60 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls in 2022

Interesting Birthday Gift Idea for Girl: Birthdays are very special occasions in everyone’s life. Especially when it is of someone very close to you. You are always in a dilemma of what would be an ideal birthday gift idea for girls. When you are looking forward to shopping & buy one of the most sought products for a girl on her birthday, you might feel like you’re swimming in deep water in search of a pearl.

Birthday Gift Idea for Girls
Birthday Gift Idea for Girls

With multiple options to choose from, getting your hands on a uniquely different product seems impossible. Regardless of any age young, teen, lady, or old, we have a list that can make her day great. Our great ideas will leave you astonished and you will then have a clear mindset of what an ideal gift could be for your dear ones.

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What Gift to Choose a Girl?

It seems so easy to find a good gift for a girl, the choice is huge! However, it is easy to get confused in this diversity and variety, because the gift should be checked, guaranteeing success for the girl. Look for the desired age on the list, and we will tell you what gifts and why it is worth taking.

3D Pen

To create your reality. With the help of 3D pens, you can create many interesting gizmos! In addition, such a hobby can subsequently arouse hidden creative skills in a girl and can even generate income.

Boardgame “Sticky Chameleons”

Those who find the boards boring didn’t play Sticky Chameleons! The game instantly captivates and amuses even the saddest person on the planet. You don’t need to count or guess anything, but just with the help of a sticky tongue “catch” insects that correspond to the fallen combination of cubes.

Set of Japanese Ramen and Sweets

They say that in Japan it is not customary to pamper children, and especially girls. But, looking at the contents of the “Mix Box” gift sets, I somehow hardly believe it. So many varieties of goodies, elegant packaging and a small gift inside – is this not pampering for a little princess?

Slime Time Set – Make a Slime

The Slime Time set offers the child an exciting time while making toffee. Inside the package – a mass of ingredients and instructions that any child can handle. As a result – the joy of a young experimenter, and also a toffee toy that perfectly relieves stress.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls at Age 0-1

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

The baby develops and develops the world around him during the game. The first toys should be safe, without small details and loud harsh sounds, in a pleasant color scheme, materials should be of high quality and non-toxic, hygiene products should be hypoallergenic and tested.

The Projector of the Starry Sky Kitten Kiki

Toddlers are afraid to sleep in the dark, especially when they are alone in the room. In order not to jump out of bed for the whole night, give the little kitten Kika to the baby. This is a projector of stars and a music player that turns on to the sounds of crying and helps the child calm down and fall asleep.

Soft Book Palamboo Mini

At this age, a girl with the help of games begins to actively explore the world. The best gift for the baby will be a special children’s book in which on each page there lives a hero. The research process will be as exciting as possible because you can touch objects by touch, grab them or pull.

Electronic Mobile in a Crib

Even in Ancient Russia, the first mobiles appeared – various pendants and charms were hung over a baby crib. Such toys reassured the baby, attracted his attention. Modern mobiles are different: with the carousel mechanism, and with music, and with the projector, and handmade – there are plenty to choose from.


To meet him is a great success. This gentle and strong beast loves cozy houses more than a fabulous forest. And most of all he likes to give children magical dreams. For little princesses, there is also a completely pink unicorn.

Developing Mat

This is a whole small platform for the first games! The kid will receive delight from the unusual colored elements of the rug, which squeak, rustle, ring. Such a rug perfectly develops fine motor skills, teaches us to distinguish between shapes and colors, trains logical thinking and performs many other useful functions.

Cubes With Photos

Soft hypoallergenic cubes will help to keep bright photos and turn them into a fun game because you can throw them. There are 4 dice in the set, on which 24 photos can be placed.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls at Age 2-3

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls
Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

By their biennium, the girls already know how much and try to comprehend even more. Kids imitate adults, understand their requests, make fun, dance, sing along, love creative projects, communicate with other children. They are interested in a lot, and this is fertile ground for choosing gifts.

Cinemood Multi-Cube-Cube

No time to look for touching cartoons for the baby? In a portable cinema, MultiCubic has a collection of children’s cartoons, audio fairy tales, and songs. You can watch it on any surface: wall, ceiling, and even the wide back of your beloved dad. Cinemood – welcome to the magical world of childhood!

Personal Book for a Child

Which of us, reading fairy tales in childhood, did not dream of being the main character? Fortunately, your child now has a unique opportunity. It is enough to order a personal book in which your princess will become the main character and fall into the wonderful world of fantasies and magic. A wonderful gift is ready!

Doll Luvabella

In order for the child to develop correctly, it is important to choose the right toys. The smart doll Luvabella will become a real friend for the baby: they will grow together and learn about the world around them. The first laugh, the first words and the first responsibility – the doll also needs to be looked after: feed it and lay it to sleep.

Book About Your Child

One of the most memorable and unique gifts for the baby will be a personal book with her name, in search of which she, along with her parents and magic characters, will go through the pages of this fairy tale. An amazing adventure awaits her!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls at Age 4-5

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls
Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Pay attention to the character of the girl, by this age, he is already clearly manifested. Based on it, it will be easier to decide on a gift. And sometimes it’s enough to ask the child what he wants. But if a girl plays silence, things get a little more complicated. But we have ideas for you!

Interactive Bat Nocto

This interactive pet is just cute, but its advantages are not at all in this. Imagine that a toy can become a kid a real friend and a guard, warning him if someone enters the room, dancing cheerfully, if there is a reason for joy, and even playing games with him. Is it tempting? Must take!

Musical Card With Your Melody

To please the girl is very simple. You just need to arrange her a congratulation on your favorite cartoon heroes! It is very simple to do this: find the image of the desired character, select a couple of your photos, add text and musical accompaniment. Yes, the card will please not only with a bright picture but also with a melody.

Jigsaw Puzzles

The best cure for all diseases is chocolate. It helps in the fight against depression. Therefore, a box with delicious chocolate bars can be a great gift for a loved one. And chocolate, on the wrapper of which is also fragments of a commemorative photograph that needs to be collected, is doubly cooler.

Name Book About Professions

Do you know what the baby wants to be? Help her make her dream closer by presenting a book entirely devoted to her. She can easily imagine herself in any profession, completing tasks and immersing herself in adventures, where the main character is herself! Superstar, professor, champion … Such a book will never get bored!

Coloring Poster

When the whole world lies in front of you, it is breathtaking. Now imagine that you can paint it at your own discretion! A little artist will definitely be able to cope with the task. A huge coloring will become a canvas for creativity, taking the child for long hours.

Pillow toy “Kitten Lucky with a Heart”

A decorative pillow and a charming toy that will not leave anyone indifferent. You just look at her! The black kitten beckons to mash the soft sides. Such a cute gift will cause a surge of tenderness and joy at the recipient and will be suitable for any occasion.

Game Set Tales From the Pocket

A good fairy tale is the best educational tool. If your baby is naughty, afraid to sleep alone and cannot stand the separation from his mother, then the Tales from the Pocket game set will help him overcome childhood fears and self-doubt. Recommended for babies from 2 years.


Stylish and practical accessory. It’s time for your dandy to get hold of such! The handbag perfectly complements the image, gives it some zest. In addition, you can put so much of everything you need there – from that mother’s lipstick to your favorite toy.

Book About Name

The tale of the search for the lost name, which can be found at the end, letter by letter. Each letter will have its own story, and each child will have a unique fairy tale. The book is accompanied by vivid beautiful illustrations, and we suspect that the child will love her so much that he does not want to part with it.

Handmade Gift Cups

Children at this age imitate adults in many ways, so it is important for them to have their own personal belongings. And they should belong only to a young family member. A cute handmade porcelain cup with an animal inside will definitely please the child and will be different from all other dishes in the house.


Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Parents can make their daughter feel like a hostess. Give her a toy household appliance. Together with her mother, she will cook various dishes and feed the dolls.


Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Gambling houses or wigwam tents cause great joy. There you can hide alone or with your parents and create a fabulous atmosphere. Even adults risk slightly falling out of reality and get carried away by the game.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls at Age 6-8

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Before you look around, the girl has already become a schoolgirl! Ahead of her is waiting for a lot of new adventures, trials, interests and hobbies. The girl is growing up, but this does not mean that cloudless childhood is left behind. She is still a charming immediate child who loves to receive gifts and believes in miracles. Therefore, adults need to become a little wizard and fulfill their cherished childhood desires, while taking into account the rapidly changing interests and priorities.

Transformer Jacket

All girls love to dress beautifully. And they are crazy about soft toys. And if you combine these two desires, you get the perfect gift! A cute transforming toy that turns into a cozy jacket of delicate colors will fall in love with any girl at first sight.

Quad Rollers

Quad rollers are a cool gift for an active girl. Even if she never skated, don’t worry. Even a beginner will be able to master quad riding because this is a simple and safe option. Energy, speed and comfort – what a child needs!

Slime Time Set – Make a Slime

The Slime Time set offers the child an exciting time while making toffee. Inside the package – a mass of ingredients and instructions that any child can handle. As a result – the joy of a young experimenter, and also a toffee toy that perfectly relieves stress.

Robot Dog

To have fun. A robot dog is a cute electronic pet that can replace a real puppy. Games with a robot dog will help the girl develop imaginative thinking and imagination. Teaches attention and respect, the correct attitude to the pet.

3D lamp

To believe in miracles. The 3D lamp with cute balls is a weightless compact and at the same time very noticeable accessory in the girl’s room. Glows in white, has a built-in color switch.

Bedroom Alice

This cozy girl’s bedroom, which you can assemble yourself from scratch, is a very entertaining gift. Even the smallest details are worked out with love, and the chandelier glows at night, like a real one. Magic! A wonderful present for a young lady.


To learn new things. This is an eternal gift: give encyclopedias, children’s detective stories, collections of fairy tales in a beautiful and original performance. Also popular are coloring books and panorama books, which can not be compared with their “children’s” predecessors.

Family Book

A fairy tale based on the legendary “Turnip”, just created specifically for your family, your children will be the main characters in it, and all characters will have the names of your loved ones. With such a fairy tale, a child will know from childhood that the family is one and the most important thing in the world.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Girls love aroma and fragrances; it attracts them and pleases their mood. What’s best than gifting something that would make them feel fresh and cheerful throughout the day. Essential oil diffuser comes in a variety of shapes, size & of curse fragrances. It aromatizes the air such that it could turn their home into a sweet & cozy one. One of the trendy products in this category is the sleek design, that can fit her bedroom, living room or desk in the best way. So, every time the fragrance is filled in the room, it will light up her mood and remind her of you. 

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls at Age 9-12

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls
Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Already now not a child, however also not an adult woman. A lady of 9-12 years vintage is already nearly a teenager, this means that that presents for her must no longer be the most childish, however at the identical time now not the maximum adult. They need to correspond to her pastimes and arouse hobby in reading the external world.

Mosaic Portrait From the Designer Girl

Each girl is pleased to receive a surprise as a gift or a game. A great opportunity to combine two in one – a mosaic from a photo. The fascinating process of assembling a portrait will turn into a real game, and the resulting image will be a pleasant surprise. Bright and positive emotions are guaranteed!

USB Friend Tengu

Why: have a friend even when no one is around Pros: Tengu lives next to a computer and connects to it via USB. You just need to blow it to wake it up (turn it on). He immediately wakes up, yawns, smiles and begins to build funny faces.

Oxford Chair Bag

The fashionable and compact pear-shaped chair bag is a good gift for a teenager or child. The spilled liquid is not afraid of such an armchair, which is especially important in active children’s life. The range is represented by a large number of colors, from which you can choose the right one.

Boardgame “Big Adventure”

Want to tear your baby away from your smartphone? Give him the Big Walker! Roll a die for a test of luck. But even those who are unlucky can prevent others from reaching the final with the help of cards. The mass of obstacles on the way makes the game unpredictable and exciting for both children and parents.

Wind Tunnel for Children

What could be cooler than getting a flight as a gift? Each child will be delighted with tacking in a wind tunnel. Do not worry about safety, because there will be an instructor nearby who will even wear a Spider-Man costume to make the child more fun and comfortable.

LoftBox Build Kit

If the girl is a big dreamer and she likes everything unusual, a little strange and magical, give her the head of a unicorn. She, of course, believes that they exist and will be delighted. It’s up to you to collect your head yourself, with your parents or in the company of friends, in any case – this is a fun activity!


To learn life through the game. During the game, visual memory improves, logic, imaginative thinking, imagination, attention, quick wit develop. All this is useful to the girl in real life: both in school and in communication with peers.

Wooden Puzzles

A beautiful winter-themed puzzle will brighten up the evening and distract you from gadgets. Amazing cutting of wooden parts (180 pieces) will delight everyone who decides to assemble the whole picture. A wonderful puzzle with a winter cat will be a good gift for any occasion!

Ukulele Soprano

Oh, just the sight of this guitar makes you want to play a funny song! And do not deny yourself the pleasure, even if you have never held a tool in your hands. Ukulele is ideal for little musicians: small size, 4 soft nylon strings and pleasant heavenly color.


To organize your time. Most importantly, such an organizer should be beautiful! Ideally, if the girl has the opportunity to change the organizer at will: add pages, use scrapbooking attributes, stick stickers and paint sheets as you wish.

Set for Creativity “New Year’s Deer”

The smell of spruce and tangerines burst into the house, but is there something missing in the home decor? Look at these wonderful felt deer! Creating these with your own hands is an incredible pleasure. Invite your friends and create wonderful Christmas toys together with which you can decorate your home.

Small Rolling Pin “Christmas Ornament With Deers”

A little hostess needs her own kitchen utensils. She can’t create her masterpieces using other people’s corollas and rolling pins! Therefore, specially designed for young culinary artists created patterned small rolling pins. You need to make a little effort so that fabulous deer appear on the test. Wonders!

Excursion to the Deer Farm

The north will become closer if you give an exciting excursion to a deer farm. You can learn more about the history of the North, try on national outfits and warm yourself with hot tea. And then you can have fun riding cheesecakes or meet reindeer, sled dogs and a fluffy fox.

Unicorn Oscar Sleep Mask

Who ordered the magic dreams? With a cozy mask made of soft-touch fleece and a pretty face of a unicorn, dreams will surely be fabulous. The mask does not prick, does not rub and does not cause irritation, but adjusts exclusively to a comfortable rest.

Set of Aprons “Me and Mom”

Co-cooking is a great way to get closer. It doesn’t matter if it is scrambled eggs or a three-tier cake. The main thing is positive emotions and sincere smiles on faces. A set of two aprons can become a real family form. Large and small aprons for the chef and cook.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls 12 Years and Older

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls
Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

At the age of 12, the girl already cares what she is wearing, what impression she makes on the boys and on her friends, how she looks at all. Firstly, she became older and pays more attention to herself. Secondly, preparing to become a teenager. Appreciate this golden time – right now she is becoming an adult, trying to find her place in society.

Long Pillow With Your Photos

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

How about giving a little princess a photo pillow with her favorite characters? The Hilary long pillow can hold up to 36 images of your choice. Inside – super soft hypoallergenic filler!

Backpack Female Musaa

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

A backpack with a geometric pattern will definitely attract the enthusiastic attention of others. Effectively “wrinkles” at the seams between the triangles of eco-leather and shimmers in different shades due to the special “chameleon” dressing. This is a great option when you need a small and stylish urban backpack for every day.

Personal Verbank

For each girl, a power bank is an indispensable thing that will save parents from unnecessary worries – even if the battery suddenly runs out, the subscriber will be in the access zone. You can make a power bank original by marking it with the name of the owner.

Board Game “Lord of Tokyo”

A colorful game with monsters from popular movies and comics. Choose a character to your liking and capture Tokyo with him. Using dice rolls, attack others, heal your monster and get energy. The rules are easy, the game is addictive for both children and adults. Included in the 100 best family games in the world.

Chuni Purple

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Cozy clothes for a home have always been a good gift for friends or relatives. This category includes stylish chunni knitted from natural wool. Two in one: a nice and necessary present. What could be better than giving warmth and comfort?

Certificate to a Clothing Store

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

To choose what you like. At this age, it is important for the girl to understand what suits her and what doesn’t, because there are so many things around! Help her decide on the best way for her and the style that suits her, and your certificate of certain face value will do the rest.

Handbag with a Bow

It is an ideal option for all the girly girls who love to flaunt around their accessories. A stylish colored handbag is a product that she can carry with her every day. It can help her store maximum product before she steps out of her house. A bow is a cute gesture of her being a sweet girlish girl flaunting her imperfection perfectly.

A small unique bow on the top could be an ideal handbag for her on her birthday. Make sure you choose such colors that are preferred by her. Don’t go for pink, not all girl loves the color pink. Also, small-sized handbags are perfect because they are not so tough to carry and even, they are spacious.

Customized Caricature

You have seen it usually in the gift store, a unique showpiece with s real face designed on it. Caricatures are the best-selling product because of being highly personalized and made only for them. Thus, if you plan to gift your girl a caricature of her, she will be mesmerized with it. It will be like an artificial small size version of her. People usually prefer this because it is interesting, catchy, affordable and of course connect directly to the heart of the person you are gifting. This is the best birthday gift ideas for girls that are going to create a solid impression of yours.

Makeup Rollers

These gift ideas are present for girls who are fond of makeup. They end up buying so many products that lead to issues with the storage of the make up a product. If you gift her this, makeup rollers can be an ideal way of storing brushes, lipsticks in an easy possible manner.

In fact, during the traveling time, it can be convenient for her to carry the makeup with her with this roller. They don’t occupy much space; they are quite easy to carry. It comes in different sizes and there are different sections in it. Gifting girls a beautiful gold glittered makeup roller can glow up her birthday. 

Body Lotion Set

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls
Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

An ideal gift for daughter, wife, girlfriend, sister is the Body lotion set from great brands. You get after shower body lotion, shower gel, winter body lotion as a part of the set. This fragrance filled gifting option will be the best-picked product from the category.

It can be used during the shower, after a shower, before sleeping to keep the skin hydrated, safe and smooth. Girls will adore this product because it helps their skin glow and become smooth. The incredibly sweet smell will be an add-on to their mood. It can be counted as a girly gift option, but this is the most useful and used product by girls daily.


This list of 60 best gifts for girls could be an ideal option for you to choose from. Regardless of any age, girls are going to love it and these are the most used product for them.