Best Cheap Birthday Party Ideas for Kids of 2022

Ideas for the best cheap birthday party ideas for kids: Making an unforgettable birthday party for your kids does not have to be a matter of budget. It is not necessary to invest large amounts of money to have an original celebration in which children spend happy hours with family and friends.

Best Cheap Birthday Party Ideas for Kids of 2022

The trick to achieving this is to have foresight, organize the times well, and use all your creativity. Here we give you the keys to make a cheap birthday party ideas for kids that children will always remember.

Cheap Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

It is better to think about the scenario of the future holiday in advance to be able to prepare and save.

Kid’s Birthday

Until the child is 3-4 years old, it makes no sense to arrange birthdays with a large number of guests. Aliens and animators in costumes can scare the baby, so it is better to limit yourself to close relatives. Kids will be happy with the presented toys and a birthday cake with candles that need to be blown out.

How to Celebrate a Cheap Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The ideas that will not empty your wallet. Small children are often afraid of strangers, especially in clown costumes.

Older children suggest finding a gift yourself:

  • Buy a few inexpensive but pleasant surprises in addition to the main one.
  • Put them around the house in places that your child can reach without assistance. The first gift should be near the crib so that the child immediately sees it after waking up. The rest can be glued with tape on the bottom of the chair seat in the kitchen. Put in the lower compartment of the parent bedroom cabinet, and so on. Depending on the number of rooms in your house.
  • Attach a picture with a hint to each gift, where to look for the next one – you can even draw by hand.
  • Leave the main gift in the end.

Where to Celebrate It?

To start, look for a space for your Kid’s birthday party that doesn’t cost you or has a reduced price. You can always celebrate it at home with a limited group of children, in the common areas of your neighborhood community by requesting prior permission or, in good weather, having an outdoor party in the garden or in any park near your home. Other cheap places to celebrate a birthday may be municipal sports facilities that are rented for hours. So children can practice one of their favorite sports during the celebration.


Decide on a theme around which your children’s party revolves that will make it easier for you both the birthday decoration, the creation of the invitations, and the thematic birthday games that you make for the children. In these articles of Toads and Princesses, you can find all the inspiration you need to decide on a theme of film, cartoons, superheroes, or destined for younger children.

Easy Decoration

Once you have decided on the theme, think about the decoration. You can decorate with cardboard, tissue paper pompoms, lamps of the same material, banners and garlands. Balloons are a very simple alternative to help decorate your cheap birthday party ideas for kids. For example, simple yellow balloons can become, with some skill and a marker, in the Minions. With some white balloons, a cone of colored paper, and your creativity, you can make a unicorn themed party possible. The resources for decoration do not have to cost much at a party. Your imagination will supply the best-purchased decoration you could want.

If you are a handyman, you can also make a fun pinata, and here we show you step by step how you can do it.

Custom Invitations

You don’t need to buy invitations for each of the children. A piece of cardboard, paints, and scissors be your tools to make some fun invitations. Nor do they have to be very elaborate. Try to draw a picture on the cover and an inside text with all the details of the party. You can also launch to customize the invitations with an image editing program in which to place your child as if he were the character of a movie, a member of a famous football team, or a singer.

Prepare the Food

The children will be conquered with dishes that you can make at home and take where you celebrate the children’s party. In this way, we also make sure we have everything under control against food allergies and reducing sugar from sweets. You can opt for simple dishes. Prepare mini pizzas, hamburgers, or hot dogs to make at the moment. If you want cold dishes, you can make traditional ham and cheese sandwiches cut with molds to get shapes.

If you are going to put sweets, try to puncture them on skewers and place inside glass jars. Also, add cut fruits and, if you opt for chocolate, a small fountain or a bowl so that children can bathe them. For the most creative, there is also the possibility of making homemade cookies decorated with the motif of your party or cupcakes, very fashionable at children’s parties.

Traditional Games

An excellent way to boost your party is with some traditional games. If you are in an enclosed space, you can propose quieter games. You can put the tail on the donkey, do creative and manual activities or, for example, create an impromptu theater performance with a trunk full of costumes. If the outdoor celebration you can propose a small competition, play a sport or bet on traditional games such as picking up a handkerchief or sack races.

For Up to 10 Years, Birthday People Will Definitely Like the Game of Detective

Mom arranged a similar quest for me when they didn’t even know such words. After 32 years, I don’t remember the presents, but the feeling of the holiday remained. At the age of seven, the son repeated the idea, and he was also delighted. Since Senya already knew how to read, we complicated the task a bit – instead of images, leaflets with riddles were attached to intermediate gifts. The son guessed the next cache on them and went there.

The choice of venue depends on the interests of the birthday:

  • nature lovers will enjoy a walk to the zoo, preferably a contact Contact zoos make it possible not only to see animals but feed or stroke them
  • science fans can be invited to attend thematic workshops; A show with a demonstration of chemical experiments delights children
  • museums, exhibitions, and workshops on cooking, modeling or soap making are suitable for creative natures; Many cafes and restaurants conduct cooking classes for children
  • sports children will be interested in the playrooms of shopping centers or rope parks. The safety of visitors in rope amusement parks is strictly monitored, so many parents agree to celebrate their children’s birthday

Parents usually know what their children dream of, and you won’t have to specify. This will keep the intrigue until arriving at the place of celebration. Please note that invited guests should not be bored either. Most likely, you will not be able to arrange a tea party on the road, so take sandwiches with you.

Last year, my son and his friends were in the Moscow Experimentarium. For a relatively low cost. The boys became scientists for several hours and participated in experiments with employees of the research and entertainment center. I am sure that in many cities there is something similar.


If there is a dolphinarium nearby, you can take the children there. Allow the birthday boy to swim with dolphins, and guests will enjoy watching the show featuring marine mammals.

You can combine entertainment and delicious food in children’s cafes that offer animator services.