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Best 60th Birthday Party Ideas of 2021

Best 60th Birthday Party Ideas: 60 Is it a lot or a little? People who have reached this age love to joke: “I’m still 18! Plus – 42 kg of life experience!” Indeed, sixty is the great age when an excellent sense of humor, the ability to adequately respond to all kinds of life situations, and also the thirst for life itself, the ability to appreciate and enjoy it are added to a very young soul!

It’s not without reason that they say: “On retirement, a second wind opens, and real-life is just beginning!” So why not celebrate this beginning stormily and magnificent? And most importantly – enjoy the holiday! We offer you some fantastic ideas for this!

1. 6 as 1- or an Original Gift for 60 Years

Pension is the birth of a new person. Do not forget? So let’s congratulate the “newborn,” give him a package of diapers, a dummy, a soft toy! Of course, all these things are unlikely to be useful to him in reality, but a huge charge of positive emotions will cause for sure. And this is not so little!

2. Grandma’s Birthday – Butterflies or Butterfly Feast

This idea was not born by chance. Remember the expression: “The truth speaks through the mouth of a baby”? So, little children, turning to grandmothers (and in 60 most birthday girls already have grandchildren), often call them “grandmother” (butterfly). Indeed, there is so much in common between a butterfly and a grandmother! They are affectionate, with burning eyes, and “flutter” over their grandchildren, like light butterflies. And if your birthday girl is also in love with these charming, bright creatures, she masters them all the time, creating a real miracle with her own hands – so in general, this idea will suit you unconditionally!

Create a soft, fantastic atmosphere for a holiday. Candles, light wine, romantic gifts must indeed surround your Birthday on this day!

3. Walk Down the Memory Lane or Memorable Moments on Your 60th Birthday

The essence of the idea is to recreate the most memorable, touching, happy milestones of the Birthday. Of course, to put the plan into practice, you have to work hard. First of all, to call the hero of the day for a frank conversation about life on the eve of the holiday. Let him talk about his childhood, youth, love, the first kiss. Grandparents love to remember this. Your task is to win over and listen carefully! And then – running to the library! You will need the old archives of newspapers, magazines, etc. It is necessary to stock up some rare furniture and clothes for a holiday. And then – create just such a beautiful street.

Decorate her with props from the era when your dear birthday boy was young, absolutely healthy, and happy! Take him in this fabulous way, offer to tell him about yourself again under the stormy applause of the smiling guests. And even refreshments can be arranged somewhere on the edge of the “memory lane.” Light milkshakes and cakes are just what you need!

Do not hesitate, the hero of the day will be very grateful to you for such a surprise!

4. Family Celebration for the Birthday of 60 Years

Nowadays, it is not so often that the whole family has the opportunity to get together. The Birthday of a loved one is a beautiful occasion for this! Especially – if you come to your mother (father, uncle, etc.) without prior warning and organize the whole holiday yourself!

5. Surprise for the Birthday of the 60th Birthday

We continue to develop the theme of pleasant surprises. And why not invite the birthday girl (birthday girl) to the restaurant? And do it not directly but by chance. Suppose, on Birthday, send a walk with grandchildren and say that at such a time you will wait for them here and there. Just at the entrance to the restaurant! And there is a surprise! Guests – relatives, friends, colleagues!

And also – a pleasant classic atmosphere, everything is impeccable and elegant. Unobtrusive jazz plays.

After the light, beautifully decorated snacks – it’s time to organize a master class for dancing youth! The new generation, according to our grandparents, is entirely unable to dance! How often do we hear the phrase: “Is it dancing? They danced in our time!”? Let them prove in practice!

6. Tickets to the Country of Dreams or Celebrate 60 Years Abroad

And another idea to continue the theme of surprises. Each person (and especially the older generation) has his secret, unfulfilled dreams. More often than not, our dear relatives want to go somewhere. America, Mexico, Spain, France. Yes, naturally – the shore of the nearest sea. Well, tell me, is it a bad idea to meet your honorary 60 somewhere in a bungalow under a palm tree? For family and friends, the matter remains small – organize such a trip!

7. Chocolate Celebration or 60 Years Birthday in Chocolate Style

Old ones are like a small, terrible sweet tooth! Don’t feed them bread, but don’t forget to hand the candy for breakfast! Both for lunch and dinner! So why not have a chocolate party for your loved one and his friends on your sixtieth Birthday? With lots of sweets and relaxing entertainment on an “edible” theme? For example, they can guess the varieties of chocolate, or the ingredients of a beautiful cake.

And the winners of such contests can be awarded such delicious prizes!

8. Hobby Party for the 60th Birthday

An excellent theme of the holiday can be a favorite thing or hobby of the hero of the day. For example, if he likes to collect shells, you can bake a shell-shaped cake to decorate the room in marine tones and “swim” with guests on an imaginary journey! It is also essential that each guest brings a present with them.

Or, if, for example, horses inspire the birthday man, choose horse racing as the central theme of the holiday. And as a gift, give him a real horse ride.

The atmosphere of a hobby party should be light, homely, and relaxed.

9. A Bright Holiday in the Style of Decadence or Celebrate 60 Years as a King

People of the older, post-war generation are accustomed to the modesty of life. Post-war childhood and wretched youth-only allowed us to dream about the beautiful life of princes and princesses. Modern times will enable us to realize that bright childhood dream and present a birthday, in honor of the Birthday, with a real, luxurious, royal holiday.

Pink ostrich feathers, delicate silk, pearls, and precious stones. The undisguised luxury of the royal palace should touch your guests, invite them, arrange them to continue the theme, play along.

And as a treat, guests can be offered good French wine and chocolate-covered strawberries – a favorite dish of Queen Marie Antoinette.

10. Sports Festival as a Theme for a 60th Birthday Party

As a rule, the age of 60 obliges you to pay closer attention to your health. Therefore, the idea of ​​a sports holiday “plays” very well for the sixtieth Birthday. Football, volleyball, tennis, even checkers! And as a gift to the hero of the day, for example, 60 lottery tickets can be presented! What if he’s lucky to get rich in his declining years?