Best 60th Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas of 2022

The best 60th birthday party entertainment ideas: The sixties are approaching, and you already have to think about the organization of your next birthday. Throwing a party for your 60th birthday is still an important anniversary. This is an opportunity to remember those decades already past and look to the future with the next announcement of a new direction: retirement.

Best 60th Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

So in order not to forget anything and to live up to this event, Holly Party accepts the challenge: Give you all the keys to make this birthday party original and unforgettable.

Happy 60th Birthday Entertainment Ideas

Mark an Important Milestone! Why Organize a 60th Birthday?

Every year, celebrating your own birthday or letting your family or friends prepare a surprise party is a big milestone. But celebrating an adult’s birthday doesn’t seem like throwing a kid’s birthday party, and some dates seem more important than others.

Celebrate your ambitions in your 20s, your joie de vivre in your 30s, or even your success and a fresh start in your 60s. Whether you allow yourself to be surprised by this surprise party (your experience has allowed you to foresee it much earlier), or if you have the ambition to mark the event of these 6 decades, this anniversary party will be like no other.

You have every intention of celebrating these last 60 years, with you surrounding your family and your entire entourage. Current friends and those you have lost sight of will be invited to remember the good and bad times. At the end of the day, this simple celebration will be the test of your success since you will be surrounded by everyone and everyone who matters to you.

But throwing a birthday party for her 60th birthday isn’t just about delving into the past. No, your theme party will not be exclusively nostalgic. A new direction is announced to them, that of retirement and of a new period that is announced.

This is again an opportunity to rejoice and unite. So bring in the past to celebrate and this future to celebrate and imagine; your birthday party will quickly become as essential as your 30th, 40th or 50th birthday. On the other hand, you know from experience that party preparations are still a crucial step, so Holly Party gives you a list of the top questions to remember.

What Birthday Entertainment for Your 60th Birthday?

At 60, you no longer have the same desires as at 20 or 30, and we can easily understand that. Of course, this adult birthday will be one more test of these new expectations and desires. It is above all the guests who will make the difference.

Some are dear to you and remain very present on a day-to-day basis, and others, which you have lost sight of, will allow you to remember the different stages of your life.

Among these friends, current and former, his entourage, the family, the number of guests tends to increase rapidly. You want to share this moment with as many people as possible, and it will also bring together several generations.

Your children, your grandchildren, your childhood friends, your co-workers, everyone will come together to celebrate this journey and wish you the best for this new page, which is happening.

And he is determined not to choose between yearning for and celebrating an idealized future. It must be said that at 60, you can also count on your experience.

Between here wedding decoration for the most beautiful day of your life and the organization of an original birthday for your children, between the wedding anniversary and the baptism or communion of your grandchildren, you have celebrations prepared, and this experience will also be valued for the one who comes.

A Birthday Theme or Costume Choice? Which Environment to Favor?

At Holly Party, we know that every birthday party is unique, and we’re not here to tell you which theme party to go to. Your 60 years must, above all, be like you and satisfy you. However, we are far from the princess costume of a birthday girl or even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles atmosphere of a boy’s birthday.

However, you have to mark the occasion with our wide range of party accessories. All occasions are good for the party, but at 60, you do not need to choose the party’s theme since everything is already found: YOU. You can also focus on the activities that you will offer to brighten up this unique day.

Nostalgia for a Themed Birthday Party? Celebrate Your Experience With Original Animations

A few simple ideas are enough to imagine the events to organize for your birthday. Then it’s up to you to adapt them or even imagine new ones. Still, this celebration will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in your own history.

Your loved ones also participate in this preparation, so why not broadcast a slideshow this time, which will allow you to comment on each of the important photos from your past? It’s a great way to bring all these generations together, making everyone feel the thrill of each experience.

And this slideshow can even be turned into a video if you have enough recording. Show your children and grandchildren that you can keep lasting memories of those moments of happiness and joy even without a smartphone.

Do you also organize the memory game or the photo game? Get out your photo albums and ask guests to recognize a place or character from an old photo.

Obviously, this game will be an opportunity to remember and share your countless experiences. Ideas for a nostalgic birthday are not lacking, especially since some and others will discover elements unknown to them. The magic of sharing takes place for your greatest pleasure.

Of course, you can also have prepared your favorite music selection, and 6 decades of different musical styles will provide a playlist that will delight all the guests. Your favorite movies, your favorite outfits, your favorite dishes, Dig your head to vary the pleasures.

Yes, your 60th birthday is the occasion for such a celebration of remembrance. However, you don’t want to limit this anniversary to that. So also think about instilling this festive spirit by diversifying activities, and in your 20s and 60s, some ideas remain timeless.

Game Ideas to Liven Up Your Birthday

Take on the role of MC for the night by organizing musical blind tests, for example. And if you want even more fun and originality, let everyone take your place for even more eclectic options.

You don’t know what background music to choose, so ask everyone’s favorite music with each invitation card sent and create a unique and original selection that covers all wishes and preferences.

Of course, the organization of karaoke or even the game of musical chairs will continue to be essential to brighten up this day. And to make everyone smile again and not forget the youngest, why not give in to the trend of photo booth sessions, shared laughter guaranteed.

Obviously, everything will depend on the organization you have planned, but for an evening in your living room or a full weekend in a rural house, and you have enough ideas and imagination to make this moment an everlasting memory.

A Successful Birthday Organization –  Some Tips for Sure Success

We can’t organize your birthday party for you, but we can help you remember nothing and make the party a success. So here is our shortlist to organize your 60th birthday successfully.

Guests and Invitations

Who to invite? The question is even more important for your 60 years, since you want to bring together all those who have counted at one time or another, and start making people. Depending on your budget, wishes, and time, prepare your invitation cards carefully. This will be the opportunity to

ask everyone to prepare a memory, their favorite song, to mention a significant event.

The Party Venue and Decoration

Everything is possible and possible. You can gather a small committee in your living room or increase the number of guests by invading your garden. You can also reserve a restaurant, a country house or a reception room. In any case, think about the decoration, and Holly Party gives you the keys to a successful decoration of the room just below.

Food and Entertainment

Giant barbecue, gourmet food, free buffet, bistronomy, Adapt to the place you have chosen and the number of guests with only one restriction: that everyone can fully enjoy it!

Of course, the choice of a birthday cake will be a great moment, because it will be able to mark the highlight of this extraordinary day. We have already given you many ideas for animations, so feel free to choose the ones that appeal to you the most. Or invent new ones.

And Then?

Capture the day with photos and videos, but make sure everyone can share their feelings and experiences. The guestbook for your 60th birthday is essential.

And since everyone is also thinking about the birthday present, why not think about the birthday urn to satisfy everyone? Specify it on your invitation cards because celebrating your 60th birthday is also setting a new course with new dreams to live and new experiences to try.

How to decorate your room for your 60th birthday?

As for a child’s birthday, the decoration of the room for his 60th birthday must be visually perfect to be surprised. Garlands and other hanging balloons are one of those must-haves.

Birthday Balloons Essential for a Successful Decoration

And with Holly Party, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to colors and sizes. So, helium balloons or balloons, just follow your wishes!

Gold or Silver, Which Balloons Meet Your Preferences?

A disco atmosphere is guaranteed with this helium balloon. And to make things easy for you, Holly Party has even come up with special “birthday decorations” kits, so don’t miss out. One-click to decorate the birthday room and living room.

Birthday Kit for Room Decorations

But at 20 and 60 years old, celebrating your birthday also means thinking about the decoration of the table, and obviously, every detail counts. And a festive table necessarily implies the choice of a tablecloth, even if you will have to redouble your efforts to create an original decoration.

A Table Runner to Remind You of the Importance of the Day

As with the tablecloths, the traditional white paper napkins will give way to napkins that are reminiscent of the day’s event.

A Glittery Napkin for a Happy Birthday

Cardboard or porcelain plate service, it’s up to you to see how you want to illustrate these French tableware. With Holly Party, paper plates and cups will participate in this pleasant and original atmosphere.

A Gold and Silver Plate for Your Birthday Cake

And with Holly Party, champagne flutes or disposable cups, the choice is yours to delight all your guests.

Birthday Mugs

But table decoration is not everything, so prepare a meal to match the event, starting with the cakes. The decoration of the cake will also occupy your mind, so don’t forget the must-have birthday candles.