12 Best 9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

The best 9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas: Children between the age of 9 years have attended many children’s parties, and the usual format makes them much less excited. Think of something different that will catch you by surprise and attract your attention.

5 Awesome Birthday Party Treat Ideas
5 Awesome Birthday Party Treat Ideas

The Best 9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Try to pass the message to the guests that this party is different. For this, the design of the invitations is important.

12 Best 9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

If Your Child Has an Important Hobby, Consider It for the Party

If she likes to ride a horse, invite her on an excursion. For a child who is fond of football or basketball, it will be very exciting to go to a game.

What can you do for a 9 year old birthday party?

Find out if your unique 9 year old birthday party ideas still likes piñatas, balloons, and other “children’s party” ornaments. If not, find things more in line with your tastes. Of course, prepare a good snack. Your guests devour.

1. Invitation

Note important information about the celebration on the invitation cards: Your child is now old enough to make the invitation cards completely independently. It is still more fun together with you, and with a little help, your child will be done with it quickly. All important information should be clearly legible by you or your child on the invitation card:

  • Date and Time.
  • Duration (approx. 3 to 4 hours).
  • Place (please provide full address!).
  • Your child’s name.
  • Motto/costume: yes or no.
  • Weatherproof clothing: yes or no.
  • Gift ideas (many parents will be grateful!).
  • Contact details (your email address and mobile number!).
  • Request for a binding commitment up to the best date.

If your child hands out the invitations to their friends at school and in the neighborhood at least three weeks before the party, parents will usually have enough lead time to schedule the appointment. We provide 9 year old birthday party craft ideas and templates for you to print out free of charge in our invitations for children’s birthday parties.

2. Where to Celebrate 9 Year old birthday Party?

Where to celebrate the birthday of a child of 9 years? Do you know what is one of the iconic features of the 9th birthday party? This is a need for a generally positive assessment of their actions from peers and adults. Seven- and eight-year-olds also have it, but it is at the birthday of 9 years old that this feature begins to manifest itself more and more.

A child at this age wants to excel, stand out. Therefore, if you are faced with the question of 9 year old birthday party place, then be sure to keep this in mind. And given the fact that such a child loves physical exercises, 9 years old birthday party games, in a word, everything that can be called “adventures,” he is unlikely to be satisfied with the “ordinary” from his point of view, traditional home celebration.

9 years old birthday is already a relatively large age, so your child may well perceive many of the old entertainments. Alas, children are growing! Therefore, for boys and girls of this age group, you can celebrate with them.

3. Monster Party or Halloween

Do some Monster makeup, play Scary games with friends, let them have dressed up with Halloween costumes. Don’t miss the special Recipes for Halloween. And also invite a guest with Invitations for Halloween.

4. Dance party

Very simple to organize. You just need good music and adequate space. Maybe you can organize the birthday in a place open in the afternoon or do it in the garden or garage at home. Impose your rules from the beginning to avoid slips.

5. Olympics Party

It is based primarily on organizing competitive games. At this age, they love it.

6. Slumber Party

A few days of vacation, a stay at grandparents‘ house, good grades in school. Any pretext is good to organize a pajama party. Invite a few friends, the most intimate. Upon arrival, leave the rules of behavior very clear, what you consider appropriate and what you don’t. Set schedules and organize birthday party games. Play some fun games for your pajama party.

In particular, girls have great fun at overnight parties and are usually also easier to tame than a small bunch of wild boys. An overnight party is also one of the best 9th birthday party ideas for children’s birthdays 9 yea olds in winter.

If you have an overnight slumber party, be sure to schedule the celebration on a Friday or Saturday night. The girls can stay up late in the evening and chat and exchange secrets and are still not tired the next morning because they were able to sleep in.

Even if many girls like to spend the night elsewhere, there are always children who prefer to sleep at home. So that you don’t marginalize these girls, the party should start around 6:00 p.m. This way, the girls can have dinner together and spend a little time without their parents before their parents pick them up again. A good time here would be 9:00 p.m.

Don’t forget to note on the invitation card that you have to bring your pajamas, toothbrush, and possibly a sleeping bag plus pillow.

Of course, if you dare to, you can throw a slumber party with boys, but assume that it is by no means as peaceful and quiet as the girls. A night hike through the neighborhood could also create a little atmosphere here. Maybe the father will also provide a horror act!

As a small additional source of inspiration, we have three exciting 9th birthday party game ideas for the children’s birthday party of 8, 9, and 10-year-olds, which are challenging, but at the same time turn the party into an entertaining experience thanks to simple rules.

7. Group of  the Artist

You should schedule an art-themed party if your child is interested in art. Make the children build individual tasks or a group project to come up with. Make sure that you emphasize the theme while making the invites because your visitors can be well dressed.

8. A day in the museum

You are looking for game ideas for children’s birthdays with 8-, 9- and 10-year-olds that combine fun with learning. Then, “During the day at the museum” is probably exactly the suggestion you’ve been waiting for.

The rules are easy to explain: First, a child is always a good idea to start with the birthday child – has to leave the room. Everyone else thinks about a posture, adopt it, and pause for the time being.

9. Film Watching

Movie night is a good birthday party concept. Kids this age sound more grown up and want to hold a party that is less immature. Making sure the film is age-appropriate and you should ask the child to select the film. In your invitation, also include the movie so that the parents are informed. Serve the Junior Mints and Popcorn during the party.

10. Music

Music is the success of every celebration. Check with your child what music he likes and would like to listen to that day, ask him to guide you in which bands are in fashion, and once you have the information, you can create a music list on your computer or MP3 and play it on speakers. It is also a good idea to rent a DJ to set the celebration’s mood and liven it up with lights.

11. Cake

On a birthday, everything can be missing except for the cake. If you like to make desserts, you can make a cake, bathe it in chocolate and decorate it with colors. If you want to be more practical, have it made decorated and with your child’s name. Don’t forget to buy fun and colorful candles to sing happy birthday. If you decided on a theme party, have the cake decorated with the party’s reason so that all the details are in tune.

12. Gift Ideas

Choosing 9 year old birthday party gifts and giving them to loved ones is a responsible and pleasant occupation for both the giver and the recipient. Especially when it comes to children. However, it is possible – the main thing is to show imagination and devote enough time to the choice.

  • 3D puzzle is a game that trains fine motor skills, develops imagination, and teaches a child to be attentive.
  • Buildable model of your favorite car brand.
  • Table hockey.
  • Aerofootball.
  • Board game – “Evolution”, “Alias”, “Jenga”, “Agricola”, “Sea Battle” and others.
  • Toy railway.
  • Basketball hoop in the children’s room.
  • Wall-mounted projector that reproduces images and mini-movies.
  • A machine for homemade popcorn or cotton candy.
  • Models for creating a farm, fortress, birdhouse, or wooden house.


Active formats of celebration will suit the 9-year-old boy’s birthday party ideas and also for girls. These are city adventures, fascinating quests in the room, laser tag, paintball, karting. If you like the 9-year-old birthday party ideas, read our other birthday ideas. And, we promise that then you will definitely not doubt how to celebrate 9 year old birthday.