12 Best 9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

Are you looking for birthday ideas for a 9 year old? You have come to the right place. We have come up with 12 of the Best 9 Year Old Birthday Party ideas for boys and girls. 

Make your kid’s birthday party memorable with these party ideas. 

9 Year Old Boy Birthday Ideas

Here are some birthday party ideas for your boy.

12 Best 9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas of 2022

Video Game Birthday Party

If your son loves gaming, he will love a video game birthday party. 

You can host the video game party at your home and let your kid invite some of his friends to play their favorite games. If you have the budget for it, you can book a game truck instead. This will save you some effort as you won’t need to decorate the venue and someone else will be in charge of entertaining the kids.  

For the invitations, you can buy game-themed invitations from Amazon or create your own. 

Order a custom-made cake featuring your son’s favorite game character or a cake shaped like a gaming console controller. If you don’t have the budget for a custom cake, you can just put a gaming-themed cake topper on a regular cake.

If you are having the party at your home, decorate the party area with game-themed party decors. You can also buy a complete party supply set that includes decorations, a cake topper, and party plates and utensils.

Go-Kart Party

A Go-Kart Party is another great birthday party idea for your nine-year-old boy. Some Go-Kart venues offer party packages for kids. The good thing about this is that kids will have a good time and you exert minimal effort. You only have to take care of the booking, invitations, and party favors. 

9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas Girl

Here are some great birthday party ideas for girls age 9. 

Spa Party

A Spa Party is a simple yet fun way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday. She can invite her closest friends for a day of pampering. 

You must prepare spa kits, hand towels, mirrors, and spa slippers for the guests. They can make their own facial mask and lip scrub using natural ingredients. 

Put up a welcome sign and the list of spa services available. Play calming music as a background for an added touch.  

For the birthday cake, you can use cake toppers like these to keep with the spa theme. 

Jewelry-Making Party

If you are looking for a fun birthday party for your daughter, throw a jewelry-making party for her. You need to provide jewelry-making kits for your daughter and her guests. 

For the cake, you can bake a jewelry box cake. You can ask your favorite pastry shop to make it for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Or you can get a regular cake and decorate it with sugar pearls and sugar gems. You can also serve other desserts such as sprinkle-covered cake pops.

For party favors, you can send extra beads and jewelry-making accessories in a take-home bag. 

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys and Girls Aged 9

Looking for more unique birthday party ideas girl 9? We have more 9-year-old birthday ideas for both girls and boys below. 

Slumber/Pajama Party

A slumber/sleep-over/pajama party is perfect if your kid just wants to have fun with their best friends on their birthday. 

For a successful slumber party, schedule it on a weekend so that the kids can sleep in the next morning. If you prefer, you can decorate your kid’s room with slumber party decor. Provide games and activities in the early evening to keep them entertained. 

You can combine other party ideas with slumber parties. For example, girls can have a spa session before they sleep. Your birthday kid and guests can also do any of the following activities: 

Make sure to establish ground rules like what time they should be in bed. 

Arts and Crafts Party

If your kids and their friends like arts and crafts, you can host an arts and crafts party. Choose a particular activity for the attendees. There are lots of options for this type of party. Here are some ideas.

What’s great about this party idea is that whatever the kids make during the activity can double as their party favor as they can take them home after the party. 

For the birthday cake, you can decorate it using toppers such as this. If you want, you can also make an art palette cake or have someone else make it for you. 

Movie Night

A movie night party is one of the easiest kids’ parties to set up. Send some invitations, pick a good movie for kids, make some popcorn and you are all set. 

If you want, you can also decorate your media room and create a photo booth in a corner.  

For the cake, decorate it with these movie-themed cake toppers

Science Party

A science party is a cool way to celebrate your kid’s birthday. 

If you have an ample budget, you can just book a party with companies like Mad Science, Professor Egghead, and Kids Science Lab. 

They will take care of the entertainment aspect of your party with fun science experiments for kids. Some of them provide party entertainment services at your home or your desired location while others also offer party venues.

If you have a tight budget, you can take care of the activities during the party. Search the internet for simple yet fun science activities that your kid and the guests will enjoy. You can ask other parents to help supervise the activities.

Make a science-themed cake or buy a science‐cake topper to put on the cake.

Serve drinks in these lab-inspired drinking cups. You can also serve these petri dish jello as snacks.

For party favors, you can give away these kaleidoscope toys.

Laser Tag Party

A laser tag party is another fun way to celebrate a birthday. Check with a laser tag venue to see if they accept birthday party bookings. Some venues offer a party package with refreshments and party favors, so you only need to worry about sending invitations.

Camping Party

You can make this into a sleepover camping party, or schedule it in the late afternoon. 

Set up tents in your backyard and use some logs and other rustic items for decorations.

Serve camping foods like smores and grilled hotdogs. For the cake, you can find check out this campfire cake recipe

For activities, you can organize a scavenger hunt or other fun outdoor games to keep the kids entertained.

Pizza Party

This is another easy but enjoyable party idea for kids. 

What’s great about throwing a pizza party is that only minimal prep is needed and you don’t have to spend that much. 

You can order pizza party invitations and decorations from Amazon.

All you need to prepare are the pizza toppings, sauce, and individual mini pizza crust. 

Let the kids make their own pizza. Just supervise them when it’s time to cook in the oven.

You can also provide other activities like board or trivia games so that they have something else to do after making and eating their pizza.

Character-themed Party

A nine-year-old kid may still enjoy a character-themed party so this can be one of your options. Build the party around your child’s favorite character. Popular characters include superheroes, princesses, book characters, cartoon characters, and more. 

A lot of character-themed party supplies are available on Amazon so you wouldn’t have a hard time finding decorations and party plates

Try to adapt the games and activities to the theme. For example, if you plan to have a bowling game as an activity at a superhero-themed party, you can stick pictures of villains on the bowling pins. If the kids are doing a diamond painting activity, you can choose kits that are in line with the theme. 


We hope you like our 9th birthday party suggestions. If you need help in writing birthday party invitations, check out our post 100+ Best Birthday Invitations Wording Samples of 2022. We also have more birthday ideas for you below.