28 Best Birthday Gift for 14-Year-Old Boy of 2022

The Best Birthday Gift for 14-Year-Old Boy: Original 14th birthday gift ideas for boys and options in the ready-made list, which can be presented to the Boy for 14 years. Win-win options for useful, creative, and inexpensive birthday options for a teenager and Tips.

The 28 Best Birthday Gift for 14-Year-Old Boy

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide what to give a 14-year-old boy. It is no longer possible to treat him like a child. His mood and hobbies often change, confusing and a wide range of modern goods for a teenager. Here you will find many options, having studied in detail which, your attempt to please with a present is guaranteed to be crowned with success.

28 Best Birthday Gift for 14-Year-Old Boy of 2022

Often, teenagers have no expressed interests. Even if you ask directly what kind of Best Birthday Gift for 14-Year-Old Boy to buy, it is likely that you will not get an intelligible answer. Despite these difficulties, you have a chance to choose an original gift for a 14-year-old boy, and you just have to pay attention to the tips and recommendations collected in the article.

While you are looking for what to give a 14-year-old teenager, remember that the present must be trendy. It can be a stylish accessory, a high-tech toy, hype-style clothing, etc. On the eve of the holiday, do not forget to think over the moment of presenting the Best Birthday Gift for 14-Year-Old Boy. The main thing is to do everything from the heart, and then you will quickly achieve the location and respect of the birthday man.

14th Birthday Gifts for a 14-year-old Teenager Boy

The following selection is for those who want to give a good  Birthday Gift for 14-Year-Old Boy that will surprise the birthday boy and delight or even envy his peers.

1. Comfortable Ball

This is a one-of-a-kind ball that is equally comfortable to play, both indoors and outdoors. Perfect for an active child who cannot sit still for a minute.

The shape of the ball resembles a volumetric disc with soft side inserts. You can even play it barefoot. Also, the toy is lightweight, compact in size, fits into a backpack or bag.

2. Electric Skateboard

An excellent Best Birthday Gift for 14-Year-Old Boyfor a child for 14 years, with its help, can have an active and fun time. It looks like a regular skateboard, but the wheels are more massive and inside the built-in electric motor.

To maintain balance, you do not need to push off the ground all the time. The latest models are equipped with control panels, so it is convenient to control the braking system and other functions.

3. Selfie Drones

Many teens love to take selfies. Thanks to the wide software capabilities of the drone, you can get high-quality and beautiful images. The device is compact in size, folds easily, and fits in your pocket.

Perfect for a teenager who is fond of blogging, often shoots video or photo reports.

4. Rc Construction Vehicles

This gift for DR will captivate the Boy for a long time. First, you will need to assemble an unusual machine, and later it will carry out any commands of its owner.

5. Fingerboard

This is a miniature skateboard designed to train your fingers. With it, you can make all sorts of tricks with only two fingers – the middle and forefinger.

The most suitable gift for a friend. A teenager can get carried away with a fingerboard, join groups of like-minded people, get their dose of adrenaline without risking their health.

6. Glow in the dark laces

You can give a whole set of bright laces, which are no different from ordinary ones during the day, and at night they rivet everyone’s attention to the feet of their owner.

Laces not only look unusual, but they also have practical benefits. They can even be used on shoes that require a tight fit on the foot. The laces stretch well and cannot be torn.

7. Hand trainer

Performing simple movements, you can perfectly train the muscles of the hand and forearm. The most popular option is a rubber ring, but it can also be a gyroscopic trainer in the form of a ball. It is also called a Powerball.

The baseball-sized device is becoming more and more popular; thanks to its compact size, it can be taken with you everywhere.

8. Bandage with music for a comfortable sleep

It’s no secret that quality sleep energizes a person for the whole day. This is an inexpensive gift for a 14-year-old boy that has a relaxing effect and provides a comfortable stay.

All you need to do is put on a bandage, turn on the music and fall asleep. The product fits snugly on the head but does not squeeze it. If necessary, the headband can be washed by removing the headphones from it.

9. Keychain with search function

A good Birthday Gift for 14-Year-Old Boyoption for a child who often forgets where he put his keys or mobile phone.

Such a keychain can be attached to absolutely anything, and it will be easy to track its location using your phone. The sound emitted is not too loud but unpleasant, which will allow you to navigate quickly.

10. Pen scanner

This unusual gadget allows you to scan small text or images instantly. The device can be synced with the popular Evernote app.

The data is saved to the built-in memory card, and one battery charge lasts for approximately 300 shots. The pen will come in handy for both pupil and student.

11. Bicycle computer

If the birthday person is a serious cyclist, then such a gift will become irreplaceable for him. It is a small electronic device that connects to the pedals and attaches to your bike’s handlebars.

The functions performed can be completely different. The simplest ones are a speedometer, a distance meter, or a personal trainer that monitors an athlete’s heartbeat.

12. Jumper

A device with which you can effortlessly jump up to 3 meters in length or 2 meters in height.

This is not only the best gift for a 14-year-old boy but also an excellent simulator that simultaneously engages several muscle groups at once and gives a lot of positive emotions. Any person flying up into the sky will feel indescribable delight.

13. Pogo stick

This device is also called “grasshopper.” The pogo stick consists of a platform, a handle, pedals, and a spring; it can be of either a simple design or a complicated one.

Such an exercise well develops coordination of movements and develops correct posture, dexterity, endurance, and stress resistance.

14. Balance board

An exercise machine that allows you to develop a sense of balance. Regular exercises will teach you to master your body perfectly, quickly achieve a relief body, confidence in movement.

Balance board tricks look very impressive. Any boy who has learned to master this device perfectly will earn the respect of his peers and arouse the interest of girls.

15. Stunt bike

One of the most suitable options for what to give a boy for his 14th birthday. Young people making dizzying maneuvers attract curious looks.

Such bicycles have increased maneuverability and are made with a lowered frame, allowing you to overcome difficult obstacles and make amazing jumps.

16. Glowing Sneakers

Sports shoes are an essential attribute of any person’s wardrobe. But now, you won’t surprise anyone with ordinary sneakers. Another thing is luminous models with LED-backlight.

The accumulator, which is built into the shoe, takes no more than 2.5 hours to charge, and the charge lasts an average of 6 hours. Wear them better with sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

17. LED bike lights

Many young people enjoy cycling. Recently, tuning your iron horse is actively gaining momentum and practically does not bypass anyone.

The backlight will look especially impressive. In the evening, it will attract the attention of others and make the cyclist visible to other road users.

18. Equalizer T-shirt

This is a good option if you still don’t know what to give a 14-year-old boy. The T-shirt knows how to “feel the music,” as an equalizer is built into it.

Many teenagers cannot imagine their life without noisy parties, friendly meetings, where such a thing will look very useful. The Boy will immediately become the center of attention, and he will feel his coolness.

19. A set for creating temporary tattoos

At 14, boys try to stand out from the crowd in different ways. It is very important for them to prove their independence, independence from other people’s opinions.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to change your look is to get a temporary tattoo. Let the teenager express himself, feel individuality. Perhaps, having played enough, he will give up the idea of ​​getting a real tattoo.

20. Runaway alarm clock or target alarm clock

A great gift from parents to a boy who skips the first lesson all the time because he cannot wake up in time.

At the specified time, the alarm clock begins to emit unpleasant sounds and, to turn it off, you need to catch it or hit the bulls-eye with a toy pistol.

21. Mini golf for the toilet

An excellent gift that will not only evoke positive emotions but also help develop certain skills. Perhaps the guy will have a serious interest in this game, and he will want to try his skills on a large field. In the meantime, let him have fun himself and amuse friends who come to visit him.

22. Boxing gloves and punching bag

Adolescents still have a fragile psyche, and even the simplest thing can unbalance them. Such a pear is securely attached to the desktop and will allow you to release steam at any time and without harm to others.

Advise the Boy to put on boxing gloves and practice his punches in any unclear situation. Such activity will develop restraint, teach you to make decisions deliberately.

23. Spy pen

This is an invisible ink pen. Probably, there is no such boy who would not dream of becoming a secret agent. And even if he is no longer small, but nothing interferes with the realization of his dreams.

Such a pen helps schoolchildren and students, as it can be used to write their notes on important documents, and it is also very helpful in exams.

24. Graphics tablet

A suitable gift option for a boy who is fond of design or loves to draw. Now he will not need an easel, felt-tip pens, and other attributes.

Everything that he draws on the tablet will instantly be displayed on the personal computer. The image or drawing is created with a stylus, but some models are equipped with a mouse.

25. Flexible synthesizer

A beginner musician with such a gift can train his skills anywhere, even if he is not at home, and also entertain his friends at the dacha, picnic, and even on the street.

The synthesizer consists of a soft material, and the keys are applied to the surface. It is possible to connect headphones, which is especially important if the Boy is at the learning stage.

26. Polygraph

A perfect toy for a teenager. The device reacts sensitively to skin changes. As soon as the subject lies, it will immediately become clear. The Boy will be able to have fun with friends. Young people will ask each other provocative questions, laugh, and have fun at the reaction they receive.

27. Phone battery case

Many are attached to their gadgets in adolescence, and when the guys are left without them, life begins to lose its colors. At the age of 14, it is very important to always be in touch.

Often there is not enough phone charge, and the Power Bank is not at hand at the most crucial moment. A battery case will come to the rescue. It can be charged separately from the phone. The charging case will be used up first, and then the built-in battery will be used up.

28. Portable printer

He will be an excellent helper for a boy when he urgently needs to print material. These can be photographs, documents, and other important information.

The printer can be directly linked to a mobile phone and print instantly. The device will come in handy during the study and on vacation to print a collective photo and please your friends.

How to Understand What Is the Best Gift for a Teenage Boy

At this age, adolescents subtly feel insincerity and sharply react to it. Therefore, when choosing a present, you need to take into account the degree of closeness with the hero of the occasion, be guided exclusively by your heart, and follow the generally accepted rules of gift etiquette.

  • Choose the gift that the birthday person will be delighted with, and not about which you dream. The teenager will be happy to get a new gadget, an excellent skate, and not a collection of encyclopedias.
  • The tastes and preferences of a boy at the age of 14 are so changeable that it is almost impossible to keep track of them. But after all, every person has a cherished dream. Ask her directly or covertly. If this can be realized on his birthday, then you have a chance to feel like a real wizard.
  • Buy valuable items of decent quality. You won’t surprise anyone with a simple souvenir, especially a modern child.
  • Pay attention to the beautiful packaging. Such a gift speaks of your attention and care, and it will cause much more positive emotions than a thing just hastily thrown into a bag.
  • Try to think over the moment of delivery to the smallest detail. Given the Boy’s temperament, you can arrange a real quest to find a gift, involve other guests in this game. Such a holiday will leave pleasant memories in the memory of the birthday man for a long time.
  • If you have not come up with anything and decided to present money, do it in an original way. Don’t use a regular envelope, but rather make a tree out of banknotes. Show all your imagination to surprise the birthday boy truly.

Unsuccessful Gifts That Are Better Not to Give a 14-year-old Boy

In order not to inadvertently upset the hero of the occasion, it is better to prepare in advance and find out what gifts to give are not recommended.

Alcoholic products and tobacco products

Despite the fact that the Boy will receive a passport in the near future, he is still not old enough for such Alcoholic gifts. Remember that you are grossly violating the law and the rules of etiquette, according to which it is forbidden to present gifts that entail harm to health. Also, many young people adhere to a healthy lifestyle and simply will not understand your gift.

Clothes and footwear

You need to choose these things with extreme caution. You should be aware of fashion trends and understand the size and color scheme preferred by the birthday boy.


You cannot give such a gift without first consulting the young man’s parents, and it will not hurt to ask his opinion. Ahead of the young man is an adult and eventful life, in which there is not always a free minute to walk the dog or pay attention to the cat.


Unfortunately, the validity of such a gift is always limited. And if the birthday person cannot use it without the presence of parents, then it is better to abandon this idea.

Personal hygiene products

Don’t be trivial, be creative. Leave the shower gel, shampoo, shaving foam for February 23rd. Such a birthday present is not worthy of attention.

“Growth” gifts

Anyone wants to get a present that can be used immediately, and not leave “until better times.” Such things cause rejection and a negative attitude towards the donor.

14th Birthday Quotes to send Him

The most wonderful child in the world was born 14 years ago! On this day, I want to wish you good health, ringing laughter, a lot of joy, many unexpected and pleasant surprises. Soon you will become quite an adult, but I hope that you will not lose your sincerity, kindness, faith in a miracle !;

  •   Our beloved Boy, this long-awaited day has come. You are 14 years old. Let me congratulate you and wish that faith, hope, and love will always be your faithful companions in your life. May all your undertakings end in success, and may your dreams come true;
  •   I sincerely congratulate you on this special day! Before my eyes, you turned into a strong and independent guy. Be your parents’ pride, confidently go towards your goal, surround yourself only with loyal and reliable friends. All the best to you, happy birthday;
  •   Happy birthday to the most sincere, brave, kind Boy on the planet! May a happy smile never leave your face, and all troubles bypass your house. Grow a confident guy, and I wish your comrades respect you and listen to your opinion! Health, understanding with parents, happiness in your personal life!;
  •   On this cloudless, beautiful day, I hasten to wish you a Happy Birthday! Let it be remembered for a long time. With all my heart, I wish you the fulfillment of your most cherished desire, success in your studies, mutual understanding with friends, and good health. May everything always go right in your life, and the Guardian Angel protects you from troubles;
  •   Congratulations on this wonderful holiday! I wish you not to lose your uniqueness, to remain the same cheerful, cheerful, caring, energetic, inquisitive and attentive young man. May your life be exciting, and every day surprises with interesting events;
  •   May all your dreams come true on your fourteenth birthday! Never lose faith in the best, go through life with your head held high, listen to the wise advice of your parents. I wish you always to be an authority among friends, to remain as charming, to meet sincere, selfless love in the future!;
  •   Hurrah! The day has finally come, today you are 14 years old! On the one hand, you are still a child, and on the other, you are an already established personality. I wish you not to be afraid to accept responsibility, choose your path correctly, and achieve your goals. Let the sun always shine in your soul, enjoy every minute you live. Create, dream, love, and rejoice!;
  •   Today is another reason to remind you how much we all love you! We are sure that all the best is yet to come. Let life be generous with pleasant surprises, allow yourself to dream, do not forget to believe in miracles. We wish you to achieve success easily, be an example for your peers !;
  •   Today is your birthday, and therefore the best time to have fun. Your life is just beginning, and you can’t even imagine how many new discoveries, amazing events, incredible adventures await you ahead. Be strong, courageous, vigorous, and cheerful, may study always be a pleasure, and may all your goals be achieved with ease;
  •   On this day, I want to wish you all the best. May luck, joy, and luck always accompany you. Know that your family and friends are always there and ready to help you at any moment. Never be discouraged; more often decorate the world with your dazzling smile and just be happy;
  •   Now you are 14 years old. I sincerely congratulate you on this event and wish you to remain the same sympathetic, friendly, sincere, cheerful, fiery person. Do not lose your wonderful sense of humor, sincerely love, become a reliable support for your parents, persistently achieve your goals.