Awesome 75th Birthday Ideas for Mom or Grandma of 2022

75th Birthday Ideas for Mom or Grandma: At any age, a woman wants compliments and congratulations on her birthday, and especially on her anniversary. Even if it is a celebration of the 75th anniversary.

Awesome 75th Birthday Ideas for Mom

Even if it is purely a home holiday in the family circle, and to make this day unforgettable and very significant for the hero of the day, you can move away from traditional gatherings at the festive table and organize a fun and touching birthday.

Awesome 75th Birthday Ideas for Mom or Grandma of 2022

Birthday Theme Selection

Of course, the leading role in preparing a birthday for a lady in the family circle can be taken by close relatives – children, grandchildren, nephews. Someone can play the role of a screenwriter and prepare a script for the anniversary of a 75-year-old woman, and someone can try on the role of a host, for example, a host – this may be the daughter of the hero of the day. Grandchildren or children of invited guests can act as artists – it will be very pleasant for a grandmother to see the talents of her beloved grandchildren.

Husband or children, close friends can help with choosing a theme for the 75th anniversary. They know best their beloved and dear person’s preferences, interests, achievements, and successes in life.

For an avid gardener and summer resident, the theme of flowers, any theme related to nature, is suitable. For a traveler and adventurer, you can choose topics:

  • Memories of places of travel;
  • Historical themes;
  • A scenario based on natural preferences, such as those associated with the sea or mountains.

You can also choose the tone of the celebration – in a humorous way or with a touch of nostalgia, with a touch of pride and praise of the merits of a venerable mother and grandmother, as well as success and achievements in some kind of professional activity.

In any case, if you prepare the script in advance, take into account all the hosts and guests’ wishes, all the guests’ skills and talents, then at home you can fervently and cheerfully celebrate such a wonderful anniversary.

Birthday Contests and Games

Of course, it would be impossible to hold the entire event, all competitions, and performances without a toastmaster at home. And if there is no professional invited for money, then any sociable and quick-witted person can play their role. And it is better than this was a prepared performance within the framework of a pre-written script.

Therefore, competitions and games also need to be prepared in advance. They should be interesting and incendiary, cheerful and harmless.

Moms 75th Birthday Party Ideas at Home

It is better to choose those games that can be played at the table for a home holiday. Mobile competitions imply the presence of sufficient free space in the house, and this is not always realistic for city apartments. You can also prepare games with movement in advance, and according to the situation during the holiday, you can already decide which of them is more preferable.

There is a game of detectives, where you need to guess the object by several leading questions. It can be both a team game for men and women and an individual competition. You can describe items that are suitable for the theme of the holiday, or you can choose purely male and female items.

In the same way, with the help of 3-4 questions, you can guess objects and events that are memorable for the birthday girl or associated with her.

The game of beautiful words is based on the well-known game of cities, only here the word for the last letter of the previous word will be an adjective praising the hero of the occasion.

At the table, you need to sing. And you can also sing a famous song together; everyone sings one next word. On whom the melody is interrupted, he is eliminated from the game.

The host can read poems about the hero of the day with the help of guests, where they pronounce the last rhymed line. Poetic quatrains can be humorous, or they can express love and recognition.

75th Birthday Party Ideas for Mom in the Cafe

In a cafe, it is better to hold games and competitions not at the table but in free space so that guests can digest a delicious treat and move a little. You can pick up team games such as relay races and individual competitions, where each participant performs independently. If there are children among the guests, you can divide competitions into adults and children.

An interesting mobile competition is “Musical Hat.” During the dance, while the music is playing, you need to dance to pass the hat to each other, putting it on the head of another dancer. Whoever is left in the hat when the melody ends loses and is eliminated from the game. The prize goes to the most dexterous participant.

In advance, you need to specify the boundaries of the dance floor and the rules, especially if this is a game for children.

If it is possible to use karaoke, you can hold competitions like a choirs battle or a song battle. You can offer a contest – sing the second line or the second half of the first verse of famous songs. It’s no secret that sometimes this is a rather difficult and interesting task since not everyone remembers the continuation of the songs.

You can play a song question and answer game using musical phrases from the songs. One team asks a question with a songline, and the other answers it with a line from another song. And vice versa.

It is also interesting to retell the song’s words in prose, and connoisseurs of this folk or modern music genre will have to guess what song they are talking about. For instance:

“This song is about a girl who sees a flowering tree by a water feature and talks about her feelings for a young man of the opposite sex. This feeling brings her suffering and the inability to tell this guy about him since she cannot find words.

Answer: the song “Oh viburnum blooms” 1 verse. It is necessary to pick up prizes for each competition.

These can be edible prizes, such as chocolate medals, and a variety of household trifles: sponges for washing dishes, gloves, soap, washcloths, hooks, potholders, napkins, toilet paper, thread, a key for opening canned food, or small office supplies: pens, notebooks, badges, magnets, colored pencils, crayons. You can use paper medals diplomas. For children, as a reward, you can choose toys, objects for drawing, items for decorating the hair, jewelry.

75th Decoration ideas for Mom: How to diversify the party?

It will be a pleasure for the hero of the day to meet guests in a smartly decorated room or in the hall of a cafe or restaurant. Therefore, the organization of the holiday includes the preparation of the premises. You can decorate it with flowers – bouquets or garlands, balloons, comic posters, paper garlands.

These attributes of the holiday can be done with your own hands. It is desirable to attract grandchildren, guests of childhood to creativity.

The walls should be decorated with posters:

  • With funny inscriptions;
  • With photographs of the hero of the day and a story about the past years;
  • With a family tree with photographs of relatives;
  • With beautifully decorated frames for wishes and congratulations;
  • With photographs of crafts or hand-made works of the birthday girl, her achievements, and skills in life.

It is appropriate in a cafe and at home to organize a grand entrance of the hero of the day for the holiday. You can meet her with arches of multi-colored ribbons: guests in pairs form arches of ribbons stretched over their heads in raised hands.

You can organize a living corridor of guests with bouquets of flowers. Passing through it, the birthday girl receives flowers as a gift. You can accompany her exit with wishes or beautiful poems.

Each takeaway of a hot dish can be turned into a quiz so that guests can guess the birthday girl’s favorite dish that they will put on the table now.

The music selected for dancing or accompaniment can be modern and from the time of the youth of the heroine of the evening, her favorite melodies and songs. You can invite guests to guess what event in life this or that melody is associated with.

As a firework, it can be the launch of firecrackers and the launch of balloons filled with helium.

On each one, you can write a wish for the hostess of the evening or her dreams.

Birthday Script Ideas

As noted above, it is better to build the entire script on a single theme with a certain character. It can be humorous, funny, and cheerful, or it can be touching and gentle, with sublime words and declarations of love, even with pompous poetry.

It is necessary to focus on the character of the hero of the occasion, on her preferences, and on the contingent of guests of the holiday, since someone may find jokes about the hero of the day and guests not very appropriate at that age.

A script with humor can be written based on real funny stories from the life of a birthday girl or her guests. For example, all guests get to the shooting of the TV show “Laughing Panorama,” where the presenter offers to guess who and when this funny incident happened.

The description of the stories can be arranged in chronological order. You can show photos related to funny situations and offer to tell about them yourself, in the form of a comedian’s monologue.

As a musical accompaniment, songs are remade in a humorous way. Poems dedicated to the culprit of the anniversary are also selected cheerful and mischievous.

Contests and games need to be chosen so that everyone would be funny. You can stage a fictional fairy tale, and it is advisable to change the guests right there before the staging and in the course of the text – they should represent the actions of the heroes of this work.

Competition “Portrait” must be held blindfolded. The portrait of the birthday girl can be drawn to all guests at the same time, for example, sitting at the table. Or you can hold a team competition; when guests from one team alternately approach their drawing, they are blindfolded, and the host invites everyone to draw a certain facial feature.

Dances can be combined with such mobile competitions as:

  • A dance of a couple on a piece of paper, where with each new melody the piece is reduced, folding it in half;
  • Dance with a balloon tied to the ankle of one leg, which must be burst from the opponent during the dance;
  • Dance moves under a stretched rope, which is lowered lower and lower.

You can invite guests to dress up as some pop stars so that they sing songs to the appropriate soundtracks.

An interesting and funny entertainment is the appearance of a magician or psychic. One of the guests is dressed up in a long robe and given a colander in their hands. The magician can be chosen from among the guests uninitiated in the script – so he will also have fun.

The host announces that today a famous magician and psychic is passing through the city, and he will read the thoughts of the guests. The magician approaches the guest, holds a colander over his head, and at this moment, the host turns on a variety of funny, romantic, sad songs in meaning.

Parting words to guests, wishes, and congratulations can also be chosen funny, with good humor. A memory script can be written in a touching, gentle way. A beautiful greeting and a passage under the arches of flowers would be appropriate here. And a large number of poems and poetic wishes.

You can hold a contest – a declaration of love from children and grandchildren, like divination on camomile, where you need to say an affectionate and pleasant word for each petal, glorifying the most beloved mother and grandmother.

It would be appropriate for each family to ask the children to draw a picture on an album sheet, and adults can write wishes on it. You can arrange them in stationery files and assemble them into an original album in a folder.

Adults can write affectionate or laudatory words about the birthday girl on the sheets for speed, divided into two teams whose team will write faster.

On the dance floor, there will be more slow music and songs from the youth of our heroine. You can put on a waltz, tango, rock and roll, and everyone’s favorite. On this holiday, the emphasis will be on the memories of youth and on declarations of love and tenderness to the hero of the day.

If you prepare well, think over all the little things in holding the holiday, prepare simple attributes and prizes, then even with a modest budget and home performance, you can adequately and sparklingly celebrate the anniversary.

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