19 Best Birthday Gift for Gamer of 2022

The Best Birthday Gift for Gamer: Another “plague” of our century is an addiction to computer games. Without going into the details of their boyfriends’ addictions, most ignorant girls call them gamers. But what about at least a minimal division into console and plowmen? But let’s not delve into this issue.

19 Best Birthday Gift for Gamer of 2022

So, on the nose is a holiday, whether it’s a birthday or a new year, and your boyfriend belongs to the above class? So, the question arises, “What to give a gamer for his birthday?” We do not postpone it and go in search, because it is better to be on the safe side by buying a Birthday Gift for Gamer in advance exactly what he wants, and how to find out, I think you don’t need to tell. Well, if you just want to surprise, then here are some ideas.

19 Best Birthday Gift for Gamer

Therefore, you definitely need to know the system requirements, the set of equipment that the gamer already has, as well as his preferences. But gifts from the gaming sphere can be given for almost any holiday, and if the budget is not limited in any way and you know the tastes of your gambling addict, then everything becomes much easier. Let’s try to understand this issue and start with the most obvious.

1. Gaming laptop or personal computer

Perhaps the most expensive and coveted Birthday Gift for Gamer. In order not to miss and buy a decent unit, you need to be well versed in the hardware or entrust the choice to a professional. And, of course, get ready to fork out.

2. Video Game Console

For a fan of game consoles, the best Birthday Gift for Gamer will be a modern video game console. And it will cost less than a gaming PC. Currently, the most popular are  Xbox One from Microsoft and  PlayStation 4  from Sony. There are also consoles from  Nintendo. If your son, husband, or close friend loves to hack to death on his old console, please him with a fresh model.

If your gamer was born before 2000, he might have fond memories of outdated consoles like  Sega,  Nintendo (Dendy), or  Atari. You can find something on the secondary market or buy a re-release of the retro version, and they are now also produced and sold very inexpensively. Don’t forget your favorite cartridges.

3. Virtual Reality Helmet

Advanced development in the field of video games – a  virtual reality helmet. This is also quite an expensive thing, but if suddenly the budget doesn’t matter to you, why not make such a good Birthday Gift for Gamer?

There are options for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The most advanced ones to date are the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. In addition to virtual reality devices, there are augmented reality glasses and mixed reality glasses, so you can choose the most exciting option.

4. Gaming keyboard

Many avid gamers prefer the mechanical version, which is characterized by a sharper and more noticeable pressure. The advantages will be durability, interesting design, lighting;

5. Gaming Headset

Special gaming headphones with built-in microphone – a must-have for team play! Comfortable, ergonomic, with high-quality sound. What else to dream about? Is that the wireless version?

6. Gaming mouse

The device, which lies pleasantly in hand and has many additional buttons for hanging the necessary functions, should definitely be considered as a gift to a programmer, designer, etc., and even more so to a gamer.

7. Gaming steering wheel

Another device for deeper immersion in the game steering wheel world is the steering wheel for racers (or steering wheel for pilots). The upgraded devices also have pedals; there are even seats with a movable suspension, allowing you to feel the road even better.

8. Audio speakers

Perhaps the old speakers already have the wrong sound and look not very good. Then such a present will be very useful;

9. Gamepads or Joysticks

Continuing the theme of controllers, we suggest Considering various options for gamepads or joysticks that will facilitate the game process and make it much more enjoyable. Additionally, there are mini-keyboards on sale that connect to the bottom of the gamepad and allow you to enter text not only with the joystick buttons.

10. SSD or removable hard drive

Due to its versatility, a solid-state drive can be given not only to a lover of computer games. It will be an ideal Birthday Gift for Gamer, office worker, and any modern person dealing with technology.

11. Gaming Chair

It is difficult to imagine a professional gamer without a stylish computer chair. And an ordinary gamer will find it much more comfortable to sit in a comfortable chair, especially if you got it as a Birthday Gift for Gamer.

12. Large monitor for games

Explanations are superfluous – what games can be without a good monitor?

13. Remote control for the computer

Control your computer from a distance: open and close programs, adjust the volume, turn off your PC – any modern person will like it.

14. Clothes of the Games characters

Let’s transfer from the virtual world to the real one and grab something from there—for example, the clothes of the characters. Cosplay is a popular hobby today, costumes for which you can search on the Internet, of course, not forgetting about the sizes.

You can order different masks  (for example, heroes from Mortal Kombat). There are cool pixel clothes. Also, pay attention to various backpacks made in your favorite game style or clothing with appropriate symbols. It is very important to know tastes here. If you give a Sub-Zero mask to a fan of racing simulators, he will not understand you, to put it mildly. But the racing helmet is what you need!

15. Cooling pad for laptop

The intensity of passions near the player is felt not only on an emotional level. And the fan stand is a really nice present;

16. Construction kit

And in the twentieth place is a rather unusual option. If your son or friend is in the large army of young Minecraft fans, give him a  construction kit or movie set based on this game, he will appreciate it.

17. Protective glasses

Protective glasses made of special glass will save the vision of a gamer who sits around the clock at the screen;

18. USB Heated Cup

I poured some coffee, was distracted by only 1 round, and everything cooled down: a situation that repeatedly repeats itself a day. Therefore, such dishes are just a godsend. By the way, a Thermo mug is also a good fit;

19. Smartwatch

After sitting at your favorite game, you are completely lost in time. A smart gadget will remind you when you need to warm up. Being a small computer, it will solve many problems of its owner.


We hope this article helps you choose the perfect Birthday Gift for Gamer or your gamer boyfriend. If, in your opinion, we missed some interesting ideas, write about them in the comments – we will gladly add them to the list!