Best Birthday Gift for 5 Year Old Girl of 2022

Best birthday gift for 5-Year-Old girl: All children love birthdays and fun, especially if it’s their birthday. Waiting for the coveted day begins long before the date itself. They hope to receive the most coveted and special gifts. Girls aged 5-years become more smart and inquisitive. They have new interests, thanks to which the list of possible Birthday Gift for 5 Year Old Girl is significantly increasing.

Best Birthday Gift for 5-Year-Old Girl

The fifth anniversary is a bright and memorable event for any girl. To make this day special, parents often celebrate a birthday in children’s playrooms or cafes, order animators, and select a thematic scenario. And of course, not a single child’s birthday passes without gifts. To surprise a five-year-old girl, parents and relatives should worry about the present in advance.

Best Birthday Gift for 5 Year Old Girl of 2022

5 Year Old Girl Birthday Gift

Choosing a gift for a girl, it is worth learning about the features of five years of age. During this period, the children are active and inquisitive. They learn the world around them, draw conclusions from their experience, try to imitate adults, trying on various social roles. Because of their age, many five-year-old girls like to fantasize. They represent themselves as fairies, princesses, and queens. At this age, they will be delighted with the donated costume of a sorceress, sorceress, or favorite cartoon characters.

By the age of five, the child has a fairly well-developed logical and creative thinking. A girl, although gravitating toward society and a collective game, can occupy herself. That is why many people advise choosing gifts for the development of intelligence and imagination. At the age of five, many girls experience “leaps” not only in mental development but also in physiological. Their muscles develop, the skeleton grows stronger.

General Gift Suggestions

Finding a gift depends primarily on the nature of your daughter. Who is she – a modest and quiet child or a little minx, a tireless explorer of everything new and unknown or a homebody? Having decided on the type of her temper, it will be easier for you to choose a gift. But do not forget that at this age, children still believe in miracles and fairy tales.

But at the same time, 5-years is already quite a conscious age. The girl understands perfectly well that on her birthday, she will receive gifts and congratulations. Perhaps she has some kind of dream she was telling you about. Such a celebration is the best suited for translating into reality children’s fantasies and dreams.

Best Birthday Gift for 5-year-old Girl

You will have to try to make this day full of children’s joy and laughter; therefore, not only a gift matters but also the celebration itself. In the worst-case scenario, if you don’t have any ideas about the presentation or you just don’t want to give an unnecessary trinket, you can openly talk with your daughter, asking about her preferences.

Despite the fact that at this age, children are already beginning to actively grow up, they are still babies in the shower. Games still play an important role in their lives, but the little lady also begins to pay attention to her appearance. Also, it is at 5-6 years old that most children start preparing for school, so various entertaining books, creativity kits, or a fashionable backpack can also become a gift.

Best Birthday Gift for 5-year-old Girl From Parents

A birthday present for a five-year-old daughter should be not only original and memorable but also useful for the development of the child. It is worth considering options for such presentations in more detail.

Best Birthday Gift for 5-year-old Girl From Parents

Kits for Role Playing Games

The selection of such kits is extensive. It’s easy to sell everything you need to create your own store, beauty salon, pastry shop, cafe. You can purchase a kit for playing in the hospital, school. In order to please the gift, you need to watch your daughter, take a closer look at what she likes the most – play with my mother’s cosmetic bag and her contents, take care of your toys and treat them, spend time in the kitchen, helping with cooking. It is worth starting from the preferences of the girl and giving the appropriate set.

Doll Furniture

Doll furniture, vehicles, clothes, and other accessories necessary for the game and helping to create a real-life for the dolls.

Dolls or Baby Dolls

These toys are suitable for role-playing games. With them, the girl will be able to feel like a mom. Trying on this social role, the baby in the game will solve adult problems, babysit the doll as with her child, lull her and feed her. At the age of five, interactive dolls are popular. They can talk, walk, drink from a bottle. In order for such a gift to bring only positive emotions, you need to choose positive characters.

Educational Toys

Such gifts will be especially useful for girls who are going to first grade in a year and a half. Toys for the development of intelligence, imagination, or fine motor skills will help prepare for difficult school life. You can give puzzles to the five-year-old – there are table and floor variations, 3D pictures on sale. Developing toys include various designers or mosaics.

Gifts for Physical Development

For a 5-year-old girl, such presents will bring not only joy but also health. Depending on the budget, you can choose the following gifts: hula-hoop, fitball for gymnastics, skates, skis, or rollers (in accordance with the time of the year the birthday falls), a scooter is great.

birthday gift for 5-year-old girl

Usually, dads choose their daughters for sports. They strive for the child to develop physically, be active, and alert. Moderate physical activity is the key to good sleep and good health. To please the girl, you can equip one of the corners in her room with a Swedish wall.

This is a sports complex, thanks to which the child will be able to engage in physical activity while at home.


The variety of models of this transport will make the right choice for a gift. Keep in mind that it is intended for a little girl, so its appearance and color should be appropriate. And having a basket will make it even more useful because you can carry your favorite toys and other things in it.

Complete Inline Skates

If your daughter is still not able to ride simple skates, then buy her a two-row model. It is more stable and perfect for the first training. Do not forget about the necessary equipment that protects your knees, elbows, arms, and head from bumps and bruises.


A scooter is a popular form of transport among children of different ages.


When choosing a board, you should pay attention to its size – it must correspond to the age of the child. It is also better to supplement such a gift with protection.


Darts, but only an option for children, i.e., without sharp tips on darts.

Swimming Equipment

Swimming equipment – flippers, glasses, snorkel, rubber ring or mattress, bathing suit.

Flying saucer

Flying saucer or boomerang – accessories for outdoor games. In particular, playing with them will be interesting if you have a dog.


But since the birthday girl is still small, it is better to take the children’s option, i.e., with mesh guard for safety.

What Can I Give to My 5-year Granddaughter?

It is more difficult with the choice of a gift for the grandparents of the birthday girl. Of course, they want to pamper their granddaughter, especially on this momentous day for her. Grandparents should remember that gifts must be given, focusing on the interests of the child.

birthday gift for 5-year-old girl

At five, girls strive to imitate their mother actively. Because of this feature, they will like toys that copy adult things. For example, it can be a toy washing machine or dishwasher, iron, refrigerator. The selection of such gifts is huge. Such presentations will become an integral part of role-playing games.

For the fifth anniversary, the granddaughter can give a book. There are many variations of such presents. You can select the following birthday gift for 5-year-old girl:

  • primer – will be especially useful for girls who are preparing to soon go to school;
  • audiobooks are “talking” editions; they have a built-in speaker, thanks to which the book itself will tell interesting stories and tales to the child;
  • books with children’s poems;
  • jigsaw puzzle products;
  • books with Russian folk tales.

Also, the granddaughter can be pleased with sets for creativity. Such gifts will appeal to girls who love to craft something with their own hands. The list of possible gifts for creativity is as follows:

  • set for a young artist (it may include felt-tip pens, pencils, gouache or other types of paints, crayons, pictures with numbers);
  • modeling kits – can include not only plastic mass but also a variety of molds;
  • sets for quilling, origami, weaving beads, and bead bracelets.

Often, granddaughters are presented with unusual but useful gifts for their fifth birthday. It can be a lamp, a children’s watch, or a night lamp with the appropriate design, bed linen with the image of your favorite cartoon characters, a backpack.

Interesting Ideas for the Goddaughter and Niece

Being a godfather, uncle, or aunt for a little girl is a responsible task. As a sign of attention and love, you need to give your child a birthday present every year. Choosing a present for your godmother or niece can be a real puzzle.

birthday gift for 5-year-old girl

Relatives clearly do not fail if they give a birthday a “fashionable” surprise. It can be a beautiful dress or an elegant suit. Girls who love to “show off” in front of a mirror will appreciate such a gift. Little fashionistas will also be pleased to receive other gifts.

Various Jewelry

Various jewelry, jewelry, beautiful elastic bands, bows, and hair clips. Any girl will certainly find a use for such a present. She will be able to try on jewelry on herself or “dress up” her favorite dolls.

Children’s Cosmetics

You can purchase a children’s cosmetic kit. Usually, it includes lip gloss, nail polishes, and shadows. Cosmetics designed for little girls are harmless. It does not cause allergic reactions and is easily washed off with water. Having such a set, the fashionista will stop climbing into her mother’s cosmetic bag and will be able to open her beauty salon.

Handbag or Backpack

Options for such accessories for girls are many. Handbags or backpacks can be large, small, colorful, shiny, with fancy images or made in the form of toys. Such a gift is very useful. Going to kindergarten or for a walk, the girl will be able to put everything he needs into it.

A Chest or Casket With a Lock

The present will appeal to girls who love to hide “secrets” from prying eyes. Tickets to the circus, to a theatrical performance or to a soap bubble show will be an excellent gift.

This original presentation can be supplemented with an unusual bouquet of sweets or soft toys.

How to Please a 5-Year Sister?

The sister’s fifth birthday is an excellent occasion for heartfelt congratulations and the presentation of a long-awaited gift. The list of presents that can be presented to the little hero of the day can be as follows:

birthday gift for 5-year-old girl

Stroller for a Doll

a stroller for a doll or a baby doll – there are both large “vehicles” and small strollers on sale; most models have the ability to take shape, due to which they will not take up much space when the child does not play “mother-daughter”;


dollhouse and various furniture items;

Soft Toy

soft toy – a teddy bunny, a bear, a fox can complement the existing collection of animals and become a favorite. Most girls love teddy bears, cats, and hares.

Interactive Toys

they can walk, sing, dance and even talk; such a gift will cause genuine enthusiasm in the five years;

Light Mat for Dancing

suitable for active nature, loving sports, and physical activity; or vinyl-based stickers – with their help the girl will be able to decorate her room to her taste;

Kids Smartphone

Children’s version of the smartphone – such a phone can sing songs, recite poems, imitate beeps when making a call; if a girl loves role-playing games, she will certainly find application for this present;

Moving Toys

 it can be radio-controlled cars, trains with the railway, or other “vehicles”; you should not think that such gifts are intended only for boys, many girls are also not averse to playing with toy vehicles.

You can give coloring books (pictures by numbers), a book with stickers and various tasks, abacus, a tablet, an analog of a blackboard to your sister for the fifth anniversary.

Mannequin for Creating Hairstyles

 If your daughter loves to weave braids or build different hairstyles, then such a mannequin will be an ideal gift for her. He will help to develop further a children’s passion, which in the future may possibly grow into something more serious.

The Railway Toy

Not only boys like to play with rail. Girls also like to drive the train. But choose a more “girlish” model—for example, bright-colored cars with fun music.

Inexpensive Birthday Gift for 5-year-old Girl for Twins

The birth of twins is a double joy in the family. Together with such happiness, double chores appear, since each of the kids needs to be given due attention. This also applies to the choice of gifts for the fifth anniversary.

birthday gift for 5-year-old girl

In order not to offend girls, you should not purchase one gift for two. There are two children, which means there should be two gifts. From inexpensive souvenirs to twins, you can choose the following:

  • name spoons made of stainless steel or silver;
  • two frames made in a single stylistic design;
  • magnets;
  • pendants;
  • medals and badges.

Twins are often given the same sets of clothes, various jewelry, jewelry boxes with locks.

Unusual Birthday Gift for 5-Year-Old Girl

An extraordinary gift for a girl of five years old is a certificate for attending any exciting events. This can be a sweets master class or other creative tutorials.

birthday gift for 5-year-old girl

A little girl will certainly be delighted with such activities as:

  • horseback riding;
  • joint swimming with dolphins;
  • show of funny magicians;
  • flight in a wind tunnel;
  • trampolining;
  • Hike to the water park or ride on various attractions.

When choosing a presentation, first of all, you should try to exclude platitudes. If the child has a few lying dolls idle, another rubber baby doll is unlikely to give the girl pleasure. Whatever gift is chosen for the five years, one should not forget about the main “attribute” of a birthday – a cake with five candles.

Birthday Gift for 5-year-old Girl for a Little Fashionista

Girls in 5-6 years old are already starting to pay attention to their appearance and clothes. They like beautiful dresses and shoes.

birthday gift for 5-year-old girl

The young lady wants to be the most beautiful at her celebration and in kindergarten. You can please the little fashionista with brand new clothes or jewelry:

  • Beautiful dress, skirt, blouse, and other items of clothing.
  • New shoes, boots, sneakers with a luminous sole.
  • Bag or backpack. This can be a bag with sequins, as well as a backpack in the form of animals or cartoon characters.
  • Comb or pocket mirror of unusual shape or bright colors.
  • Children’s cosmetic bag (can be supplemented with a set of cosmetics designed specifically for such babies).

Presentations for a Creative Girl

If your daughter is interested in some kind of creativity or needlework, then for her birthday, she can be pleased with a new set or accessory for a hobby.

birthday gift for 5-year-old girl

If she is fond of drawing, then give her a new easel or a large set of paints. And for the needlewoman who loves to do it herself, you can choose sets for sculpting, crocheting, creating jewelry from beads, or colored rubber bands.

Useful and nice presents

Gifts that will be both pleasant and useful are difficult to pick up. You don’t have to buy your daughter things that will not interest her, even if they are needed. The presentation should bring joy and pleasure to the child. You can give the following to your baby:

  • T-shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket with photo print in the form of her photograph or image of your favorite characters.
  • Unusual night light or starry sky projector.
  • A set of children’s bedding with a bright pattern in a children’s theme.
  • A tablet on which you can install various educational and developmental games and programs.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Children’s smartwatches.
  • Dishes with the image of the heroes of your favorite cartoons.
  • Umbrella (transparent or bright colors). You can add such a present with beautiful rubber boots.

It is not recommended to give a laptop or computer to children of this age, as they can carry away so much that the child will forget about real life and friends.

Educational Presents

At this age, all children need educational games and activities. Soon your daughter will go to school, so it’s time to think about learning the alphabet and numbers. She also needs to develop attentiveness, independence, and hard work. Although writing and reading skills are not mandatory first-grader skills, they are still considered desirable. And since some children are not always positively inclined towards learning, it is recommended to conduct preparatory classes in the form of games.

birthday gift for 5-year-old girl

Daughters of preschool age can give various intellectual games for their birthday. Such presentations will be not only useful for development but also interesting for the child.


Many different designers differ in material, shape, number of parts, method of fastening elements, etc. Pursuing this toy, the girl will learn to think and make logical decisions, as well as develop excellent motor skills.


regular or 3D models. It also varies in the number of parts. 3D puzzles are becoming increasingly popular among children of all ages. From them, you can collect three-dimensional figures of animals, buildings, vehicles, etc.

Board Games

they help to develop creative thinking, logic, and personal qualities. And since the company usually plays such games, they also help to build and strengthen relationships with family and friends.

Musical Toys

Help to develop creative talent, hearing, and a sense of tact in a child. It can be a synthesizer, guitar, or drums.

When choosing gifts from this group, parents should take into account the nature of the daughter and her preferences. Not all of them may be interesting for the birthday girl, but you can definitely find the right option.

Fancy Gifts for a Girl Who Has Everything

If you want to surprise your daughter with something unusual, then you should choose for her, then what she had not had before. Like any parent, you love your baby and constantly strive to please her, so she probably already has most of the modern toys, accessories, and wardrobe items. But still, the assortment of stores is so great that on their shelves, there will surely be a thing that the birthday girl does not yet have.

  • 3D-pen - the child will be interested in creating volumetric figures directly in the air.
  • Camera. For a girl of 5-6 years old, it is better to choose a not complicated model. There are even special cameras for children, characterized by a robust body and brighter colors.
  • Water bottles that can be folded. It is convenient to take it everywhere with you - for a walk, to school, for a visit, etc.
  • Microphone for karaoke.
  • A digital microscope is for a girl who loves to study everything.
  • A mug that changes color depending on the temperature of the water.
  • Box of fortune cookies.
  • An unusual alarm clock that can ride on wheels on the floor or fly with a small propeller. To disable, you need to catch it. Such models are suitable for children who find it difficult to get up in the morning and often wake up.
  • A small projector where you can watch cartoons and movies for children.
  • Home planetarium.
  • Casket, in the form of a book. There are models with a lock. In them, the girl will be able to store the most valuable.
  • Decorative pillow of unusual shape.
  • Game console.
  • Virtual Reality Glasses.

Sweet Gift

All children love sweets, so they will be happy to receive an unusual edible gift on the DR. You can please your daughter with a bouquet or a basket of sweets, marshmallows, or fruits. Such presentations are made to order so that they can be of very different shapes and sizes. Also, sweet gifts are sold in stores, but already in the form of simple sets of sweets and chocolates in different boxes and packages.

But the cake is considered the most popular sweet gift for a children's birthday. It can be bought ready-made or ordered to your taste. It should be tasty and unusual. For example, with a picture with your favorite cartoon characters, in the form of a doll, animal, or figure.


Most children ask their parents for a pet. To fulfill their request or not is the right of the parents. But you must understand that at 5-6 years old, the child will not be able to provide full-fledged care for a new "friend," so these responsibilities will fall on you. If you are ready for this, and your daughter has been asking for a pet for a long time, then fulfill her dream for her birthday by giving her someone from the list below:

  • kitten;
  • puppy;
  • hamster;
  • rat;
  • degu protein;
  • fish;
  • turtle;
  • Guinea pig.

Last Words

The birthday of your beloved daughter is always a long-awaited and exciting event, especially for the birthday girl herself. At the age of 5-years, she is still considered a small child, but at the same time, more adult features have already begun to appear in her. There are many opportunities to please a girl in Dear.

But parents should not choose the best birthday gift for 5-year-old girl, taking into account only their own opinions and preferences. Be sure to take into account its nature and interests. Otherwise, even such a welcome birthday will not bring joy.