30+ Emotional Birthday Letters for Boyfriend of 2021

30+ Emotional Birthday Letters for Boyfriend of 2021

The Best Happy Cute Funny Long & Short Emotional Birthday Letters for Boyfriend.: It often happens that it is more difficult for us to express or communicate what we feel than at other moments in some moments of our life.

Emotional Birthday Letters for Boyfriend

Therefore, beyond the physical gift, we want to buy him, good detail to take into account for his Birthday is to be honest with him and open ourselves wide to what we really feel. When a person does not expect it, a few sincere words about what you have lived and what has made you feel during this time are one of the best gifts that can be received when one more year is completed.

They are the details that mark the most and are remembered forever! So, we are going to give you a hand and have prepared a couple of birthday letters for your boyfriend. Feel free to adapt it to your liking or write your own.

Your boyfriend hallucinate and even fall in love with you when you see the beautiful gift full of love you have prepared for him!

Short Birthday Letters for Boyfriend: Choosing You Was the Best Decision


You know that I am not a lot to say what our relationship is for me at all hours, but the occasion deserves it. It has been a long time since we decided to share a path, and when I think about it, two things happen to me: I feel like it was yesterday but that, at the same time, we have experienced many things. When you decide to share life with someone, your fears and insecurities multiply.

You are afraid of being hurt, and you are afraid that everything will go wrong, of losing the person you love. However, with you, I had, at the same time, inexplicable security.

You made everything simple from the beginning.

Little by little, we were living things together, our trips, celebrations, and weekends that you never want to end, even the arguments or bad moments as a couple. When you look back, those that also make you feel proud because we have been able to overcome it. 

On your Birthday, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to thank you for all this and remind you how much I love you. I could be afraid to launch into this adventure with you, and I could be afraid of what we were going to experience.

I could be afraid of the discussions that we were going to go through, the potholes. But the reality is that we always imagine everything worse than it really is, and with you.

I have found the perfect travel companion that makes it easy even in the most complicated moments.

Dear birthday boy

Choosing you was, without a doubt, the best decision. I can’t imagine how it would have been all this time without you, just as I can’t imagine what the days to come would be like.

I wish you a happy birthday, and I hope we can celebrate it together for many more years.

I love u 

The Commitment of What Lies Ahead in a Long Birthday Letters for Boyfriend

Dear birthday boy, 

Dear boyfriend, dear friend, dear companion, dear confidant, dear partner. I can call you in a thousand ways today! 

Today is your day! Despite congratulating you in a thousand different ways, I did not want to let this special day for you (and for me) go by without writing you a few words. I think about them a lot, I admit it, but I also admit that sometimes I find it difficult to say them out loud. 

Since we decided to start this journey together, I have had the opportunity to admire you as a worker, friend, person, and, of course, as a couple. I admire you and love you in equal parts. Your ability to excel, see the glass half full, get a smile out of everything, your tenacity, and your stubbornness. There are many things that I have been able to discover about you. 

It is clear that the road has not been easy. So far, they have brought us great moments. The good guys are always remembered, and they are beautiful, but there are also bad guys. Those bitter in which we have shared sorrows, tears, and sadness. We have supported each other.

To all this is added another thing: our desire to eat the world together. There has never been a time when we have not dreamed of a trip or a plan. In which we have not imagined some things or laughed while organizing others. 

With all this, who is going to think of a future without you? I can’t imagine it. For this reason, I wanted to write down my life commitment to you. Everything that lies ahead will not be wonderful, I assure you. There will be good days and bad days. There will be unforgettable days and days that we will want to erase at a stroke, and we will not be able to do it, but what we will do is continue as before: together, inseparable. Therefore, 

  • + I promise to smile with you in the good things that happen to you.
  • + I promise to laugh when there is no other choice but to get the humor out of the situation.
  • + I promise to hold you when everything is falling apart around you.
  • + I am committed to praying with you when there is no other solution but to vent.
  • + I promise to tell you things with sincerity, just as I think them, although I also promise to green the one that is needed when you can no longer and only want to complain. 
  • + I promise to love you, yes, in my own way.
  • + I promise to try to understand how you feel, whatever the situation may be, and to speak all that is necessary to solve things. Don’t keep them for me. 
  • + I promise to take care of and work on my patience, just as I promise to put yours to the test.
  • + I promise that everything that lies ahead is together, in the distance or in the vicinity. 

This is the most sincere way to show you what I love you letters for him from the heart and, above all, to give you my “non-physical” gift on your Birthday. I am clear that I do not want to get away from you. I want this to continue growing, maturing, and that each day that passes, we can look back and see what we have built between the two. 

I wish you a very happy birthday, life partner, and may we continue to celebrate it for many more years! 

Beautiful Birthday Letters for Your Boyfriend

With which of these beautiful birthday letters for boyfriend or for your partner do you stay? Try to write it yourself, and we are sure that it will be a detail that your boy will never forget. Let’s do it! 

An Emotional Birthday Letters for Boyfriend is always a good romantic touch full of love. It is a good way to strengthen the loving relationship of a couple and also to feed it so that it grows a little more. However, girls want to complement this detail with a gift.

To complement your letter, we recommend you make a pleasant, pleasant design, accompany your letter of chocolates or your boyfriend’s favorite sweet or deliver the letter at a special time so that your boyfriend gets the best surprise on his Birthday.

Congratulations Birthday Letter to a Boyfriend

Congratulations, darling, another year of life, full of important challenges, new adventures, and new moments together, I am very happy to be able to share my life with you this day. You have become my guide and my greatest desire since I met you.

In this time that we have been together, my way of seeing things has changed a lot, you have helped me to mature and be a better person. I also learned with you that challenges are not impossible and that you can always get what you want in life if you make an effort, an example of this is that you are by my side.

Remember that you are the love of my life and that you can always count on me, I will be the hand that supports you on rainy days and with which you can enjoy sunny days.

You and I will write the best love story with details and kisses we will build it up to create something solid that we can enjoy the rest of our lives. I don’t want to scare you but I want something serious and beautiful with you, hoping it lasts a long time.

You brighten my days with those beautiful eyes that you have affection, with the jokes that you make so that I can laugh like crazy and because of the understanding that you have before my problems, without you I could not face them.

To finish I want to thank you for everything and for so much that you have done for me, you show me your love in a special way that makes my heart beat to the point that I feel it will leave my chest. You are the person that I had waited for so long and now that I have you I will take care of you as long as you want to be with me, even if it is a whole life.

Congratulations honey, enjoy all the people around you and love you as much as I do Don’t forget to reply to this letter with a big hug when you finish reading it.

Congratulations, my love! I love you!

Happy Birthday to My Boyfriend Letter

And this is multiplied when we talk about love. Have you ever stopped to think if you often tell your boyfriend how you really feel? In fact, have you ever stopped to wonder if you’ve ever told them?

Dear Love,

A day like today you came to this world to give me happiness and also to do it over many people. That is why I am so happy, so happy to be your girlfriend and that is why I could not do more than wish you a great and happy birthday, my love.

I love you with all my heart and my wish is to be able to continue here for eternity, celebrating your birthdays, each and every one of them. You are my life, and just because today is your day, I’m going to say yes to everything… you choose.

I know you don’t need presents, but I like to give them even if they are of this type, a silly birthday detail because deep down, I know you like them. You have to be detailed with your partner and more if you are as madly in love with your boyfriend as I am. That’s how I am, impetuous, consistent and above all, a lover of everything that has to do with you. Sometimes I should stop and think, but I see you and I just want to kiss you, give you hugs and affection all over your body because that is what makes me truly happy, why lie.

It is not the typical greeting in which you say four beautiful things and that’s it, you don’t need to give more. No, for me this is much better, because it comes straight from my heart. It is not a waste of time to write such beautiful words, it is an investment in love, in health. Because this works for a day as special as this, because on this day you were born. I love you so much, it’s not something I want you to ever forget. I want you to continue enjoying your day to day as you do, your life. Because you are, after all, the man of my life, the boyfriend I have always dreamed of having and who would never have thought would come true.

You are the best gift that life has given me, really. I won’t get tired of telling you, but I love you and don’t ever change. Enjoy your day as God intended, I send you a good-hearted kiss, love and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Long Emotional Birthday Letters for Boyfriend

The love letters birthday messages are a special way to show your boyfriend how much it means in your life and how happy you are beside him.

So enjoy these letters and choose the ones you like the most to inspire you and wish your love a beautiful birthday.

Lovely Birthday Letters for Boyfriend

Love is a magical feeling that puts us in a super special place and makes us feel in the clouds and very happy. When we are in love we feel very happy and we feel a lot of love for that special being who has stolen your heart.

Birthday Letters for Boyfriend images

Giving love on your boyfriend’s Birthday is a great idea, and a special way to do it is through love letters to say happy Birthday and give good wishes to that person who is special in your life.

My dear love,

As usual, I woke up today thinking of you, just as I lay with you in my thoughts. But today is a particularly bright and happy morning because it is your Birthday, and the first thing I would like to do is thank the Creator for putting you in this world and for being so healthy, beautiful and intelligent. The second thing I would like to do is show you my love and let you know how important you are to me.

My love, today is your Birthday, but the gift is all mine because your existence is what really makes me happy and gives meaning to my life. All I want is for you to share this happiness. All I want is to give you peace, tranquility and love “for the rest of my life.” I don’t feel very motivated to write, but I think I can still handle some very important words: I want you to always have the best I can give you and what The best thing I have to offer you right now is My intense love, my hand, my warm embrace and the consolation of my most passionate kisses.

Always count on me, not just today, but every day, month, year. on every Birthday from now on. Always count on me because I love you and I want that love to resist anything. As I said at the beginning of this letter, it is your Birthday, but the gift is mine, because I feel like the happiest person in the world, a world that looks even better today as we celebrate another year of your existence. Once again, I want you to know that you can always count on me and that I love you above all else.

Happy Birthday!!

Best Happy Birthday Boyfriend Letters

Today in this blog we give you a selection of the best happy birthday letters so you can greet your boyfriend and dedicate beautiful things to him through them.

Special Birthday Letters for Boyfriend

A birthday is a special moment because it is the moment when we celebrate another year of life and where we receive a new year to fill it with beautiful and fun things.

Best Birthday Letters to Boyfriend to send him

Here we want to leave you a selection of the best birthday letters for your boyfriend so that you can greet him on his Birthday and give him a lot of love through beautiful words and cute messages.

Romantic Birthday Letters to Boyfriend

Should you tell him a little more what’s going through your mind when it comes to feelings? Can’t you ever find the perfect time for it? We may have to wonder if we need to say it or our own partner needs us to say it from time to time.

How Do I Write a Birthday Letter to My Boyfriend?

How Do I Write a Birthday Letter to My Boyfriend?

Especially if this feeling is very strong or true, it can scare us a bit, and it is difficult for us to open ourselves, as a way of making ourselves a small armor to defend ourselves, so as not to appear so vulnerable or not show ourselves so sensitive.


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