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30 Best Games for an Adult Birthday Party in 2020

30 Top Most enjoyable Games for an Adult Birthday Party: By playing, adults are giving themselves the chance to relive childhood experiences, become children again, laugh, get out of their work routine and worries, the seriousness of their professional work.

Games for an Adult Birthday Party

Adults can gather to play and have fun, in many ways, whether to celebrate birthdays, parties between coworkers, activities of a club of friends or fans of a hobby or sport. And if that is the idea of ​​the birthday parties they want to have, here are some Games for an Adult Birthday Party ideas that we can use for an Adult Birthday Party with lots of humor and fun.

1. Balloon Pop Game With the Couple:

This challenge, game or penance comes in handy as an activity for an Adult Birthday Party, as suggestive and spicy as it can become. It’s about competing between couples, to blow up balloons that place between the two, in the genital area.

It can be done in two ways: You can try to explode a balloon in less time or compete to see which couples push harder and blow more aircraft in a given period, for example in 1 minute.

A very suggestive position is that the inflated balloon is located in the tail of the woman, who bends down, while the male pushes hard to explode the balloon. Look at the image, taken from a video of an Adult Birthday Party, where this idea is presented.

2. Take and Lick the Couple’s Belly Button:

This Games for an Adult Birthday Party or challenge can be played at a couples Birthday party, or among close people. You must choose another person to have a drink of liquor. That is thrown into the oblique of who is elected.

The idea is that the drink of the liquor is sipped in the navel so as not to water. It through the body, until the end of the glass and as the navel becomes full, it is drunk.

It can also be a portion of sauce, jam, condensed milk, honey.

It can also be done, that the chosen person smears his ears or another part of the body with honey, such as the hands, shoulders, neck and the other player must clean it, with the tongue (lick it).

3. Crawl With a Ball:

This is penance or a very simple challenge, but sometimes it presents difficulties if we put a time limit.

We need a ball or a ball that doesn’t bounce much and space to move forward without obstacles. Who pays the penance should bend down and be placed on the floor in a quadruped position (on four legs). He puts the ball next to him and must move it with one hand, while with the other he holds his body. It ends when you reach the goal, which can be located about 10 meters or more. The ball must remain close to the body. For greater difficulty, you may be asked to move the ball with your head.

4. Move on a Ball

Who pays the penalty, pledge or penance sits on a shot or football, the bigger, the better. So you must advance along a route of about 10 meters.

You can only propel the ball with your tail; you cannot touch it with your hands after sitting on it. Or if others allow it, feel it with your hands when the ball comes out of your domain, and you need to restart the course. Finish this penance by crossing the defined goal.

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5. Tangled Jumps

It consists of jumping, having a difficulty: that we carry a ball or a ball tight in the legs or thighs. The ball cannot be dropped, or the path must be restarted.

The rest of the players will determine the distance for the jump course. Or by the organizer of the game. If the player (s) performing the challenge have any physical impediment to jumping, he can make the journey by walking fast.

6. Fall in Love With the Ball

Each one randomly takes a shot or ball from a box or basket, without choosing it. He will then focus on his ball and look for charming phrases to tell him.

For example, how much he wants it, how he likes to have it by his side, etc. Romantic phrases, compliments, etc. are allowed. You must do it for 1 minute. It can also be an individual penance or penalty, which will be performed by the chosen player. This game stimulates the imagination and the generation of creative ideas.

7. Game the Traditions of My People

It is about following the condition of a given letter, to name things, actions, displaying its useful vocabulary and general culture about the tradition of a country or region. They sit in a circle, and the animator explains the game to them. The following are narrated: In my town or my country, we have very deep-rooted traditions, for example, we like it, with the M, the R, the P (or another letter) Players must complete the sentence. Models with the letter M :

  • Harvest and eat Corn
  • Make Backpacks
  • Drink Mate
  • Play mus
  • Make Molas
  • Play the Marimba

In the course of the game, if the animator deems it convenient, they can change letters before finishing the round.

The game can be used for social science subjects, to stimulate the study of themes of traditions and folklore.

8. Recover the Balls:

It takes several balls, hopefully big. We can make a competition or an individual challenge. It is tart to get balls that are within a circle of about 5 meters in diameter, only using the back. They may feel about them and move them. There is no time limit.

If we are going to make a competition between several players, we can put a starting line and a goal line and thus make a fun competition.

9. Sit All in a Chair:

This challenge or penance is a test of physical resistance that causes a lot of humor, and it is beneficial for group activities and games, children’s games, kids birthday parties, or party or Games for an Adult Birthday Party.

The following is said: – The time has come to put everyone to play! Imagine:  There is only ONE chair left for everyone to feel: That of the player who pays the penalty or penance.

As there is no more place to sit, everyone has to settle in that chair. Logically, the first to sit down and get settled is the one who pays the penance. Then, they sit on top and to one side, the other players, one by one, very slowly.

It doesn’t matter if they are a little uncomfortable.

The wider the chair (and more resistant), the better. (It is not recommended to use plastic chairs, as they can bend and cause an accident) If someone or everyone falls, the accommodation begins again. This penance or challenge ends when everyone is well seated and accommodated in that chair and lasts for a few seconds. (They can count to 5) This penance requires the support of fellow players so that we can consider it as part of a cooperative game. Variation or adaptation: If the group is too large and the person doing the penance is too small, you can ask him to accommodate up to 5 or more people in his chair.

10. Unexpected Uses:

This is a challenge or game that requires a high dose of creativity. The selected player must mention and explain very well ten uses that an everyday object can have, for example, a toilet lid, a spoon, a pot lid, a clothes hook, a lipstick, talcum powder, a pen, etc.

The object can be told by the birthday party’s entertainer or organizer, who is on a birthday or randomly looking for it in a dictionary or magazine. It may be the first item in your pocket or purse.

This challenge stimulates the creativity and good humor of the participants.

11. Underwear Accessories:

With underwear put them as accessories or on top of the clothes: a collar of socks and in the center, like a gem, a hygienic towel.

12. Dress Gracefully in the Underwear of the Opposite Sex:

If you are a man: Borrow a bra, or a thong, a corset, etc., and place it on top of your clothes and have it for the rest of the game, or you can also take off your shirt and display a bra. You can fill it with something to give greater visibility to the garment.

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13. Scarecrow:

Let yourself be disguised as a scarecrow for the rest of the players, using various clothes, newspapers, hats, etc. and stand for a while.

The others can play jokes, put other accessories, tell jokes about it.

14. Multipurpose Socks:

With borrowed socks, make a bow tie or tie, a headband, an eye patch, use them as a fastener or rope to tie a tail of the hair, create a handle. Here creativity counts, as each one will look for what to do with those socks they lend.

15. Find the Sock Partner:

This game requires prior preparation. All attendees or party guests are advised to wear at least two or three pairs of socks, which they will wear in a few games. The idea is to complete at least 20 pairs. They are all released, in a bag and mixed.

Then, they empty on a table. Then, in turns, either individually or in pairs, they must find the pairs of the socks and join them together. Win who else pairs of socks I managed to participate in two minutes.

As a prize, there will be a beautiful pair of cold socks! To kid and confuse the players, we can add several socks alone, without a partner (nones), that will make them lose a little patience and add a touch of humor to the game.

16. Play With a Ball Made of Socks:

It can be throwing it like a hot ball, they receive it and throw it immediately, if someone drops it, they lose a point. At three negative points, pay penance.

Use it as a ball that is thrown to hit another chosen player, who must take out the blows. Or choose a point that serves as a target or target.

Also, use it to kick it as a micro football and put a goal in an improvised goal: which can be the legs of a plastic chair.

17. Blind Your Eyes With Fragrant Clothing:

Make a blindfold challenge (look for something in the room, walk to the exit, etc.), but sell them with a bra or a very scented handkerchief, some socks.

18. Change Clothes With Someone:

Change gears with a person who turns the same month, or whose name begins with the same letter as yours. If it’s the opposite sex, it will be funnier. Stay with those clothes for a while or until the end of the game.

19. The Game of the Shoe Player:

From you the voice Wear a borrowed shoe like a phone and hold a conversation with another player for at least one minute.

In that conversation, you can talk about the owner of that shoe or the strange smell that is felt in the environment. What is the reason?

This game lends itself to be very creative and funny.

20. Put on an Apron or Another Garment:

Get two aprons. It’s about two players trying to put on each other’s aprons, tie them to their backs, but at the same time. It can also be two ties, two watches, or two players make up each other at the same time.

21. Hidden Costume:

This is penance or challenge for men. It’s about sculpting a woman’s purse and with what is there, dressing up. You can listen to others’ ideas and proceed to make the costume and put it on until the end of the game.

22. Inflate Condoms:

At a Birthday party for adults, we can inflate unused condoms, use them like balloons, can be thrown, or do battles by hitting each other’s bodies.

You can put a small bet to incentivize the game; the idea is that every time someone drops their balloon, they leave the game and win whoever keeps in their hand, without having lost their hitting weapon. It is not worth grabbing the bombs of others; you must fall alone by the blows given.

23. Soccer Pumps:

Use a bomb or balloon as a soccer ball, try to score goals in a goal, charging penalties. The target can be about three meters away.

24. Pop Balloons With the Body:

umps or balloons well inflated, must be exploded or burst, either: using teeth, sitting on them, with the head, with the back, hugging another player, etc.

25. Pop Balloons With Shoes or Other Objects:

Placing a giant inflated balloon in a high place and throwing shoes to explode or burst it, can throw some flour or water inside. This game must be done in an open area. Caution:  ensure that behind the globe, there should not be anything that could be damaged by the blows of the objects being thrown, for example, a window.

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26. Fattened With Bombs or Balloons:

This group game or challenge is about filling a player under the shirt with small balloons or bombs, who will then have to perform some trials or tests.

Materials required:  large oversized sweaters, small pump packages (for example R6), an inflator. Game development:  The players are distributed in several teams of 3 or 4 players, or pairs. The more groups formed, the better.

Pumps are inflated and placed within reach of shaped equipment. Or if you want, a package of shoes and an inflator is delivered to each team. When the order is given, they begin to fill in the player who put on the shirt. Each side must use the same number of pumps.

After the player is obese with bombs, he must perform activities such as passing an obstacle course, colliding with others to knock them down, or simply who wins in the shortest time, manages to be filled with the number of assigned bombs. The organizer or animator can develop this game with many creative ideas in the kind of challenges that the players fattened with the weapons must perform, but that implies difficulty for those who are fat with bombs.

27. Autograph Collector:

This is a penance where the skin is used as cloth or canvas to keep memories of all players. Imagine having such a mind in your body!

The others write their names in various parts of the body, and it can also be with a phrase.

The person who collects these autographs can then take a photo and share it on their social networks, as a souvenir of this fun party — penance or challenge that I recommend for parties and adult birthday games.

28. Who Will You Touch?

For a mixed group of adult players. Three sets of cards are prepared:

  • Actions or verbs: touch, rub, caress, kiss, support, smell, blow, lick, massage, etc.
  • Body parts: elbow, ear, nose, knee, etc.
  • Names of the participants: a letter with the name of each player will be placed.
  • The three piles of cards are placed face down on the table and well, mixed.
  • In turn, each player must take a card from each pile: actions, body parts, and player.
  • This will result in actions such as “smelling Juan’s ear,” or “licking Luisa’s knee” and other hilarious ones.

It is convenient to have a list of penalties or penances at hand so that the player who refuses to do the action must pay it.

29. Flying Banana Game:

This is an enjoyable challenge for an Adult Birthday Party. It is about moving a ball located on the floor, using a banana hanging from the waist with a rope.

If a short rope is used, better because the difficulty level for this challenge is raised. Whoever takes the ball to the place setting as the goal first wins.

30. Catch Rolls With the Stick Between the Legs

For this game, a stick or a toilet highlighter, and many rolls or tubes of toilet paper are used.

It involves squeezing a stick between the legs (the man) and with it take several rolls of toilet paper that the couple (woman) presses between the thighs. They can also change positions, and it is the woman who catches the throws with the stick while the man squeezes them with his legs.

After taking the roll, take it with the stick to a basket and return for another turn. You should not take the paper roll with your hands, to place it between your legs when you start the challenge. This is a competition to see who manages to make more roles in a time limit, which can be 3 minutes.

All that can be very useful do not despise anything, dull, ugly, old or old. Even those old elements can serve us for theme parties of past eras.

Again, I repeat the phrase that I have written throughout this blog: all your creative ideas have a place in the organization of a birthday party or a birthday game, of recreation, it depends on letting your imagination and creativity fly and allowing yourself to enjoy all the games we can think of


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