6 Unique Last-minute Virtual Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Unique Last-minute Virtual Gift Ideas For Any Occasion: In the effort to give 110% to our work, career & goals, we have overburdened our routine. We find ourselves hustling & rushing throughout the week, and even on weekends at times. Amid the “always-on” routine, we often miss little celebrations in our lives, for instance, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Or even if we are blessed to remember the dates, we do not get the time to send gifts or birthday wishes to our loved ones on their special days.

6 Unique Last-minute Virtual Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

But glad that we are living in the 21st century, and it’s the virtual world. It is now easy to send gifts & wishes to make your loved ones’ celebrations memorable, even if you are not physically around them. With just a few clicks on your smartphones or laptops, you can send as many virtual gifts to people sitting in any corner of the world based on their interests, age, or other factors. 

Today in this article, we have listed 6 amazing last-minute virtual gifts that may save you from embarrassment and blames. 

Start noting them down. 

1. Beauty & Spa Gift Cards

Giving your loved ones a break from their busy routine could be a well-deserved gift. It’s likely for people to take grooming, beauty & relaxing treats amid their busy routine and the fast-paced world they live in. 

But as a friend, partner, or family, you can make their work easier by gifting beauty & spa gift cards on their special days. Many online brands & websites offer a variety of beauty & spa gift cards to avail services like body massage, Botox, skincare, haircare, etc. All these things play a vital role in personal wellness, rejuvenation & relaxation of body & minds, which is hard for people to take time for these days. 

You can also create custom gift cards to help them receive beauty & spa services of their choice. 

2. Online Yoga Classes Membership

How about gifting your loved ones a dose of physical and mental relaxation? Gift them membership for Online Yoga Classes and help them take care of their body and mind amid their hush-rush routine. With a yoga class subscription, they can practice it at their own pace from the comfort of their home as per their schedule. Such online video classes are usually led by professional yoga trainers and practitioners. 

You can try out meditation classes made available on platforms like Cult or Art Of Living.

3. Flower Delivery

Gifting flowers never seems outdated! And why would they? After all, we all love flowers & their freshness & smell. But what has changed is the way these are now being gifted. Because of the busy lifestyle, it’s hard these days to fetch a bouquet from a roadside shop and give it to a special person. 

Instead, what’s popular these days is getting flowers delivered to the person at their place, no matter where they live. 

Again, the internet is flooded with many good flower delivery platforms that deliver flowers, gifts, cakes & personalized gift combos all across the globe. You can try Fnp, floraqueen, and similar platforms to deliver flowers and gifts to your loved ones.  

4. Video Wishes

Imagine you are sitting alone, far away from your home & suddenly getting beautiful wishes and messages from your family & friends in the form of a video on your phone! Everybody will love & cherish such a gift. 

These days, video-making tools like Celebrate enables users to create group videos on special occasions of their loved ones. All you need to do is invite your close ones and ask them to contribute a brief video message to surprise someone special. It is easy to use and free as well.

5. Amazon Shopping Memberships

Who doesn’t love shopping? Almost everyone today is a shopaholic and keeps on looking for deals and offers online. So, if you know a frequent shopper, you can buy them a Prime membership! It will upgrade its account for premium services like faster shipping, streaming the latest movies, TV shows, music, and even games, and other digital content forms. Such a gift can save a lot of their time, money, and effort for the months (or years) to come. 

6. Gift an Online Course

Now, this entirely depends on whom you want to gift an online course! While not everybody is a lot interested in taking online courses, you may still give it a try based on the person’s interest. For instance, if your special one loves cooking or is fond of music, you can find a relevant e-course for them. 

You can find a broad spectrum of virtual courses, including business, creative, technology, etc. Online courses save the time of those who are busy with their work and offer them an opportunity to learn something new and inspiring without spending much. 

You can choose your preferred course on popular platforms like Udemy & MasterClass.


As said, all it takes is a few clicks to make someone happy instantly! Share with us which one of the above virtual gift ideas do you like the most. Also, feel free to share your own virtual gifting experience if you’ve had gifted or received it in your life. Till then… keep celebrating & gifting.