40+ Unique Birthday Gifts for Boss Lady in 2022

The top best Birthday Gifts for Boss Lady: Finding a present for the boss is a responsible and difficult task, so we decided to suggest what to give the boss to a woman for her birthday. To please the birthday girl, you should start preparing for the holiday in advance and carefully study the wishes of the recipient and the rules of decency and signs associated with gifts.

40+ Unique Birthday Gifts for Boss Lady in 2022

This will help to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings, as well as lead to the right thoughts. By listening to our advice, you can choose a good birthday gift for your lady boss and improve the atmosphere at work.

What to Give Your Female Boss for Her Birthday?

Making a good and original gift to taste is not an easy task. We often get lost even in what gifts to give to family and friends, and things are even more difficult with gifts for colleagues or coworkers.

Female Boss Birthday gift

If you work in a team, then more than once you have encountered the problem of “what to give your boss for her birthday?”.

Very often, the life of superior officials remains unknown to subordinates. Hence, it isn’t easy to find out about your boss’s preferences.

Despite the fact that your boss is a woman at work, she remains the main person of the company, who manages the entire team’s activities. By their nature, females are quite fastidious, and increased demands distinguish female Bosses.

How to Choose the Right Birthday Present for Your Boss Lady?

Before making conclusions and suggestions, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

Right Birthday Present for Your Boss Lady

  • The age of the boss: This item will help determine the color scheme of the gift and the theme itself. Some active and extreme types of entertainment can scare your boss. Of course, it all depends on the person and his lifestyle.
  • The status of the boss and the company itself: If your boss is the head of a small company and a small team, then it is unnecessary to give a very expensive gift. Usually, the team communicates more closely with the authorities in such organizations, and the distance is not so strongly observed. In this case, choosing a gift is much easier.
  • If the boss runs a large company with a large number of people, then the gift should be chosen in accordance with the status – expensive and discreet.
  • The boss’s hobbies: We must not forget that the Boss is the same ordinary person with his own hobbies and passions. If the boss has some favorite pastime, like fishing, traveling, etc., you can make a gift.

What to Give a Female Boss – Top Birthday Gifts for Boss Lady From the Team

Together, it is easier to decide what to give and to present a valuable and significant present from all colleagues (if the enterprise is small) or from each department of the enterprise.

Birthday Gifts for Boss Lady

You should not give the Boss money in an envelope, and there are a lot of ideas for presents to a woman from the team:

1. Big bouquet of flowers

This is a classic gift for women, but colleagues have the opportunity to make it extraordinary luxurious. Women in the team know well what flowers to give to the boss.

Try to give the female boss the flowers that she loves. If you do not know anything about her preferences, then you should opt for roses. Roses are a noble flower that almost all women like.

Before presenting a gift to the boss, consider its packaging. Do not choose bright colors or childish patterns. I prefer pastel colors: brown, dark blue, pale pink, gold.

2. Books

The classic and best gift at all times should be selected taking into account the birthday girl’s interests. An excellent solution for what to give the boss for her birthday can be a book autographed by the author, a rare copy, an old tome, a collection of works by a favorite classic, an art album.

3. Products of folk art craft

Fans of national traditions will be delighted with porcelain from Gzhel, miniatures by craftsmen, and a set of dishes with Khokhloma painting will love an artist.

4. Office Interior

There can be many options: desktop or floor, for an office or home, mechanical or electronic, made of natural stone or wood.

5. Office massage chair

This is an expensive piece of furniture, but the whole team can give the boss a useful and unusual gift for the female boss’s birthday.

6. Tabletop decorative fountain

Such a piece of furniture is considered an ornament and an attribute of comfort, a source of peace, and according to Feng Shui, it attracts cash flows, vitality, and well-being.

7. Wooden box for documents

An excellent gift for the boss is a wooden box for documents and business papers, a banknote, a multi-tiered leather box for jewelry and trifles.

8. Pictures and panels

Stylish decorative items can become the decoration of the boss’s office in the office and at home. These can be reproductions, modular paintings, precious wood products, natural stone, Swarovski crystals.

9. Leather business accessories

An elegant diary, notebook, organizer, laptop bag, glasses case must be personalized with a personalized engraving.

10. Florarium desktop or wall

You can present the Bossship instead of a bouquet. The composition of living plants in glass vessels of various shapes does not lose its freshness and does not require special care.

11. Sweets

It cannot be considered that this is the simplest and most worthless gift. Sweets, cookies, cakes – everything that can be presented to the boss must be purchased in specialized stores. It can be a set of designer confectionery, chocolate from different parts of the world, or handmade, a fantasy cake to order.

12. Desktop device

A stylish set with writing instruments, watches, and other accessories should be on the desktop of every Boss. The assortment allows the team to choose a set as a birthday gift for a female boss in accordance with the field of activity of the enterprise.

13. A set of travel bags

A stylish light suitcase on wheels, a beauty case, a bag will make a good impression and will appeal to a Boss who often travels on business trips and loves to travel.

14. Purchase a certificate

A certificate for a master’s class is a good gift for a female boss. Ladies, regardless of age, position and character, have hobbies. Mastery lessons are needed for those who already know the art and for self-improvement.

Many stores (clothing, jewelry, technology, books, perfumes) practice selling discount coupons. This is a win-win option for birthday gifts for your boss female.

15. Car accessories

The male part of the team can help choose gifts for the boss lady who spends a lot of time driving her own car. It can be a navigator, a radar detector, a thermoelectric auto-refrigerator, and even a tool kit for emergency car repairs.

16. Ladies’ accessories

cashmere stole, neckerchief made of natural fibers, Vologda lace or downy Orenburg shawl, boa, fur muff.

17. Gadgets

It is a great tech birthday gift for a modern Boss lady to keep up with the times, so smart assistants – watches, pens, fitness trackers, notebooks with a USB alarm clock – are never superfluous.

18. Large plants in pots for Office

You can give a palm tree or a beautiful flower in an expensive painted pot that will decorate the interior of any office.

19. Diary in a leather cover

Always an indispensable thing for busy people. One way or another, diaries tend to end, so much a unique gifts boss will always come in handy. If your boss works with you in the creative industry, then a notebook or notebook would be a great gift option.

20. Organizer

You can buy a beautiful organizer made of wood or stone in a specialty gift shop that will look great on the executive’s desk.

21. Flashcard

There is a huge selection of different flash drives with the most creative designs. Such a thoughtful gift for a female boss will always be in demand from a modern boss. Jewelry flash drive looks like a real work of art.

22. Terrarium

This gift represents the flora in the aquarium. The best part is that such a beautiful creature does not require careful maintenance, and this is important for a busy person.

23. Certificate for procedures in the Spa

Boss often experience stress, so this gift will allow your boss to relax a little and cheer herself up. A certificate for spa treatments will be an actual gift for a modern boss lady working in constant stress and multitasking mode.

24. Picture of a boss lady

It is worth noting that oil painting or even watercolor is not always affordable for the team. An inexpensive gift for boss lady in this style can be ordered from an experienced illustrator who can make a portrait from a photo or stylize it. Select quality artists by looking at their portfolios first.

25. Jewelry of famous brands

Choose only the most prestigious brands. Stop your choice on Pandora or Tiffany jewelry – no woman can resist their beauty and sophistication.

26. Extreme gift

Such an awesome surprise can be a flight in a helicopter or a hot air balloon. Earlier we wrote that you should be very careful with such a gift, so give such a present only if you are 100% sure that your boss is an adventurous and active person.

27. Porcelain set

Fine porcelain set “Royal Morning” (coffee cups and crown-shaped egg cups). A wonderful compliment and gift for a Boss.

28. Ladies’ set

The ladies’ set (umbrella and silk scarf) from the Impressionist collection was designed by good designers. The objects are decorated with paintings, so an artist’s album can be presented as an addition.

29. Tea set

Tea set “The best boss” (crystal glass, brass coaster, teaspoon) in a wooden case

30. Painting on canvas

Such gifts are made to order according to the birthday girl’s photo. The image is chosen in accordance with the character and age of the beloved boss. An oil painting in the image of a princess can be presented to an older woman, and a portrait in the style of pop art or grunge can be presented to the chef girl.

31. Levitating lamp

You can choose a creative gift for your boss (a globe in an oval frame) or a similar to a classic lamp on a wooden stand.

32. Long-lasting rose in a flask

Gift flask with a live rose inside will last for many years and delight with its fresh and bright look. In addition, order an engraving on the stand from whom the surprise was presented.

33. Souvenir

The souvenir desktop composition “Big Shot” will be located on her desktop and will also delight the eyes of those who enter the office.

34. Picture in the office

Picture in the office, especially if the lady is a true connoisseur of art. You can buy the work of a contemporary artist or purchase a high-quality replica of a well-known painting.

35. Paperweight made of natural wood

A paperweight made of natural wood with a cool inscription “BOSS” will look decent on her desktop.

36. Globe bar

Globe bar in the office to create a cozy atmosphere and give more solidity to the working space.

37. Organizer is made of natural stone

An organizer made of natural stone will take its rightful place on the table; you can consider models with a globe and different departments for convenient storage of small items and pieces of paper.

38. Chair with an orthopedic effect

A high-quality chair with an orthopedic effect an ergonomic back will allow you to conveniently and comfortably sit in the workplace.

39. Aquarium in the Boss’s office

If she wanted to install an aquarium in the Boss’s office. Of course, you do not need to acquire many residents at once, a few copies will be enough, and she will buy the rest herself at will.

40. Rocking chair

A rocking chair with an additional soft footrest to rest the whole body in comfort.

41. Portrait painted with oil paints

A beautiful portrait painted with oil paints looks chic and will definitely cause a positive reaction from the birthday girl.

42. Calligraphy

A gift set for calligraphy includes different nozzles for a fountain pen and a convenient ink bottle, stamp, and stand.

43. Levitating globe

A levitating globe is an unusual but very effective present for a Boss, and you can also choose a model with a floating light bulb; it will also look decent.

44. Beautiful pen from a well-known manufacturer

Whatever your company does, the Boss probably often has to write something or sign important documents. Therefore, your present will definitely come in handy. The design of the pen can be supplemented with an engraving on the metal clip or on the main body.

45. Perpetual calendar

A perpetual calendar is a very interesting gift for a woman director on her birthday. This is both a stylish decoration for your desktop and, at the same time, an interesting device that actually performs the functions of a calendar.

46. Thermal mug

A beautiful personalized thermal mug with a lid may be used in a car if the recipient spends a lot of time in the car.

47. Massage cape on a working or car chair

If the birthday girl spends a lot of time at the table or in the car, your present will definitely come in handy and will be useful.

48. Gorgeous photo book with text written by colleagues

A lot of interesting information, birthday wishes for lady boss or career development history, beautiful photos – all this will be an excellent reminder of an eventful life and a successful path in the business field. And it’s also a great idea what to give the head of the woman to the boss upon dismissal as a keepsake if, for example, she is already going to retire.


When preparing a birthday present for a woman’s boss, you need to be confident in your decision. It is better to entrust the search to a person who is closer and most often communicates with the Boss on informal topics.

Now you know exactly what to give a Boss to a woman for her birthday and what you should not give in any case. Using our advice and your knowledge of the tastes of the birthday girl, you will surely be able to choose the best gifts for boss lady and improve the atmosphere at work and relationships in the team.