Makeup Boxes, Beauty Ideas to Give and Treat Yourself

Eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters, and lipsticks: in a single cosmetic bag, you can find everything you need to create a complete makeup

Choosing a makeup box is the best way to have makeup at your fingertips without having to rummage through the beauty case, which very often turns into a real treasure hunt.

Makeup Boxes, Beauty Ideas to Give and Treat Yourself

Makeup or no makeup: is this the dilemma? If the use of the mask often leads to questioning what to do, it does not mean that it is necessary to make sacrifices. Just compromise. Greenlight then to the makeup no-makeup look, a practical solution that allows you to minimize imperfections and enhance the natural beauty of every woman without overdoing it.

To have a well-groomed appearance, you need to have the right cosmetics. Which? Pencils, eye shadows, various powders, and precious allies allow you to revive a dull complexion and a tired look. So the caskets come to our aid: we are talking about real magical caskets that, inside, keep everything you need in an orderly manner to enhance the face, eyes, and lips at the same time.

A complete proposal is, therefore, what is right for you: in addition to defining the look with eye shadows, using the covering power of the concealer, it is possible to camouflage pimples, redness as well as signs of fatigue while blushes and highlighters have the task of making the eyes shine. ‘complexion adding a touch of color. Obviously, there is no shortage of products for the lips, different in finish and colors, essential for many women. As Poppy King says: “Lipstick is much more than a product. It is something that transforms you.” There are many brands that have created versatile boxes, characterized by a packaging that is now simple and now spectacular, perfect for treating yourself or giving a little joy.

Here is a selection of products to evaluate, especially in view of Christmas.

The Squirrel-shaped Pupa Box

This refined and trendy cosmetic bag immediately strikes for the fun packaging that takes on the shape of a squirrel, a delightful animal protagonist of the “Squirrel” collection. But the surprises are not over because, once the box is opened, a colorful microcosm is hidden inside it, made up of primer, eye pencil, eye shadow, blush, concealer, illuminants, glosses, and lipsticks (both bright and matt) or all of this. You need to have fun and create perfect makeup.

Lancôme & Chiara Ferragni create the fashion box

Sparkling and instagrammable: it could not be otherwise the trousse belonging to the capsule collection born from the collaboration between Chiara Ferragni and Lisa Eldrige, Global Creative Director of Lancôme. Inside this magical casket is kept all the necessary to enhance skin and eyes, that is, eye shadows, highlighters, bronzers, blushes, and practical brushes for applying the products. The content is beautiful, the container is extraordinary: the packaging, with its sparkling allure, is covered in a beautiful sparkling pink and features Ferragni’s iconic Flirting Eyes logo.

Deborah Milano’s pocket box

A real concentrate of beauty: this pocket-sized makeup box contains everything a woman needs to indulge in a unique beauty experience. From eye shadows to glosses passing through powders (blush, earth, and illuminating) without neglecting the practical brushes, the cosmetic bag – with a simple and elegant design – invites you to play with colors and textures to fight the winter gray.

Apart from the makeup boxes that already have everything you need inside, you could also think of a more personalized gift. For example, you could choose a makeup bag based on the tastes of the recipient and put in it the products you know they will surely love.

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