50+ Best 1st Birthday Invitations Wording of 2021

50+ Best 1st Birthday Invitations Wording of 2021

An 1st Birthday Invitations wording to a children’s party can have a prayer or a Birthday Invitation wording that makes it more attractive and cheerful and predisposes the children to live the birthday party with all their desires.

1st Birthday Invitations Wording Sample

The following is a compilation of wording for birthday cards that can be of inspiration and that you can adapt and reuse as you like.

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List of Wording, Sentences, and Texts for Birthday Cards

Let’s celebrate Juan Pablo’s first year!
We wait for you at Ave Los Arupos 4200 and Calle Los Rosales at 10: 00hs.
Saturday, June 12, 2007.
Mark this date on your calendar, and have fun with us.
We will wait for you!
[Name] arrived, and our whole life changed. After a year of internship as parents, we are prepared to celebrate their first birthday !!”

Very Nice Birthday Invitation Wording for Children’s Birthday Card

” [Name] came a sunny day and brought a lot of joy to our lives. We want to celebrate with all your [Age] years. We wait for you…”

Best Birthday Invitation Wording for 1-year-old Kids

“Even if nobody believes it, even if it seems like yesterday, the [Day] of [month] is my first year. [Name] “

1st Birthday Invitation Wording sample.

“From the day I was born, I filled my mom and my family’s heart with joy; from that moment, I am very happy surrounded by pampering, smiles, and caresses. I am growing Day by Day. I want to thank God for giving me this family that, like that, I, are glad to have arrived this great Day, the Day I turn my first year of life. I wait for you [Day] at [Hours] hs. !!! “

And in another personal card put the Address and the Name of the person sent.

1st Birthday Invitation Wording for Spiderman / Spiderman Card

Text for Cars Invitation Card

Beautiful Birthday Invitation Wording for Your 1-year Old

Birthday Invitation Wording for 1st Birthday

Birthday Invitation Wording for a 1-year Card With Themed Minnie Baby

“It was a day like this when my very happy daddies received me, my grandparents, my uncles, and other loved ones gave me their love.
The Time has come to meet my first year, and I would love you to be with me, so I wait for you in [Address], on [Day] at [Schedule] hs. I wait for you don’t miss !! [Name]

Birthday Invitation Wording for Baby Shower Card

Make way I’m coming!
The [Day] is my Baby Shower.
Mom and I will be waiting for you !!
How we do not enter my crib, we do it in [Address], at [Schedule]. Do not miss it!!
I promise to be good!!

Unicorn Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Text for a birthday card of Toad Pepe

I am preparing the party for my beautiful little daughter who turns 2, and I prepared this birthday card about Toad Pepe :

“Come come all jumping like toads that everyone is invited to enjoy a delicious cake with happiness and joy in the house of [Name] on [Day] on the avenue of joy [Address].
Come have fun.
I wait for you…

For the first year of my baby, the invitation was in the form of a bear and on the back said:

Wording for Princess Birthday Invitation

I invented this Birthday Invitation wording I hope you like it =)

A Birthday Invitation Wording for Winnie Pooh Themed Party Card

“I invite you to share an afternoon of games, balloons, and cake to celebrate my first year!
I wait for you [Day], in [Address] from [Schedule] hs to [Schedule] hs.
Do not miss it! (It is not suspended! by rain) “
“I will celebrate my [number] years!
Because you are very special to me,
I want you to share with me that Day! It will be unforgettable! I wait for you in [Address], on [Day], at [Schedule].
Don’t miss it! your presence.”
My baby is one year old, and the birthday card is assembled as follows:
“On [Day], I am my first year old, and my parents prepared a beautiful party for me.
I will see many balloons and a big cake, and I want you to be with me, I wait for you…”

You can write this note on best son’s invitation wording when he was one year old:

“A year ago, you saw me born.
A year ago, you saw me grow, and today that the Day has come,
I want to share my first year of life with you. I wait for you in [Address],
on [Date] at [Schedule]
Do not miss!!”

Birthday Invitation wording Card Spider-Man

I pass the Birthday Invitation wording for the invitation card that I used for my child’s birthday:

“The spiderman [Name] invites all the superhero friends to the great costume party this [Date] at [Schedule] in [Address]
Don’t miss and avoid being discovered !!
See you !!”

I am organizing my baby’s birthday that will be Fifi’s, and I wrote the following sentence on the invitation card:

“My birthday, it was a morning that I came to this world on ( day – month – year ),
I was received by my parents: [Names of parents],
They gave me a beautiful name: [Name], and I am pleased to invite you to celebrate my birthday on [Date] at [Address] and at [Schedule]
I wait for you !!! “

Birthday invitations of pirates and princesses!

I had a pirate party for my son, and the invitation card text was as follows:

Little Princess Invitation Card

Birthday Invitation Wording for Birthday Card Pirate

Do not miss it. There will be many surprises and treasures !!

Birthday Invitation wording for Cowboys and Cowboys card

Hello! My fat man turns 2 years old, and I decided to make his themed party “Cowboys and Cowboys,” and made the card with a photo of him saying:

Birthday Invitation Wording for a farm themed party. Read this very funny and super original Birthday Invitation wording.

Birthday Invitation wording for themed card “Clowns.” 

Another Birthday Invitation wording for “Clown Party.” Excellent idea to add that extra sentence. 

On the other hand, in smaller letters, I added extra data so that the parents of the invited children are calmer with the place where the birthday party is going to take place:

It will be an incredible birthday party, with surprises, a huge inflatable castle, and delicious healthy food.

The birthday is in the lounge parties [room] left in [Address] from [Start time] and to [End time] See you! “
“Hello, [Guest Name]!
I wait for you this [Day] from [Start time] and to [End time] to spend a spectacular day together and enjoy my birthday party together.
Don’t miss it!”

Wording for a Surprise Birthday Card

TOP SECRET – Do you know how to keep a secret?
She doesn’t know. She doesn’t expect it. For her birthday, we want to invite you to her SURPRISE party !!!
Do not miss it!”

It’s a surprise party.
We invite you to celebrate the surprise birthday of [Name].
We will wait for you!!!

Super Original Birthday Invitation wording

1) Someone who turns one more year.
2) A cake” with what to “celebrate.
3) Friends” with whom “have fun and celebrate…
… we have a birthday party. We have food and drink you are only missing !! ”