42 Best Birthday Gift for 15 Year Old Daughter of 2022

The Best Birthday Gift for 15 Year Old Daughter: The ancient Japanese believed that three daughters were ruin. Having a daughter means being prepared for constant spending. Mom and Dad, the sun, who was just a child, became a girl at the age of 15. Her desire and mood are changeable, like a sea wave. What to give a not quite small princess on her birthday? This is a rebus, but there are clues to it.

42 Best Birthday Gift for 15 Year Old Daughter of 2022

Our review presents the TOP of the best birthday gift for 15 year old daughter, contains tips for choosing a present, and also gives recommendations on what is better not to buy a daughter on this day, and what to buy for a girl who has everything.

Tips for Choosing Gifts for 15 Year Old Daughter

Teenage girls are a special category of birthday people. By the age of 14-15, their personality has already been formed, their own hobbies and interests have appeared. Therefore, it is very difficult for such a girl to choose a really successful birthday gift for 15 year old daughter if she does not tell about it herself. It is better to plan a surprise by chatting with her friends or girlfriends.

It isn’t easy to please at this age, but it is possible. And although the daughter’s interests can change very often and unexpectedly, tastes evolve, and hobbies become vast and even exotic, it is quite possible to choose a good birthday gift for 15 year old daughter.

Giving a girl a soft pony toy at this age is not entirely relevant, but a teddy bear can please her. You will not surprise with cartoon characters at the age of 15, although much depends on your child’s preferences.

Almost all teenagers, unless they are, of course, the children of diplomats, rejoice at other countries’ unusual presentations. It can be an amulet, a stone amulet, an African mask, a rare specimen from some collection.

If the money in the family is not a problem, you can donate an expensive item. Children of wealthy parents often receive original and status gifts as birthday gift for 15 year old daughter. For example, Tom Cruise’s daughter became the owner of a credit card on her 4th birthday, and on her first birthday, daughter Aishwarya Rai received a mansion in Dubai.

But these are the whims of celebrities. Fashionable gadgets, computer equipment, jewellery are considered expensive birthday gift for 15 year old daughter.

At the age of 14, girls become very attentive to fashion trends. But you can only give clothes if you know exactly the taste of your child and understand teenage fashion. If you don’t know what Preppy is or who hipsters are, opt for another birthday gift for 15 year old daughter. Or pick something casual from the casual, comfortable collection.

  • Money is corny, but in some situations, it can be the best birthday gift for 15 year old daughter for your child. Perhaps she is collecting money for her dream or has long wanted to go with her friends to a new youth place.
  • There are many things on the lists of unsuccessful birthday gift for 15 year old daughter for girls 15 years old. It is difficult for parents to imagine how long the list of taboo gifts for their child can be. But you still need to know about some things.
  • You should not buy outerwear, jeans, dresses for a girl, especially without their participation. There is also no need to donate underwear.
  • Scales and weight loss products should not be given to overweight girls and everyone else too. It can hurt a young soul.
  • Acne cosmetics also do not need to be presented to a daughter if she has skin problems. You can purchase this product on any other day with your daughter.
  • Do not try to fix the teenager. By the age of 15, they have already formed a character and habits. If your daughter loves to rock, you don’t need to give her CDs. If she has no inclination to study, there is no need to fill up the shelves in her room with encyclopedias of chemistry and physics.
  • The top worst birthday gift for 15 year old daughter can also include boring home clothes, dull nightgowns, things for growth, expensive massive jewellery, professional cosmetics, bank deposits, too childish things. The gift should please at the time of delivery, and not be too useful or necessary.

Top 42 Best Birthday Gift for 15 Year Old Daughter

It’s always easier to choose from a list. This section presents a hit parade of the best birthday gift for 15 year old daughter aimed at a girl of 14-15 years old:

1. Manicure set

we are not talking about an adult lady, but about a young lady, so the product’s design is important. It should be a bright handbag, with rhinestones or sparkles, unusually decorated. Inside, there must be decorations for nails, sets with multi-coloured varnishes. It would be nice if there were also a tumble dryer.

2. Hiking or city backpack

These things are in trend today. However, teenagers at all times love comfortable backpacks, as they spend a lot of time on sports grounds, stadiums, amusement parks. If your daughter has a laptop, you can give her a bag for him if the old one is outdated or worn out.

3. Game console Xbox or PlayStation

Modern children are crazy about computer games. Many girls are equally interested in new video games as boys.

4. Diary for secrets

At the age of 14-15, girls trust their secrets not to their mothers and girlfriends but rather to paper sources. Therefore, a diary with a cute but reliable lock and key will greatly delight the young secretary.

5. Board games

Girls often gather at pajamas and simple parties, gossip, and play games. Stop your choice on win-win options like “Monopoly”, “Imaginarium”, “Mafia”, “Evolution”, “Equivoki”.

6. Jewelry made of gold or silver

Look for a pretty pendant, pendant or ring. If the young lady does not yet have jewellery in her personal collection, present her with a chain or earrings. Girls love original concepts, youthful ones. It is better not to consider classic options.

7. Encyclopedia for Girls

The book industry offers many specialised youth literature options: books about fashionable clothes, good habits, relationships, hobbies.

8. Interior items

Personal, girly space is of great importance for teenagers. They decorate them to their liking, hate wallpapers and pictures imposed on them, love exclusive little things. One of these can be found in a designer store. It can be a pillow with an exclusive original pillowcase, a soft, naped bedside rug.

9. E-book

Despite the fact that some consider this device to be outdated, manufacturers present to the market many new models with advanced functionality. Book girls will appreciate the brand new e-book model. If you fill the device’s memory with her favourite works, there will be no limit to your daughter’s delight.

10. Giroskuter

A street electric vehicle for moving around the city. The brightly coloured “Hoverboard” will not only please your daughter; it will amaze her to the very heart. To go out into the yard and ride in full view of everyone on a brand new hoverboard – isn’t that what teenage girls dream about?

11. Stylish umbrella

Young ladies, pay as much attention to this accessory as to shoes and clothes. The umbrella should be modern, youthful, have a bright print, and match the daughter’s bag. But it doesn’t matter. It is important that the thing is practical and convenient, and preferably not Chinese cheap, which will break from the first gust of wind.

12. Fashionable perfume

Appearance at this young age plays the most important role in a girl’s life. She wants to like it, for this, she uses a little cosmetics, a little perfume. If you have previously bought eau de toilette for a girl, then you know which brand she likes. If you are purchasing a perfume for the first time, ask the seller for advice or rely on your taste and choose a light, airy, unobtrusive scent.

13. Mountain bike

Mountain bike is an excellent birthday gift for 15 year old daughter for sports girls. There are many modernized and improved models on sale in bright colours. An inexpensive and reliable hardtail can be the perfect first bike for a teenage girl. There are models with a clever design, in a lightweight and with a soft suspension fork.

14. External battery for charging

Young people cannot imagine their life without gadgets and use them almost around the clock. Unfortunately or fortunately, manufacturers have not yet come up with models that work without energy. Modern devices need a regular charge. Therefore, my daughter will definitely be glad to have a new external battery to charge her smartphone outside the house.

15. Puzzle

This is not a traditional set of picture fragments. For a birthday, you need to choose a more interesting subject, for example, a large puzzle-portrait of a daughter or another interesting image, a landscape.

16. Kigurumi

This unusual and funny word is the name of funny pajamas in the form of a giraffe, panda, cat, rabbit or another animal.

17. Monopod

Monopod is another gadget without which modern children cannot imagine their life. This is a tripod designed for taking personal and group photos on your smartphone.

18. Scratch-map

Scratch-map of the world is a birthday gift for 15 year old daughter for young travelers who are not averse to showing off their travel experience to their peers. A golden layer is applied to the surface of the item. Places that the daughter has already visited are erased with a coin, leaving a bright trace of joyful memories on the scratch.

19. A key holder or a “smart” keychain

Oh, these confused girls never know where the keys have gone. A cute housekeeper, or better a keychain with a search function, will help your daughter get rid of the bad habit of not knowing where her keys are.

20. Virtual reality glasses

Virtual reality glasses are an awesome gift for a daughter and a son. The immersion depth in them is quite stunning, up to 110 degrees of view. This allows virtual objects to instantly move depending on the movement of the pupils, easily control and touch them, freely move and fly, walk and crawl in a parallel world.

21. Drawing table

A light drawing tablet is a very touching thing. Our life is replete with electronic devices, and the more original a tablet looks on which you can draw with light. Children love to do this before bedtime, and a beautiful bright picture will help the child fall asleep faster and sweeter.

22. 3D pen

A 3D pen is a fashionable piece with which you can draw three-dimensional “pictures”. Such things will especially appeal to creative people.

23. Portable speaker system

A portable speaker system – the best gift for a young music lover, is hard to come up with. Alternatively, high-quality music speakers.

24. Flip-art set

Flip-art is a set designed for the self-creation of a portrait. Even a girl is not an artist to cope.

25. Interactive piggy bank

Teenagers are constantly saving money for something, but where to store it? Let the daughter have a special thing for this. You can pick up a piggy bank in the form of a safe or mini-ATM.

26. Interactive ball of magic predictions

An original birthday gift for 15 year old daughter, especially suitable for indecisive young ladies who find it challenging to make decisions. And in any case, this item can become a beautiful decoration of the room and just a favourite toy.

27. Soft toy-heating pad in bed

Does your daughter constantly freeze and open up? Present her with a heating pad to take to bed and keep warm from her warmth on long winter nights.

28. Non-extinguishing candles

A set of non-extinguishing candles is more of a joke gift, but if your girl has a good sense of humour, she will appreciate such a gift.

29. Target alarm clock

Give your daughter-Sonya a smart alarm clock that will wake her up in the morning with her favourite melody with a growing sound.

30. Glowing laces

Most kids love to draw attention to themselves. Glow in the dark laces will make the girl stand out in the crowd. In general, young people love such things.

31. The apparatus for making cotton candy

Not on an industrial scale, of course, but such devices are now being sold for home use. They are simple and do not require any special knowledge. Your favourite dish can be prepared in a matter of minutes. If your daughter does not like cotton candy, you can donate devices for making ice cream or popcorn.

32. Gifts for hobbies

A 15 years old-when every child already has his own interests and hobbies. What does your daughter like to do? Delight her with a new set for quilling, sewing dolls, decoupage, sand painting, carving, making soap at home, amigurumi, ebru, mehendi.

33. Impressions as a gift

Today, it has become incredibly fashionable to give not material gifts that you can touch with your hands, but, so to speak, for the soul. After all, a birthday is also a time when you can and should have fun. It is also a time that is important to remember as an event, an impression. It can be ordered as a gift from an agency that organizes festive events. Daughter’s birthday party. The following can be more original birthday gift for 15 year old daughter from this category:

  • Horse Ride;
  • Disco With Laser Special Effects;
  • Quest, Laser Tag, Paintball, Airsoft;
  • Fireworks;
  • Skydiving;
  • A Certificate for Training in an Unusual Sport, Handicraft, Photography;
  • Dance Courses;
  • Buggy With Friends;
  • Reindeer Riding;
  • Flight in a Hot Air Balloon, Helicopter, Hang Glider;
  • Tea Ceremony;
  • A Ticket to a Concert of Your Favourite Artist;
  • A Trip to an Unusual Place.

34. Home planetarium

Home planetarium is a gift for romantic people. Sometimes, you want to run away from everyone, especially in adolescence, take refuge in a quiet and beautiful place to cry or, conversely, dream. A very convenient thing for this is a home planetarium. It is a device that simulates a starry night sky. You can endlessly look at a copy of the cosmic firmament with all the stars, satellites, planets.

35. Karaoke

Girls, even with not the best natural abilities, love to sing very much. Almost everyone likes the karaoke system. This is a universal gift. You can donate just a good wireless microphone and a few disks, for example.

What to give to a 15 year old daughter who has everything

It is very difficult not only for a daughter but also for any person to give gifts if he has everything. But there are still several universal options. Let’s dwell on the most popular of them.

36. Professional Photo Session

A professional photo session is a gift that, say, never loses its relevance. If you have enough money, it is better to use the services of a famous photographer. Surely, if a daughter has everything, then she also has photo sessions in bulk. Approach this question in an original way. It can be a photo session in an unusual place, with unusual characters, accessories. You can organize a photoset, during which the birthday girl can herself be one of the characters – a doctor, a fairy, a flight attendant.

37. A portrait from an artist

lately, this gift has become especially popular. You can find portraits of the owners, their children and relatives, painted by real artists in almost every house. Modern masters work not only with natures but also with photographs.

38. Excursion to the haunted castle

most likely, there are no such interesting places in Russia, but the travel agency will tell you the most interesting tours.

39. A trip to the rope town

A trip to the rope town is a gift that will appeal to extreme girls. Here you need to be clever, attentive, active.

40. Hollywood star or an Oscar statuette

A Hollywood star or an Oscar statuette is an original present for narcissistic girls. You can even come up with a nomination: such as “The Most Beautiful”, “The Most Nice”, “The Most Unusual”.

41. Quadrocopter with a camera

A quadrocopter with a camera – your girl may already have this thing, but no one has refused new and improved models yet. These devices are trending now; teenagers love this kind of entertainment.

42. Lightbox with the daughter’s photo

The lightbox with the daughter’s photo is a light source with a large surface. This is an unusual and expensive birthday gift for 15 year old daughter that will be appropriate in a spacious room.


There are many options for a birthday gift for 15 year old daughter. These can be bonsai, pets, the latest gadgets, wall weather stations, handmade chocolates, fashion brand sunglasses. The main thing for your daughter is your love, attention and care. No expensive gifts can replace them.