31 Best 18th Birthday Gift for Niece of 2022

The best 18th birthday gift for niece: When a person turns 18, she reaches a kind of milestone and enters into adulthood. This is a very important event. In this regard, relatives, loved ones, second halves, and friends have a question – what to give for adulthood? Below you will find the best 18th birthday gift for niece from parents.

The best 18th Birthday Gift for Niece

Thinking about the question of what to give a niece for 18 years old, you need to discard prejudices and try to look at the world through the eyes of the birthday niece.

31 Best 18th Birthday Gift for Niece of 2022

It is in your best interest to satisfy the desire of a young princess celebrating her 18 birthday coming of age and not becoming a victim of her own ambitions. Yesterday the niece could play with dolls, run in the yard with her friends, and, today she is on the verge of adulthood. Our tips will help you choose a good 18-year-old niece’s birthday gift that will delight her.

1. Headphones

High-quality headphones with a Bluetooth headset will be a good birthday gift from a friend.

2. Safe-piggy bank

A safe-piggy bank in the form of an ATM, a book, or any unusual object is an idea for an original birthday gift for 18 years.

3. Night light

A nice birthday gift for your 18th birthday will be a beautiful 3D lamp in the form of a lantern, globe, or another original shape. In stores, you can find inexpensive but high-quality options.

4. Alarm Clock

An inexpensive birthday gift that will make it much easier to wake up in the morning. You can give the classic version or give an unusual model – flying away or running away, playing funny music.

5. Ring

In this case, jewelry will become a symbol of the beginning of entry into adulthood, a talisman of success and well-being. The niece will keep a valuable birthday gift all her life.

Such rings, donated from parents on the day of adulthood, are valued in adulthood even higher than a wedding ring. Choose decoration according to your capabilities. It’s great if you can make a commemorative engraving.

6. Notebook

A useful birthday gift to help her further in her studies. You should choose a modern model. Before buying, consult with the store sellers and let them know for whom you are purchasing the item. Consultants will definitely help you choose the right option.

7. Phone

An excellent alternative to a laptop is a brand new iPhone. It is a useful acquisition and a stylish thing that will allow the niece to remain fashionable and look good in the eyes of fellow students. She will be sincerely grateful for such a birthday gift.

8. Clock

It would be a good idea to give your 18-year-old sister a watch for her birthday from her older brothers or sisters. It is important to choose the right model. For a fashionista, choose a mechanical watch with a stylish strap. They will be an excellent accessory for her.

An active and energetic person is more suitable for electronic chronometers with many functions. Order a commemorative engraving. The watch will certainly become the best memorable birthday gift. In addition, they never lose their relevance, do not go out of fashion.

9. E-book

Give the hero of the occasion a device with paid access to the virtual library. Especially such a present is relevant for a student who constantly needs to look for new information.

10. Natural Fur Coat

Nieces love such items, so your niece will like the present. An elongated fur coat or short fur coat, jacket, vest – these things are always in fashion.

11. Fashionable evening dress

Choose an outfit with your niece, because nieces at this age are very demanding on a wardrobe. It can be a long evening dress or a cocktail model – whatever the birthday niece wants.

12. Fitness tracker

This sports device is a suitable 18th birthday gift for niece who plays sports and keeps an eye on her figure. It will help you record health indicators and training data. Looks spectacular on the niece’s handle, which complements her image.

13. Modern Camera

A modern camera with all the necessary accessories. Present the technique to a lover of photography; maybe your niece will take up photography professionally.

14. Solar battery charger

With it, you can charge your mobile phone anywhere, regardless of the presence of an electrical outlet. It accumulates and stores energy, transfers it to the gadget when it is needed.

15. Bike

A bike with a comfortable seat for walking along city paths or for trips outside the city. You can purchase sports, mountain, urban model of two-wheeled vehicles.

16. Exercise bike or treadmill

Exercise bike or treadmill for home use. The birthday niece visits gyms but doesn’t always have time for it? Give her a simulator, let her do it at home.

17. UV Lamp for Nail Drying

She is suitable for an 18th birthday gift for niece who does a manicure herself. In addition to the lamp, you can donate a set of manicure tools or a set of gel polishes.

18. Haircare devices

A hairdryer with modern functions, a set for drying and styling hair, an iron, a hair straightener, or another device that will help a niece to keep her hair neat on her own.

19. Decorative cosmetics

Choose cosmetics from your niece’s favorite brand from natural ingredients, and it should be age-appropriate and match the skin type. If in doubt about the choice, present a purchase certificate in a specialized store.

20. Perfume

A set of expensive perfumes is the favorite scent of the hero of the occasion. Choose them according to the niece’s taste, ask her which perfume manufacturer she prefers.

21. Stylish bag made of leather

Stylish women’s bags made of leather, leatherette, textiles of the large, medium, or small size. In addition to the accessory, buy a wallet that matches your style.

22. Lunch box

This fashionable device will help your niece eat right away from home, especially if she is studying in another city and you cannot keep track of her diet. You can choose a product in the form of a woman’s handbag, a lunch box with many compartments.

23. Microwave

A student niece lives in an apartment or in a hostel – then she just needs a microwave. The birthday niece will heat and cook food in it.

24. Coffee maker

A coffee maker or coffee machine for a present for a birthday niece who loves this drink. Add to this a set of exclusive coffee beans. An alternative is to buy a good electronic kettle with a selection of teas.

25. Kitchen Utensils

A set of dining or kitchen utensils. If your niece lives separately from you, rents an apartment, or she already has her own property, buy her a high-quality set of dishes.

26. Bed linen set with 3D print

Beautiful linen made from natural materials in bright or pastel colors is a good 18th birthday gift for niece.

27. Soft, Cozy Blanket

The product will warm the niece in the cold season, give her comfort, and decorate the room’s interior. You can give a warm or light blanket.

28. Globe or World map

A globe or a scratch-off map of the world – such a present will be very useful for a young traveler. She will mark on a map or a globe those places and countries where she managed to visit.

29. Flash drives

A set of original curly flash drives for storing information, personal photos, and videos. Complement the present with computer accessories, such as a wireless mouse and keyboard, laptop bag, headphones.

30. Lamp

Lamp in the form of a floor lamp or table lamp, night light. For the niece’s 18th birthday, you can buy a 3D lamp in the form of a globe, a lantern, a month, or order a designer lighting fixture with a photo of the birthday niece.

31. Favorite chocolate

Favorite chocolate in a set with personalized wrappers, a box of chocolates, a bouquet of sweets – such sweet surprises is a great addition to the main birthday gift.

What is Not Worth Giving to Niece

The list of prohibited birthday gifts included those that will not benefit the young niece, will not be able to interest her, or cause an unpleasant aftertaste when receiving them. These presentations include:

  • literature or discs with a tactless hint – “How to lose weight”, “Diet food”, cosmetics for problem skin, others;
  • imposing training courses that are not of interest to the birthday niece: dancing, yoga, a foreign language, cooking;
  • artificial flowers – they are not given at all on name days, indoor plants – if the niece does not like to do them;
  • fakes of famous brands, if the birthday niece ordered a bag from Gucci, and you bought her an analog, she will be upset;
  • pets – even if a niece dreams of a pet, let her choose and buy it herself because she will take care of her;
  • alcoholic drinks – although the niece is already 18 years old, such a birthday gift from her parents will be regarded incorrectly;
  • knives and forks are also better not to give for 18 years, and it is better to choose a beautiful tea or coffee set for a present.
  • The choice of presents is absolutely individual: what interests one niece, the other may be perceived negatively, so take into account personal interests, do not ignore them.


When handing an 18th birthday gift for niece for her birthday, be sure to think about what words of congratulations, you will say to her. After all, mom and dad‘s wishes are so important for a child, even if she is already an adult.