Best Gift for Dad on 60th Birthday of 2022

Best gift for dad on 60th birthday: What to give dad for 60 years? The 60th birthday is a special anniversary for every man. As a general rule, at this age, he is already surrounded not only by children. But also by his grandchildren, so the celebration is organized large and cheerful. In the article, we will see the options of gifts for the dad from the son and the best birthday gifts for dad from daughter, and we will also offer several original options for hobbies and hobbies.

Best Gift for Dad on 60th Birthday from Son

The children of men are always more close relationships since they are the continuation of the family name and gender. It is good to receive the gift of a true man from his son.

Best Gift for Dad on 60th Birthday of 2022


If the father collects weapons or loves hunting, the best gift for him will be a gun or accessories for him. Try to know in advance about preferences in this area. A gift certificate can be a gift certificate at the gun shop, where the recipient can choose the item he needs.

Valuable Things

Sure You can give it to your father for 60 years, and in a safe home where the most valuable things in the family will be stored, such as jewelry, money, relevant documents, and papers that are not used daily.

Business Wallet

An accessory made of genuine leather for work meetings will be not only beautiful but also a useful gift that a father will use with pleasure every day.

Shish Kebab Set

If you have your dacha, you can give your father a large grill of skewers with skewers, but don’t forget to buy a couple of bags of coal. If the father likes to eat kebabs at home at any time of the year, you can buy him an electric grill or an electric barbecue.

Tickets for the Sporting Event

A football fan will be happy to receive a gift for his favorite team’s game. Try to choose a place where there is a good overview of the whole field. Visit the match together, and then go to a pub or restaurant to celebrate the victory.


A great option would be a new smartphone or a large plasma TV with a home theater function. A practical gift for the house will remind you every day of your beloved and affectionate son.

Pool table

In the presence of free space in the house, present to your father a pool table with all the necessary accessories. He will proudly presume to his friends that his son presented the meal, and he will gladly play a couple of games with you.

Pilot Certificate

Men who love adrenaline can allow the anniversary to experience the emotion. An excellent option would be a certificate to fly in an airplane or a helicopter. The gift will leave unforgettable emotions that the father will remember for many more years.


Men who like to do men’s work and do exciting things can be presented with a set of tools. Choose an expensive kit with high-quality appliances and a beautiful suitcase.

Best Gift for Dad on 60th Birthday from Daughter

For the daughter, the father will always be a loving man who will still support her. Only daughters call him dad, even as adults. Dad gives the warmth, tenderness, and care as the daughter will always remember a child.


For the 60th anniversary, you can present your dad with an expensive curl gown with simple embroidery. Towels with the same inscription can be included. Try to find words that are pleasing to your father, for example, “beloved father,” “best father and grandfather,” or “name of the king.” At the top of the inscription, you can ask to embroider a small pattern.


It is a mistake to believe that products made of gold or silver are delivered only to women. Many men love to wear rings, bracelets, tie pins, and cufflinks. Depending on the amount available, you can take a piece of gold with a small stone or make an engraving.

Personal Pen

In 60 years, men continue to work, so an expensive pen of exclusive design in a wooden box will be an excellent choice.


Elegant brand watches with a steel case, and the leather strap will be an excellent gift for the sixtieth anniversary. They say it is not customary to give that accessory to adult men, but if your father is not superstitious, you can give that gift safely.


Parents denied themselves in many ways while raising their children. For some, traveling together in another country has been a dream. Fulfill the wish of mom and dad and send them to rest on the day of birth. Pre-order and pay for dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants, where parents can celebrate an important date. You can send them to the sea, to Europe or even to a holiday home near Moscow.

Glasses With a Name

A useful gift for the house will often be used during the holidays. Present your father a set of champagne, cognac, or whiskey with a personalized engraving.

Pillow Heater

Take care of your dad’s health and present a heating pad for your back, legs, and arms. No matter how he felt, at the age of sixty, some diseases have already been felt. The heating pad will provide rest and rest for your father.

Congratulations Video

There is nothing better for an adult man than the congratulations of beloved children and grandchildren. Record a small clip where each family member will congratulate the dear man on vacation and say some warm words.

Original Accessories

A man for his birthday can be presented and interesting. Accessories.

The Belt

A good leather belt will be an excellent option for an anniversary father. This is a useful article that men use daily.


The genuine leather wallet is an ideal gift to use often. Be sure to put in at least one coin.

Calendar Anniversary of the Year

A large desk calendar with photos of the birthday man and his family. Try to choose images, especially memorable for the father.

Personal Diary

You can order the launch of the magazine dedicated to birthdays. Inside he will tell about his life, achievements, and victories.

You Can Give a Scarf of Natural Wool

Who will warm his father in the fall and winter? Choose such an accessory so that it looks in harmony with your outerwear.

When choosing accessories, pay attention to branded items — for example, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Hermès, Tommy Hilfiger, and others.

Thanks to modern technology, it has been possible to acquire copies that cannot be distinguished from the original.

List of the best-themed gifts.

Collect gifts for the 60th anniversary and trust in the parents’ hobby.

Car Enthusiast

For many men, a car is not just a means of transportation, but a real passion. They are ready to sit in the garage with friends for hours, courting their “swallow.” So passionate drivers will surely enjoy the gift associated with the car. An excellent option would be a browser or a DVR. Despite these new fashion units, without them, they do not make any biker. The father will rejoice with the car vacuum, with which he can clean the interior in a matter of minutes. You can give a set of electric pumps or jack or new covers for the seats. A great gift will be a massage car seat. Of course, if there is an opportunity, you can give your father a new car, you may have dreamed of a particular model.


A weird man doesn’t like to go fishing with friends. For avid fishers, a rubber boat with fishing equipment, a bag with accessories (a knife, a thermos, a flashlight) will be an excellent option. A unique gift will be a cooler bag that will allow you to keep fishing fresh for longer, especially in summer. He can present to his father a large fishing set that contains marine tools, Waterproof clothing. And boots: fishing equipment, a new fishing rod, and much more. If you are not well versed in the fishing business, it is recommended to present as a surprise a gift certificate with the first denomination for fishers, where the father can independently collect the things he needs for fishing.

Summer Resident

After 50 years, men, as well as women, begin to get involved in the fun of the dacha. Some people like to grow flowers, others like gardening. For such men, the best gift will be items for the dacha. Give your father for 60 years a new lawnmower, which will significantly facilitate the care of the territory. A real summer resident will be happy with a standard wooden divider and a multi-function shovel, which combines several functions at once. By the way, the latter is useful not only for the garden but also for hunting or fishing. It is not necessary to give functional surprises. You can present gifts to decorate the site, for example, a giant hammock or a set of field furniture, consisting of a wicker sofa, two chairs, and a small coffee table. With great pleasure,

Lover of Tourism or Outdoor Activities

At the age of 60, men can still conquer mountain tops, travel, and walk for miles. If your father is an active person and loves hiking, introduce things that will be useful during tourist excursions. The best option would be a high-quality, spacious tent. When buying, it is better to consult with a consultant who will talk in detail about the advantages of a particular model. An excellent option would be a mountain bike, which will help you quickly overcome a large segment of the road. An isothermal blanket or sleeping bag that will keep you warm even at night will become an indispensable helper on the trip. You can present the active father and a large flashlight with a solar battery.

Before submitting a purchased item, say a couple of warm words that touch it much more than a gift. It is recommended to pack the surprise in the festive paper so that it is not clear from the beginning what is inside. If the father has already become a happy grandfather, give the gift to the child, let him give it to him. It will be very touching. If possible, organize a small banquet in a restaurant where your closest friends and family will be invited. Be sure to hire videos and photographs to capture a memorable day for many years.