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60 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls in 2021

Interesting Birthday Gift Idea for Girl: Birthdays are very special occasions in everyone’s life. Especially when it is of someone very close to you. You are always in a dilemma of what would be an ideal birthday gift idea for girls. When you are looking forward to shopping & buy one of the most sought products for a girl on her birthday, you might feel like you’re swimming in deep water in search of a pearl.

With multiple options to choose from, getting your hands on a uniquely different product seems impossible. Regardless of any age young, teen, lady, or old, we have a list that can make her day great. Our great ideas will leave you astonished and you will then have a clear mindset of what an ideal gift could be for your dear ones.

What Gift to Choose a Girl?

It seems so easy to find a good gift for a girl, the choice is huge! However, it is easy to get confused in this diversity and variety, because the gift should be checked, guaranteeing success for the girl. Look for the desired age on the list, and we will tell you what gifts and why it is worth taking.

3D Pen

To create your reality. With the help of 3D pens, you can create many interesting gizmos! In addition, such a hobby can subsequently arouse hidden creative skills in a girl and can even generate income.

Boardgame “Sticky Chameleons”

Those who find the boards boring didn’t play Sticky Chameleons! The game instantly captivates and amuses even the saddest person on the planet. You don’t need to count or guess anything, but just with the help of a sticky tongue “catch” insects that correspond to the fallen combination of cubes.

Set of Japanese Ramen and Sweets

They say that in Japan it is not customary to pamper children, and especially girls. But, looking at the contents of the “Mix Box” gift sets, I somehow hardly believe it. So many varieties of goodies, elegant packaging and a small gift inside – is this not pampering for a little princess?

Slime Time Set – Make a Slime

The Slime Time set offers the child an exciting time while making toffee. Inside the package – a mass of ingredients and instructions that any child can handle. As a result – the joy of a young experimenter, and also a toffee toy that perfectly relieves stress.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls at Age 0-1

The baby develops and develops the world around him during the game. The first toys should be safe, without small details and loud harsh sounds, in a pleasant color scheme, materials should be of high quality and non-toxic, hygiene products should be hypoallergenic and tested.

The Projector of the Starry Sky Kitten Kiki

Toddlers are afraid to sleep in the dark, especially when they are alone in the room. In order not to jump out of bed for the whole night, give the little kitten Kika to the baby. This is a projector of stars and a music player that turns on to the sounds of crying and helps the child calm down and fall asleep.

Soft Book Palamboo Mini

At this age, a girl with the help of games begins to actively explore the world. The best gift for the baby will be a special children’s book in which on each page there lives a hero. The research process will be as exciting as possible because you can touch objects by touch, grab them or pull.

Electronic Mobile in a Crib

Even in Ancient Russia, the first mobiles appeared – various pendants and charms were hung over a baby crib. Such toys reassured the baby, attracted his attention. Modern mobiles are different: with the carousel mechanism, and with music, and with the projector, and handmade – there are plenty to choose from.


To meet him is a great success. This gentle and strong beast loves cozy houses more than a fabulous forest. And most of all he likes to give children magical dreams. For little princesses, there is also a completely pink unicorn.

Developing Mat

This is a whole small platform for the first games! The kid will receive delight from the unusual colored elements of the rug, which squeak, rustle, ring. Such a rug perfectly develops fine motor skills, teaches us to distinguish between shapes and colors, trains logical thinking and performs many other useful functions.

Cubes With Photos

Soft hypoallergenic cubes will help to keep bright photos and turn them into a fun game because you can throw them. There are 4 dice in the set, on which 24 photos can be placed.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls at Age 2-3

By their biennium, the girls already know how much and try to comprehend even more. Kids imitate adults, understand their requests, make fun, dance, sing along, love creative projects, communicate with other children. They are interested in a lot, and this is fertile ground for choosing gifts.

Cinemood Multi-Cube-Cube

No time to look for touching cartoons for the baby? In a portable cinema, MultiCubic has a collection of children’s cartoons, audio fairy tales, and songs. You can watch it on any surface: wall, ceiling, and even the wide back of your beloved dad. Cinemood – welcome to the magical world of childhood!

Personal Book for a Child

Which of us, reading fairy tales in childhood, did not dream of being the main character? Fortunately, your child now has a unique opportunity. It is enough to order a personal book in which your princess will become the main character and fall into the wonderful world of fantasies and magic. A wonderful gift is ready!

Doll Luvabella

In order for the child to develop correctly, it is important to choose the right toys. The smart doll Luvabella will become a real friend for the baby: they will grow together and learn about the world around them. The first laugh, the first words and the first responsibility – the doll also needs to be looked after: feed it and lay it to sleep.

Book About Your Child

One of the most memorable and unique gifts for the baby will be a personal book with her name, in search of which she, along with her parents and magic characters, will go through the pages of this fairy tale. An amazing adventure awaits her!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls at Age 4-5

Pay attention to the character of the girl, by this age, he is already clearly manifested. Based on it, it will be easier to decide on a gift. And sometimes it’s enough to ask the child what he wants. But if a girl plays silence, things get a little more complicated. But we have ideas for you!

Interactive Bat Nocto

This interactive pet is just cute, but its advantages are not at all in this. Imagine that a toy can become a kid a real friend and a guard, warning him if someone enters the room, dancing cheerfully, if there is a reason for joy, and even playing games with him. Is it tempting? Must take!

Musical Card With Your Melody

To please the girl is very simple. You just need to arrange her a congratulation on your favorite cartoon heroes! It is very simple to do this: find the image of the desired character, select a couple of your photos, add text and musical accompaniment. Yes, the card will please not only with a bright picture but also with a melody.

Jigsaw Puzzles

The best cure for all diseases is chocolate. It helps in the fight against depression. Therefore, a box with delicious chocolate bars can be a great gift for a loved one. And chocolate, on the wrapper of which is also fragments of a commemorative photograph that needs to be collected, is doubly cooler.

Name Book About Professions

Do you know what the baby wants to be? Help her make her dream closer by presenting a book entirely devoted to her. She can easily imagine herself in any profession, completing tasks and immersing herself in adventures, where the main character is herself! Superstar, professor, champion … Such a book will never get bored!

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