasses, and balloons in this color.

If you are a man, you can choose to have the decoration around. DIY: A wheelbarrow with cold beers, candles with screws, cakes with work tools, and everything you can think of.

6. Half-century Celebration Photocall

Photocalls are fun, and all guests always want to participate in them. Depending on the theme you have chosen, look for a scenario. You can make a curtain with gold and silver fabrics and decorate it with balloons and pennants of tissue paper.

Place in the center of the curtain a giant Happy Birthday cardboard sign with the number 50. You can have a basket with masks, glasses, mustaches, and posters and also funny 50th birthday games.

7. 50th Birthday Snack and Candy Bar Table

For a party to be a success, you have to give an excellent food service. The important thing is that you don’t complicate yourself. You can do it yourself and ask someone to help you.

Looking to offer simple snacks like potatoes, popcorn, and fried foods. For something more substantial you can prepare sandwiches and tapas of serrano ham, cheese and turkey ham sandwiches, canapes, and skewers made of fresh and seasonal ingredients.

For something sweet apart from the cake, which you can not miss, prepare cupcakes, cake pops, fondant cookies decorated with the number 50 or a happy birthday.

You can offer a tray of strawberries and bananas to spread them in a chocolate fountain. The point is to provide quality desserts. Candy bags are a good option for little ones.

8. Ideas to Decorate a 50-year-old Birthday: Bet on a Surprise

If there is something that has to be a 50th-anniversary party, it is secret (for the person who turns years, of course). There is nothing like seeing his surprised face when everyone he loves most receives him that way.

Therefore, do not think about it any longer and throw yourself into the adventure of organizing a great surprise birthday party ideas for that particular person.

Here are some ideas to decorate a 50 year birthday that you will like very much.

9. Search for the Right Place

It may be the birthday boy’s favorite restaurant (sometimes they have rooms that rented for events), or a friend’s country house, or your house. Whatever the chosen place, it is essential to decorate and prepare it in advance for the occasion.

If it is still good weather where you live, it may be a good idea to celebrate the outdoor party. The birthday on the outside is hilarious, but it all depends on the weather, of course.

In any case, if you have the right place (a garden or a terrace), you can organize the outdoor party. Although preparing an alternative solution, it rains or is cold.

10. A Party Not to Stop

If you are looking for ideas to decorate a 50-year-old birthday, here is one that everyone will like: organize a fun activity to do, before or after the party. It is almost preferable that it be before because, at that time, everyone is more receptive and eager to have fun.

It can be an outdoor activity, or also a cooking course, a laughter therapy workshop, or an illusionist performance, for example. The important thing is to look at the character and tastes of the birthday boy. If you do, you will be right.

11. Decorate the Stage of the Party

It seems obvious, but it is not. The venue of the party must be decorated and well lit. It cannot be in darkness but must have good light. However, it is convenient to have regulators that allow us to clarify the view whenever we want, to create a more welcoming environment.

You can not miss the balloons, or the confetti, or a table full of delicious delicacies. Why not make a photocall, that is, a fun panel in which to take a thousand photos of everyone? Here you have a great idea to do it: pasting original balloons on a blank board.

12. Memories Are Not Lacking

The 50 years is an age in which the most and the least treasures and a few memories. And although some of us don’t like to remember it, most of us love it, and we want to enjoy it.

Well, surely the birthday boy is grateful that you prepare a surprise video or a photo book that gathers his best memories.

The key to making this idea a success is that you prepare it in advance. You have to put the whole gang on your side and get them to help you collect photographs, first images, etc. Or have them help you record the video. Inevitably that particular person releases some tears of emotion.

13. The Table, an Essential Element

Among all the ideas to decorate a 50-year-old birthday, there are some significant ones. Such as those that focus on the preparation of the menu, the table, and the drinks that guests will enjoy.

Well, my advice is that you bet on simple, precious things, that you know they will like, and that you leave more complicated things that can make you a headache.

The good idea is to prepare a large meal with everything well exposed for each guest to serve himself.

What comes to be a self-service table. Choose paper tableware (there are hilarious models) and make sure everything is at hand. Care must be taken to replenish what is being spent.

How can I celebrate my 50th birthday?

Today we offer you some 50th Birthday Celebration Ideas to decorate a 50 year birthday. It will be such a great party that the celebrated will never forget her. Keep reading, and you will see.

How can I celebrate my 50th birthday at home?

Turning 50th is an excellent opportunity to organize a memorable party, either for yourself or for a family member. The point is to remember this half-century of life.

What should I plan for a 50th birthday party?

That’s why, on this occasion, the birthday boy deserves a great party with endless 50th Birthday Celebration Ideas to decorate a 50-year-old birthday.


With these ideas to celebrate a 50 year birthday, you will achieve total success. You will see!