100+ Best Happy 20th Birthday Wishes & Quotes of 2021

100+ Best Happy 20th Birthday Wishes & Quotes of 2021

Best Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for 20 Years Old: Are you about to turn 20 and don’t know how to wish them? Entering the decade of 20th Birthday Wishes or 21st Birthday quotes is a fact that you cannot ignore, and that is that you leave the adolescence stage behind to enter adulthood.

What Do You Say to Someone on Their 20th Birthday?

Top Happy 20th Birthday Wishes

  • From today you are no longer a teenager but a woman. I want you to become the woman you dreamed of being and be able to fulfill all your dreams! Happy Birthday!
  • I wish that you are always happy and that you always smile at life as you have done so far. Happy birthday to your 20th anniversary!
  • Today is your glorious day, my love. I will be here to help you enjoy every moment. Have a wonderful 20th birthday.
  • Twenty years ago, you were born, and from that day, my life was illuminated and full of happiness. I am proud to have you, and I am delighted to see you become a man. Happy birthday my son!
  • Today you have achieved a great goal; you have gone from being a teenager to being a woman. I hope you can achieve all your dreams and many other great goals in the course of your life! Happy 20th birthday.
  • You are young. You are beautiful. You have talent. You are intelligent. You are a special person. You are the best woman I know. Many wishes for your twentieth birthday, my love!

20th Birthday Quotes for 20 Years Old for Daughter

20th Birthday Wishes For Son

What Do You Say to Someone on Their 20th Birthday?

Quotes About 20th Birthday

Best 20th Birthday Wishes and 20th Birthday Quotes

20th Birthday Wishes for From Sisters

  • How well do all 20 of you feel?
  • How beautiful your new stage,
    Full of enthusiasm and desire.
    How sweet your 20 years,
    They congratulate you with love,
    Your sisters.
  • You are still my little girl,
    even if you are already 20 years old.
    I still want to cradle you,
    And sing with you in the bathroom.
  • How did this boy grow,
    who already surpassed me in height,
    If two days ago you were suckling
    And now you already look mustache!
  • When I found out that you were turning 20 today,
    I could not but rejoice,
    I have known you since you were born
    and I want to congratulate you.
  • Long live the good boys!
    Long live the twentysomethings!
    Long live the years that pass
    And bring us what we want!
  • The happy day I wish you today,
    So soon on your birthday,
    I wanted to be the first,
    And that strangers did not get ahead of me.
  • Today clouded over,
    But not to sadden you,
    Just because the clouds wanted,
    Congratulate you.
  • Who had your age
    And your fresh freshness,
    Who your blessed innocence
    And your early wisdom.
  • Because every day is more beautiful with you,
    And I want to continue like this,
    Never forget me,
    And do not leave me.
    Happy 20 years.

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for 20 Years Old

  • They say that age does not matter
    And they say that everything is mental,
    But I want your 20 years
    To go with you to dance.
  • If there is someone who is a birthday today,
    It can not be other than you,
    Well, you look radiant and happy
    And you have already put a heel on me!
  • There comes a time in life,
    When you have to get older,
    Today you turn 20,
    That feeling touches you.
    Don’t be sorry, it’s
    Don’t panic,
    you’ll see.
    I will be there whenever you want,
    Although you won’t need me.
  • If I was ever bad,
    I want to apologize to you,
    That you are turning 20 today,
    And I love you from my heart.
  • My kitten told me today,
    That the best girl in the world, She
    was 20 years old,
    And I told her that then,
    We were going to celebrate.
  • When I see how much
    And how well you are growing,
    I can only get excited.
    Your new 20 years,
    They are the most beautiful thing I have.
  • I did not want to be late
    And the day almost escaped me,
    Without saying to the most beautiful girl,
    Congratulations, your aunt!
  • 20 springs,
    20 suns,
    20 stars,
    20 songs.
    All that is you,
    And still much more,
    I love all of you
    And it brings me happiness.
  • The air brought me a note, It
    said that today you would be happy,
    Ask why it was,
    And he told me to ask you.
    Is it your birthday?
    I think so!
  • Happy 20th birthday,
    May your wishes come true,
    May you find your place in life
    And be filled with happiness.

Happy 20th Birthday Quotes Wishes

  • You are already turning 20! Surely you feel great, with a lot of energy and a desire to party. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Daughter! The 20 years will be impressive, as much as you are.
  • It’s official! You are 20 years old! I’m so glad to hear that you continue to grow and that you continue to keep your cute smile.
  • They say “20 years is nothing” and how true it is! It seemed like yesterday when you were wearing diapers. Enjoy every second of this new decade, happy birthday!
  • The decade of the 20 years will bring you many changes, face them with joy. Congratulations!
  • You are already 20 years old, and I’ve known you since you were 1! So today is a very exciting day, happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Daughter! Your 20 years come full of happiness, I know because I see you well, excited about life, with the desire to go further and further, with your own ambitions, but also with the awareness of knowing who you are and what you can do.
  • You are the person I always imagined you would be, upright, intelligent, and full of motivation before life. Keep enjoying as you know, daughter, happy 20 years!
  • Today you are 20 years old, and you are a responsible, nice and kind person. I would like to tell you that. Don’t lose what makes you special! Congratulations!
  • I could take this day to give you advice, daughter, but the truth is that you do not need it because you are wonderful. Happy 20 years!
  • Daughter, you are turning 20 today, an age that I consider beautiful, both because of the number. Because it implies a change of decade and all the excitement that this implies. As well as all the opportunities that may arise this year.
  • The time has come to change the number. Happy 20 years! Make the most of this moment in life, because it is wonderful.
  • My daughter, as you will have seen, time is passing faster and faster. Today you are 20 years old, and there is no doubt that you are in the prime of life. I am very happy for you, because I see you happy, with your projects, your desire to travel, to know new things.
  • Daughter, your 20s are already here, and with them, my happiness to see you so well. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 20 years! I have known you since baby, and you can not imagine the pride I see you grow up, enjoy your day!
  • This is an important age! Happy Birthday, Daughter! May these twenty years be beautiful, and many people congratulate you.
  • What pride to be able to accompany you in this new precious stage of your life in which you begin your 20 years. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! Let’s celebrate your 20 years, full of love and happiness, which was what you transmitted to me from the first minute of your life, and that you continued transmitting to me until today.
  • Daughter, when you are 20 years old, new challenges will come, and I know you have everything to overcome them, happy birthday!
  • Happy 20 years, daughter! Today as every year, I will be with you to celebrate this happy day.
  • Congratulations! May 20 years bring you new experiences and much happiness, take advantage of every minute of this new stage!
  • Get ready, because today is a holiday, and it will be completely dedicated to you, as you turn 20 years old. Congratulations!

Happy 20th Birthday Quotes

  • Celebrate this day with joy,
    since you have reached twenty.
    Without a doubt, a perfect age
    to wear the world for love.
  • Today you are twenty years. You
    receive my warm congratulations.
    Achieve all your goals and dreams,
    and never lose the illusion.
  • You have the best years ahead of you.
    Live them with joy and excitement,
    since you are in the prime of life,
    and that is a beautiful and enviable feeling.
  • Now that you are twenty years old
    remember that your best moments
    and experiences are yet to come.
    Live them with total intensity,
    always looking for happiness.
  • The best moments of life
    begin to come from the age of twenty.
    Eat the world, love and be brave,
    enjoying each day to the fullest.
    Happy Birthday!
  • The best of your life is yet to come,
    now that you are twenty years old.
    Enjoy what you can from each moment, and always look forward.
  • Today, when you turn twenty, dear friend,
    remember that you have a beautiful future ahead of you.
    Receive my congratulations and all my love.
    Let’s toast to these exciting years.
    Happy Birthday!
  • Today, the date of your twenty birthday, you
    shine like a star in its maximum splendor.
    Now you have to eat the world
    with the greatest illusion.
    Stand strong and face life-giving love and joy.
  • How beautiful you are at your twenty springs.
    You are the envy of the whole neighborhood
    with that beauty and that guy.
    There is no boy who does not fall surrendered
    before your body of infarction.
  • Hoping that fate never separates us.
    May love and joy flood our paths.
    Happy Birthday!
  • What I would give to have your twenty years just turned,
    feeling the same illusion and joy again that once,
    but life passes does not stop for a single moment.
    That is why you must live your life with total joy.
  • You arrive full of beauty
    to your second decade.
    Face it with joy,
    enjoying every day.
    Happy Birthday!
  • Now that you are in your twenties
    and have become a beautiful woman,
    celebrate this date with the utmost joy
    since the twenty years are only had once.
  • The wind brought me beautiful musical notes,
    and the melody of your happy birthday.
    Enjoy your beautiful youth
    now that you have reached your fullness.
  • Even if you are already a handsome adult,
    keep the child in you,
    enjoying life with joy,
    since the important thing is to be happy.
  • Today I want to congratulate you
    on your twenty birthday.
    Live life with intensity
    from here to eternity.
    Happy 20th Birthday!

What to Give for the 20th Birthday?

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