24 Cool Tech Birthday Gifts for Techies of 2022

The best Cool Tech Birthday Gifts for Techies Guys: In our time, a person is surrounded by various household appliances, digital technology, gadgets, without which he can no longer do. Smartphones and laptops have become our true friends.

The 24 Best Tech Birthday Gifts for Techies

Tech Birthday Gifts

Therefore, birthday gifts for tech guys from the corresponding category today are more appropriate than ever. Let’s see what Tech Birthday Gifts and gadgets you can give.

1. Power Cube

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The multi-outlet constructor has many small socket cubes, from which a splitter is assembled with the number of inputs you need at a particular moment. It’s like a tee, only multiplied by any number you want.

2. Multimeter

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If your man himself delves into electrics, repairs the wiring, changes the sockets, but has not yet purchased such a device, give it, it costs a penny and has many functions. Any electrician has such a thing.

3. Fitness bracelet

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They quit smoking and started to play sports. Or at least take some care of your health. Today, many are beginning to think about it. Do you want to push a person to such an idea? Or is he already leading a healthy lifestyle, but he still does not have such a gadget? Your birthday gift for tech geek will come in handy.

4. Virtual reality helmet

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No, not an expensive device for sophisticated gamers (although if the budget allows and the best birthday gifts for tech guys suits a person, then you can do it). This is a small device into which a smartphone is inserted and broadcasts movies, games, etc. Such a funny little thing will please a man. True, they say, it gets boring quickly.

5. Glasses for working at the computer

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But this is already serious. Agree; many today are forced to sit in front of the monitor for days. If the person you are looking for is in this category, show concern, and they will definitely appreciate it.

6. Multifunctional compass

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There are different models: with a clock, calendar, thermometer, hygrometer, barometer, altimeter, and other “meters.” Such birthday gifts for tech lovers will suit a man fond of fishing, hunting, mountaineering, or other outdoor activities.

7. Massager

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On the contrary: for those who are homebodies. Or already age does not allow climbing mountains, but somehow you need to warm up. There are a huge number of electric massage devices on the market for different parts of the body and with different functions.

8. Headphones gift for music lovers

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Naturally, you need to find a good option, you won’t please anyone with plastic “drops”. But some wireless models, either super-convenient, or very beautiful (stylish, fashionable), or with a magical sound, would be an excellent option.

9. External battery

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Or, as they say in our village, power bank. As cool technology gifts, he is advised on all forums. Why not? A very practical and convenient device that can sometimes help out a lot.

10. Diagnostic adapter for cars

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Almost every car owner would like to check for himself what is wrong with his swallow. And then, you know, these car service masters. Such a device allows you to control an impressive number of car parameters.

11. Electric shaver or trimmer

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A purely masculine personal care product, a classic tech gifts for men who have everything for February 23rd, but certainly not as great as socks and shampoo.

12. Portable speaker

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Today, such devices have become so functional that large music systems will probably soon sink into oblivion. Miniature, waterproof, supporting any format and media, with a Bluetooth connection, with a radio, etc. The configurations are endless.

13. External hard drive

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The convenient thing for storing, and most importantly, transferring files. There are instances for which you can put a password.

14. Tool

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A screwdriver, a grinder, a drill – why not gadgets for a real man? If, of course, he starts using such a device. You can also donate a soldering iron, a lawnmower, a laser level, in general, according to the situation.

15. Multifunctional watch

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Stylish men’s accessory, a perfect Tech Birthday Gifts for any occasion. And in terms of functionality, the choice is simply huge.

16. Smart home gadget

A kit for the automation of household space, which can be either assembled from individual elements or purchased as a whole. An inexpensive option is a stationary remote control that allows you to control household appliances using a smartphone.

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A man will definitely appreciate and be interested in such a device. And in the future, he will be able to select suitable devices himself: there are “smart” sockets, “smart” kettles, security systems, electronic locks for doors, automatic curtains, etc.

17. Robot vacuum cleaner

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There are all sorts of other robots, like window cleaners (but they are more expensive). Will be an excellent roommate for a bachelor who has eternal chaos in his apartment.

18. Hoverboard

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An interesting means of transportation for walking. While the rest of the people are renting such things, your man will dissect in his own hoverboard.

19. Tablet

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It is hardly worth explaining what this device can be used for. For pretty much anything. If your spouse or boyfriend is usually chained to a smartphone, they will now be chained to a tablet.

20. Action camera

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The song from the TV show “A Director for Himself” sounded not very believable before, since the video cameras were quite bulky and it is not very convenient to take one with you always. The small GoPro now fits easily into your pocket. Naturally, it is not necessary to buy such an expensive option as GoPro, and there are a lot of budget counterparts.

21. Quadrocopter

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Many people dream of at least flying such an aircraft, let alone having their own. A serious, large drone isn’t cheap, but you can buy something simpler.

22. Game console

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Many men love to play with toys. If he dreams of a console or he already has an old model, please him. You can also donate some popular games. You just need to look to make them fit the type of console.

23. Smartphone

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Our everyday companion and friend who is always in your pocket or in your hands. The man complains that the phone has become buggy – give a new one. A man walks with some old brick – present a modern model. It’s always nice to get a brand new smartphone, so such a gift will be in place anyway.

24. Laptop or PC

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The computer is what all human activity revolves around today. If the purchase of such an expensive gift is too much for you, take a closer look at the accessories or peripherals. Maybe your man needs to upgrade his mouse or keyboard.

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