Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas: Games, Menus & Decoration

Minecraft birthday can be done even with the help of improvised means! Let’s start! First, find out the characters of this game and its essence. Information on the topic of Minecraft is the sea, so you can easily figure out all the characters and the meaning of this game. And let me help you.

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas: Games, Menus & Decoration

What is the essence of this Minecraft Birthday party? Everything is very simple: the player creates his own world, that is, he appears in the world, he has nothing, he must mine (i.e., craft) wood or ore, and then build a house, maybe even a whole village. But we must not forget that at night all bad creatures go hunting for YOU! Therefore, you need to look for an overnight stay, and also do not forget to eat.

Here are all the main characters and their descriptions:

  • Steve is the main character, a human being controlled by the player.
  • Creeper is Steve’s green enemy, and it starts to hiss and explode when approaching the player.
  • Hirobrin is a mystical creature similar to Steve but with white eyes.
  • Enderman is a black, long creature, a thief.
  • Zombies – creatures similar to Steve, only green, kill the main character.
  • Also, there are all kinds of animals and other creatures in the game, but we studied the main characters.

Decoration and decoration of the room for a children’s birthday in the style of Minecraft

Well, we figured out the heroes, now it’s time to decorate the room! Of course, to do this, you need to prepare in advance.

  1. First, you need to make weapons: picks, swords, shovels (types and quantity at your discretion, look at the number of guests). There are several ways to do them. For example, you can take plastic, cut it in shape and glue a printout of a sword, shovel, or something else on top. Or cut out figures from cardboard and glue them in several layers for strength, and on top are the same printouts.
  2. Secondly, you need to decorate the room in green and brown tones. It can be a variety of balls, posters, and if you have a printer, you can print Minecraft pictures and cut them out, then paste them around the room where the celebration will take place.
  3. You can also make a piñata – take a square box, paint it green, or glue it with green paper, make black eyes and a mouth, and put a lot of candy inside, and then the Creeper is ready! Children will have to break it (using the same weapon) and get candy.

You can also put a table in the room and make something like a buffet. That’s about it in the next paragraph.

What to put on the table?

There are two options:

  1. Or make a buffet, cover with a green tablecloth, then you can put bottles of water on the table, after having pasted images of Steve or Creeper and all sorts of chocolates, cakes, chips and so on. Here you decide, for example, you can decorate the buffet in different ways: put figures of characters, paste images from the game on chocolates, stick toothpicks into cakes or cookies, on which there are also different pictures.
  2. Or to make a large feast, then, in principle, the decoration of the table will be the same, but the dishes on the table are needed more seriously, for example, all sorts of salads, hot, and so on.

And the most important thing for the two options is the Minecraft-style CAKE. You can order it from the pastry chef, or you can bake it yourself, make a square cake, and cover it with mastic.

The mastic should be green, dark green, and make something like a checkerboard on the cake from these colors, and then you get to earth. And on this ground, you can put, for example, a Steve figurine, also sculpted from mastic.

Minecraft  Birthday invitations

Minecraft-style baby birthday invitations are very easy to make for those who own Photoshop. I inserted the necessary pictures, wrote the time and place of the meeting, and you’re done.

But you can do it differently: print out any template from the game that you like an issue on the backside, that is, also write the necessary information, how old the birthday boy is, and so on.

And you can also do everything with your child with your own hands, that is, take green cardboard, draw characters from the game and decorate everything beautifully.

What to do on the holiday: script, games, and birthday contests in the style of Minecraft

So, everything has already been done, the guests have gathered, what to do now?

If the guests do not know what kind of game this is, then I advise you to tell you about it, and if everyone knows Minecraft, then you can write a funny story about Steve, Creeper, and other characters with the birthday boy the day before, or find a ready-made one on the Internet.

Well, the guests found out what Minecraft is, got a portion of fun from history, ate the goodies from this game; now it’s time for games!

You can think of a variety of games for Minecraft. For example, you can have some fun breaking a piñata that you made. And you can also play forfeits! Write on the cards such tasks as:

  1. Show the Creeper about to explode.
  2. Depict the zombie that saw Steve.
  3. Depict Steve seeing Enderman when he turned around.
  4. Depict Steve with a zombie behind him.
  5. Run tiny steps around the chair with the words: I am a cat! Dogs, where are you?
  6. Show a motorcycle that won’t budge.
  7. To portray a businessman who is very afraid to slide down the slope on a sled.
  8. Depict how the kitten runs along the edge of the pit and squeaks.

Well, we’ve played forfeits; now it’s time for battle! But, first, you can invite the children to play with swords that you also made yourself.

Or you can go outside and frolic there, you can still release the balls into the sky, or the flashlight of desires is green.


There are many options for how to make a birthday for Minecraft. It all depends only on you and your imagination. And of course, if you give your child, a Minecraft fan, such a gift, he will have an unforgettable impression of this important day! So I wish you the best of luck with preparing such an incredibly cool event!