33 Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Friend of 2022

best 40th birthday gift ideas for friend: What to give a friend for his 40th birthday with a full description of original and unusual gifts from festive events organizers.

What is a Good 40th Birthday Gift for Friends?

It seems that your friendship is already a hundred years old; you know everything about each other, worry and rejoice together, but when your best friend’s birthday approaches, anxiety comes. You are thinking about what to give your friend for 40 years because this is such an important age anniversary.

33 Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Friend of 2022

I would like to present something on the topic, something that will delight and be useful. For someone, choosing a 40th birthday gift for friend turns into an obsession, while someone buys a present in a hurry. Both the one and the other case is an overkill. It would help if you did not rush to extremes. To choose a good 40th birthday gift for friend, remember your friend’s loves and hobbies and what field he works in. There are many options for gifts for the modern man. We have collected interesting 40th birthday gift ideas for friend and hope that they will help you.

Choosing a 40th Birthday Gift for a Best Friend

There are never many real friends. And when one of them has a fortieth birthday, I would like to present a valuable present that will please the hero of the occasion. Surely over the years of friendship, the man has repeatedly expressed his desires out loud, shared with his comrades his dreams of what he would like to have. If you strain your memory, you can remember what your friend lacks so much.

At 40, when family and material wealth has already been accumulated, representatives of a strong half of humanity are striving to experience something new, unforgettable. Some start to get involved in parachuting or mountain skiing. Others go to Buddhist monasteries, where they can reflect on their lives. Knowing about a friend’s interests and hobbies, you can also choose the appropriate gift for him.

What Should I Get My Friend for Her 40th Birthday?

In order not to fly by with the best 40th birthday gift ideas for friend, first of all, you need to focus on its tastes, interests, preferences. Things from the category of hobbies and hobbies are an excellent gift for a friend for 40 years, and he will be very happy to receive what he is interested in.

The Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Friend

It would help if you did not give too intimate or personal gifts – this is the prerogative of relatives, children, or the second half. You need to present your best friend for his birthday with something useful, something that would correspond to his interests. It is strictly forbidden to give underwear, perfumes, and it is undesirable to use means for caring for your appearance. Let women present such 40th birthday gift ideas for friend, and you should choose something courageous and practical.

1. Fishing Items

Fishing tackle, auxiliary equipment, lures: Your fisherman friend will be delighted with such a 40th birthday gift ideas for friend; there is never a lot of tackle. An additional tool for ice fishing, a personal folding chair, a blanket with a hood and sleeves will not hurt.

2. Special set of tools

For example, for carpentry or wood burning. The 40th birthday gift ideas for friend is suitable for those who are fond of something like that, loves tinkering, and sits in the workshop for hours. As a supplement, you can attach the role-playing apron “Jack of all trades” – a cool present for a friend, and his wife will also like it.

3. Travel bag

If your friend is often on the road, a set will come in handy on the road, which contains everything you need for an interesting pastime: cards, chess, checkers, a notebook for writing, a pen, and dice. Everything is packed in a stylish leather case, so it won’t crumble or get lost.

4. Wall Clock

Such a great 40th birthday gift ideas for friend received from a friend promises a reduction in the recipient’s life.

5. Sharp Objects

It is believed that knives should not be given, because they bring trouble to the house, but if it is a folding knife or it is in a special case, sheath, etc., such a present will not harm.

6. Wallet

A beautiful purse in itself is an excellent present, but it must contain money. Otherwise, it bodes ruin to both the donor and the recipient.

7. Exercise Equipment

You can give them only at the request of a friend. If you know that he is seriously concerned with his health and figure, you can check if he needs such things. In other cases, such 40th birthday gift ideas for friend can be perceived as an insulting hint of laziness and neglect of sports.

8. Perfume

This is generally not the most successful present, from the hands of a beloved woman, it is perceived well, but a friend should not risk choosing a cologne.

9. Fashionable Bag

A new leather briefcase or a comfortable laptop bag, a cigarette case for a smoking man, a purse with a monogram, or a business card holder are great gifts from a friend.

10. Car accessories

If your friend spends a lot of time behind the wheel, he will be grateful for any gifts that make driving more comfortable. You can buy interior items such as rugs, massage seat covers or comfortable car pillows, tools, a trunk organizer, or car digital equipment such as a DVR or parking sensors.

11. Items for outdoor recreation

Most men love gatherings in nature, and with age, they want them to be as comfortable as possible.

Although it’s too early to think about old age at the age of 40, a comfortable folding chair or chaise longue, a large sun umbrella, and a folding barbecue instead of a fire will make the rest more pleasant. You can also give a friend a thermo bag so that he always has cool water, ice cream, and beer in summer, and in winter, warm snacks and coffee.

12. Stationery

If your friend’s job involves paperwork and paperwork, they’ll need stylish office supplies. You can purchase an expensive pen or writing set and have it engraved. An interesting option is a set of antiques such as paperweights and pen holders.

13. Board games

You can present custom-made wooden backgammon for the anniversary, carved chess from natural stone, or other elegantly designed games. They will become not only good entertainment at your leisure but also a part of the interior, decorating and ennobling it.

14. Bathrobe

Bathrobe or bath set with hand embroidery. It is better to order it from the master in advance so that you can choose the desired image or inscription on the products.

15. Portrait on canvas

Printing a portrait is relatively inexpensive. If you entrust the work to real professionals, you will receive a product that will not differ much from the real picture. If you want to get a portrait painted by an artist, you have to fork out, but the delight of a friend will pay off your expenses in full.

16. Sports bag

An athlete can be presented with a beautiful uniform bag, special equipment, exercise equipment, and even sports nutrition. It’s no secret that specialty products are expensive, so your present will help you save money.

17. Leather purse or briefcase

A leather purse, a briefcase, or a comfortable multifunctional backpack, depending on the man’s type of activity and preferences.

18. Remote-controlled cars or helicopters

Toys with a complex mechanism that comes to life under the owner’s right hand are a tempting 40th birthday gift ideas for man of any age. Moreover, it is not easy to manage them. You need to exert a lot of effort and use the knowledge of physics.

19. Sports suit or sneakers

A sports suit or sneakers – for a fit, active man who cannot imagine life without movement.

20. Hiking Items

A compass, a backpack and a bowler hat, a sleeping bag, and a tent for two or three people are items that you cannot do without during a hike.

21. Wall calendar

From a friend, you can give a perpetual wall calendar, cut out of plywood and decorated with photos of the hero of the day, which were made at different moments of life with comic signatures and comments.

22. Knitted socks

Knitted socks as a gift for a man for 40 years: Friendship usually involves options for 40th birthday gift ideas for friend that are necessary and useful and more liberated in terms of humor.

23. Business card holder as a gift for a man

A brother is a closest and dearest person with whom you can share your joys and troubles, whose help and support you can always count on. On the day of his anniversary, it will not be superfluous to remind you of how much you love and appreciate him.

24. DSLR Camera

A camera with a long-focus lens is a gift that will significantly expand the possibilities when photographing landmarks.

25. Telescope

A telescope is a creative gift that can bring a new stream to the celebration.

26. Battery tester

It will help determine the charge level of all types of batteries and accumulators. It can help you quickly identify and replace the “weak link.”

27. Portable charger

It will give you the opportunity to quickly charge your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet on the road or car.

28. Dynamo with radio

An irreplaceable thing in nature, a summer residence or on a hike. It illuminates and catches the radio and allows you to charge your mobile device in field conditions.

29. Organizer for the car

This versatile and simple tool is actually very useful. From now on, a friend’s car will always be clean and tidy. The organizer will fit all the little things and things that were previously scattered around the cabin.

30. USB key with engraving

If a friend works in an office and his work is connected with a computer, you cannot do without a flash drive. Another one will not be superfluous. The main thing is creative design and approach to decoration.

31. Basketball alarm clock

In the blink of an eye, it will wake up even the most notorious sleepyhead. Interesting design and functions turn an ordinary watch into an extraordinary and useful 40th birthday gift ideas for friend.

32. Foot hammock under the work table

A friend suffers from sedentary work – give him an invisible hammock, which is attached under the desk and allows you to relax unnoticed from prying eyes.

33. Car stickers

And if he is an avid motorist? There is plenty of room for imagination here. First of all, this is a set of comic car stickers in the form of road signs, new wipers, a car shower or a vacuum cleaner. In addition, new winter tires, various car care products, as well as a car radio or an original ashtray will be no less successful present.

What are some thoughtful gifts?

When choosing a present for your best friend, do not forget that forty years old is a time when a man can easily agree to even the most seemingly unusual acts. For example, he can easily agree to a parachute jump or be a hermit for several days in the mountains to experience new sensations.


However, suppose a friend, nevertheless, does not like global changes. When choosing a best 40th birthday gift ideas for friend, it will be necessary to use wit and humor in order to make a pleasant surprise out of an ordinary holiday!