Best 60th Birthday Party Games Ideas of 2022

Top Best 60th Birthday Party Games: 60th birthday party entertainment ideas of A round birthday is always something special and should be celebrated and aligned accordingly. On a 60th birthday are often not only the close family members and all relatives to the big party loaded, but usually half the neighborhood, friends and work colleagues.

60th Birthday Party Games Ideas

They all want to be entertained. Nothing is more deadly than boredom. Of course, the main focus should be on the age of the birthday child. But also the celebration in the “small circle” at home, looks more beautiful if you sit after coffee and cake or dinner still playing together

Best 60th Birthday Party Games Ideas

In the small circle at home are always the classic 60th Birthday Party Games Ideas like “man-do-not-you” or “Rummy” viral and known to almost everyone. However, such games are often only optimal for 2-4 players to play. However, there are some (family) games aimed at more players. Including new releases or slightly less known board or board games such as “Bluff” (here is bluffing a “must” and makes big and small fun) or “Nosferatu” for up to 8 players.

But it’s not always about entertaining the guests. Around at the table and keeping them in a good mood. Playful activities and performances increase the memory of a particular birthday party. In preparation, think of small gifts for the guests, which should be awarded as a prize.

1. A Trivial Quiz Based in the Decade of the Anniversary

A little knowledge quiz from the birthing of the birthday child can be very amusing and informed. First of all, you write down the most important events of the decisive decade in politics, sports, music, and world events. Which event stood out? What inventions were there, who sang the former catchy tune, who played the lead role in the film classic? Who knows most of the answers, of course, gets a small reward.

2. “Who Am I” Different?

Already at the time of the birthday planning, one asks all guests to bring a baby photo of themselves for the celebration. The collected images are provided with unique numbers, and placed on a table, hung on the wall or aboard. Now all guests take a sheet of paper and a pen and assign the numbers to the people they believe the baby photo belongs to. Who guesses the most baby photos correctly, gets a small price.

3. “Right or Wrong,”?

Also, this guessing 60th Birthday Party Games Ideas can be very amusing. Who thinks or she knows him well and knows everything? It is about guessing certain traits and facts from the life of the birthday boy. In advance, the birthday girl writes some incidents, personal quirks, preferences, and even false facts on small pieces of paper. If you’re right, you’ll get one point and win a little (surprise) prize with the highest score.

4. Beautiful Snapshots for the Photo Album

Similar to a wedding guest book, all guests take a photo with the anniversary member. Everyone writes funny words on little cards. Pictures and maps are glued together in a photo album and remain as the birthday child as a beautiful reminder of the feast day.

5. Role Reversal

Take a not too big colorful ball or a small pillow. All the players, including the birthday boy, will sit in the round waiting for the first throw, to catch the ball or the cushion. After the interception, each person has to put himself in the birthday boy and tell something funny or memorable from life or character. (If the birthday child herself is also said by him/her a little anecdote). Then the ball is leaked to the next player. The 60th Birthday Party Games Ideas can be played until a particular game leader thinks that everything is said about the birthday child.

6. Create a Birthday Song Yourself

A birthday serenade is just a part of letting the birthday girl live high. One does not have to be able to sing like “Caruso.” Nevertheless, the lecturers should rehearse the text and the melody in advance and practice it often, so that everything sounds harmonious.

7. A Certificate of Honor for Female Jubilarians

A recording in the club of the “Old Aunts” is charming. Here, the benefits of the jubilarian are presented and then presented a certificate entitled “Old Aunt.”

8. The Text of the Lecture Could Start Something Like This:

“It has been reported to us by relatives, acquaintances and your friends that you should necessarily be accepted into the club of the Old Aunts. Because of your mature maturity and lovable personality. Today you have reached the biblical age of 60, and we are now giving you the honor of joining you in our club of the

“Old Aunts” record. So far, you have been in the family the “cleaning lady” and “Minna for everything.” But that should be over now. Lean back and let the others do it. So your spouse should bring you on Sundays and public holidays the breakfast to bed and you in the future the hooks on your corset close. Every young mother has to show off the baby of her own accord and ask for your esteemed advice.

In bus and train, one should greet you with hand kiss and not ask for the ticket. With the presentation of the certificate, we as a result of this solemnly take you to our club and give you the honor to announce your dignity and your personality by wearing the honor loop. From now on, all of you not only have to address you with your first name but if you wish it, with the title ‘AhlTant.’

9. The Word Run on the Certificate:

CERTIFICATE / In recognition of her high merits and her appreciation of her age, Ms. AnnelieseMustermann is awarded the title “Alte Aunt” / Location and date /

Templates for the design of a certificate can be found numerous on the Internet, but also ready-made documents for self-inscription and printing. A red ribbon with pins or clip you get in craft shops or even in various Internet shops.

10. Riddles about the Guest of Honor

Playing curiosities about the guest of honor at a birthday party games celebrates his life while challenging the guests’ knowledge about him. After 60 years, the birthday boy will have a lot of life experience to use to create a list of questions for the riddle. Those who plan the party can distribute forms with questions of puzzles or challenges and then wait for the guests to give the answers. Ask about his first job. His city of birth. Favorite food. His greatest fear and his first car to find the guest with the most excellent knowledge about the guest of honor.

11. Story Game

When someone turns 60, friends and family members gather to celebrate this milestone to glimpse their past. One way to break the ice at the party is to create a riddle based on life as it was 60 years ago. The nostalgic touch will give a little history lesson with questions about politics, popular culture, cars, and economics. After the guests complete the questions to the challenges, the birthday boy will try to give the correct answers by heart.

12. Guest Honor Relations

The guest list of a 60th birthday party includes family, friends, and coworkers from a long stretch of life. All the guests can get to know each other by learning about their connections with the guest of honor. Guests can create a small stage, based slightly on the reality of their encounter with the birthday boy, and write it under his name on his name tag. These vague birthday ideas will encourage the guests and create conversations between the guests. They can also nominate a game champion for those who believe the most entertaining anecdote.

13. Riddle Game

Guests can meet by participating in riddle games based on fun facts about each one. All guests must write an unknown fact about themselves and place them in a box. The master of ceremonies will read the cards randomly and ask the guests to guess who wrote them. At a celebratory dinner, guests at the table can meet each other by filling out cards with four truths and a myth about themselves. The people at the table should try to guess the false information on each card.

Guests at a birthday party may feel uncomfortable in a room full of people they don’t know. A 60th birthday party could have a diverse list of guests, including family and friends from the 60’s guest of honor’s life. With the guest of honor mixing and entertaining the guests, he won’t be able to focus too much or pay attention to the attendees — the single party. The hosts of a 60th birthday party can release tension by encouraging guests to meet each other through games to break the ice. These games relieve humor and encourage party guests to open up with others.