5 Best Funny Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids in 2022

Funny Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids: Made with fruits, with the sandwich format or garnished with garlands are original variants of Kid’s birthday cakes. Adding a touch of imagination in making the cake for the little ones can make a Kid’s birthday party win a lot of originality.

5 Best Funny Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Funny Birthday Cake Ideas for Kid

And if, in addition to fun, the cake is healthy, much better. Here are five ways to create birthday cakes for healthy and fun Kid: with fruits, sandwich-type, garnished with garlands, representing a scene or as a natural and healthy yogurt and lemon sponge cake. Besides, some tips to promote healthy habits are detailed during the birthday parties with minors.

Birthday Cake for Kids With Fruits

Kid’s birthday cakes can be healthy and fun if they are made from fruit or sandwich shaped. Making a birthday cake for Kid with fruits is an excellent idea. It is also a great way to make the little ones see that the fruits are sweet and can also be fun. The first step is to create a watermelon base, which acts as a sponge cake. Then, as decoration, melon pieces, strawberries and, on top, a second level composed of a pineapple fraction are placed around.

The step by step and the final result of this Kid’s birthday cake with fruits and all the details can be found in our blog.

Sandwich Shaped Birthday Cakes

An even more original variant is to create small individual birthday cakes, one for each child.

Sandwich Shaped Birthday Cakes

They can accompany a giant cake, prepared for the birthday boy, or be all the same size. They can use candles as well. As a result, the act of blowing them becomes collective (particularly when there are Kid since sometimes everyone wants to do it).

The Fun Idea is to Make Them the Sandwiches

You need to cut two slices of whole-grain bread in a circle. Then, the desired filling is placed (which can be sweet, as is traditional in cakes, or salted) and then decorate. This suggestion is from the Funky Lunch portal, which – as seen in this image – adds cherry tomatoes around, a number cut into pepper and candles made with carrot sticks, as well as cheese flames.

Birthday Cake With Garlands

The original detail may come with the decoration. It would involve making small garlands that help give the cake a festive air. It is enough with two (or more) wooden sticks, a few threads, and bits of cloth or colored papers to assemble a kind of small circus on the cake.

Birthday Cake With Garlands

In the flags of the garlands, you can include drawings of the favorite characters of the honoree, the colors of his favorite team, words with messages for him or whatever the creativity provides. Several examples are shown on our blog.

Birthday Cakes With a Scene for Kids

Representing a scene in the cake gives excellent results because Kid love it and it makes them very excited so much that it pains to cut them! But such cakes demand imagination and some skill.

Birthday Cakes With a Scene for Kids

A classic is to make a rectangular cake, decorate it like a soccer field and place the players on top. A very original option is to assemble Lego dolls as if they were working on the construction (or destruction) of the cake itself.

Yogurt and Lemon Birthday Sponge Cake

In 2006, the Ministry of Health launched the Perseus Program (School Pilot Reference for Health and Exercise Against Obesity), aimed at promoting healthy eating habits and regular physical activity among schoolKid. As part of the proposal, the booklet “Happy and healthy” birthday! Which offers several guidelines, so that birthday celebrations are not the cause of excesses and, therefore, of health problems.

Yogurt and Lemon Birthday Sponge Cake

In the chapter dedicated to the cake, the program recommends, as a healthy alternative, the yogurt and lemon cake. Among its ingredients, it also stands out that it is better if yogurt is skimmed, sugar, brown and flour, whole grain.

Tips for Healthier Kid’s Birthday

  • The Ministry of Health proposes the following recommendations:
  • Choose a date per month and then celebrate all birthdays, to avoid excessive parties.
  • Replace sweets and candies with fruit salad, nuts, healthy snacks, etc.
  • Do not abuse sugary sodas or replace them with other drinks, such as natural juices or smoothies.
  • Ensure that Kid does activities during the birthday, which force them to move and develop creativity, and not spend all the time in front of a screen.
  • Remind Kid to brush their teeth after the party.