Top 8 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for List Lovers

The top best Birthday Gift ideas for list lovers: I believe in enjoying the present but remembering the future and setting ambitious goals for yourself. And yes, I’m a big fan of making a list. And then another list of things to remember to include in the first list. Sound familiar?

The 8 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for list lovers

If your friend is in some way like Monica or me: she writes a list of promises “Next year I …” put a tick in front of it, I know what can be a good gift for her.

Top 8 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for List Lovers

This is not a standard selection. I myself would gladly receive any item from the list as a gift (and I have even already nagged some of them, and now I recommend it competently). 

1. Get to Workbook

A diary from my beloved Elise Blaha Cripe, which I have been using for the second year. For me, it is designed for an academic year (starts in July), but there is the same one from January to December.

Minimalistic, black and white, a lot of space for notes, project planning, reflection on the last month’s victories. Nothing distracts attention and causes a minimum of guilt. Do you know this feeling when a notebook is so beautiful that it is a pity to write in it with a pen, suddenly you ruin it?

There is no such thing with getting to Work Book. “But” only that it is heavy, difficult to carry with you, and delivery from the States, you need to hurry up with the order.

2. Workbooks in a wooden box

Workbooks in a wooden box. Each notebook is practice and exercises from classy professionals who talk to you about goals, inspiration, self-realization. Moreover, they do not just broadcast, as in a book, but give exercises, ask questions, and you immediately answer them on the pages of a notebook.

You can use it for a whole year, once a month, pulling a workbook out of the box at random or carefully choosing what you want. This year I am the author of one of the notebooks. It is called “Try to give up!” and is dedicated to the “100 letters with refusals” technique.

3. Blogger’s Calendar

For anyone who lacks a bit of motivation and stability in blogging. Under one laminated cover (mine lasted all year, although I carried it around a lot in my bag), you will collect the strategic blog goals, content plan for each month, post ideas.

I decorated the laconic black-and-white calendar with colored scotch tapes, and this year I made special bright stickers. Writing texts, mailing, photography, video, statistics analysis, and blog monetization is a ticker symbol for everything.

Plus, a card and a set of star stickers to track how many offers you wrote and how many bounces you got. 

4. Cork Board

It will post on itself your favorite photos, motivating quotes, a list of priorities for the month, tasks for the day, and an important phone that cannot be forgotten.

Use the board for inspiration and visualization or for specific plans and deeds – it’s up to you. If anything, you can always change your mind, change the layout and pin new pictures and pieces of paper with other lists with the buttons.

5. Diary

Facebook keeps telling us what we did a year, two, five years ago. And what if you write every day, not even a diary, but one sentence or a mini-list of several items, then the day is remembered.

The five-book is designed for five years, so if you are not lazy, then even after a year, it will be very interesting to see what you did “last summer.”

If a few years ago the choice of such books was extremely limited, you can now choose a notebook for every taste: girlish or serious with a mustache, for mothers or travel lovers.

6. To-do Lists

Those who like to make a plan will never have many pieces of paper on which to write down another list. Shopping list, TV series list, list of household fixes.

The online store mail joys Postgnome has paper blocks for the plans for the week, month, long, which is convenient to put next to the keyboard, and even of the little prince pictures. Delivery by mail from Moscow is very fast, but it is better to hurry up with the order.

A nice bonus – the packaging of all parcels is so beautiful that you will not need to worry about how to wrap the gift right under the tree. For blog readers to the home to come code – 10% discount

Small Notebooks

My discovery of the year. I have not completely abandoned the use of A5 notebooks, but I felt all the charm of a small notebook that starts up for a specific topic.

No pressure of a white sheet and a large volume (what is it, you need to write down the entire notebook?). The notebook fits in the palm of your hand and is used when needed in Postgnome notepads and notebooks to suit all tastes, even if you prefer a large notebook, such as there.

This, of course, is not all that is in the assortment of the store, but you go in, and better yourself look at all the stickers, scotch tapes, postcards, and read the clerical amenities.

7. Creative Notebook “Let’s Slow Down” From Masha Sukhobskaya

The notebook combines pages for writing down your goals and coloring pages for adults. Finally, I found the coloring that I was looking for, leafing through the Talmuds in bookstores.

The notebook is light and small. You can take it with you on a trip. For some reason, I dream best on the road. The idea is that while you are coloring a picture for a piece of pleasant music or your favorite TV show, you are thinking about goals for the year in the field of relationships, work, creativity, health, finance.

A very cool thing for transferring your goals and dreams from files and from the pages of official diaries.

8. Course on Goal-setting for Your Best Year Yet”

I watched this training a few years ago and, to be honest, was impressed. What kind of science seemed to me, honestly, to set goals for the year?

Is it really necessary to have training for this? Dory, the trainer, works a lot with fears and limitations: why we do not fulfill the goals if everything is so simple. I believe that goals are not best set alone, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

Your Best Year Yet training is a great tool to sit with yourself in front of the screen, ask yourself important questions, and plan the best year of your life. By the way, if you donate the training, you can sit down and use it together with the one to whom the gift was given.


PS: The post contains affiliate links. If you buy a gift using such a link, then I will receive a small percentage. The thing will not become more expensive for you.