31 Birthday Gifts for 15-Year-Old Teenage Girl

The best birthday gifts for 15-year-old teenage girl: Think back to yourself at 15. Were you a difficult teenager, or was the transitional age painless for you and your parents?

The Best Birthday Gifts for 15-Year-Old Teenage Girl

Often, at the age of 15, children rebel, conflict with their parents, do not want to study, listen to advice, or do household chores. They try to separate from their parents but are dependent on relationships with peers and are very emotional. Consider the ideas of Birthday Gifts for 15-Year-Old Teenage Girls.

31 Birthday Gifts for 15-Year-Old Teenage Girl

Age Features

At the age of 15, the child’s personality has already been formed, and he has a need for new sensations. He uses each object rationally, finds his purpose for him, therefore, first of all, the present should be useful.

By this time, the girl has a sense of style. Cosmetics, clothes, or a beautiful accessory will not be superfluous. But even in this case, one should pay attention to the girl’s taste preferences.

Is the giver important?

A 15-year-old birthday gift for a girl may be different depending on who wants to present it. By this time, she already has a fairly wide social circle.

She expects special attention from each person:

  • Wants to receive from their parents what he dreams of;
  • From sisters, aunts, and distant relatives – a cute souvenir or accessory;
  • From lovers – flowers, soft toys, and any romantic birthday gifts for a 15-year-old teenage girl.

Some Tips for Choosing Gifts

When choosing the best birthday gifts for 15-year-old teenage girl, the most important advice is to consider the girl’s individual characteristics and her desires. If a person does not know how to surprise her or is afraid not to guess with a present, then it is better to talk about it with her or her friend.

Distant relatives should not give an expensive gadget, even if they can do so financially. This is an ugly act that can greatly offend the parents of the birthday girl.

1. Cosmetics

It would seem that the advice is rather banal. At this age, girls often start to paint. And which teenager at the age of 15 had no skin problems? But correctly selected products are really one of the best birthday gifts for 15-year-old teenage girl that will help a girl to fall in love with her appearance.

It is important to teach how to take care of your skin, and not just cover up blackheads with foundation. Nowadays you can choose cosmetics, especially for teenagers. Please note that the kit should contain a skin cleanser (milk, gel, or foam), toner or lotion, and cream. Remember that cosmetics must be selected based on the type of skin. If you are at a loss and cannot choose, the best birthday gift for 15-year-old teenage girl visit to a beautician is a good idea.

A manicure set can also be a gift. If a girl is interested in this topic, pay attention to nail polishes and decorations, and even a manicure apparatus, a dryer, and a set of gel polishes.

2. Active lifestyle

Often teenage girls are worried about excess weight and changes in their bodies. Gifts related to sports and an active lifestyle can help her find contact with her body, make her figure more fit, and the girl herself – become more confident.

The easiest option is to donate a bicycle or scooter. It is convenient to get to school, to courses, to a meeting with friends. Often, the city’s cyclists get together and arrange bike rides and, perhaps, the girl will find new friends in this way.

3. Appliances and gadgets

Appliances and gadgets will be a great birthday gift for 15-year-old teenage girl. Without them, it is impossible to imagine the life of a modern person, and adolescents all the more strive to keep up with the times. Maybe the girl has long dreamed of a new phone or personal computer?

A portable battery is a practical and useful gift. Modern adolescents spend a lot of time on social networks and often use a smartphone to access them. The battery will come to the rescue if the phone is suddenly discharged.

Does the girl like fashionable and unusual things? How about virtual reality glasses for smartphones? And if she is passionate about computer games, a VR headset should please her.

4. Creativity

In addition to school and socializing with friends, the girl has her own hobbies. Find out what she’s interested in, and ideas will come naturally. Music, painting, dancing, books?

If a girl loves to paint, painting by numbers can be a great birthday gift for 15-year-old teenage girl. So she can imagine herself as an artist, and the finished work will decorate the room.

Another option is water-based markers and a sketchbook in which she can capture her ideas.

5. Things for mood

A good gift is not necessarily expensive or practical. A comic present, a bauble, pleasing to the eye, can also cheer up.

What can you always find in a teenager’s pocket? A cover for it with an unusual design or original pattern will delight the birthday girl for a long time.

In the piggy bank, the girl will be able to hide cash gifts or pocket savings. Stop at a piggy bank with an unusual shape or with a funny inscription.

Almost everyone loves chocolate. Shokoboxes with predictions or touching wishes will complement any gift.

6. Medical cosmetics

During the “hormonal rampage” period, skin problems appear in many adolescents, so the appropriate remedies can be a very useful best birthday gifts for 15-year-old teenage girl. True, it should also be borne in mind that many adolescents are very sensitive and touchy, so such a present should be presented with great care and delicacy.

7. Perfume

It is better to choose perfumery products for young girls, light and unobtrusive, with fruity or floral aromas. In addition, it is recommended to purchase large bottles, since perfume is usually consumed very, very quickly.

8. Glitter cosmetics

Cosmetics with glittering particles will turn a girl into a real queen of any party. The range of such products today is very large – it can be shimmery face powder or glitter gel that can be applied to any part of the body.

9. Mascara or hair crayons

Conflicts often arise between teenage girls and their parents on the basis of daring experiments with hair. Indeed, who will allow his daughter to dye her curls pink or green? The ideal way out of this situation will be special crayons or mascara that allow you to create bright strands of various colors without harming the hair and nerves of the parents.

10. Set for nail design

These kits can include markers, stickers, or stencils to create nail designs that teenage girls love. If the birthday girl dreams of becoming a makeup artist, you can present her with a professional set for painting nails with special brushes and varnishes.

11. Soft toy

Despite the fact that fifteen-year-old girls consider themselves to be old enough, in their hearts, each of them remains a baby who loves soft toys.

By the way, the modern assortment of such products allows you to choose not an ordinary teddy bear or a cat, but some original toy – for example, anti-stress or one that can be used as a pillow.

12. Notebook with a lock

Romantic adolescence is a period of first secrets and innermost secrets that many girls trust only in their personal diary. A notebook with a lock and a key are perfect for these purposes because a stranger will definitely not read what is written in it.

13. Socks

Now there are many options for sale – multi-colored, with inscriptions, with pom-poms and toys.

14. Plant

Best of all, unpretentious care. For example, succulents and cacti. They look stylish and will not fade if the birthday girl forgets about watering.

15. Gift Baskets

Collect items of the same category. For example, sweets, office supplies for the home. Wicker baskets and boxes are suitable for packaging.

16. Makeup brushes

As well as sponges, beauty blenders and washing sponges.

Plaid and pillows. It’s nice to wrap yourself in a blanket with a book and tea. And pillows will decorate the room.

17. Candles and candlesticks

Take candles in glass or metal. Closed candlesticks made of ceramics, in the form of lanterns made of metal and glass. They are safer to use.

Garlands. Buy a garland of bulbs as an additional light source. Or with clothespins, on which photographs and postcards are fixed.

18. Night light

Starry sky, in the form of a flamingo or a unicorn – neon or with LED bulbs, lava lamp.

19. Perfumed spray

Perfume is much more expensive. And they have complex scents that are best to choose on your own. And sprays are quickly consumed, they have universal aromas and low cost.

20. Verse or touching congratulations

Get creative and write a poem or write a speech. If it is very difficult, then take a finished poem, but then learn it by heart.

21. Photo collage

Suitable from holidays and past birthdays, unsuccessful angles, joint. You can make a collage in a special program. Or print a photo, stick it on a Whatman paper and decorate with signatures, drawings and memorabilia.

22. Cosmetic bag

As you grow older, the number of jars and bottles increases. And you need to store them carefully somewhere.

23. Waist bag

Convenient and practical. If you bought it in a neutral color, then you can combine it with a dress and jeans.

24. Stud earrings

Take neat and different sizes included. Then they can be worn to school, even if there is a strict dress code.

25. BB cream or concealer

These products have a light texture that is more suitable for young skin.

Lip balm. For a summer birthday, give a balm with UV protection. And for the winter – a whole set.

26. Cleanser

Look for oil and acid-free. Soothing ingredients are welcome – calendula extract, allantoin, bisabolol.

27. Keychains and badges

You can decorate with keychains, bags, backpacks, keys. Simple T-shirts and turtlenecks add some pins to the badges.

28. Glass jars

Choose beautiful jars with lids, handles, or tubes. Smoothies, juices, and other drinks are drunk from them. Fill them with candy before serving.

29. Phone covers

They are inexpensive, and the choice is huge, especially if the phone model is common.

30. Baking set

Take a nice jar with a lid. Pour dry ingredients into it – sugar, flour, etc. Glue or attach a label. Write the missing ingredients and cooking method on it.

31. Watch

A watch for a woman is a time meter and a stylish accessory that complements the image. The girl will love beautiful chronometers with a fashionable strap. For a girl who prefers a sporty style, choose an electronic watch model.

How to choose a gift for a girl for 15 years

  • Often, parents do not understand their teenage children and wonder how they might like certain things. When choosing a gift, show respect for the girl’s tastes and proceed when choosing a gift from them, even if you do not share them at all. Trust me, your daughter or granddaughter will appreciate it, and your relationship will get better.
  • Be careful when choosing clothes as a gift. Teenagers love to express themselves with the help of their appearance and do not like when something is imposed on them. Buy a wardrobe item if you are firmly convinced that the birthday girl is dreaming about it.
  • Don’t be afraid to give 15-year-old girl money or certificates to the store. By this age, a teenager should already understand the value of money and be able to make purchases.
  • A gift is not only material. A subscription to dance or vocal school, a certificate for visiting a makeup artist, a professional photo session, tickets for a quest will delight a young girl.
  • Even if your budget is tight, you can pick up a memorable gift. Pay attention to cute or funny things: a mug with an interesting inscription, a T-shirt with your favorite character, a beautiful notebook, a set of stickers, a scented candle.