16 Best Birthday Ideas in December for Adults in 2022

Birthday ideas in December for adults: Tips for a birthday in December party: I remember that when I was a child, I loved to celebrate and receive gifts twice a year, in summer, for my birthday, and winter for Christmas. Now, when my daughter was born in December, I understood that I would only have an opportunity to receive gifts and that her birthday parties would be overshadowed by the madness of the end of the year parties and holidays.

Best Birthday Party Ideas in December

Therefore, I show you my ideas to organize a birthday near Christmas that will make your child can also have a special birthday he deserves even if he meets during the holidays are. Will you miss them?

16 Best Birthday Ideas in December for Adults in 2022

Notify Guests in Time

Nothing more frustrating for a young child than his best school friends miss his birthday party. Imagine his illusion that his friends attend. So that there is no significant absence, remember to let the guests know in advance, because this time is quite complicated since, generally, families are going to spend the holidays with their grandparents or go on vacation. Also, remember that during the holiday’s people receive a lot of mail, so stop the invitation from getting lost, try not to make them too small and make the colors stand out.

Leave the Christmas Theme Aside

Wherever you go, you will find Christmas elements to decorate. It is like an invasion of red and green objects that may tempt you to choose such colors or to set up a party with snowman decoration. The same goes for music, try to avoid all the musical themes that have to do with Christmas. It may be helpful to have a look at these themes for a winter children’s party to be able to choose a good theme.

Wait to Assemble the Christmas Tree

If possible, wait for the birthday party to collect the Christmas tree. Otherwise, in the future, it will surely be difficult for you to discern whether the photo. In which your child is with those present of the birthday or Christmas. Also, you will ensure that the theme of the holidays is forgotten at least during the birthday celebration and that the day is special only for your little one.

Take care of the decoration

If I ask you to show me a picture of your backyard and the entrance of your house the days before Christmas, what would you see? Surely a lot of Christmas decorations. Now, so that your child’s birthday party is special, you should decorate differently, so he will not feel that Christmas “steals prominence.” The best way is to use balloons, many balloons of different shapes and colors; Try not to use red, white, and green.

Say no to the Christmas Menu

Organizing two large parties in a matter of days is not easy, and you can surely fall into the mistake of cooking the same menu for both, or am I wrong? Don’t let your son’s birthday party menu be the turkey leftover on Christmas Eve and let him choose which list he wants. This will also make you see that this is your time; Remember that he does not have another party of his in the year and that the only one he has is confused with Christmas, is not the prettiest for him, do not you think?

Forget the gift combination

Of course, all guests, including you and your partner, will be tempted to make a combo of gifts; Since it is close to Christmas, I buy a single gift and kill two birds with one stone, is that fair? We all loved children Christmas and our birthday for gifts, we will not deny it; Therefore, try to make birthday gifts special, even more than what Santa Claus brings.

I hope that my experience of organizing children’s birthdays close to the parties has cleared up the landscape a bit. So that nothing goes wrong, do not miss the mistakes we make when organizing a children’s birthday.

10 Things That Only Those Who Turn Years in December Will Understand

It does not matter at all if you were born on 1 or 31, if your December birthday ideas, you must understand that Jesus was also born, so you can never declare it as “the month of your birthday.” Also, throughout the month, there are many holidays, such as Thanksgiving (who celebrate it), Black Friday, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year, depending on the country in which you live. One thing is for sure, you can get lucky and celebrate it several times, or you can go to a complete background.

Surely you know or have many friends who have their December birthday party and have some “ins and outs” throughout the month that make them have to have “luck” to be able to celebrate a birthday as God commands during the biggest party of the year. People who turn years in December must stay together since they are not treated as they deserve. That is why we have compiled a list of situations that you will fully understand if you are one of the “lucky.”

Do not miss it!

Birthday and Christmas Gifts Do Not Count

This is a great insult that almost all people who turn years in December experience. No one who celebrates a birthday in July will have a gift half-wrapped with Christmas paper because it “counts for both.” However, people who turn years in December only have one gift that counts for everything. Birthdays and Christmas are not the same! We deserve different birthday gifts!

People Born in December Have Nothing to Do

On some occasions, all you want is for all your friends to forget for once Christmas / Hanukah / Thanksgiving / Winter Solstice. And all those holidays that arise in that month to remember a bit of your birthday. You want them to take a minute of their time to celebrate the day you arrived in the world and go out with you to celebrate it the way you deserve.

Your Friends Reserve the Party for New Year

If you have bad luck (or good luck, depending on how you look at it) of having your birthday near the New Year’s holiday, surely none of your friends will want to go out several times before the severe party. Especially if it’s the night before. What are you going to do? No person born between Christmas Eve and New Year will have a separate birthday party, but will “get together” with the present holidays of the time.

Christmas Parties Stain Your Birthday

Even if you have the birthday well advanced in December and want to celebrate it with your friends at the beginning of it, surely almost everyone will say: “Umm, I could to your birthday, but I already have several parties those days.” Why? Why do they misbehave with lifelong friends that they have the terrible luck of turning years this holiday month?

You Can Try to Celebrate Half a Birthday, but It’s Not the Same

If some year you have a brilliant idea and decide to celebrate your birthday, for example, on June 30 instead of December, it is simply not the same. Surely now your friends are on vacation. It is tough to organize a severe little birthday and listen as people tell you: “Hey, why has nobody told you happy birthday?”. There is no remedy.

You Must Celebrate Your Birthday One Month Before or After the Actual Date

On repeated occasions, it is merely better to postpone your birthday until the end of January to celebrate it properly. This does not help too much, because people will now say: “A moment, but your birthday was not a month ago?” And they will start asking you stupid questions, and you don’t want to be there, and you want to forget everything. Your constant struggle.

You Probably Won’t Be Able to Party With Your Friends

Unless your birthday is at the beginning of December, you will not be able to gather your real friends because they will be out of town for Christmas, visiting their village grandparents, going to other family appointments, etc. And if they are not out of town, you will be. It is challenging to be all together on such endearing dates. Although it may be surprising, it is not very funny.

You Have Learned Not to Get Too Excited

Many people look forward to their birthday to celebrate it all out, and what you do is envy and judge those people at the same time. In the end, you end up learning that your birthday is not something exceptional on those dates; it is merely another day of the year. This ends up making you, on the one hand, a rational adult, but on the other, a sad person stranded in the existence of the human being. It is a complicated issue to discuss.

Complaining About This Whole Issue Does Not Make You Look Good

No one ever said, “Thank you for my birthday / Christmas gift.” Complaining that you don’t have enough gifts is always a tricky topic. However, if you grow up with a brother who turns years in September, you will know that he will have more gifts than you. And although nothing happens because you are not an envious person and you are delighted with what you have since the important thing is not the gifts, you cannot avoid thinking about all those parties that you will have and that you will not be able to have.

If They Ignore You, There Will Always Be Something on Tv

Finally, if after so much effort to gather your friends and have a big birthday party, you can’t get any of that, it will always coincide with some new TV show or series that will premiere on those dates. You don’t need the love of those people! You need the warm embrace of your TV, which you never forget … (you hug the television) Indeed.

So Follow These Ways to Keep Them From Being Forgotten

  • Use wrapping paper that has no Christmas motifs. It may seem obvious, but you should strive to find a special role (even if it is from Star Wars or the Minions) to make birthday gifts unique.
  • Consider celebrating a “half birthday” or celebrating it a few weeks later, in January, when all friends are available for the party. If you choose to change the date of the Celebration, invite family members for lunch or dinner so that their real birthday is special.
  • Think Christmas decorations well. If the birthday is at the beginning of December, wait to hang the Christmas ornaments until the Celebration has taken place. You can even get a Christmas tree and use it as a “birthday tree,” then decorate it with Christmas decorations when the birthday is over. If, on the other hand, the birthday is at the end of December. Get rid of the Christmas ornaments before that date so that the center of attention is the Celebration.
  • Speaking of decoration: use balloons, streamers, and everything worth to make the birthday spectacular. Enough of garlands and red bows: better opt for a bunch of big balloons.
  • Make it a special day: it’s time for the birthday boy to choose what he wants for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • If the birthday is Christmas, leave Santa and his reindeer a slice of cake instead of the typical cookies.

In all this holiday joy, many children do not receive birthday gifts for “the date” because they match it with the Christmas gift (a gift is bought instead of two). No one finds, graduations, walks, because all your friends are on vacation and who you invite; then there always come the discomforts.

With all this, here at The Celebration, we give you some tips to make your special day, by celebrating your child’s birthday on your family vacation:

If possible, plan the birthday celebration separately from the holiday parties, and invite some of their best friends and closest family members. Select a theme for the Celebration of the party that your child wants as his favorite TV show, the movie character, or anything his heart desires. Be creative and have fun in the process.

When the budget is limited, consider asking family or friends to make a fund to buy a super gift of those, which sometimes you say “let’s see,” that. Or purchase some bonuses and go shopping, inviting one or two of your closest friends, for lunch and spend the afternoon shopping. To end The Celebration, go to a movie, eat ice cream, and bring the children back to their home.

If you are overwhelmed by the idea of ​​having a house full of children during the December holidays, you can have a small family reunion, and then in another month, have a big party with your friends. The Celebration of the two parties is always better than one.

For a conservative party, make a sleepover with your son’s closest friends. The next day a good children’s breakfast and maybe one way to play in the pool.

Take your child with some friends to skate, to a museum, to the zoo. To a bowling alley, or do anything else that children can enjoy.

If your child could not organize anything for any mishap, give him a special hat, a pin or shirt to wear, hang a personalized birthday sign somewhere in the house such as in the dining room or the hall. Organize a shower of gifts (which should be wrapped in gift wrap and separate from Christmas presents), and serve a birthday cake; make sure that at least one of your child’s friends is in the Celebration.