39 Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother of 2022

Top Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother: What to give your brother for his 40th birthday with a complete description of the original and unusual gifts from the organizer.

Native people appreciate any gifted gifts because they do not want to offend anyone. But this does not mean that you need to buy useless and cheap things. If you are thinking about what to give your brother for 40 years and cannot make a choice, do not panic. With our help, the problem will be solved.

Top Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

Choosing a 40th birthday gift for your brother is a necessary process that takes time. But, first, you need to buy a product that will please your loved one and cause joy.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

We have selected several Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother that are distinguished by originality. Check out our ideas and give your brother a wonderful birthday gift:

1. Picnic table suitcase

A picnic table suitcase is an indispensable thing for men who like to spend time in nature, in the country. The set includes chairs. Products fold easily and take up a minimum of free space.

2. Music center

The music center is a gorgeous 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother for the hero of the day. Choose a stereo system with which your brother can enjoy your favorite songs. It’s good if you can manage playlists.

3. Home mini-brewery

Home mini-brewery – the kit includes everything you need to make a hoppy drink. The device is easy to use, so no problems arise.

4. Rocking chair

Rocking chair – a product used to equip a cozy corner in the living room or on the veranda. It can be gifted to a man who likes to read books and periodicals in a comfortable position.

5. External battery

External battery – a device designed to charge smartphones, players, tablets. Most models are equipped with LED indicators that indicate the charge level.

6. Inflatable hammock

An inflatable hammock is a product that provides relaxation anywhere. It inflates in a couple of minutes. In this case, no additional devices are needed. The hammock is made of fabric impregnated with a special compound. For this reason, the material does not allow water to pass through and is durable.

7. Universal set of tools

This is an excellent thing for a man who loves to work with his hands. The set contains everything you need: hammers, different types of screwdrivers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, a file, an adjustable wrench, etc.

8. Burning tool

Burning tool, potter’s wheel, assembled 3D model, and other gifts for creativity. If your brother is a creative person, he will love something like this. He will be happy to create original paintings, dishes, collect three-dimensional figures of airplanes and cars. But this option is only suitable for someone who is really fond of such activities.

9. Bakeware

Bakeware, roll machine, culinary encyclopedia of world cuisines. If a man is fond of cooking, he will be very pleased with the gift for his hobby.

If you choose dishes, buy not just bowls but also a ship for rolls, plates for serving several dishes, divided into zones, special utensils for barbecue, practical saj, etc. That is, the dishes should be unusual and designed for special dishes. Let the owner continue to experiment in the kitchen!

10. A set of chocolate tools

If your brother has all the tools, you can give him a joke gift. Chocolates in the form of an adjustable wrench, hammer, screwdrivers look very cool. These sets can be bought at souvenirs and online stores.

11. Modern watches

Modern watches with a lot of versatile sports functions (stopwatch, heart rate measurement, etc.). This is an actual thing for a genuine athlete. You can choose an excellent model with a compass, a special calorie counter, etc.

12. Devices for active pastime

A comfortable and roomy backpack, an inflatable tent, a good knife, a set for picnic trips, a required external battery.

13. Massage chair

A massage chair will delight any birthday person because, with such a thing, you can calmly relax after a hard day while watching your favorite TV show.

14. Something for his cars

Buy your brother something for his cars, such as seat covers, floor mats, neon lights, or a rearview camera.

15. PC accessories

Suppose your brother likes to spend his free time playing computer games. In that case, it is worth delighting him with various PC accessories, for example, a monitor with a larger diagonal, a keyboard and mouse set with additional functions convenient for computer games, an orthopedic chair, or a fur cape made of natural skins.

16. Surprise for a fisherman

If you choose a gift for a fisherman, it is worth considering expensive gifts, such as a boat with oars, a radar boat on the control panel, or a paid trip to fishing places.

And also, from more budgetary options, you can purchase a spinning rod, a high-quality reel with a set of durable lines, an organizer for tackle and various small things, a folding chair, or a roomy backpack.

17. For the sportsperson

Suppose he is a sportsperson and is quite close to his body, fully tracking any changes. In that case, you can give him: dumbbells, a home exercise machine, a horizontal bar, smart scales with the function of calculating the percentage of fat, water, and other indicators, a fitness tracker, and you can also pay for visits to the gym, section or pool.

18. For hunter brother

You should choose a new gun and a case for storing it for an avid hunter, a safe for a weapon, a camouflage suit for swampy or forest areas, a belt for cartridges, and the necessary trifles at hand, a hunting knife for cutting carcasses.

19. Metal detector

Give the collector a metal detector; with it, you can find many interesting items that have been hidden under the earth for many years. And you can also choose an item for his collection, which he himself has not purchased yet.

20. For chefs

The chefs can delight with a raclette, home grill, modern dishes with high-quality coating, rare varieties of spices on a beautiful stand, a large book of exotic recipes with free sheets for your own notes.

21. If a brother is fond of tourism

If a man is fond of tourism, you can choose valuable things for savages to rest: a tent, a sleeping bag, a folding brazier, a roomy backpack, or a gas stove in a case.

22. Vacuum cleaner for a car

A vacuum cleaner for a car with different attachments will come in handy for a person who himself maintains order in the cabin of his iron horse.

23. Necessary tools

A set of various necessary tools is an excellent thing for those who like to work with their own hands. The kit includes everything you need: various screwdrivers, special cutters, keys, etc.

24. Device for burning wood

Special device for burning wood. If the hero of the day is a person inclined to creativity, he will certainly like something like that.

25. Tools for the garden

A good set of tools for the garden, which includes: shovel, pruning shears, rakes, bush shears, and more.

26. Running shoes, tracksuit, branded T-shirt

That is, things intended for sports. If your brother loves jogging in the morning or works out in the gym, he will appreciate the comfort and quality items.

27. Sports watch

Sports watch with many functions—an irreplaceable thing for an athlete and a tourist. You can buy your brother a watch with additional functions, for example, a pedometer, calorie counter, compass, barometer, thermometer, etc. If a guy prefers a sporty clothing style, he will wear the accessory as a casual one.

28. Things for tourism

Things for tourism and outdoor activities. This can be a tourist backpack, tent, boat, as well as related products. For example, travel picnic set, folding chairs, and table, camping lantern with different signals, power bank, car shower, etc.

29. A set of cooler bags

They are as indispensable in nature as a brazier and a kettle. Buy several bags of different sizes to store all your food and drinks.

30. Rubber boots and a raincoat

If your brother likes to fish in any weather, this is a great option. You can also attach an angler’s kit with spare lines, primary, floats, etc.

31. Gifts for creativity

Burning tool, potter’s wheel, assembled 3D model, and other 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother for creativity. If your brother is a creative person, he will love something like this. He will be happy to create original paintings, dishes, collect three-dimensional figures of airplanes and cars. But this option is only suitable for someone who is really fond of such activities.

32. A set of chocolate tools

If your brother has all the tools, you can give him a joke gift. Chocolates in the form of an adjustable wrench, hammer, screwdrivers look very cool. These sets can be bought at souvenirs and online stores.

33. Leather accessories

You can safely donate a set of accessories: belt, wallet, business card holder, key holder, glider, etc. All these things emphasize the status of a man. Gentlemen are happy to show them to others. And if you make a personalized engraving, it can be a memorable and original gift for the 40th birthday from your sister or brother.

34. Beard care set

Does your brother wear a beard and are very sensitive to vegetation? Then he will like a set of natural cosmetics for care and a certificate in a barbershop.

35. Shaving set

It can be an excellent razor with attachments for a beard and mustache and cosmetics for body care: all kinds of foams, gels, creams, etc. But, if you choose this option, do not buy regular kits in the store.

We recommend choosing products individually, taking into account the characteristics of a man’s skin and putting them in a basket or, for example, a wooden box like a postal parcel. Fill it with paper decor, fill it with sealing wax on top. Such a 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother will look much more interesting and solid than a box from a supermarket.

36. New gadget

No man will refuse a new tablet, smartphone, netbook. For them, gadgets are like toys for a child. They can change them endlessly, like women’s gloves. But there is an essential requirement: the new device must be cooler than the one he already has. Otherwise, the birthday person will not be interested. Don’t disappoint your brother!

37. Laptop bag

You can make it personalized by embroidering your brother’s initials on it.

38. Alarm clock

A running away or flying away alarm clock will definitely raise even a sleepyhead. After all, in order to turn off the signal, you have to work hard, and for this, you get out of bed.

39. 3D figurine

A 3D figurine based on a photograph of a brother, such a souvenir will take a central place in the house or on your desktop.


Are you getting ready to congratulate your brother? Find the best 40th birthday gift for him that will be to his liking, will be useful and pleasant. Of course, you are wondering what to give your brother for 40 years, because this is such an important holiday, a kind of life milestone.

In order to make it as easy as possible to choose a 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother for your brother for the first serious birthday of 40 years, we have collected in one article the most interesting and suitable ideas for gifting a man in his prime.

And you will strain your memory, think about what the relative mentioned in conversations, what ideas he shared. Perhaps the answer lies on the surface, and you do not have to rack your brains too much.

If you strain a little and remember what your brother is interested in, you can come up with many interesting 40th Birthday Gifts Ideas for Brother. So may 40 years be a pleasant and memorable holiday for him!

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