11 Ways to Give Chocolates and Sweets in an Original and Different Way

Throughout these years, we have made many posts about how to make birthday gifts in an original way, experiences, crafts. But what we had not done so far is to talk about food and, especially, sweets. But today we are going to change it! We will show you 12 ways to give chocolates and sweets in an original and different way to surprise your partner, friend, and family member with a special birthday gift.

Giving sweets can be done on many occasions

On a birthday, anniversary, in a moment of celebration, in a moment when someone is having a wrong time, for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, as a birthday gift at dinner, and it is a birthday gift that It is a wild card for anyone, but if you like to do things with a little more grace than the typical box of chocolates that you give away and that you have bought in the supermarket, then stay and read our list!

11 Ways to Give Candy and Chocolates

We have been collecting different ways of making these birthday gifts for some time, so in this list, you will find 11 ways to give chocolates and sweets (because not everyone likes chocolate), and there are for all budgets, both more expensive and low cost. Let’s go there!

1. Box of Candy From Another Country

Suppose the person likes to try sweets from another country. In that case, you can buy a box of American sweets like the one in the photo in the same Amazon, a box of Japanese sweets, or go to a supermarket where they have food from other countries and make yourself one box with sweets from a country with food that is not usually eaten here.

2. Chocolate Wonka

Anyone who has seen Charlie at the Chocolate Factory will want to try Wonka Chocolate. There are stores where they sell it, and for 5 euros you have it. Still, we have discovered one that is even more special: a 1K Wonka chocolate tablet that comes with a golden ticket that you can personalize with a surprise that you want to give to the person. It is the perfect way to birthday gift an experience. 

3. Open in Case of Emergency Emergency Kit

Do you know the typical “Open in case of emergency” kit? Well, you can make an emergency kit with personalized candies. We have found one on online, but surely you will find many similar alternatives on the Internet!

4. Sweet Messages

If you want to send a special message to a person, we recommend doing it through Sweet Messages: you can do it both with a box of sweets and with chocolates or chocolates (although our favorite will always be Kinder’s).

5. Personalized Toast Cookies

We have recently discovered that you can create your own Tostarica from a photo on it. And it seems to us 10 ideas to give to anyone! Choose your favorite photo of that person, and voila! You will be having breakfast or having a snack on your face or that of both of you together for a long time.

6. Chocolate Tablet With Message

If the person is passionate about chocolate, you can give them a super special tablet with a personalized message, such as this Original birthday gift. There are usually some with predetermined messages in candy stores, but we think it is more interesting if you can write something to that person. 

7. Box of Croissants

Giving croissants in a bag can be a bit tacky, but have you thought about putting them in a box and making them premium? There, things already changed. One brand that we love is Manolo Bakes, so if you have one close by, get one of their boxes! Otherwise, in a trusted bakery, you can ask them to prepare a selection of sweet and savory and deliver it with a note.

8. A Bouquet of Chocolates

Yes, you read that right. We didn’t believe it either until we saw it. A bouquet of chocolates that you can build yourself and that we leave you with a YouTube tutorial from the Yumiku account where you can be inspired to do so.

9. Candy as Medicine

If you want to make the day of that special someone who is having a hard time or just want to get a smile out of them, this idea can help you. In candy stores, Natura (the ones in the photo), Amazon, or in stores like Happy Pills sell this type of candy as medicine.

10. From Harry Potter

It would not be a post from The Optimistic Side if at the slightest occasion we do not slip into Harry Potter somewhere, but buying from a Chocolate Frog, some sprinkles, or a complete food kit can be an original way to give sweets to that person who you know it’s Potterhead.

You can build the box yourself by buying in geek supermarkets mentioned above, on amazon separately, or buying a complete kit in Etsy stores like the one in the photo.

11. With a Cake With Your Initial or With the Number

And to finish, there is always the option of giving a cake, but if you want to make it even more personalized, you can do it with the initial of the person or the age of the birthday. These types of cakes are made in a thousand bakeries, and we have even seen the low-cost version of numbers in Mercadona (which we have never tried, so if you have, leave it in the comments!).

And so far the post with the 11 ideas on how to give chocolates and sweets in an original way! What is your favorite? Can you think of any other? Leave it in the comments! And if you are not so sweet and prefer to look for another more suitable birthday gift for the occasion, we leave you here with  our selection of DIY birthday gift ideas  where we hope you can find what you were looking for.

As always, we remind you that if you have any questions or want advice on making a birthday gift, you can contact us through our email theoptimisticside@gmail.com or through our social networks  Twitter  and  Instagram . In the latter we are active daily so follow us so you don’t miss anything!