23 Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him of 2022

A large list of Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him that can be presented to a Man for 40 years. Practical and memorable 40th birthday gifts. List of thematic 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him, recommendations for choosing, and congratulations.

Choosing a good Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him for a mature man is often not so easy, especially if the husband celebrates his 40th birthday. This is a peculiar feature when there is a reassessment of life experience and, of course, a very significant event for an adult, already an accomplished person. Given the scale of this event, you should also be careful about what to give a man for 40 years.

The 23 Best Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

In this case, the usual trivial Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him will be clearly inappropriate, because you need to choose a present for a birthday, which happens once in a lifetime, for an adult and respectable man. If you want to please the birthday man and find not just a gift, but the best gift for a man for 40 years, then in this article we have collected all the most interesting Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him for presents for this celebration.

23 Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him of 2022

An original and unusual gift will bring a birthday person a lot of joy, and the holiday itself will make it even more fun and memorable. Thanks to our advice, you can narrow your search and choose the best presentation for the hero of the occasion.

Ideas What Can You Give a Man for 40 Years

First, we offer you a top list of what you can give a man for 40 years. In this selection, you can immediately find the right Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him.

1. Levitating lamp

It is a small night light that floats right in the air and emits a pleasant, warm light. This device is quite durable and economical and will please any man, especially a lover of natural sciences or an engineer.

A levitating lamp is a product floating in the air and emitting a pleasant light. It is used as a lamp or night light. The device in the form of a light bulb has been in operation for a long time. It’s an engineering marvel that will appeal to the modern man;

2. Coffee maker

Professional coffee machines are quite expensive, but geyser coffee makers are quite affordable, and you can brew coffee in them that tastes just as good as inexpensive coffee makers. A lover of this aromatic drink will definitely like such a gift.

3. Perfume

If you absolutely don’t know your favorite scent and manufacturer, it is better to abandon the idea of ​​a perfume or eau de toilette.

4. Solar battery charger

It will allow her husband to stay in touch, even outside of civilization, long trips, and travels. Suitable for charging any gadget, the functioning is due to the accumulation of solar energy. And most importantly, using such a device. The spouse will be able to contribute to the protection of the environment!

5. Leather Wallet

A genuine leather wallet is a stylish accessory that improves your image and status. In the store, you can pick up a finished product or order an engraved wallet. In the second case, elements of novelty are introduced into the traditional present.

6. Leatherman Sheath for travel

Such a thing is especially relevant for men who often leave for business trips and active travelers. It is convenient to carry all the most important things, documents, and personal hygiene products with you. Alternatively, consider a backpack or bag.

7. Cufflinks

cufflinks are products that are often preferred by women. They choose gold or silver jewelry for their beloved husbands. There are cufflinks on sale that have an unusual design. For example, in the form of a helicopter, a flag, a lion, dice;

8. Inflatable chair

Inflatable chair in the office or in the lounge at work. Often there are not many workspaces in the office, and such a chair does not clutter up the room. It can be easily deflated and quickly inflated using a built-in pump.

9. A set of tools

a set that will definitely come in handy for a real man. It includes tools designed to perform various tasks. If you want to make a good gift, choose a product from a well-known brand. The hero of the occasion will definitely appreciate such a gesture;

10. Table pear for boxing

It is attached to the work table, and a man can throw out the emotions accumulated during the day by hitting it several times or just to stretch his hands. Especially true for those who work in the office.

11. Fishing accessories

Many men are fond of fishing. You can take advantage of this and make a pleasant surprise to the hero of the day. To do this, you need to purchase a fishing rod, a functional reel, a box for all sorts of accessories, an echo sounder.

12. Cordless screwdriver

An inexpensive gift for her husband for his 40th birthday. The screwdriver automatically loosens and tightens bolts and screws and saves a lot of time and effort.

13. Stylish lighter

A stylish lighter is a useful gadget that many men need for their 40s. You can purchase a product made in a traditional style. Also, online stores sell lighters in the form of a pistol, light bulb, iPhone.

14. Office desk organizer made from natural obsidian

It looks very solid and is useful for optimizing the workspace at home or in the office.

15. Shower radio

Quite an original present, especially for music lovers. Such a radio is protected from moisture, works autonomously, without wires, and can be fixed on any flat surface. At the same time, your favorite songs are perfectly heard, even though the sound of water.

16. Diary

Working diary with leather binding and designer pen. A practical and useful 40th birthday gift ideas for him from colleagues. Additionally, you can order an engraving with the initials of the hero of the occasion.

17. Perpetual calendar

A perpetual calendar that will be useful to any office worker, it will last for many years, and there is no need to buy a new one.

18. Mechanical wristwatch with a leather strap

This is a rather versatile and, at the same time, a status gift. There are various models, with some you can dive to great depths while diving, there are watches with a built-in compass, alarm clock, and many other functions. You can choose the best option that reflects the character of the birthday person.

19. Electric scooter

Electric scooter

If a spouse’s work is not far away, he will be able to get there on such an excellent device. And it is very useful for health.

20. Athlete T-shirt

A man-athlete will like it, both by the functionality and by the fact that such a thing in the gym will cause great interest and delight among everyone around.

21. Balance board

Balance board

Such a gift will allow the husband to keep himself in good shape at home and learn to control his body and tone his muscles. Especially useful for those who are fond of skiing sports.

22. Smartpen


A reliable device that reads handwritten text, images and instantly converts it into digital format.

23. Digital photo frame

Digital photo frame

A classic gift with a modern twist. This frame will keep many family photos and the most wonderful moments. This frame looks stylish, so it will suit any interior.

How to Understand What is Better to Give a Man for His Fortieth Birthday?

By the age of forty, a man, as a rule, has already realized himself, built a house, started a family and children. He is already a mature and accomplished person. Therefore gifts for the birthday should correspond to his status.

  • Your present should be practical, but don’t forget about originality. You can understand which gift to choose for a man’s birthday at 40, first of all, by paying attention to his daily lifestyle, how he spends his free time, and what he is passionate about.
  • You need to assemble a complete picture like a mosaic, and then you can definitely buy a good gift that will delight the hero of the day.
  • Consider the important nuances that will help you choose a useful and unusual birthday present.
  • There are certain superstitions about not celebrating a 40th birthday, which is considered a bad omen. Therefore, some people have a natural question but do they give gifts for 40 years to a man in principle. In this case, it is worth asking the birthday person himself. If he is not superstitious, then the question is removed by itself. In the event that a man does not want to celebrate a birthday, give him a small discreet gift, because the most important thing is always attentive.
  • When choosing a gift, pay attention to the rhythm of a man’s life, his character, and tastes. It would be equally wrong to give roller skates to a stay-at-home and a collection of popular novellas of the 18th century to an outdoor lover. You should not give cheap and low-quality things to a wealthy man, let it be a small present, but of good quality.
  • Remember, perhaps the birthday man told you about what he lacks, shared his plans for the future, and so on. Think about what gift would help him make his dreams come true and achieve his goals.
  • Consider the relationship you are in with the hero of the day. For example, it is quite possible for a friend to give a cool gift because you know well his reaction to such an unusual thing, but it is better to present a classic and practical present to your boss and colleague. At the same time, choosing what to give your beloved man for 40 years, a more intimate gift will be appropriate.

What to Give Your Beloved Spouse for 40 Years?

This is a special category of Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him that must be chosen with great care. There should be romance in them. This is an important parameter through which love is manifested, and a true attitude towards a person is shown.

What can you give a man for 40 years? Consider the main romantic gifts:

  • Personalized calendar “There are only two of us.”
  • A poster on the wall with the words “I love you.”
  • Stylish tie clip featuring red hearts.
  • Paired T-shirts: “She is with me” and “I am with him.”
  • A blanket with photographs of happy moments.
  • Game for adults “Party in bed.”
  • A heart-shaped keychain engraved with the name of your beloved man.
  • A set of two mugs called “Hugs.”
  • A blue blanket with sleeves designed for two people.
  • Hot coupons, “My wishes are your promises.”

You can make romantic 40th birthday gift ideas for him for your beloved man for 40 years on your own. A great option is to prepare a bouquet of bacon candies. To create such a masterpiece, you need wooden sticks and bacon. First, the bacon is fried in a skillet and rolled into rolls. Then he sits on the sticks. When there are many skewers, a wonderful “edible” bouquet is obtained. The hero of the day will definitely like it.


If you want to buy a present related to the birthday boy’s hobby, but do not understand anything about this issue, be sure to consult with a specialist in the store so that he can advise you on the best Creative 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him.