28 Best Birthday Party Games for Adults at Home of 2022

Best Birthday Party Games for Adults at Home: Preparing to celebrate her birthday, inviting guests to the celebration, the birthday party needs to choose funny table Games in advance so that the holiday goes as brightly as possible, more interesting, and, most importantly, to avoid awkward protracted pauses or unwanted conversations.

What do you do at a grown up birthday party?

You can always throw a good birthday party that is fun regardless of age. Not only are children’s birthdays great, but when it comes to adult birthdays, you can also create parties where guests can have a good time.

In this sense, there are a series of details that must be paid attention to so that the party goes as well as possible and that all the guests can remember.

So today we’re going to talk about some things to think about, as well as some ideas that can make a birthday party perfect.

Birthday Party Games for Adults at Home

Games should be chosen – as a rule, and adults have absolutely no desire to get up from the table to participate in outdoor games – therefore, the invitation to jump and run is unlikely to be greeted by guests with enthusiasm.

28 Best Birthday Party Games for Adults at Home of 2022

At the same time, the number of contests should not exceed 5-6. Otherwise, even the funniest entertainment program will be unreasonably prolonged and soon get tired.

The Necessary Props and Organizational Preparations

Most of the contests proposed below do not imply a facilitator. Still, to conduct some of them, the facilitator will need to be selected by a general vote – which in itself will be a fun Birthday Party Games for Adults at Home.

List of top Birthday Party Games for Adults

Or agree in advance that one of your loved ones will take on this role.

1. Props

For the competitive program, it is necessary to prepare in advance:

  • Tokens or Medals;
  • Red Box;
  • Forfeits With Tasks;
  • Blindfold and Mittens (According to the Number of Guests);
  • Cards With Pictures in Blue or Pink (Depending on Whose Birthday) the Box:
  • Scales for Weighing Trucks,
  • Desert,
  • Telescope,
  • Moonshine,
  • Tank,
  • Police Car,
  • Lemon Tree,
  • Propeller.
  • Two Bags (Boxes);
  • Cards With Questions;
  • Cards With Answers;
  • Long Nose Made of Cardboard and Elastic;
  • A Glass of Water;
  • Ring.

2. Red Box

Separately, the Red Box is being prepared with phantoms for those who have lost in Games or dropped out of the birthday party games for adults at home.

You can make the “Red Box” yourself, from colored paper and scotch tape, or buy one ready-made.

Fanta quests should be as funny as possible, for example :

  • to sing with a serious look a cool, song in a fake voice, without falling into any note;
  • dance sitting (arms, shoulders, eyes, head, etc. funny dance);
  • show the trick (at the same time so that it doesn’t work out – it’s clear that there are no magicians among the guests);
  • tell a funny poem, make an unusual riddle, tell a funny story, and so on.

Attention:The “red box” will be in the middle of the table throughout the entire entertainment program. As mentioned above – it is for the losing participants. Therefore, do not forget to leave the contestant to “reward” the phantom – and it doesn’t matter if the tasks are repeated – everyone will perform them in their own way!

3. “Find a Birthday Person”

Guests are blindfolded. Leading all transplanted as he wants. As a result, no one knows who is now where he is sitting, and who is nearby.

Warm mittens are worn for each guest. You need to touch to find out who is sitting next to, touching hands in mittens only to the head and face of a neighbor.

Firstly, it tickles and involuntarily causes laughter! And secondly, it’s very interesting to try to guess a person through touch! Each participant guesses the one on the left.

You can only guess once. The ultimate goal is to find a birthday person.

The bandages are removed only when the last participant guessed or did not guess his neighbor, but if a birthday is discovered, the game ends earlier.

Whoever has not guessed the neighbor pulls a phantom from the Red Box and performs a funny task.

4.  “Wishes and Funny Gifts for the Birthday Person”

This is a very funny contest for resourceful guests with a sense of humor.

First, the Presenter says the main congratulation.

It reads as follows: 

“Dear (s), our birthday (TSA)! We all sincerely love you and wish you good health, happiness, and prosperity! May all your dreams come true! Now the rest of the guests will complement my wishes!”

Further, each of the participants should say the phrase: 

“But I know that this is what you really need, so I give it!” 

and then pull out the picture from the blue (or pink) box, show it to the birthday person (birthday girl), and explain – why does he give this hero to the hero of the occasion? If there is no explanation, the contestant reads the text on the back of the picture.

The next participant, before getting the picture out of the box, again repeats the beginning of the congratulatory birthday wishes:

“And I, I know that this is what you really need, so I give it!” and takes out his ridiculous “gift”

with an explanation of why this is to the hero of the occasion really needed!

So, for example, after delivering a picture with the image of the desert, the participant first says the main phrase, with which everyone who draws the pictures begins:

“But I know that this is what you really need, so I give it!”,

and if you don’t find your wish. Read the phrase written in the picture on the reverse side: 

“But I know that this is what you really need, so I give it!”,

What should be depicted and written in the pictures is indicated in the “Preliminary preparation” section, but we repeat again :

  1. In the box are pictures of unusual objects.
  2. On the reverse side, as a hint, wishes are written. First, the guest, looking at the picture stretched out of the box, tries to come up with an original wish for the birthday girl (birthday girl), then looks at the hint written on the back of the picture and attaches it to her congratulations.
  3. You can add other pictures, in any quantity – the more pictures and wishes, the more interesting the Games.

Required minimum pictures for the Games :

  • The picture of special scales for weighing loaded KamAZ trucks is written on the reverse side: “I wish you so much wealth that it was impossible to count, but only weigh with such scales!”;
  • The image of the telescope is written on the reverse side: “I wish all dreams and their fulfillment be much closer than those stars in the sky that are visible through the telescope!”;
  • Moonshine still, on the reverse side a wish: “Let a considerable percentage of unrestrained fun always play in your veins!”;
  • The picture with the image of the tank, a wish: “So that there was always something to go to the store!”
  • Image of a police car with a flashing light: “So when you drive, people parted!”
  • a tree on which lemons grow, the inscription: “So that you have “lemons” and not only fruits grow all year round!”
  • The picture with the image of the desert, on the backside it says: “Let them go away, forever, holding hands, and can no longer return, all your enemies, taking all your troubles!”
  • The image of the propeller from the movie “Baby and Carlson,” the inscription: “Let your life always be Carlson, who lives on the roof and brings a lot of valuable gifts!”

There Are Two Winners in the Games

  • First: the one who came up with the most ridiculous congratulations to the birthday man (birthday girl);
  • Second: the one who read the inscription in the picture is the funniest.

5. “Tell Us About Yourself: Let’s Play Cards”

Two bags (or two boxes): in one, there are randomly mixed cards with questions, in the other – answers.

  1. The facilitator pulls the card out of the bag of questions, read out loudly.
  2. The first participant of the feast draws a card from the bag with the answers, and with expression.

It will be fun random combinations of questions and answers.

  • For example, the Presenter: “Have you ever been stopped by a traffic police officer?”
  • The answer may be the phrase: “This is so nice
  • Only one card can be drawn to one question.

The game ends when all the cards are voiced, and all guests read the answers to the questions.

Question Cards :

  • 1) Do you like a drink?
  • 2) Do you like women?
  • 3) Do you like men?
  • 4) Do you eat at night?
  • 5) Do you change socks every day?
  • 6) Do you watch TV?
  • 7) Do you want to cut your hair?
  • 8) Admit that you like to count other people’s money?
  • 9) Do you like to gossip?
  • 10) Do you often play others?
  • 11) Do you know how to use a cell phone?
  • 12) Now at the festive table, you watched who, what and how much had eaten?
  • 13) Have you ever driven a drunk?
  • 14) Have you ever come for a birthday without a gift?
  • 15) Have you ever howled at the moon?
  • 16) Have you considered the cost of today’s set table?
  • 17) Have you ever given what you yourself have presented unnecessary?
  • 18) Do you hide food under the pillow?
  • 19) Do you show indecent signs to other drivers?
  • 20) Can you not open the door for guests?
  • 21) Do you often miss work?

Answer Cards :

  • 1) Only at night, in the dark.
  • 2) Perhaps someday, while intoxicated.
  • 3) I can’t live without it!
  • 4) When no one sees.
  • 5) No, this is not mine.
  • 6) Just about this and dream!
  • 7) This is my secret dream.
  • 8) I tried it once.
  • 9) Of course, yes!
  • 10) Definitely not!
  • 11) In childhood, yes.
  • 12) Rarely, I want more often!
  • 13) I have been taught this since childhood.
  • 14) It is very nice.
  • 15) Necessarily and without fail!
  • 16) This does not interest me in any way.
  • 17) Almost always!
  • 18) Yes. The doctor prescribed it to me.
  • 19) I only do this.
  • 20) Once a day.
  • 21) No, I’m afraid.

6. “Intuition”

Each player has a hoop with a specific figure on their head. It can be a fruit, a vegetable, a character, a famous person.

The task of the players, with the help of clarifying questions that are answered only by “yes” or “no,” is to guess who he is.

Instead of hoops, you can make cardboard masks, and then the game will turn out not only interesting but also very funny.

7. “Long Nose”

All wear pre-cooked noses.

At the Leader’s command, a small ring should be transferred from nose to nose, and at the same time a glass of water from hand to hand, trying not to spill a drop.

The game is considered finished when both the ring and the glass of water return to the “first” participant.

Anyone who drops a ring or spills water gets a penalty.

8. “Find the General”

Players are divided into teams. The Presenter shows three pictures that share something in common.

To motivate and amuse teams, the condition maybe this: a team that has not guessed the answer drinks penal glasses.

For example, one picture shows a jacuzzi. The second shows the Eiffel Tower; the third shows the periodic table. Unites them – a surname since each image is an object named after its creator.

9. “Hat for the Birthday Man”

In a deep hat you need to put a lot of folded pieces of paper with laudatory descriptions of the birthday person (birthday girl), for example :

  • smart
  • beautiful
  •  slim 
  • talented
  • household, and so on.

Guests are divided into pairs. One partner takes out a piece of paper, reads a word to himself, and explains to his partner with gestures what it means.

If the answer is not found, one can be prompted with words, but not by naming the word itself, but by describing its essence. The team that gets the correct answers wins.

You can not divide into pairs. One person takes out a piece of paper and gestures the word, while others guess.

For each correct answer, the player receives one point. The player with the most points wins.

10. “Get to the Truth”

A certain object, for example, a carrot, needs to be wrapped in several layers of foil. A riddle or task accompanies each layer.

If a guest guesses the correct answer or completes a task, he unfolds the first layer. If not, passes the baton to the neighbor and receives a penalty forfeit.

Anyone who removes the last layer receives a prize.

11. “Gossip Girl”

This funny Games is more suitable for a small company because you will need headphones for all the participants. Or several volunteers may participate, while others will oversee the process.

Players put on headphones and listen to music loudly so that no extraneous sounds are heard.

Without headphones, only the one who says the first phrase remains. This should be a secret about the birthday girl (birthday).

He speaks it loudly, but so that to clearly hear all the words was impossible.

The second player passes the phrase that he allegedly heard to the third, third to fourth, and so on.

Guests who have already transmitted the “gossip about the birthday girl” can take off their headphones and watch what other participants transmit as a result.

The last player voices the phrase that he heard, and the first speaks the original.

12. “The Second Half”

Guests will have to include all their acting skills. Each player chooses a piece of paper on which is written the role that he will play.

Paired roles: the goal is to find your partner as soon as possible.

On command, all players begin to read their role and, at the same time, follow the game of others in order to quickly understand who their soulmate is.

For example, Romeo and Juliet: Juliet can execute the text: “I am standing on the balcony and waiting for my love,” and so on.

13. “Together.”

The host offers to write a fairy tale about the birthday girl (birthday).

Each one comes up with his own story, but each player will write only one sentence on a common sheet.

The fairy tale begins with the sentence, “One fine day (name) was born.” The leaflet is transmitted in a circle.

The first person writes a sequel based on the first sentence.

The second person reads the sentence of the first, adds his own, and folds a sheet of paper so that the third guest can see only the sentence that the person wrote in front of him.

Thus, a fairy tale is written until the sheet returns to the guest, who first began to write it. Together, we get a very funny story about the hero of the occasion, which is then read aloud.

14. “Honest Answer”

It is necessary to prepare cards with questions and answers.

One guest removes a card from the deck with questions, and the one to whom the question is addressed is from the deck of answers.

The game continues in a circle. The number of questions and answers should at least correspond to the number of players, and it is better to be two to three times more.

Sample options

Questions :

  • 1. Do you often walk around the apartment naked?
  • 2. Do you envy rich people?
  • 3. Do you have color dreams?
  • 4. Do you sing in the shower?
  • 5. Do you often lose your temper?
  • 6. Have you ever declared your love to the monument?
  • 7. Do you sometimes think that you are created for some great mission?
  • 8. Do you like to peep?
  • 9. Do you often try on lace underwear?
  • 10. Do you often read other people’s letters?

Answers :

  • 1. No, only when I drink.
  • 2. As an exception.
  • 3. Oh, yes. It looks so much like me.
  • 4. You might think of this crime.
  • 5. Only on holidays.
  • 6. No, such nonsense is not for me.
  • 7. Such thoughts visit me constantly.
  • 8. This is my meaning of life.
  • 9. Only when no one sees.
  • 10. Only when they pay.

15. “By Ear”

All participants are blindfolded. The facilitator knocks with a pencil or fork on any subject.

The one who first guesses the item will receive one point (you can use stickers and stick on clothes).

He wins who will have more at the end of the game.

16. “Inarticulate Hamster”

All guests fill the mouth of the marshmallows. The first participant reads the phrase that is written on the sheet but does not show the rest.

He speaks to her neighbor, but because of her mouth full, the words will be very illegible.

A phrase is a task that will have to be performed by the one who will be the last, for example, “You must dance a lezginka.”

The participant will have to perform the action that he heard.

17. “Top Secret”

The Leader gives each player a paper strip on which to write something that he had never told anyone before.

It is advisable to recall some funny incident that was inconvenient to talk about, for example, “As a child, I stole donuts.”

You can write in any handwriting so that no one guesses whose secret it is.

Then all the pieces of paper are folded into one place, and the Presenter voices them.

After reading out each note, the guests say, “It could have happened to everyone!” and have a drink.

Such a game is more suitable for a friendly company with which it will be easy to share your secret, albeit anonymously.

18. “Sobriety Test”

A game for a big company. The first team is one side of the table, and the second is the other.

From the first player to the last, you will need to transfer various items, holding them with matches.

The winner is the team that will quickly transfer in this way all objects from one edge of the table to the other.

19. “Musical Crocodile”

The first contestant takes out a piece of paper on which the name of the song and, possibly, the text is written.

The task is to explain to the rest what song it is. You can not explain the words from the song itself.

For example, “When the apple trees blossom …” you can not say, “Apple trees blossomed in the garden.” We can say, “In one place there is a tree, fruits appear on it” and something like that.

20. “Find Your Couple”

For the game, you need to prepare cards with the names of various animals. For each animal, two cards.

Participants pull out cards and then show each other their animals (meowing, crowing, and so on). The game will be over only after all the pairs are found.

21. “Clear Without Words”

It is necessary to prepare funny shots from films in advance. Guests watch a frame from a famous film, listen to the beginning of the phrase, and the rest goes without sound.

Need to continue the phrase. The one who correctly quotes the remaining fragment receives one point.

It is important to select frames from well-known films. The person with the most points wins. Those who continue the phrase will not be able to receive penalties.

22. “Songs on the Contrary”

For this game, you need to download a special application that plays songs the other way around.

Guests can break into teams or participate in each for themselves. The winner is the one who guesses the songs more than others.

23. “Remember the Song”

Before the start of the game, all participants are thrown off for a certain amount of money.

The facilitator names one word, and the participants should remember the songs where this word is mentioned.

The one who performed the passage from the song will take the money for himself. As soon as the second participant offers another option, the money goes to him.

So, the player takes all the winnings to himself if his option seems to be the last.

24. “Pilots and Sailors”

You need to come up with a nice prize for the winners in advance. Each player is given a piece of paper and the right to choose whose team he would like to get into pilots or sailors.

On command, each participant must make a paper airplane or boat out of paper.

Then the Leader calculates the total number of origami and what will be more, that team will receive a prize.

25. “Hollywood.”

This game is sure to amuse you! Choose your favorite movie, mute, and distribute roles. And then just plug in the imagination! You duplicate Angelina Jolie, your friend Brad Pitt, and the fun begins! Angelina is angry because Brad is constantly sitting in the pub and does nothing at home!

26. Fashion Defile

Hats, gloves, scarves, as well as bras, panties, t-shirts, leggings, swimwear, and pajamas. Socks on the hands, panties on the head. You can create very extravagant images. Aluminum foil, toilet paper, electrical tape, duct tape, holiday wrapping paper, and even plastic cups will be used. Appoint a jury and let it choose a winner!

By agreement, the parties may determine in which order to use parts of the wardrobe.

27. Portrait of a Birthday

Divide into teams to collectively create a birthday portrait: one participant draws a nose, the other eyes, etc. The picture that is recognized as the best strict jury wins.

You can change the course of the game and agree that one of the guests will be drawn. That picture, which is closer to the original, that is, according to which it will be possible to guess the guest who is shown on it, will win.

28. “Let’s Sing, Friends!”

In this simple but funny Games, two participants who will have to sing the same song, with the condition that the first start the song a few seconds earlier than the second. The winner is the one who sings longer without losing track.

Our contests are designed for the most modest expenses, both financial and organizational. Given the age of the guests and their preferences, the contests can be held very funny and mischievous.


Such a birthday celebration is sure to be remembered for a long time! We wish you a noisy, fun feast!