35 Best Birthday Gifts for Artists Who Paint or Draw

Top best Best Birthday Gifts for Artists Who Paint: gifts for artists who draw, gifts for art lovers are creative people, sophisticated natures, extraordinary personalities. They are constantly in a creative crisis, then in search of inspiration. They need a special approach.

35 Best Birthday Gifts for Artists Who Paint or Draw

Gifts for Artists Who Paint or Draw

Finding the answer to the question of what to give to an artist is much easier because you already know this person’s hobby. Moreover, artists need so many things: high-quality brushes, different paints, sketchbooks, and books. A selection from thebirthdaybest.com offers Birthday Gifts for Artists Who Paint or Draw ideas that will impress artists.

  • Firstly, there are different categories of artists: those who are just learning, or serious exhibition artists, just amateurs to paint in their leisure time, or freelancers working on orders, etc.
  • Secondly, everyone has a priority direction, favorite technique, and their own style.
  • Thirdly, everyone has their own special inner world, lifestyle, and habits (or quirks).

It is very difficult to decide what to give such a person of art, and you need to know him well enough and be guided by the features indicated above.

Recommendations for Choosing a Gift for the Artist

What to give an art lover? Maped offers the following guidelines:

  1. The more you know about a person’s hobby, the easier it will be to decide. First of all, you need to find out how long he has been drawing, how far he has advanced in his hobby, what his achievements are in this field. Knowing all this is necessary in order not to get into the awkward position of bringing the professional a luxurious beginner’s guide.
  2. Find out in what manner the artist works and what materials he uses. It is foolish to give graphics a luxurious set of oil paints.
  3. The best Gifts for Artists for a creative person are a source of inspiration. A creative person will be happy if he receives a gorgeous edition of reproductions of his favorite master of painting or a rare book about the chosen direction in art.
  4. It is not a Gift for Artists that is expensive, but your attention. An aspiring painter will rejoice at any support for his hobby, even if it is expressed by a modest set of brushes or watercolors.

Perhaps some Birthday Gifts for Artists Who Paint or Draw will seem a little strange, but do not forget for whom we are choosing a present. Let’s start with the simplest, most understandable, universal, and demanded, something that is useful to every fan of drawing:

1. Brushes, paints, palette, pencils, and other consumables

That being said, it is a win-win. You need to choose depending on the level, needs, style, and technique. Or donate some kind of general set that will suit any artist.

2. Botany for the artist

This book will make you a real master at drawing plants. The pages are replete with colorful photographs and drawings by the author himself – Sarah Simblet. While reading the book, it is impossible to resist and not pick up a pencil, because each spread inspires, reveals useful secrets, and brings the reader closer to the plant world.

3. Easel table

A professional workplace designed for the intended tasks of our painter. This is not just a desk, but an easel, which is sold only in specialized stores.

4. Diary of a naturalist artist

Depicting wildlife in all its glory is not an easy task. The “Diary of a Naturalist Artist” will come to the rescue, where David Steindl-Rast gives detailed step-by-step lessons, advice on choosing materials, techniques, and shares other subtleties. The guide will be a useful treasure for both beginners and advanced artists.

5. Portable easel

A more mobile version designed for working outside the home. Convenient, lightweight, compact item, folds up and fits into a special case.

6. A set of canvases

Buy only if the person to whom you will give them, in principle, paints on canvas. Or it will be an absolutely useless gift.

7. Stylish pencil case or art supplies bag

Suitable for both those who usually work in nature and those who have a studio. A good, versatile gift for artistic people.

8. Sketchbook desktop

This sketchbook is a real find for those who love to draw. It is made of wood in the form of a box, inside of which it is convenient to store drawing supplies, and the lid can be lifted and installed at a suitable height. To prevent the sheets from falling, a rail is provided. With a sketchbook, it’s easy to create a comfortable workplace anywhere.

9. Sketchbook

This is a small suitcase that holds the artist’s tools. It can be performed on a tripod.

10. Dry pastel in a wooden case Art Center

Pastel is a material used in graphics, usually produced in the form of crayons. They do not scratch paper, easily lay on paper, and create beautiful shades when mixed. This set includes as many as 60 colors and a wooden pencil case, which is convenient to take with you—a worthy gift for a person who is fond of drawing.

11. System wash and solvent

A handy tool for those who paint with a brush and paints. Or he is thinking of starting to paint with them.

12. Fundamentals of educational, academic drawing

This book covers a wide range of topics: composition, chiaroscuro, perspective, drawing from life, proportion, and other necessary issues. The author explains the material in detail and intelligibly, and the lessons are arranged in ascending order: from easy to difficult. A nice bonus is the illustrations of the author and his students.

13. Sketchbook, album

And such a gift for artists who draw, on the contrary, is useful for those who use pencils, pens, and felt-tip pens.

14. Electric pencil sharpener

A practical thing, but also only for pencil masters. Although who among us doesn’t use pencils?

15. Tablet for drawing in graphics programs

This device has been pushed to the tenth place because not everyone dreams of getting one. Not everyone needs their digital paintings, and besides, you need to be able to use them or be willing to learn.

But if we know that the artist is already drawing or plans to start painting to order via the Internet (or work in a similar way), we need to give. For a future graphic designer or freelancer, this is indeed a very welcome gift. But give only if he doesn’t have one yet.

16. Master class, training

It always makes sense to learn something new, encounter other points of view, perhaps make interesting acquaintances (including profitable ones). Masterclasses and training programs allow you to do this. However, you need to try not to offend a person with such a gift. After all, as you know, anyone can offend an artist.

17. Graphic tablet or touch brush

A professional drawing tablet is a great gift for artist’s idea, regardless of the specifics of his work. With such a little thing, the recipient will be able to learn new or improve the acquired skills.

It is a pleasure to create masterpieces with this gadget because you can not only draw new pictures but also work with photographs and other graphic elements.

18. Drawing tool for touch screen gadgets

A dedicated drawing tool for touch screen gadgets is another wonderful going-for gift. Before the invention of the electronic brush, drawing on tablets was difficult, but the problem was solved with the advent of this device.

Now it has become easier to create works of art on electronic media, and the artist also has the opportunity to correct any accidental stroke.

19. Travel to distant countries

Next, let’s look at a whole category of gifts for inspiration. At the very least, travel is a change of scenery, as a maximum – an endless ocean of new impressions.

It is important for an artist to see the world from an unusual perspective to change its angle. Buy a ticket to a place where a person has never been, or vice versa – to a very favorite place.

20. Stainless steel rack

Sometimes the artist can postpone the purchase of such accessories until the last. A good-quality brush washer is a great gift idea for any occasion. In addition, you can purchase a solvent and present such a kit to your friend or girlfriend.

21. Romantic dinner, walk on the rooftops, trip out of town

Something that will allow you to recharge with warm, pleasant emotions. If this is your loved one, spend time together, organize an event for two.

22. 3D pen

3D drawings in real-time and space are fun. Suitable as a gift for young and adult artists. The pen works on the principle of a 3D printer, and a special plastic ink is included in the kit. When exposed to heat, it melts, making it possible to create multi-colored volumetric patterns. A USB powers the handle.

23. Active rest

Rope park, horseback riding, parachute jumping, paragliding, there are many interesting options. If the artist is used to staying at home, it will be useful for him to shake himself up—an unusual occupation, new impressions, emotions – all that is needed for a creative person.

24. Electric pencil sharpener

If the master uses pencils in his work, then an electric sharpener will be a particularly suitable option. This will facilitate the artist’s work and relieve unnecessary stress on the hands—material – plastic, mains powered.

25. Hike to the arboretum, cinema, theater, concert

Inspiration can be drawn from a variety of arts. After all, this is also an interesting and enjoyable pastime.

26. Scarf with a painting by Gustav Klimt

An original and beautiful gift for the fair sex. The scarf is woven from high-quality Chinese silk, and the image of the painting “Innocence” makes the gift themed.

Your artist friend will highly appreciate such a present. The accessory is packed in a wooden box and is ready for presentation.

27. Hike to the exhibition, to the gallery

For some, it will be too mundane and trite. But if a person loves such places, why not allow him to touch the beauty again? Especially if some famous exposition is brought to your city.

28. Camera

Photography is also one of the varieties of fine (visual) art. Invite your artist to look for himself in such art. Also, the camera will allow him to simply photograph the places he likes so that later he can go out and paint landscapes from them.

29. Book

A collection of reproductions, a textbook on art theory or history, memoirs, or biography of your favorite artist. There are still those who love to read, study, dig, understand, and such a gift will suit them quite well. Perhaps a person has a collection of books on the topic of art, and then it will be possible to supplement it.

30. Original album with photographs

Maybe you have common memories, some symbols of the past have accumulated, funny photos from childhood? Design an artistic photo album. Come up with imagination: so that it is not a simple set of photographs, but a creative gift with your own hands, a real work of art.

31. Puzzles

They help to activate brain activity, make you find non-standard solutions, allow you to be distracted and relaxed. This can be quite helpful for the artist.

32. An original piece of furniture, a bust, a fancy figurine

An absolutely useless gift that you can put somewhere in the corner as a reminder of you. Your friend can do anything with it: decorate, smash, paint, etc. Creative people, as a rule, are not pragmatists and appreciate all sorts of trifles.

33. Unusual carpet, bed linen, pillows, curtains

It should be something stylish, beautiful, unusual, with an interesting pattern. Of course, such things are quite individual. But the artist will be able to do with them whatever he wants. If anything, he will somehow decorate them, and if they do not like them, he will find an interesting use for other purposes. That’s why he is an artist.

34. Bicycle

An unexpected gift: let our artist be surprised. However, such a present is not devoid of a practical component; you can use it to go to the open-air or just take a bike ride and look for picturesque places.

35. Indoor plant or pet

It would help if you thought a hundred times before presenting this. Will your creative friend be able to take care of such a gift? Does he have allergies, does he love plants or animals at all, will there be conflicts with other pets, etc. But the artist’s lonely nature will be pleased to find a friend in the form of an indoor flower or a small puppy.


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