Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes for 2-Year-Old Baby: You have been gifted with this precious gift that is to live in this instant of many gifts and many smiles. We receive from all of us the vows of much happiness. Happy birthday, my little girl!

Happy Birthday Wishes for 2-year-old

Happy Birthday Wishes for 2 year old

  • Being a child is inexhaustible in reason, the reason that transforms any emotion. The idea that leads to the infinity of the question. Happy birthday, my eternal son! I love you!
  • Happy birthday and this is a magical day and full of surprises! You deserve all the good things. Enjoy it while you are still a child. Congratulations, dear nephew!
  • Dear daughter, enjoy today because it is all yours. I know that even growing so fast, our dear girl, our little princess, will remain forever.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes

  • Congratulations, my little princess! I wish you all the good and the best for you, and may you be very happy in the future. May the heavenly Father bless you more every day, and may you have much health and peace in life.
  • Childhood is a beautiful and blessed stage where everything seems possible. Heroes, bandits, adventures, and discoveries. I want to give you my congratulations, accompanied by many hugs and kisses.
  • The first time I saw you 2 years ago, with a round face and big cheeks, I thought you were the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s been 2 years, and time is going to be faster, but you’re still the coolest thing in the world. Happy Birthday.

Best Birthday Wishes for 2-year-old

  • Happy Birthday! You are everyone’s pride, and we will be there for you, always, in every moment. We love you. Congratulations!
  • I wish I could fulfill all your wishes, from here to any other birthday you achieve. I will always try to make you happy, not to let the world hurt you. Blow in these 2 candles, make a wish, and be happy forever. Happy birthday, baby!
  • For this second birthday, I hope that joy always remains in your heart, and above all, in your big eyes. Happy Birthday.
  • 2-years ago, a princess was born. A little queen grows today. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl there is!
  • Today you are 2-years old. These days you have brought us immense joy, a happiness that we cannot even describe. Happy birthday my little one.
  • Today the most sparkling jewel of all is 2-years old. May life always light your way. Happy Birthday!
  • It’s two years of jumping and annoying, but full of infinite love, and smiles of joy that would never change. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Messages for 2-year Old Baby

Birthday Messages for 2-year Old Baby

  • Two years old, you turned my sweet baby today.
    Two years ago you have appeared
    and accompanied us since then.
    I only have kisses to give you
    and caresses to give you
    all for life.
  • There is nothing in the world more beautiful than you,
    neither sweeter nor more dear,
    for your birth has been a wish fulfilled,
    a pleasantly desired arrival.
  • My sweet baby, who is one more year old today,
    a flower still not blooming
    but will do so with age.
    A small bud that gives me life
    and to which I will surrender forever.
  • Happy Birthday to You!
    You are so fragile that I will take care of you with my life
    because I feel an immense love towards you,
    towards your laughter and your desire to live.
  • Your laughter fills the house with joy
    and hearts with happiness.
    Everyone who observes you smile,
    hopeful of your movements,
    your gestures, and your steps.

2nd Birthday Quotes

  • You are curious. You are discovering a world!
    and I will accompany you on that long road,
    always with you
    to protect and guide you.
  • This day is magical
    because it has brought you with us, and, since then,
    in my heart,
    there is only happiness.
  • Two years old,
    two years you have given me
    with your life and your tenderness.
    You are the dream baby,
    although I had never imagined loving you so much.
  • Heaven has given me a gift by bringing you, and I do nothing, but thank you.
    My prayers go for you, you
    always enter them, and you will always follow them.
  • A single smile from you illuminates my soul, and my heart explodes happily.
    Bliss has come to this house
    with the day of your birth.
    And today, two years later,
    I remember him and continue to thank him.
  • My sweet two-year-old baby
    with high intelligence
    is discovering the world,
    a new and unknown world, but that already belongs to her.
  • I would fill you with kisses continuously
    every day of my life, and I would not get tired of kissing you.
    My little baby,
    always so sweet and so sweet.
  • One more star shines in the sky
    since the day you were born
    because you are bliss in our lives,
    a miracle made little person.
  • Sweet is your face. Tender is your body
    and pure your heart.
    I will always protect you from everything, and I will open the roads that you cannot open.
  • Happy birthday my sweet baby!
    In these two years of life
    the illusion has knocked on our door
    and here it has stayed with us,
    Happy birthday, honey!

Quotes About 2nd Birthday

  • Two years have passed today
    since you came into our lives. Thank you for having arrived. Thank you for being our guide.
  • Twenty-four months ago,
    you came to our house,
    and twenty-four months ago,
    that joy overwhelms us.
    For you, we live and move on,
    for a smile, for a hug,
    for being the most important,
    we wish you a happy birthday.
  • You are our baby, our little son; you are our reason for being, our fixed love,
    that’s why we congratulate you and wish you the best
    because they have been two years full of peace and love.
  • Today you will eat cake, after blowing the candles,
    you will also have the gifts that your family brought you
    because today is your birthday, two years now, how old!
    twenty-four whole months with you in the heart.
  • Although you are small and brave, you are starting to live,
    today two years ago, that you began to feel,
    that you came into our lives to make us better,
    happy birthday, son, on behalf of your elders.
  • Happy birthday my girl, who is already two years old,
    today you will be the protagonist with other friends,
    everyone will bring gifts, everyone will give you kisses,
    we all love you very much, and we will be your friends.
  • Two years already, and you are still beautiful,
    you, the girl of my eyes, I, a proud mother,
    Happy birthday my life, and that you fulfill many more
    and that together we continue forever to enjoy.

What do you write in a 2nd birthday card?

  • Seven hundred and thirty days, in this world with us,
    you made our lives happy, you put smiles on our face,
    and today is your birthday, your party, your happiness,
    we wish you the best and that you fulfill many more.
  • Happy birthday, happy in your day,
    that these two years are only,
    the beginning of your life
    that you never lack laughter,
    neither the love of your family
    nor the warmth of friends,
    who help you in the day-to-day.
  • What do you want for a gift? A toy or a kiss?
    Today you are two years old. I want to tell you, I
    love you, and I want to say thank you for changing my entire world.
  • Today it is possible that everything is strange for you,
    you are two years old, and I want you to be happy
    birthday and never forget
    that your family loves you and that your happiness seeks.
  • Today all the toys are for you, the best cake in the world will be on the table, two candles will tell you, that you are two years old today, that your family is by your side, that he loves you and that he embraces you, that they want to spend with you, A happy day with you.
  • My child is today’s birthday,
    two years old, two truths,
    so today I wish you,
  • My girl, who is the prettiest,
    turns two today,
    and with a happy birthday
    I tell her that I want to rage her.
  • Happy birthday, baby, you already have two years,
    as a gift, I will say to you that I will give you many kisses.

What to Give 2 Years Old Birthday?

A child’s birthday is a joyful event for all family members and relatives and friends. Everyone wants to give the best gift to a child for 2 years.