35 Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women of 2022

The best and top 40th birthday gift ideas for women: For every beautiful person, the anniversary is a very exciting event, and, of course, all guests try to choose what to give a woman for 40 years will be relevant.

35 Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women of 2022

To really present a suitable and necessary present, you should think carefully and take into account many factors that influence the final decision. In the article, we have collected many interesting ideas that will appeal to the birthday girl and tips, and they will help not to make mistakes when looking for the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women.

How to Choose a Gift for a Woman for 40 Years

When you are invited to an important celebration, you, of course, want to “keep your face in the dirt” and present a really necessary surprise. That is why it is necessary to know how to choose a good gift for a woman for 40 years, and what points we recommend first of all to pay attention to.

  • Remember that every beautiful lady is a fragile and tender person, even if she tries to show everyone her steel character. Therefore, try not to offend her with your choice and do not try to hook her; choose each surprise with your soul and from a pure heart, even if it is a person you are unfamiliar with.
  • Any search should be started in a few weeks, and then you can calmly assess the need for this or that thing and find a place with a more favorable and acceptable price for you.
  • Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the money side. You need to clearly understand what budget you plan to spend when buying the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women. A clear framework is simply necessary, because, getting into the store, you may not notice how you buy a present much more expensive than you would like, and as a result, a hole from unforeseen expenses is formed in the budget.
  • Be sure to take into account their lifestyle, character, habits, and what values ​​are preferable for her. All these points are very important since a passive person will have absolutely no use for a simulator or a certificate for the pool. Still, a woman who is not diligent on the spot will not like a picture that needs to be embroidered on her own.
  • Think, maybe she has a favorite thing? Then choose the category of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women for the hobby of a woman for her birthday 40 years old. It is these things that will turn out to be the most exciting and necessary for her.
  • Do not forget about the correct presentation; every lady loves first of all with her eyes, so do not forget to beautifully pack your surprise in wrapping paper or just an elegant bag.
  • Try to put aside boring and mundane presents such assets. A second wind opens up at this age, and you want something special so that you can focus on impressions.

The Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

When you have enough time to find suitable 40th birthday gift ideas for women, then you can have time to consider different categories of surprises.

But those who are very busy or were invited just before the holiday are deprived of such luxury, and they have to look for an interesting option in a short time. For you, we have prepared a selection of classic gifts for a 40-year-old woman, and she includes universal things that will appeal to any birthday girl.

1. Kitchen appliances

Useful kitchen appliances are necessary for every homemaker, for example, a multicooker, a blender, a food processor, an air fryer, a juicer, a waffle iron, a double boiler.

2. Bed linen

Bed linen, you can choose a bright and beautiful 5D pattern, which will not be discordant with the general style of her bedroom.

3. Painting Equipements

For painting, you can buy something from a manuscript of a local artist, a classic modular version, or you can order a work made of leather.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry will remain a favorite surprise for girls at all times. You can choose as a set of several items, or separately a pendant, earrings, chain, or bracelet.

5. Book

A book on an interesting topic for the birthday girl, or you can even purchase a collection of novels that she planned to read.

6. Perfume

Perfume from a well-known brand with a subtle and unobtrusive scent to make the scent more or less neutral.

7. Computer Chair

If she spends a lot of time at the computer, then buy a good chair so that there is less stress on her back, and she will also be pleased with a large monitor, backlit keyboard, MFP, or 5-in-1 speakers.

8. Fitness items

Many girls like to go to fitness or the gym to keep their bodies in good shape. A high-quality new suit or sneakers, a fitness bracelet, a step for the house or a treadmill, a pedometer, a waist hoop with an anti-cellulite effect are suitable for such sportspersons.

9. Needlework

If the hero of the day loves to do needlework, then order a picture from a diamond mosaic from a photograph, but you will have to lay it out yourself. She will love the large basket for storing the working material, flexible knitting needles of different sizes, interesting patterns for knitting or cross-stitching, a scrapbooking kit, or a drawing tablet.

10. Hairdryer or hair straightener

For a beautiful lady who is very sensitive to her appearance, buy a professional hairdryer or hair straightener, cosmetics made from natural ingredients, and an electric brush.

11. Pots or Pans, Knives in a Gift Box

If she is a housewife and enjoys spending a significant part of her time in the kitchen, then present high-quality pots or pans, knives in a gift box, a set of kitchen utensils on a stand. And also, here, you can add a technique that will be useful to every housewife.

12. Suitcase With a Remote Control

And for those who often travel on business or just like to travel, you can purchase a suitcase with a remote control or with a built-in scooter for faster movement, a personalized cover, a travel bag, or a vanity case for storing personal hygiene products.

13. Cosmetic bag

Spacious cosmetic bag with convenient compartments for more comfortable storage of all products.

14. Kitchen devices

A set of kitchen devices are inexpensive but very useful things that will help any housewife to cook quickly and easily. They are inexpensive so that you can create a surprise from several options, for example, a chipmaker, a lemon slicer, an egg separator, a timer, a foil case, a saucepan spout, hot coasters, silicone tongs of different sizes, a cake slicer and other small but necessary items.

15. Powerbank

A powerbank for recharging a smartphone or any other equipment outside the home is a very convenient thing, especially if solar panels are located on its body.

16. Organizer in the Trunk of a Car or in the Salon

An organizer in the trunk of a car or in the salon and an excellent option would be a set of useful and practical items for storing clothes, for example, an organizer for T-shirts, socks or underwear, chain hangers, plastic stands for compact storage of shoes.

17. Lunch box

A lunch box with several tiers is helpful for those who take food from home with them to work.

18. Breakfast table

Breakfast table in bed or for the bathroom. No one will use it all the time, but if necessary, you can always arrange a romantic breakfast in bed for your loved one.

19. Thermal mug

The thermal mug is personalized or with a funny inscription and drawing that the birthday girl will definitely like.

20. Handmade photo album

Handmade photo album, order such surprises in advance so that the master has time to make it with high quality.

21. Flip-flop portrait

Flip-flop portrait, this present will definitely delight her, because she will have to make herself a stylish picture on her own, as she sees it herself with the help of the paints in the kit. After painting the canvas, you need to apply a film to it and remove it. As a result, you get a bright and unusual picture with the silhouette of the hero of the day.

22. Handmade tablecloth

Large handmade tablecloth with embroidered beautiful flowers or fully crocheted.

23. Photo session

Arrange a photo session with a professional photographer for her and all family members. On different backgrounds, they will make excellent shots that will complement the family archive.

24. Levitating music column

The levitating music column will pleasantly surprise both the birthday girl and everyone who sees such beauty. Light bulbs, potted flowers, globes, or clocks are in the same category.

25. Poster With a Photo and a Congratulatory Speech

Book a billboard rental near your home and place a poster with a photo and a congratulatory speech for the birthday girl there.

26. Smart glider

The business lady knows that dreams will not come true just like that. You will not be able to look younger and more beautiful if you do not give up smoking and other bad habits.

Therefore, for such a woman, a good notebook planner will be an excellent birthday present. In it, she will write down her goals and designate the necessary tasks for pumping new skills.

27. Digital camera

A digital camera or camcorder will allow you to preserve the memory of your most precious moments for a long time.

28. Bouquet in original packaging

Bouquet in original packaging. This is not an ordinary bouquet. Flowers can be beautifully arranged in a box, packed in a bag, or a designer box, which can later become an interior decoration. For example, you can make a cardboard cone and wrap it with craft paper.

29. Toy

A gift to your beloved wife for 40 years can be non-standard. A large plush toy or doll in an old dress, will let her know that she is still a young girl for her husband, beloved and anxiously protected by her husband from any adversity. The man will emphasize that he is the mainstay of the family, and can safely enjoy cute toys.

30. Watch

The watch will adorn the lovely hand of your beloved wife. They can be of a strict classical form. Sometimes women want to feel like a queen, and a bracelet for watches can be with rhinestones and other jewelry worthy of a person of royal blood.

31. Golden ring

The golden ring is beyond the competition. It can be with or without a stone—a ring of patterns of various woven metals, an engraved ring, or a signet ring. Jewelry will always be the most desirable 40th birthday gift idea for women for or beloved wife.

32. Basket with teas

Those who like to spend time with a cup of tea will gladly accept a set of different teas—fruit, berry, herbal – for every taste. Tea can be purchased in a set or by yourself to choose aromatic varieties.

33. Gadgets for hairstyles

A handy hairdryer is helpful for styling and drying your hair. Short hair, medium-length hair, or long wave of luxurious hair require careful grooming. Modern hair dryers are equipped with various functions, attachments, and temperature regimes, which will help in such a difficult task as creating a beautiful hairstyle.

34. Pillow

Pillow – the toy will decorate your favorite sofa and will delight you with a comfortable shape. This pillow will be nice to put under your head during the day’s rest.

35. Warm fluffy blanket

A warm fluffy blanket will warm both at home and in the country in cool weather. Wrapped up in a blanket, you can spend a pleasant evening on a garden bench or hammock.


At first, it seemed like choosing what to present to a 40-year-old woman is quite a difficult task, especially if you don’t communicate very closely. But now you know exactly what surprises you can prepare for the hero of the day so that she is sincerely happy and satisfied with your choice. Remember, any present must be chosen with pure intentions, always think about whether you would like to be handed a similar thing for a holiday.