Best Birthday Gift for Son in 2022

Ideas of the Best Birthday Gift for Son: Your son has the most important period in his life – he passes from the status of a preschool child to the status of a primary school student. What to give him on his birthday 7-8 years old? Here some birthday gift for son turning 7-8 Years-old. There are many surprise birthday gift for a son from presents that the boy will like. Leading positions are occupied by gifts of interest – for those who are keen on sports, science, music, technology, creativity.

Best Birthday Gift for Son

Best Birthday Gift for Son in 2022

 No less popular are “boyish” toys, technical equipment, board games, and, of course, impression gifts. We suggest using our tips for choosing the best birthday gift for Son.

Radio-Controlled Transport

Various models of cars, planes, helicopters, radio-controlled ships will interest the boy, regardless of age. This is an unusual toy. It makes it possible to learn and develop, studying the functions of a unique transport.

Military Equipment

This idea is one of the best birthday gifts for teenage son. Boys have a love of military affairs since childhood. Therefore, the birthday boy will gladly accept a dad as a gift from a tank or radio-controlled armored vehicle. Add a set of tin soldiers to your gift.

Railway Set

A son aged 7-8 will especially like a realistic toy – a copy of this transport. Give preference to a railway with metal rails, excellent if the set has a real train with a steam locomotive and wagons that travel along the roads of the world.


The two-wheeled mode of transport is the leader among the presents for an active, athletic boy. Choose it according to the growth of the birthday, the model – according to his desire. On sale, there are mountain, sports, stunt, folding, road bikes in a wide price range.

Hoverboard or Skateboard

The gyro scooter is a two-wheeled platform that rides on its own. It is easy to operate. The child will easily learn how to do it. An alternative is a skateboard. His son will use it as a vehicle for sports, ride it on park paths.

Snow Scooter, Skates, Skis

For walking and playing sports in the winter, such shells are sure to be a useful birthday gift for son. They are given mainly to winter birthday parties. A snow scooter is an excellent replacement for ordinary sledding, skates are a thoughtful gift for a young hockey player, and skis are suitable if the boy has somewhere to ride them.


Present such a simulator and an attraction to your child if he spends the summer in the country. He trains the vestibular apparatus and coordination of movements, distracts the birthday man from sitting at the computer or tablet. It is better to choose a sports trampoline fenced with a grid.

Swedish Wall

If in the apartment or in the house, there is a place for such a sports simulator. Then buy it an awesome birthday gift for son. Let him do the exercises, ponder, become strong and dexterous. The Swedish wall will help to straighten your posture, pump up different muscle groups.

Sports Equipment for Hobbies of the Son

By the age of 7-8, the boy can already decide what kind of sport he likes: football, boxing, sambo, badminton, etc. In accordance with his interests, buy a ball, a sports uniform, dumbbells, boxing gloves, rackets, and shuttlecocks.

Mobile Gadget or Computer

Perhaps right now, there is a need to buy a new tablet, mobile phone, or smartphone for his son’s birthday. After all, the child goes to school and for parents, it is important that he is always in touch. You can choose a device that is inexpensive. Some parents want to buy a computer or laptop for their child for classes and games. By the beginning of the school year.

Table Football

A very useful gift for a boy, you can play football with the whole family or with friends. He develops agility, raises faith in victory, team spirit. The child will be busy with useful and exciting work, he will thank his parents for such a present.

Board Games

They develop attention, memory, logic, imagination, carry children of any age. You can give your son birthday games such as Jenga, Leaders Day, Doble, Monopoly, Forbidden Desert or other board games and puzzles.


There are many Lego constructor series on sale, stop at one that matches the boy’s hobbies. The birthday man will be interested in sets with wooden logs and bricks, they will like the Playmobil constructor with figures of different characters, as well as electronic designers complemented by circuits.

Interactive Toys

The “smart” toy will pleasantly surprise the birthday boy – a transforming robot, a robot dog, or a dinosaur, remote-controlled toys, a training tablet. They will help in organizing the story game, develop many positive qualities – thinking, memory, logic.

Instant Camera

Does your son love taking pictures? Then give him a camera that instantly prints the photos you just took. The birthday boy will learn to pick up interesting stories so that the pictures are fascinating.

Prefabricated Models

If the boy is persistent, loves intellectual tasks, buy him a combined model of an airplane, car, ship. He will gladly take up the construction of the toy, and dad will help him during joint leisure.

Kits for Creativity

Boys are fond of burning, drawing, sculpting, decorating various objects. On sale, there are kits with ready-made tools and materials, with a description of the sequence of work. If your child is diligent, loves creativity, then such a gift will suit him.

Light Tablet

The real magic and a fascinating task are to paint with sand. It will be available for the birthday person if you give him a light tablet. It contributes to the development of the creative abilities of a talented child, teaches him a new technique of drawing and sand animation, and reassures an overly active son.

Musical Instrument

This is a useful, popular present for a boy – a younger schoolboy who is looking for himself. You can choose a synthesizer, guitar, drum kit – a birthday man will be delighted with such an instrument if he is interested in music.

Portable Speaker

Such a gadget is especially popular with boys. With a portable column, the birthday man organizes music for himself anywhere. Choose a moisture-resistant, compact device, the prices for it are different – there are more and cheaper.


Your little son loves to experiment, to examine everything to the smallest detail – give him a microscope. He will introduce the birthday man to the wonders of the microworld, as well as the simplest methods of microscopy, and will allow him to spend time usefully.

Globe or Map

Useful souvenir for the student. If the boy has a world map or a globe at home, then he will enthusiastically begin to get acquainted with the location of countries and continents, which will further help him in the study of geography.

Chess or Checkers

Children 7-8 years old are at the age when they learn the world. Even if your son does not know how to play these intellectual games, but wants to learn, buy him a set. He will gladly take up the study of a new game that develops intelligence, mental activity, memory and attention.

3D Pen

Amazing 3D-pen will enable the child to create three-dimensional images and pictures, three-dimensional objects. He will create toys and various objects with a few movements of the pen in the air.

Kite Flying

A beautiful kite is a wonderful birthday present for your son. The birthday boy will want to start it right away, he will receive a lot of positive from active outdoor play with friends or parents. Such a gift diversifies the child’s leisure.


Little son went to school and learned to read. He needs fascinating books to instill a love of reading. Ideal for gift tales and stories, science fiction and adventure, detective stories, and children’s encyclopedias.

Transformer Jacket

If you give the boy an ordinary sweater, he will not express great joy. If you present a transforming sweater in the form of your favorite toy character, he will accept the present with pleasure. He will be proud of such a thing as his wardrobe.

New Furniture for the Nursery

Little son went to school, so it’s time to change the furniture in the room. Choose it along with the birthday. A great idea is an attic bedroom, combined with a workplace, a shelf or bookcase for books, a comfortable desk.

Frameless Furniture

A soft armchair in the form of a ball with the emblem of your favorite football team printed on it or an original pear armchair with the image of superheroes will decorate the birthday man’s room and create comfort for him. You can choose a chair with a birthday man – he should like it.


Choose a lamp of interesting design in the child’s room – a sconce, a table lamp, a 3D night lamp in the form of an airplane, or a car. The lighting device should illuminate the room well so that the student is comfortable doing homework.

Wall Stickers

Inexpensive gift or addition to the main present. The boy will be able to decorate the walls of his room to his taste, periodically changing stickers.


Buy for your son’s birthday a fashionable, stylish backpack that he will wear to sports sections, to creative circles, to walks. It can be bright, decorated with prints of your favorite heroes. Alternative – give a school backpack, but it will be more restrained tones.

Spy Equipment and Toy Weapons

Boys will like objects such as X-ray glasses, invisible ink, a lie detector, laser beams, a night vision device. Weapons will be interesting for this age – water pistols, blasters with soft bullets, luminous pistols, and machine guns.


You want to teach your son to save and save money – give him a piggy bank for his birthday, in which he will throw the remaining pocket money. He himself may not earn money yet, but he will know the price of money.

Clothing and Shoes

If dad gives his son a car or a designer, then mom can present the items of clothing and shoes that the boy needs: a sweater, shirt, tracksuit, jacket, sneakers. The birthday boy will be happy with a variety of presents.

What to Give to a Son Who Has Everything

If your son has everything you need – radio-controlled cars, a mobile phone, sports simulators and other things that interest the boy, give him your own impressions or presentations. He will receive a sea of ​​emotions, will remember his bright birthday for a long time.

Original Gifts With a Touch of Personality

  • a telescope is a welcome gift for a boy who is interested in the world around him, for sure, this is not in his arsenal yet;
  • scientific experiments – you can purchase a set for growing crystals, a globe with illumination, a 3D model of the solar system. There are many for sale;
  • pet – if the son dreams of a dog, cat, parrot, hamster, guinea pig, 7-8 years old is just the age when he can care for the pet;
  • custom-made wall clock with a photo of the birthday person, a pillow with his image or with a print of your favorite characters;
  • unusual T-shirt with the inscription “Beloved son,” “Always the first,” “The best song in the world,” “Winner of the competition”;
  • photo puzzles with a birthday photo on a magnet or on cardboard – this will be a unique surprise because the boy will collect not just a puzzle, but his photo;
  • basket with goodies – put in it everything that your son loves: sweets, fruits, cakes, chewing gums, complement the basket with an interesting board game or book.

Diy Presentations

  • video postcard– a card with a small video screen into which you upload videos from your phone or tablet. Make a slide show of memorable pictures for a child, starting from his infancy. Playback will begin as soon as the birthday card opens;
  • collage of photos– you can draw it in the form of a picture, picking up the most interesting pictures of the son with his friends, parents, classmates, made in an unusual setting;
  • edible designer– it is made from gelatin, water, food colors, sugar. At hand should be special molds in which the gelatin freezes. The birthday boy will not only construct the craft but also feast on it;
  • DIY items– a fashionable sweater, cardigan, vest, slippers or socks. Such a gift can be prepared by mom or grandmother if they know how to knit. It goes well with an impressive gift – then the child will definitely be satisfied;
  • Unusually decorated cake– it can be made in the form of an airplane, car, computer or ship. Decorate a large cake with the inscription “Happy Birthday, (name of the child),” be sure to buy candles by the number of years of the birthday.

Gifts-impressions and Emotions

  • on your birthday, take your child to the cinema, theater, to a circus performance or to the dolphinarium, you can visit a thematic exhibition in accordance with his interests – retro transport, military equipment, robotics;
  • a master class on the interests of the birthday person – skateboarding or roller-skating, creating robotics with your own hands, playing the guitar or drum kit;
  • flying in a wind tunnel is an effective way to wish your son a happy birthday. Within 1-3 minutes, a safe and free flight in a wind tunnel will bring him vivid emotions;
  • visit the contact zoo – the birthday person will visit the zoo, where you can go into the cages to the animals and pet them. A zookeeper will be next to the visitor. He will talk about the characteristics of each animal;
  • a trip to the rope park – an exciting trip can be organized with friends of the birthday. The route consists of various obstacles that the children will overcome with the instructor;
  • a game in the quest room for the company – such a gift can be arranged for a boy of 8 years old, participants will have to solve problems, solve a puzzle, open locks to get out of the room;
  • a trip on a racing VR stimulator – the participant is given points, vests, and a special headset before the virtual race. He chooses the plot of the race himself; the birthday person will receive an unforgettable experience;
  • karting race – your son will learn to drive a small race car on a safe race track. All necessary equipment for the race participant is issued. You can order a go-kart for two and go on a trip with a birthday person;
  • organization of the holiday for the son – a bright, eventful birthday with animators, balloons, the presence of friends – what could be better for the beloved son. The holiday can be organized at home, outdoors, in a restaurant or cafe.

And in Conclusion, I Want to Say: when choosing a gift for your son. Be guided by his interests and hobbies, as well as needs. The gift should benefit the child, develop his abilities, please, evoke positive emotions. If you decide to present clothes, bedding, a plaid, then be sure to supplement the present with something that will impress your son. Present a gift with a smile and congratulations, hug and kiss your beloved son – positive must be present in everything.